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Honda Odyssey vs. Toyota Sienna



  • dave49dave49 Posts: 2
    Do you know if ground clearance of the 2005 is different from the 2004?
    How about the floor height? Did that change with the new 2005?
  • dhfddhfd Posts: 22
    I noticed in your post, you mentioned the Sienna required premium...its interesting to know b/c in the CR buyer's guide it showed it took regular...however, when we went for a test drive in the Odyssey the dealer mentioned the Sienna took premium. Why would a van need premium gas? this is good info to have considering the gas prices lately.
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    The Sienna does not require premium. Your salesperson is either misinformed or lying.
  • carolynhancarolynhan Posts: 1
    I had the exact problem with my 1999 Odyssey about a year ago. When the dealer told me it would be $300 upwards to fix, I decided to live with bumping the door every time it was closed. (Three kids in college doesn't leave us with lots of extra cash). I still have a small indentation from the constant abuse. I was looking on a website, the dealership sent by email, to remind me about my next scheduled service and noticed a recall for this problem, but NOT including my production month and year. I decided with nothing to lose, I'd call the Honda number listed. I explained my problem, possible cost to me even though not included in recall, and was told to return to dealer and it would be fixed free of charge. I have been very happy with Honda so far. I may check into the catalytic converter problem next because my check engine/maintenance required light keeps staying lit. From the reviews, it sounds like it might be a recall or constant problem for some cars. I plan to call Honda again to see what they can do for me. Nothing to lose. It has been a much better experience owning a Honda than any other car so far. We are slowly switching to Hondas and Toyotas with 5 drivers in the family. We only have one GM (Cadillac) car left. We'll never buy a Chrysler product again. We've owned two Chrysler minivans. Good luck!
  • sangersanger Posts: 2
    Great forum and very informative --- I'm deciding between the 05 Sienna LE + leather and DVD and the 05 Odyssey EX-L plus DVD --- just wondering about everyones' thoughts on the recent J D Power's IQS rating as follows:

    >Toyota Sienna - 110 pph
    >Chrysler Town & Country - 125 pph
    >Dodge Caravan - 126 pph
    >Kia Sedona - 137 pph
    >Nissan Quest - 139 pph
    >Chevrolet Venture - 145 pph
    >Ford Freestyle - 145 pph
    >Honda Odyssey - 175 pph
    Understandably, this is a new model year for the Odyssey, but to score so low is rather concerning, is it not? The new $1000 Toyota rebate is drawing us to the Sienna as well, and a Sienna LE-7 with added leather plus DVD was quoted to us for $2000 lower than the Odyssey EX-L + DVD.... Understandably the Odyssey will come with a few more bells and whistles (double power doors for example) but for an extra $2K? Any suggestions and comments appreciated!
  • jipsterjipster Louisville, KentuckyPosts: 5,441
    Since reliability/initial quality seem to be important to well as the Toyota Sienna being $2,000 less than Ody. It would seem obvious that you would choose the Sienna. I did not know the Honda Ody scored so low in initial you do have a good reason to be concerned. Nissan Quest 2004 had a horrible first year in initial quality. The 2005 model is doing much better.
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    No, the Sienna can run on Regular fuel but you will not get the performance numbers and the amount of horsepower that is listed. If you want the 230hp and 242tq, you need Premium fuel. To me thats just false advertising
  • heywood1heywood1 Posts: 850
    Possibly, but it may be a difference of only one or two hp--and only an issue if you are towing something.

    I have never understood why premium can be a deal-breaker for so many people. The average driver could pay for the difference in monthly cost by skipping a couple of lattes at Starbucks.

    Many people won't pay the extra cents per gallon for premium, but they'll spend $2 on a soft drink at a convenience store....
  • dhfddhfd Posts: 22
    I always said I'd get an Odyssey when I that time came to buy a van, but since doing some reading here, it sounds like there are alot of quality issues w/ the 2005 Odyssey. This is a little disturbing considering I've seen it always being recommended (Consumer Reports) and getting good reviews.

    Are these issues for all trimlines? We're interested in the EX (w/o leather). The van is going to replace a 2002 VW Passat wagon, which was also recommended, but have run into recent problems with it. I don't want to get into a new car that will start having problems right off the bat.

  • dhfddhfd Posts: 22
    I really like the dual power rear doors on the Odyssey EX, but we're also considering the Sienna LE w/ the power passenger rear door. Wanted to know if any Sienna owners that only had the power passenger door had any comments/complaints on this setup.

    It seems it'd be better if they're going to offer sliding doors to have both of them to be powered. My wife has some friends w/ vans that have them, and who say they can be annoying when you want the door to close more quickly, ie when its raining.

