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Volvo C70 Convertible - 2006 and Newer



  • hsmolinhsmolin Posts: 20
    Thanks for your reply, biancar

    There is certainly nothing wrong with a more luxurious highway cruiser like you are expecting the Volvo C70 to be. Choosing a car comes down to a matter of personal preference.
    A test drive is worth a thousand words and I am very anxious. I'm sure I won't be disappointed and will report back to everyone after my test drive.
  • hsmolinhsmolin Posts: 20

    I've never heard a favorable professional review of the Saab convertible.

    If the SAAB convertible was perfect I wouldn't be getting a new car. Performance was not the reason to give up on Saab but turbo steer and cowl shake was certainly enough.
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 21,964
    If the SAAB convertible was perfect I wouldn't be getting a new car. Performance was not the reason to give up on Saab but turbo steer and cowl shake was certainly enough.

    I guess it depends on what you want in the performance department. For me, bad torque steer and cowl shake means performance is greatly compromised. If all you are concerned about is holding onto the wheel tight and accelerating fast, then a Mustang would certainly fit the bill. I think where the Volvo will outshine your Saab is its quietness, smoothness, and rigidity WHILE performing.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • I have had a deposit in on a C70 since early October '05 and at the time was told the car would arrive for March or April delivery. About two weeks ago, I was asked for my specific wants (exterior and interior color, packages and options). After placing my order I learned from the dealer that I can now expect the car in July. I have not only seen the car, but I had the opportunity to live with the car for about a week. I loved it. And while the date seems to continually slip, I patiently wait...

    However, after reading this forum, I wonder if I should continue to be patient and pass on the '06 I am told to expect in July and wait for the '07 due in August (but will it really be August?). Will the model years be that different? Or will the car just an '06 off the line with an '07 prefix. Doesn't sound like the iPod connectivity issue will be resolved nor will Bluetooth be a fully integrated factory option (not that the dealer installed option is bad... just would have been nice for the designers to incorporate the controls into the sexy center control panel).

    Guess I have still have plenty of time to ponder it all.
  • hsmolinhsmolin Posts: 20

    My dealer showed me his allocation sheet and expected delivery dates. My car was ordered by the dealer on March 4th has an expected delivery date of June 14th. The delivery date was dependant on the color ordered. The dealer told me that once the intial allocation was filled the 07's would be expected in September.

    August delivery sounds pretty optomistic to me.

    Waiting one or two months for an 07 will sure make a difference in your resale value. I wonder if they will discount the 06's if they will be arriving so close to the 07's? After all negotiating the price of a car is really just one big game usually but not always one by the dealer.

    Good luck and btw, how did you get to drive one for a week?
    What were your driving impressions?
  • flheatflheat Posts: 46
    You are in the same boat as me. I cancelled my 06 order yesterday when my July delivery slipped to late July/early August. The dealer told me that the 07 will be available late sept/early october. I am hoping for the posibility of ipod connectivity, but I am willing to risk the 3 month delay (heck I will have waited 9 months anyway since i placed my deposit).
  • cdk2cdk2 Posts: 19
    hsmolin...I am surprised by your early delivery date. I ordered in mid-February and have now been told delivery will be July 27. See my prior rants...I mean posts.

    What is even more surprising is this:

    Volvo has only sold 74 C70s in January and February. I assume they had minimal sales in 2005, and I also assume most of Jan/Feb are the 2006 C70 (not prior model). Why will it take so freaking long to deliver the 74 (or so) 2006 C70s (including mine!!) that have been ordered in the US so far (give or take)? It is amazing that being a CONVERTIBLE that Volvo would not make better plans to have the model available in the early Spring (like now !!!...) in the US. It will really piss me off if I start seeing C70s on the lots before my custom order is delivered.

    I seriously considered cancelling my order and waiting for 2007 model...but I really do not care about resale. Also, everyone who cares will know the 2006 C70 came out in summer 2006.
  • hsmolinhsmolin Posts: 20 local dealer claimed to have several allocated slots for a custom car. You could only get certain colors with each slot. I chose the earliest delivery of June 14th and the Magic Blue. The silver was available in late July and I didn't want to wait as my 2003 SAAB convertible was coming off a smart-buy on May 31.

    Based on your rants...or posts, I will check with my dealer tomorrow to see if everything is on schedule. I was supposed to get a test drive by end of this month.

