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Introduce yourself and meet other Scion owners here!

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  • jsvhjsvh Member Posts: 14
    Hello I'm John. I have a 2005 Silver Streak Mica Scion tC 5-speed. The only option I got was floor mats. I love this car. I can not ask for a single thing more for the price of this car. I hope everyone else loves this car as much as I do.
  • geneegenee Member Posts: 170
    Greetings! I am Gene, owner of a Black Cherry auto tC. My custom plate for this rig is "BING" because of the colour. I went auto because I plan to keep the car until they haul me to "the home." The only accessories I purchased were: mats; wheel locks; door sills (because I didn't realize how good the stock items were); mud guards; and cargo net. I picked these items because they are easy DIY items and partznet saved me over $200. I am VERY anal about detailing so the car is done about every two weeks. (Washed at least once per week.) Oh! I also had Classic Soft Trim install opal leather and heated seats. (pics available)
  • tahlequahtahlequah Member Posts: 54
    I'm Terry and I've got a black 5-speed tC. Had it three months - waited 6 weeks. NO regrets! Got the floor mats and cargo liner two months after purchase. Will likely get the mud guards at some point but for now, I'm happy. I only have 1800 miles logged. No problems at all, other than hating the super long throw of the clutch. I'm one happy camper!
  • axiomowneraxiomowner Member Posts: 76

    I'm Joe and I have an Azure Pearl automatic. I opted for Wheel Locks, Carpet Mats, and Mudgaurds. I also had Katzkin black leather installed. The leather is definately worth the investment.
  • mnixonxxmnixonxx Member Posts: 3
    My name is Michael. I bought my White 5-speed TC the week the car came out. So far, I have about 3400 miles on the car. The car drives great. Sometimes when I look at the car, it just amazes me on how tight it is. The only option I have is Floor Mats. I also put on a nice pair of tints.
  • revjoonbugrevjoonbug Member Posts: 3
    Hey there people! My name's Joon and I am a proud owner of a Scion Azure Pearl tC that I picked up three days ago with one mile on the odometer (and after waiting eight weeks(!!) since ordering it. It's manual and the only options I got were the floor mats and the side airbags. I've not had the third gear / transmission problem nor the roof glass popping noise. And yes, I have to grumble a bit about the long throw of the clutch... considering I'm only 5'6" and now have the seat pulled all the way up to reach it. damn, the car makes me feel short (but then again it makes up for it in other ways). God, I love this car... what an upgrade this is from a Toyota Paseo 95!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    I was waiting for this road test from Edmunds! Take a look-see if you're interested in the Scion tC. It's well-researched, has lots of detail and lots of tC information. Looks to be a great car at a great price!

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  • tcmnnewbietcmnnewbie Member Posts: 1
    Hi, I'm Tony the soon to be owner of a 05 TC - projected delivery date is Nov. 26th !!! Can't wait .. I ordered Indigo Ink (blue) with fog lights, spoiler, floor mats, 6 disk changer, bumper protector, and window tint to 50 % on driver and passanger, and 30% on rear windows..

    Can't wait until I can pick it up !!!
  • scotty0820scotty0820 Member Posts: 7
    Scott checking in from Springfield, MO....

    I've had my Absolutely Red xA now for about a week and I love it! My Explorer Sport Trac will be in Wednesday's paper for sale and my gas bill just got cut in half!

    I drive down the road with a smile on my face everyday now. Simply a fun car to drive.
  • oprinceoprince Member Posts: 1
    HI, I'm buying my xB at the end of the month in blue. Q. Has anyone gotten a crash test results for the xB? Also, did anyone add the after market turbo? Does it work? Lastly, any shops in LA that specialize in xB after market parts?

  • tonylexustonylexus Member Posts: 94
    Tony here, Have 6500 miles on my Black Cherry auto. I no longer fight with the wife over who gets the Lexus. I love this car. Has exceeded my every expectation. Yet to get less than 28.5 MPG (lot of hwy diving,55-70 mph.