  • irgirg Posts: 197
    You have to get an XLE model to get the power rear (hatch) door, and the XLE also includes dual power side doors, whereas the LE only has one side door that is power, and no rear power hatch. I have a new XLE, and at this point, I love the power features, as long as they turn out to be reliable. Assuming they are, I very much like the power rear hatch. It is great for shorter people like my wife, and it is also nice in the winter when the rear doors get dirty and you don't want it all over your hands. Also, if you don't use the power button on the remote or the overhead console, you just give the strap a little tug and it automatically closes as well. Very slick.
  • irgirg Posts: 197
    Originally I wanted the Odyssey EX cloth, but the payments were more (about $80 more/month) than a similarly equipped Sienna XLE. The Sienna scored #1 in the recent JD Power for initial quality, honorable mention to the Caravan/Chrysler vans. I think CR recommended the new Odyssey based on the results of past years, and at that point the van was too new to discover whatever problems have since developed. Nissan also had a lot of problems with the Quest the first year, and it seems to be better now. But that was a completely different van. It seems that although this Odyssey is a new van for Honda, it isn't as completely new as the Quest is for Nissan, but maybe it is. Typically I don't like to buy brand new designs, but usually from Toyota and Honda I don't worry about it as much. With the Odyssey however, it might be smart to wait until the '06 models, or look at the Sienna. Both are really good, for me the price I got on my Sienna couldn't be beat. If the reveres were true, I would probably be driving an Odyssey now.
  • yangcyangc Posts: 3
    have been spending quite a bit time on this forum research those two models.

    I'm in Canada and have tested two vehicles already. didn't feel much different. maybe, just maybe Sienna is a little bit quieter and smoother. but Odyssey's intenior definitely looks better and more appealing.

    the most important is that "side and curtain air bags" options are not available unless i go up to XLE model, which starts with CAD50K.
  • donhagnerdonhagner Posts: 5
    I read the "hot air" problem discussed in the "problems and solutions" forum. I am wondering if Sienna blow hot/warm air from its vent when fresh air mode is selected. In the 2005 Odyssey, after 30 minutes of driving in fresh air mode (AC off), the vent will give you 100-110 degree of hot air. To correct the problem, Odyssey drivers have to turn of AC or use automatic climate control. But this means the AC has to work harder and longer, creating fuel efficiency problem.

    We need Sienna owners test drive their cars without AC (just use fresh air mode), and see if the air from the vent is hot, warm, or same as outside temperature.

    I prefer Odyssey (EX-L) over Sienna (XLE). But I would rather wait one or two years until Honda corrects the "hot air" problem and other defects.
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    Actually I just perfer the Odyssey. I use premium fuel in both my 98 Accord V6 and in my 05 Odyssey.Dont get me wrong I really like the Sienna but I perfer to drive the Odyssey. Honda and Toyota are the only cars I will buy. And your right it doesnt really matter unless you are towing which is something I do not do anyways. :)
  • 05ody05ody Posts: 103
    Sorry about the double post I must of missed this one. Have you had any major problems with your Passat? because I do not think the new one's are recommended. And my Odyssey is an EX (w/o leather) and we havnt had any problems what so ever. Everytime we drive the Odyssey it just gets better and better. The only thing we took it in for was an oil change because we put 200+km on it per day. We were the first 05 Odyssey for an oil change and they had trouble reseting the oil life reminder lol. If you like the Odyssey I say go for it because aparentlly from what I read there were alot of problems with the 98 Accord too, which I never had any problems with it eather. So far to me Honda has been a VERY reliable company. And to boot, we never plug out cars in and for a 7 year old car, it still starts no problem at 40 below tempature :D
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,554
    I read about this "hot air problem" and it's something I have NEVER heard of except from that one person in these forums.

    If there is, in fact a problem with that particular Odyssey it should be easy to fix I would think.
  • daedae Posts: 143
    I read the "hot air" problem discussed in the "problems and solutions"

    Consensus is that it is the poster (and maybe his particular van) that is blowing hot air. Mine does not. I checked. No other issues in my EX.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,554
    And tried his little experiment on a new Odyssey the other night. No hot air.
  • lumbarlumbar Posts: 421
    Interesting example of how one anecdotal, and likely overstated, assessment of a "problem" with hot air begins to take on a life of its own.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,554
    And people believe it! Soon they start to see, hear and feel the same "problem" on their own cars!
  • sangersanger Posts: 2
    We've just bought an 05 Sienna -7 LE --- our interior is gray, and we are upgrading to leather --- while most people choose the same leather shade to match to rest of the interior, I am wondering if anyone has any experience with a darker shade leather (charcoal or graphite) --- would that provide a nice "two tone" color, or is it just going to look awkward?? Any info and advice appreciated ---
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    And I just heard this from a friend of a friend, whose friend found a brand new Sienna (or was it an Odyssey? Maybe it was a Corvette?) where this guy had died in it and they just couldn't get the smell out. So they couldn't sell the vehicle. He (she?) got if for a song ($10,000? $15,000? Free?) and just has to keep open boxes of baking soda around the interior to manage quite well.

    But that really is a modern myth. The "hot air" issue is someone who has become irritated by an unexpected result from their not-exactly-standard use of the ventilation system. It's a little like the poor lady who could not abide the seats. And also a little like those irritated that the programmable un/locking feature is not included on all Odysseys. None of those are of general concern to most folks. However, each is a real and present irritant to those affected. For them it might mean that they have to get rid of the van and buy something else (or ache for the day when they can).