    I hate driving cars that have saturated the market like Honda Accords or Toyota Camrys. The fact that my Volvo C70 will be one of only 74 in the US is really cool. Everyone will be turning their heads and wondering what kind of car it is! (only until they get close enough to read the label, "VOLVO")
  • flheat - what does your dealer have to say about the '06 vs. '07 models? Did they indicate any differences between the model years? I'm also curious how well your dealer is keeping you informed or if you are having to contact them frequently for updates. As of today, I am still under the impression my Flint Grey Metallic C70 is to be delivered in July. I'm still not sure if I want to cancel/pass on my '06 in July for an identical '07 in September/October. Guess I'll need to do some research with my dealer to try and find out more.
  • flheatflheat Posts: 46
    He did not have too much info, but said the ipod interface has not been ruled out. Other than that there were no differences.

    He did tell me that the inside roof looks well finished and only has seams of the panels--I was kind of concerned that you may see the metal hinges.

    I think Volvo should fire their project manager on the C70.
  • hsmolin - i considered myself very lucky to have been offered the chance to drive the car for a week. as part of the deal, the group of us who were loaned cars (about 5 of us) were asked to provide our feedback. it was my understanding that the cars came from los angeles where they had been with another dealer/driving group. while asked not to speak of the specifics, i feel it's probably okay to say that the overall feedback was very positive. i enjoyed the car and it's driving capability/handling immensely and it lived up not only to the reviews i had read from professional drivers but also to my already high expectations. it the retractable top is quite impressive. the car turned a lot of heads while i had it, especially with previous model C70 drivers - many commented at stop lights and another unexpectedly followed me to my destination to take a closer look and find out how i got the car when he knew there were none yet available.
  • if the figure the iPod interface out, I'm sure it will be available as a dealer installed/post factory option... at least i hope.
  • hsmolinhsmolin Posts: 20
    thanks for your impressions says a lot that you've been willing to wait so long for this car. could have made a baby in less :D
  • hsmolinhsmolin Posts: 20
    Ok, I'm looking for opinions. My car lease (actually a smart buy) is up May 31 and the Volvo C70 has an ETA of June 14th. The Volvo dealer is giving me the buyout value of my old car so I save the sales tax (approx $1,600) on the new one. I cannot extend the lease or I would.

    The dealer will not provide me with a loaner but will help me get a discount on a Hertz retail. Bid deal! Is it unreasonable to push for a loaner or demo car for those 2 weeks? Or maybe I should have the dealer pick up part of the rental car charges?

    I was not able to get a discount on the C70
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    I like the C-70, even though I wish it was RWD/AWD. This convertible is in a segment to itself. Seriously. Unfortunatly GM got last second cold feet and decided to cancel the Buick Velite Roadster, otherwise this car would be dead meat. :cry: Seriously. Yes the Volvo loyalist would buy one over the Buick, but most folks would of baught the RWD 400-450 horse Twin Turbo Buick Velite Roadster over the C-70. ;) I'm not trying to chap anyone's butt but seriously, which one would you choose ? The Velite was going to be priced in the low $40's since Buick knew the C-70 was the main target. Yes I'm very upset and :mad: (a understatement !!!) that my dream car didn't get built. I have a wife and 2 kids, but desire a 4-5 convertible. The C-70 is a beaut, but lacks the power I want to justify ever buying one. Now if they build a high performance version "R" things can change. However the current price is way too high, especially when you factor in what you get for the money. If I'm going to spend that kinda money, I'd perhaps buy a Shelby Stang Convertible when the price levels off and make the C-70 disappear in my rearview. I really don't care for them though. If the Velite does see production in the near future on the Sigma platform, with a little tuning I'd make both the Shelby Stang and the stock Velite of course would easily make C-70 vanish in my rearview. :P

  • hsmolinhsmolin Posts: 20
    I checked out the pics of the Buick Velite on the web. Wow, thats one hot car. Too bad it never got produced. If it does maybe I'll have to trade in the C70 if I ever get one ;) .
  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    Visited the dealer in Tacoma, WA that is handling my OSD order and learned they have 2 C70's in port and on the way. Should arrive by Fri or Mon. One is all black and should look like what I intend to order. One car is for demo only the other will be for sale. They also have a slot that will be filled in July with one car that can be ordered to spec. So with any luck I'll be driving the "rare" C70 in a week or so.
  • biancarbiancar Mid-AtlanticPosts: 918
    Yup, I remember checking that out last year. Looked great. I would have been in the market for a Velite, too, had it ever come to market.

    Re your two-week lag problem - isn't there any way you can extend your lease by two weeks to a month?

    I don't see that Volvo really has an obligation to do anything for you (you're not currently leasing a Volvo, right?) It's just unfortunate bad timing.

    If it were me - I'd just rent the cheapest econobox I could, and take advantage of your dealer's offer to help out a little with the costs, and live it with it for two weeks. Once you get the new C70, do you really think you'll begrudge the extra two weeks' wait?