    Nothing out there can beat this car at this price. Only option was the auto-dimming mirror-Can't live without it. Will begin to add little things as time goes on, but truly, it does not require any add-ons.
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    I am getting my blue xB anyday now also. What options did you get?
  • seattletcerseattletcer Member Posts: 1
    Bought one in Flint Mica in October 2004 - could not be happier with the car! I only added a security system and floor/cargo mats. Read the "problem" forums and it's like most of those people were either expecting too much or are driving a different car because I have had no issues what so ever! Got exactly what I expected - and am very happy. Nice to see the tC being worked into the Scion ads now, too - though if we get too many out there mine won't turn as many heads as it does now. Seeing a ton of xB's and xA's on the road, too.
  • bcscionxb21bcscionxb21 Member Posts: 1
    I own a black cherry Xb and wanna join a club. My name is Manny and I'm 19 yrs old. Im from Elizabeth New Jersey and i would like to meet up with anyone who has some information. u can email me at [email protected]
    ps. Even help me find parts less expensive than the dealers.

    Hope someone can help me Thank you.
  • tonylexustonylexus Member Posts: 94
    Read your long term review. I have 7400 miles on my tC and have had zero problems or complaints of any kind - I am even pleasantly surprised by it's performance in snow. There are a few preferential items I would change (most notably control knobs instead of buttons) but overall I find much more I would consider 'upscale' in a $17k car than things I would classify as cheap (plastic).

    What really amazed me was the MPG reported. I have yet to get less than 28 MPG. Yes, it includes a lot of 45 - 70 MPH hwy driving, but a fair amount of suburban traffic as well - and I check with every tank-full. Stricly freeway trips have yielded up to 33 MPG.

    I would also like to know why you paid for an oil change when the first 3 are free. Maybe I have a 'freak' but I'll take another one just like it any day of the week.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    you seem to be the gas mileage exception. Do you have the 5-speed or auto. tranny?

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  • tonylexustonylexus Member Posts: 94
    I have the auto. From what I've read, you are right, I seem to be getting MPG way above the norm - don't understand why there would be such a difference. Actually, I consistantly get 28.5 MPG - no lies or exaggeration - 28 is the least I've recorded in 7400 miles (since October).

    I admit it is exceeding my expectations (not complaining) but then again, almost everything about the tC is exceeding my expectations.

    Coming from a Liberty that was lucky to see 17 MPG, I would have been happy with the EPA est. of 23 MPG. 28 is blowing my mind!
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    since you went from a Jeep Liberty to a Scion tC, I'm curious if you were let down by the lower sitting plane the tC sits at, compared to your Liberty. I drive a '01 Kia Sportage 4x4 and my wife and I both dig sitting up higher like in even a small SUV like our Sportage. The tC is so nice looking, and I know it's well-built and quiet, and, frankly I haven't heard squat yet that would scare me from buying a tC. I'm just curious if you miss the "sitting up higher" effect of your Liberty. Incidentally, it's surprising how much difference even a lift like a Sportage or Liberty gives you as far as distance off the get a different "look and feel" for the road...not necessarily better, just more different than most drivers would imagine who have never driven a truck or even a small SUV. A small truck like a Ford Ranger wouldn't give one the same "lifted" effect, at least I don't think it would.

