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  • Just got my 2006 TC. 5 speed, air bags, IPOD and few other options. Got it in Silver. Love this car, rides great. Saved $$$ over the Acura RSX. IPOD option was worth every penny.
  • my name is rick and i own an 05 xb. i install elevators for a living and travel in my xb appox. 1000 miles a week. i get great mpg.i also play blues music and have plenty of room to haul my stuff.i love my xb.
  • Hello,
    Yet another "out of category" xB owner at age 53. Took me awhile to make up my mind to purchase the xB, but I really do love this little wagon. Mine is Thunder Cloud Silver with an auto tranny. Had the wagon 2 weeks now and have 1100 miles on it and am getting 30-34 mpg. Just drove the xB on a Thanksgiving road trip, interstate driving, myself, wife and daughter and the xB preformed wonderfully well.

    Love the gas mileage, especially after the Dodge Dakota I traded in. The xB is a great wagon and would recommend one to anyone.
  • I just test drove the new 2006 tc auto and I love it. However, the prices setup by the dealers are not the same as the website MSRP. Most of these bulls... dealers markup the sticker price by adding additional equipments to the car. The sticker price of the standard basic models were different at each dealers. Since, I can't haggle prices by so called "pure pricing", this is total BS. If the dealer is going to stick with the "pure pricing", then it should stick with MSRP price on the website. I would avoid Scion dealer in La Crecenta,CA. They are scam artists. They are very unprofessional, by all means avoid them. They go through same haggling process. Talking back and forth with the manager, "I can find something cheaper for you" etc. This guy started yelling, and saying we stick with "pure pricing" policy.

    The true meaning of pure pricing means the price set up by the dealers. So beaware by this scam artists!!!!!!
  • hoop1hoop1 Posts: 1
    How does it handle it bad weather, especially highway driving during heavy rain. I used to own a small car and would have to slow down to 45 mph on the highway during a heavy rain while other cars were speeding by at 70. What about high winds, do you get blown into the next lane?
  • tundradudetundradude Posts: 588
    Heavy rain is downright dangerous. Its not the xB, its the GoodYear Eagle LS tires that come on it. The traction control kicks in.

    In terms of heavy winds (up to 50 I believe) which we have had the past week, you have to keep adusting it, but I never was blown into the next lane. The xB handles real well.
  • Thank You for honest reviews for the Scion xB! I am looking forward to getting one this fall! I am trading in my 03 Ford Explorer Sport Trac! Hopefully I can get what I should out of my SUV!

    Sliding towards the Salsa Red with all the goodies! 18 in TRD wheels also! Yippeeeee!

    :) Also, I like the idea of being a "toaster pilot" This will be an awesome "mom" car and I drive 70 miles R/T up the mountains for work so I need that milage!
  • qwallsqwalls Posts: 406
    Hey futurexbmom - I just got one in Salsa Red. It's really a cool little car. If you haven't driven one with 18s, you may want to try before you buy. There won't be much ruber between you and the road, and it will be a very harsh ride. Just got mine a little over a week ago. Traded my stock wheels/tires for 16s at Discount Tire. Didn't want to go any bigger for a daily commuter car. Pictures at the link below.
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    "... Sliding towards the Salsa Red with all the goodies! 18 in TRD wheels..."

    What is it with the 18" wheels? Discarding the wheels and tires that the car came with, and then buying new wheels and tires, is a big cost. $2,000 or more? And for what? A harsher ride and worse mpg?
    I like to corner hard enough to enjoy the rear sway bar and front strut bar that I bolted on. But I am perfectly content with the wheels and tires that the car came with.
  • My name is Joey (25), picked up my brand new xB this past wednesday. Gotta say its the best purchase that I think I have ever made. I am getting 36 + mpg, price was great, and so was the dealer where I got it. Hope everyone is loving theirs as much as I love mine. :D
  • I am buying an Xb tomorrow and I am wondering if I should purchase Gap insurance, any opinions to share on this topic would be appreciated.
  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    Most people also like to lower the car with shorter, stiffer springs with less travel, for that complete buckboard ride ;-)

    Like you, I have stock wheels and tires and added a strut bar and sway bar. I must say the sway bar makes a big difference in cornering, eliminating lean and oversteer so that the car corners like a go-cart. However, the strut bar makes no difference that I can feel. The strut bar also prevents changing the air filter or changing the brake fluid, and I plan to remove and sell it at 15K miles.

    I went to the Scion Exposed event last weekend at the Mid-Ohio track: ackfromInsidejpg.jpg

    We got to do some fast laps, and the stock tires did put a limit on the cornering. They began to howl and felt like they were going to roll under and come off the wheels. But in hard cornering on public roads, they do fine.
  • I bought a 2006 Xb in December and have been seeing an honest 34mpg no matter where I drive. I'm another old fart who bought the kid's offering from Scion, so I don't race the thing. I bought because I have to use my car in my job (a lot). Being reimbursed at 46.5 cents per mile makes the purchase way easy. Everyone who rides in it is amazed at the interior room. I claim that it is a Tardis (Dr. Who fans know), Bigger on the inside than on the outside. I love it. The one problem is that the rear groung effects plastic below the bumper keeps coming loose. On my next oilchange, Toyota will hear of this. My advice: Drive easy (even if you hate to do it) for 1 week and then check your mileage. Hope you have many happy years with DA BOX.
  • Dave,

    How did it work in the Minnesota snow?


  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    The rear bumper skirt has either a loose or missing fastener. Look under there and see what the story is. You may be able to snap it back, or order the fastener if its missing. If you wait until the oil change, and the fastener is not loose but missing, the dealer may have to order it and you will have to go back again.