    I'm also afraid that, for each of those people, the desire to force Honda to "do something" will only lead to increased frustration and added irritation while doing little if anything to relieve their issues with the vehicle. Sometimes, it is simply necessary to cut your losses and either learn to live with the situation or sell (even at a loss) so that you can move on.

    I can also say with assurance that, even if Honda really is affected by any groundswell of consumer support you might be able to drum up, it will result in low-key changes that will not help you personally in the slightest (nor will you feel any self satisfaction from your efforts, so disconnected will the effect be from the cause).

    I'm sorry you are not happy, but advise that continued "warring" on Honda is probably counterproductive for your own wellbeing. As always, such free advice may well be worth to you only as much as it cost....
  • nwngnwng Posts: 664
    ex cloth cost more than xle?

    If I had known, i would have bought the xle
  • irgirg Posts: 197
    Well to be fair, I have a base XLE which is hard to find I think. It also doesn't have the side air bags that the Ody EX has, although that ended up being my preference. And I got my XLE at Fitzmall in Maryland which sells their Siennas at or below invoice. I haven't found a Honda dealer that had as good a deal. And the bottom line for me, was the monthly payments for leasing, and the Honda just came out to be considerably more. If you were to buy an Ody EX and a base or even package #3 XLE Sienna, the price is pretty close. The XLE climbs in price though when you add the upper packages, or go for the Limited model. So I got lucky I guess, in terms of finding this van at the price, and then when I leased, there were even greater incentives for me. But I liked the Ody a lot, and would have been very happy with one of those too.
  • dhfddhfd Posts: 22
    Initially just irritating electrical issues, like, the radio not working, problems w/ the turn signal...but now the biggest has been a sludge problem in an oil screen, even though I've had the oil changed a regular basis. When I called the dealer about it, he asked if I had the 1.8T, (I do) and he diagnosed the problem w/o even seeing the car...said to get all the oil change receipts since I've had the car and he'd make a claim to VW to get them to pay.

    Long story short, unfortunately, I didn't have all of these, and had the screen replaced, so far so good, however, there's a rattling/vibrating sound coming from engine compartment when its idling or pressing accelerator. Its at the dealer now...

    If VW seems to know about such a problem w/ the 1.8T, shouldn't there be TSB?

    Sorry about the VW tangent...I'd really like to get the Ody EX, just have that once bitten twice shy feeling. Is the LX and EX (w/o leather) have a different engine than the '04 Ody?

    Can the rear thermostat be controlled by the driver's settings? The dealer said it was, however there's controls in the back, just curious his comment seemed confusing.

    Also, does the Ody have a windshield wiper deicer like the Sienna?

  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,554
    Oh, be careful. If you do something oddball that you happen to like it may be a turn off later when you go to sell it.
  • isellhondasisellhondas Issaquah WashingtonPosts: 19,554
    A great post! You summed things up quite nicely here.

    If never fails to amaze me what a big deal some people can make out of the smallest thing....small to the masses anyway.
  • dilbertzzzdilbertzzz Posts: 190
    Understand that I'm not demeaning these folks' complaints in the slightest. These complaints certainly should be stated, listened to, and not belittled.

    Personally, I am now completely spoiled by auto-locking/unlocking on both my 2003 vehicles: a Yukon XL SLE (the base model) and a Taurus SES (a Taurus, mind you!). I'm even just a tiny bit miffed that the Taurus has the feature, but doesn't allow the same range of programming options as the YXL (though I use only the one I like best on the Yukon, I did get to make the choice!).

    I am also quite surprised that Honda would include that feature on only one model in an apparent attempt to help justify the expense of the most expensive version. I can think of no other reason as it undoubtedly costs them more money to make the different with/without versions than it would to include this simple feature on all trim levels.

    My only point is that railing against Honda over these matters is undoubtedly personally more harmful than helpful: tilting at windmills.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "Is the LX and EX (w/o leather) have a different engine than the '04 Ody?"

    Well, all the '05 Odys (as well as the '04) have a SOHC 3.5l V6 with identical bore/stroke. The LX and EX '05 (like the EX-L and Touring) engines are rated at 255hp whereas the '04 engines were rated at 240hp. From that standpoint, the '05 engines are different from the '04. However, I think the only differences where in the intake and exhaust system and perhaps some slight tweeking to the VTEC system.

    That being said, the VCM system on the EX-L and Touring is simply an offshoot of the VTEC technology. In that sense, I would expect the VCM system to be as reliable as VTEC. What is not known is the long-term reliablity of the special engine mounts and noise cancellation technolgy which is specific to the VCM or the long-term effects of cylinder shutdown (at least in regards to US spec engines). However, VCM technology has been used for a few years on some JDM Hondas so the technology isn't COMPLETELY new. I don't know if this eases your mind about the VCM technology or not.

    "Can the rear thermostat be controlled by the driver's settings?"

    I don't know about the LX and EX. However, with the EX-L, you can control the rear fan speed from the front HVAC control panel. You cannot control the rear thermostat or where the air is going (upper vents, lower vents, or mix) from the front. On the Touring, you can set everything from the front HVAC control panel (3 zone automatic climate control).

    "Also, does the Ody have a windshield wiper deicer like the Sienna?"

    I'm not sure but I don't think so.
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