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

  • lalagimplalagimp Member Posts: 61
    I just got a 2005 xA yesterday with less than 10 miles in Phantom Grey Pearl.
    I aquired this vehicle after unloading my 2003 Honda Element EXAU4W. I had been thinking about an Aveo because of the price when it still wouldn't shake that a Chevy is a Chevy regardless of price and it's usually better to stick with Toyota and Honda.
    I had a silver 5dr Tercel '88 that I got rid of out of paranoia after an auto accident. The lack of safety features and the size wasn't feasible anymore. The Element was a choice of protection and visibility.
    I moved to Orange County and I'm trying over again with the small cars and this one is alot more comfortable so far, like an old glove with a new smell. I wasn't even going to do it this month but amazingly Carmax offered me $15k when the trade value was around $13,4; their offers are only good for 300 miles or seven days.
    I'm very curious to see how this all turns out as it's a lifestyle and economical decision. :shades:
  • denningdenning Member Posts: 1
    I just got my scion and love it.
  • kristendon17kristendon17 Member Posts: 1
    Hey, My name is Kristen. I picked up my '05 Azure Pearl Scion tC less than a week ago with 3 miles on it. I now have over 500 miles on it because i love driving it. Even though most of the driving has been in the rain these past few days it hasn't stopped be from taking it out everywhere. And i used to HATE driving in the rain in my old car! It's just a beautiful car and i have a blast driving it!
  • mnikosmnikos Member Posts: 31
    I've posted on several of the other topics in the Scion forums, but never checked out this, the main room, until now. I picked up my 2006 Black Cherry xB about 3 weeks ago, trading a 1997 Buick Regal Turbo. Still loving every chance to drive my Scion, which is about my seventh Toyota (and as many Buicks, with a few other makes thrown in in 35+ years of driving). I'm 53, yet another of those old farts Scion certainly wasn't anticipating would buy these cars. I got the floor mats, the new-for-2006 iPod-compatible Pioneer radio ($260 upgrade), the special paint-and-upholstery protection package ($500, but hopefully worth it since I'll be parking it outside for at least 2 years in the desert heat). I also ordered the Scion armrest ($120), but when I saw it, I changed my mind and ordered the Zeta on-line for $184. It's much nicer looking and has a small bit of storage (for an iPod and a cell-phone, maybe). Easily installed by me and a single wrench. Also got the cargo net for the back, but a little disappointed that it only anchors at the top, so small bags of groceries, etc. submarine under it. For those agonizing about color choices, the Black Cherry (which clearly wasn't discontinued for 06 as I had heard) is stunning when it is clean, but if you live someplace dirty or don't wash your car very often, think twice about any of the darker colors. I also got the extended warranty for about $1200 (gives you 3 more years after the first 3 factory warranty years are gone). Out the door including tax and everything it was about $17,100. The xB only went up about $150 from 2005 to 2006, and when I bought mine (the first one on the lot) they still had about 6 2005 xBs for sale, mostly silver. I only have a few minor problems with my new Scion xB: 1) the bottom of the bumper in the front is so low that you definitely never want to pull forward over any curbs so your wheels hit, like many of us do; I've already hung up on one curb, popping out two of the black plastic honeycomb grill pieces (which snapped back in, but still...) 2) the readout panel on the radio is slightly rounded, and it is very difficult to see the readout during the day because of the reflection; 3) so far (about 900 miles) the mpg is only about 26, but I am hoping it improves as it gets more miles on it; 4) there is no optional auto-dimming rear-view mirror; and 5) it's a little slow on the start AFTER driving a big-boned Buick (but it has plenty of pep once you're rolling, even going up steep hills). I am recommending this great little car to everyone who listens. I also have a friend who bought an xA, and she loves hers as much as I love my xB. Next posting I promise not to talk so much.
  • lalagimplalagimp Member Posts: 61
    You should be getting a Scion followup survey in the mail in a few months, and it's not one from the dealership- so you can voice your concerns to them as well. I wish the initial Scion telephone call after purchase wasn't quite so soon, so that I would have had more time to gather my own concerns.
  • mnikosmnikos Member Posts: 31
    I only got a scion phone call regarding the dealership experience, nothing asking for my thoughts on the car itself, so hopefully I can look forward to both a phone call and a written questionnaire. But you're right, lala, it makes sense to give a new owner a little time to identify the pro- and con things about a new car.
  • keke1keke1 Member Posts: 3
    Great to hear that you are pleasantly surprised by the tCs performance in the snow. I have been looking to purchase a tC but the Bridgestone Potenza tires scare me because of their very poor reviews in snow and/or rain.