    I got a 2006 xB with manual transmission last March. Like you I get 34 mpg all the time in mixed driving around town, by driving easy like you. Last weekend I drove from Louisville to Cleveland and back, 275 miles each way. Got 37 mpg going up on 2-lane US 42 at 55-60 mph, and 42 mpg coming back on I-71 at 60 mph.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    I don't see the wisdom of the 18" wheels either. The stock wheels are kind of plain and uninteresting, so possibly people want to dress the car up, but 15" or 16" alloys should be plenty.

    Not only will 18" wheels worsen the ride quality but they will rob power from a car that doesn't have too much to begin with.

    Best thing for an xA or xB would be just to get better tires with stiffer sidewalls, once your OEM tires wear out.

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  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    I like the looks of my stock 15" wheels with 10-spoke covers. Those 18" wheels are fitted with low-profile tires so the overall diameter is not increased as much as it sounds.

    My manual transmission xB is geared for power and revs too high on the highway, and I like a soft ride, so I will replace the present 185/60R15 Goodyear Eagle LS tires with the same tires in 195/65R15 (fatter and taller).
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    That'll give you 5% error. When your speedo reads 60 mph you'll actually be going 63.1 mph. A 205 55 15 would be almost perfect.

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  • aathertonaatherton Posts: 617
    Sounds pretty wide. Will there be enough clearance in sharp turns and bumps?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    There's quite a bit of room under there. You could always ask the shop to mount one tire while your car is on the rack and check it all out for clearance and to make sure your rim will hold it. A good tire shop will know this.

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  • scatsscats Posts: 11
    hi my name is frank just purchased a 2006 scion xb love it
  • boyceboyce Bossier City, La.Posts: 48
    I've been reading you comments throughout the xb discussions. I'm considering an xb for my next vehicle. What rpm are you experiencing at 70 mph? Do you consider this excessive? I don't like to hear an engine sound like its ready to start throwing parts through the hood when I'm cruising the interstates. Any comments from you or others about this would be appreciated. Thanks

    2012 Mazda 3 Skyactive 6spd. auto 2008 Mazda Tribute S 4spd auto.

  • Hello
    Im Brian I just bought a Brand new 2007 Scion TC Silver 5spd
    just wanted to say whats up.
  • i test drove an xB this summer. after reading so many times about the engine being loud at 60 mph and feeling it was about to explode, well I was paying attention!! ;) and after driving it at 70 mph + it was fine IMO. ok, it doesn.t purr like a sport car but i was not worried about it. my husband, (he is a mechanic BTW) said it was normal for this car and that would not keep him from getting it.
    also, i might add that it went to 50-60 mph pretty fast, without me noticing it. very roomy and confortable to drive. when u sit in it, it feel like a big SUV inside !!! :) the only thing i dont like about the scion is their color choices...they are kinda boring..i would like to see brighter colors.
  • boyceboyce Bossier City, La.Posts: 48
    Thank you for the feedback. I have not tried an Xb yet but was not sure if I could stand hearing the engine wound up on the highway. I had a car like that once and I got rid of it for that reason. (that was an 88 Mazda 323 stripper with a four speed.) What does the abbreviation IMO stand for? Please excuse my lack of knowledge for computer shorthand. Thank you for your reply! Bud

    2012 Mazda 3 Skyactive 6spd. auto 2008 Mazda Tribute S 4spd auto.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 58,488
    I.M.O. = In My Opinion

    I,M.H.O. = In My Humble Opinion

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  • no problem!

    it all comes down to what you NEED. the xB has room to spare, is cheap on gas, has an excellent resale value and is made by toyota but you wont be drag racing anywhere but in your driveway ;)
    from what i read online, i'd say that xb owners are pleased with it and are praising it.
    i drove both tranny and logically, the stick one had more pep but the auto was very pleasant.
    go try one, this car has a lot to offer!
  • "... What rpm are you experiencing at 70 mph? Do you consider this excessive? I don't like to hear an engine sound like its ready to start throwing parts through the hood when I'm cruising the interstates...."

    Sorry, did not get back to this thread. For a manual transmission in 5th gear, divide the mph by 2 to get the rpm. So 70 mph is 3500 rpm. The automatic turns about 500 rpm less at 70 mph.

    What does excessive mean? The 5-speed ratios are optimized for the use anticipated. If 5th gear was 500 rpm less at 70, the car would be a little under-geared like the automatic, and less peppy. If a 6th gear was added, it would only be good for cruising on level ground, and would add greatly to the cost of the car. If you want lower-rpm cruising, with less noise and more mpg, get the automatic. But it is not as lively a car to drive.

    If excessive means bad for the engine, the xB engine with its variable valve timing is made for high rpms. It is redlined at 6500 rpm, yet is the size of several motorcycle engines that redline at 9000 rpm. An xB tech manual says the xB's max sustained cruising speed is 90 mph, with a top speed of 103 mph. So 3500 rpm at 70 mph is nothing for the engine.
  • boyceboyce Bossier City, La.Posts: 48
    Thank you for your reply. Yes you nailed it, when an engine is turning high revs, I do worry about abusing it. Thanks for clearing that up for me. Going to do test drive tomorrow. Thanks again, Bud

    2012 Mazda 3 Skyactive 6spd. auto 2008 Mazda Tribute S 4spd auto.

  • As the proud owner of an 2006 Scion Xb, I highly
    recommend your getting one. If you don't need a rear spoiler
    and other pretty but unnecessary things, get the basic auto tranny model which is $15,440.00 + tax, etc.
    How good is it......let me put it this wife wants mine and I'm looking forward to the 2007 model to come out
    or...even the spring they'll be coming out with a T2B model which is really neat.
    Go for it!!!!
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