    Of course if it stretches out to longer than that, you might have to make a different decision, but for anything less than a month's wait, seems to me a cheapo rental to fill the gap would be worth it.
  • hsmolinhsmolin Posts: 20
    biancar... the Volvo dealer also sells Saab and Buicks. I leased the 2003 Saab from his dealership but at that time leases were known as smart buys. The smart buy program was setup because of a quirk in the law in a couple of states, one being New York, that allowed plaintiffs to sue the auto manufacturers of leased cars for damages. The smart buy was similar to a lease in all respects except the title passed to the customer. The dealer has agreed to accept my Saab as trade-in so I can save sales tax of approx $1,600. The dealer will have to buy the car from Saab for the buyout price on the contract.

    The dealer claims that the trade in value of the Saab is about $3,000 less than the buyout of the smartbuy. He claims that if I keep the Saab until delivery of the Volvo he will be losing money on the residual value. I personally think the dealer is full of cough and that he found a way to save me the sales tax and return the car to Saab without taking any hit.

    Anyway, cheapo rentals in New York for 2 weeks is $500 at minimum. I guess I'll be giving back some of the sales tax savings but if the car is delayed then I may be giving back the whole thing.

    I appreciate your input...
  • hsmolinhsmolin Posts: 20
    OK, just got Car & Travel's April edition. This is Automobile Club of New York's member magazine. First not so hot review I've seen. Their bottom line is that the new C70 is much improved and should be great fun - in summer and winter. But the disturbing part and I quote:

    "Tipping the scales at more than 3,700 pounds, the C70 puts a strain on its 218-horsepower engine. It's adequate in most circumstances, but the car is no road burner. The five cylinder engine has the whining sound of a powerplant turbine starting up rather than the throaty growl of an internal combustion engine."

    Hmmm... adequate and whining doesn't cut it for me in a $40,000+ car.

    Can't wait for my test drive.....supposed to be April 6th.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    the interior roof has a headliner just like any other car.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    There is no way that the 07 will be available before Sept/Oct.

    The 2007 version will have an interface for ipod or another type device.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Volvo hasn't sold any of the new cars yet.
    What you are seeing is probably the demo cars being reported.
  • cambrocambro Posts: 18

    how certain are you that the 2007 model will have a digital music player interface?

    i've asked volvo of north america & they won't say as much, and neither will my local dealer.

    my 2006 order won't arrive until august, so if i could change to a 2007 order & get this interface (which i desperately want), i'm willing to wait another couple of months.

    if i can't change my order, is the technology such that volvo dealers could add such a feature to a 2006 model, or would that require a wholesale change in the audio system.

    thanks for any help you can give - this is a huge sticking point for me as my whole music collection is pretty much digital now.
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    I am 99% sure that the 07 will have an aux interface.
    What I am not sure about is if it will be available with the initial run of 07 cars.

    We will probably not have the official stats for the 07 until May.

    It is highly unlikely that such a radio will be able to be retrofitted to the 06 car.
    If the aux interface is such a big deal for you then wait for an 07.
  • tsk1tsk1 Posts: 31
    I too have a C70 scheduled for a September OSD slot. Please let me know what colors arrive and when they actually in the Seattle/Tacoma area. The two Portland area dealers that have confirmed the color of their demo units are both Black. I would like to see as many colors and options before I finalize everything.
  • habuhabu Posts: 52
    I'm hoping to hear tomorrow or Monday fro the dlr. However I will not be surprised if I don't. My OSD confirm letter from Volvo dated 1/27 stated "we will be in contact with you again some time in the 1st qtr of 2006". Since I did not receive a letter from them today that promise was unfulfilled as I'm sure others will be.
  • millenrmillenr Posts: 28
    has anyone actually seen the demo's that were supposed to be at the dealers in March? I was told that each dealer would get one silver C70 to use as a demo and not for sale. That these would be delivered to all dealers at about the same time - March. When I call the dealership where I have placed an order, he starts off the conversation with "No the C70 is not in yet, it is delayed; is there anything else I can help you with". Is anyone else having any luck or different news?
  • hsmolinhsmolin Posts: 20
    millenr..... i have a C70 on order subject to an acceptable test drive. demo was supposed to be in yesterday. i called dealer yesterday and was told the delivery was delayed. he had no other details and he assumed demo would be in any day.

    isn't no news good news? :confuse:
  • volvomaxvolvomax Posts: 5,274
    Demo news:

    The demos are in port and are having upgrades done.

    As soon as all the demos have their upgrades then the cars will be released to the dealers.
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