    Can you tell me what tires came on your tC?
  • dorlandodorlando Member Posts: 5

    Another out of category buyer at 52. Indigo Pearl, tint, amber lights, fog, spoiler, dim mirror, mats, EP 10-spoke 15" wheels, side bags, door sills, etc. My ride right now is a 2000 Echo which has been great. Keeping it and adding another. Just hoping the mileage is ok. The Echo avgs about 32 and maxed at 39 doing 80 mph for hours. Talk to you soon.
  • jmicheljmichel Member Posts: 3
    Just got my 2006 TC. 5 speed, air bags, IPOD and few other options. Got it in Silver. Love this car, rides great. Saved $$$ over the Acura RSX. IPOD option was worth every penny.
  • spotdogspotdog Member Posts: 3
    my name is rick and i own an 05 xb. i install elevators for a living and travel in my xb appox. 1000 miles a week. i get great mpg.i also play blues music and have plenty of room to haul my stuff.i love my xb.
  • southern1southern1 Member Posts: 4
    Yet another "out of category" xB owner at age 53. Took me awhile to make up my mind to purchase the xB, but I really do love this little wagon. Mine is Thunder Cloud Silver with an auto tranny. Had the wagon 2 weeks now and have 1100 miles on it and am getting 30-34 mpg. Just drove the xB on a Thanksgiving road trip, interstate driving, myself, wife and daughter and the xB preformed wonderfully well.

    Love the gas mileage, especially after the Dodge Dakota I traded in. The xB is a great wagon and would recommend one to anyone.
  • balderdash1balderdash1 Member Posts: 2
    I just test drove the new 2006 tc auto and I love it. However, the prices setup by the dealers are not the same as the website MSRP. Most of these bulls... dealers markup the sticker price by adding additional equipments to the car. The sticker price of the standard basic models were different at each dealers. Since, I can't haggle prices by so called "pure pricing", this is total BS. If the dealer is going to stick with the "pure pricing", then it should stick with MSRP price on the website. I would avoid Scion dealer in La Crecenta,CA. They are scam artists. They are very unprofessional, by all means avoid them. They go through same haggling process. Talking back and forth with the manager, "I can find something cheaper for you" etc. This guy started yelling, and saying we stick with "pure pricing" policy.

    The true meaning of pure pricing means the price set up by the dealers. So beaware by this scam artists!!!!!!
  • hoop1hoop1 Member Posts: 1
    How does it handle it bad weather, especially highway driving during heavy rain. I used to own a small car and would have to slow down to 45 mph on the highway during a heavy rain while other cars were speeding by at 70. What about high winds, do you get blown into the next lane?
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    Heavy rain is downright dangerous. Its not the xB, its the GoodYear Eagle LS tires that come on it. The traction control kicks in.

    In terms of heavy winds (up to 50 I believe) which we have had the past week, you have to keep adusting it, but I never was blown into the next lane. The xB handles real well.
  • futurexbmomfuturexbmom Member Posts: 1
    Thank You for honest reviews for the Scion xB! I am looking forward to getting one this fall! I am trading in my 03 Ford Explorer Sport Trac! Hopefully I can get what I should out of my SUV!

    Sliding towards the Salsa Red with all the goodies! 18 in TRD wheels also! Yippeeeee!

    :) Also, I like the idea of being a "toaster pilot" This will be an awesome "mom" car and I drive 70 miles R/T up the mountains for work so I need that milage!
  • qwallsqwalls Member Posts: 406
    Hey futurexbmom - I just got one in Salsa Red. It's really a cool little car. If you haven't driven one with 18s, you may want to try before you buy. There won't be much ruber between you and the road, and it will be a very harsh ride. Just got mine a little over a week ago. Traded my stock wheels/tires for 16s at Discount Tire. Didn't want to go any bigger for a daily commuter car. Pictures at the link below.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    "... Sliding towards the Salsa Red with all the goodies! 18 in TRD wheels..."

    What is it with the 18" wheels? Discarding the wheels and tires that the car came with, and then buying new wheels and tires, is a big cost. $2,000 or more? And for what? A harsher ride and worse mpg?
    I like to corner hard enough to enjoy the rear sway bar and front strut bar that I bolted on. But I am perfectly content with the wheels and tires that the car came with.
  • scionxbboi3scionxbboi3 Member Posts: 4
    My name is Joey (25), picked up my brand new xB this past wednesday. Gotta say its the best purchase that I think I have ever made. I am getting 36 + mpg, price was great, and so was the dealer where I got it. Hope everyone is loving theirs as much as I love mine. :D
  • hawleygraphicshawleygraphics Member Posts: 1
    I am buying an Xb tomorrow and I am wondering if I should purchase Gap insurance, any opinions to share on this topic would be appreciated.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    Most people also like to lower the car with shorter, stiffer springs with less travel, for that complete buckboard ride ;-)

    Like you, I have stock wheels and tires and added a strut bar and sway bar. I must say the sway bar makes a big difference in cornering, eliminating lean and oversteer so that the car corners like a go-cart. However, the strut bar makes no difference that I can feel. The strut bar also prevents changing the air filter or changing the brake fluid, and I plan to remove and sell it at 15K miles.

    I went to the Scion Exposed event last weekend at the Mid-Ohio track: ackfromInsidejpg.jpg

    We got to do some fast laps, and the stock tires did put a limit on the cornering. They began to howl and felt like they were going to roll under and come off the wheels. But in hard cornering on public roads, they do fine.
  • dgodfrey_21804dgodfrey_21804 Member Posts: 1
    I bought a 2006 Xb in December and have been seeing an honest 34mpg no matter where I drive. I'm another old fart who bought the kid's offering from Scion, so I don't race the thing. I bought because I have to use my car in my job (a lot). Being reimbursed at 46.5 cents per mile makes the purchase way easy. Everyone who rides in it is amazed at the interior room. I claim that it is a Tardis (Dr. Who fans know), Bigger on the inside than on the outside. I love it. The one problem is that the rear groung effects plastic below the bumper keeps coming loose. On my next oilchange, Toyota will hear of this. My advice: Drive easy (even if you hate to do it) for 1 week and then check your mileage. Hope you have many happy years with DA BOX.
  • bprendersonbprenderson Member Posts: 99

    How did it work in the Minnesota snow?


  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    The rear bumper skirt has either a loose or missing fastener. Look under there and see what the story is. You may be able to snap it back, or order the fastener if its missing. If you wait until the oil change, and the fastener is not loose but missing, the dealer may have to order it and you will have to go back again.

    I got a 2006 xB with manual transmission last March. Like you I get 34 mpg all the time in mixed driving around town, by driving easy like you. Last weekend I drove from Louisville to Cleveland and back, 275 miles each way. Got 37 mpg going up on 2-lane US 42 at 55-60 mph, and 42 mpg coming back on I-71 at 60 mph.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,482
    I don't see the wisdom of the 18" wheels either. The stock wheels are kind of plain and uninteresting, so possibly people want to dress the car up, but 15" or 16" alloys should be plenty.

    Not only will 18" wheels worsen the ride quality but they will rob power from a car that doesn't have too much to begin with.

    Best thing for an xA or xB would be just to get better tires with stiffer sidewalls, once your OEM tires wear out.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    I like the looks of my stock 15" wheels with 10-spoke covers. Those 18" wheels are fitted with low-profile tires so the overall diameter is not increased as much as it sounds.

    My manual transmission xB is geared for power and revs too high on the highway, and I like a soft ride, so I will replace the present 185/60R15 Goodyear Eagle LS tires with the same tires in 195/65R15 (fatter and taller).
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,482
    That'll give you 5% error. When your speedo reads 60 mph you'll actually be going 63.1 mph. A 205 55 15 would be almost perfect.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    Sounds pretty wide. Will there be enough clearance in sharp turns and bumps?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,482
    There's quite a bit of room under there. You could always ask the shop to mount one tire while your car is on the rack and check it all out for clearance and to make sure your rim will hold it. A good tire shop will know this.
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