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Talk about accessories and mods here!


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    I opted for mudguards, wheel locks, floor mats, and a black Katzkin leather interior for my Azure Pearl.
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    Anyone know if TRD is going to offer the 300 HP modification that I heard about on the TC. I was at my dealer yesterday, and they said that the Supercharger that would bump the car to 200 HP won't be available until Spring.
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    Hmm the only accessory I am thinking about is the front bra / two piece cover... I've already had two rocks hit my bumper / hood driving on the highway...
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    Does the optional strut bar really enhance performance? What does it do?
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    Wow. That sounds great. That is the only thing the XB is really lacking is a little more horsepower.
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    I heard the AEM cold air induction for the xA adds about 15 horsepowers, but does anyone know how much the gas mileage suffers from its use?
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    Hi Everybody,

    I am beginning to get really annoyed with the Pioneer stereo in my Scion. When I listen to bass-heavy music (from electronic to jazz), my speakers rattle. Although the Scion boasts "DSP sound/3 equalizer" I mostly use the FEEL option because I think that gives the music the most depth. I don't turn my music up loud, nor do I pump my bass, but even @ -5, I still have rattling. How can I stop it? I don't need anything extravagant, but I just want a system comparable to the standard Toyota system. Are my speakers loose, do I need different speakers (comes with 6 including 2 tweeters, 160 watt max), a woofer, different tweeters?
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    Try the xB mode on the radio instead of the tC. Huge difference in sound quality.
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    You shouldn't hear any rattling. I'd suggest you take it to the dealer and have them check it out.

    I haven't had any issues w/mine.
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    Is it true that the biggest wheels we can put on our TC's is 19x8? Not even 19x8.5?
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    Cold Air Intakes may ad 5 horse power (people love to streach this number, but Dynos dont lie) and posibly 15 if coupled with a new exahust, typicly, gas milage does not suffer but will improve, depending on how often you want to hear that deap thraoty engine sound that you didnt have with the stock filter box. I love the sound of Cold Air Intakes. People dont understand that the eisier you engine can breathe (IE free flow exahust, Cold Air Intake, turbo/ superchager) the easier it can breathe the easier it can make power and the more efficient it becomes... (obviously the turbo and Super chager take some of the effeicency away), but just a Cold air intake will increase you MPG
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    How much do Cold Air Intakes run for tC's? Where can i find em?
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    go there and select the Scion tC, there is a list on the side, you can take it from there. That site will give you many companies that should fit on your tC. Watch youll find yourself dinking around in the turbos page... hahaha go ahead they have them, and yes they will fit on the tC... its just how mutch you want to spend.

    Another thing, is the stock filter box on most any cars are very restrictive, they are designed to be noise killers so that you have that "quiet ride" that soccer moms love, but tunners hate. One trick Ive seen tuners do is drill holes in the stock filter box below the filter so the air can get in easily but still be filtered, then they throw a K&N high flow filter replacemnt in and they have a very cheap short ram intake (similar to cold air) It sounds just like one too, but you only buy the new filter element. I thought it was pretty clever.
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    Anyone know where I can get an after market cruise control installed in the San Diego area. What can I expect to pay. Is it something I can do with a moderate amount of mech. skills?
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    I just picked up my tC yesterday, but my dealer didn't have the optional door sills. Do most other dealers have these? How hard is installation, if I choose to do it myself?
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    Cruise control is standard on tC.
                  : )
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    How does the xa handle in snow, ice & heavy rain?
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    ask in the xA boards.
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    A reporter would like to talk with anyone fitting the following profile...."I'd love to find some folks who've modified their own rides. I'm particularly interested in people who've done this for the first time and were driven to do it, at least in part, from watching a tv show like Pimp My Ride, Overhaulin' or something similar. I'm looking for average drivers who are just discovering that they can personalize their rides. I'm not as interested in the traditional tuner crowd who've been doing this for years."


    If you have a story to share, please send your name, daytime contact info and a line or two about your vehicle to [email protected] by Wednesday, December 29, 2004.
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    Do you have any part # or any thing in black and white on this supercharger.If it puts out 300hp I want it.200hp is not enough for me.
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    There's no hard info on the SC yet. Once there is, you won't have to ask; it'll be all over the forums.
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    if your going to blow your engine to 300 hp you are going to need to change alot of internals or it to be able to take that pressure, im not even sure if that is possible... A turbo setup might lend you more power.
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    Anyone have experience with the front strut tower brace? Does it reduce the lift throttle oversteer?
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    I have the front strut tie bar. It handles nicely.
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    Do any of you Xb owners have any info on the CAI and exhaust upgrade? I will finally buy my Xb this week and I'm not sure if the upgrade will offer any extra ponies for the $$$$. Will gas mileage be affected? Thanks.....
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    I just installed my Zeta Storage armrest last night. It looks great!! It matches the interior perfectly and looks factory. The armrest installs in about 10 minutes and attaches to the seat tracks without impeding the operation of the seats. My 9 yr. old son and I installed it and it was so easy that I just gave him a few hints and then watched him do the work. It flips up out of the way if needed and does not cover the rear drink holder. This is a good product for Xb owners. Check it out on Zeta
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    I have never heard the TRD exhaust, but I avoided it nonetheless. My wife keeps asking me when I am going to get the armrest. It really hasn't bothered me, but I do plan to get it someday.
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    its instead of

    Discovered this trying to find site.
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    Which one did you get, with or without storage?
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    Sorry about the web address. I must have had a neuron misfire when I wrote it, and thanks for the correction. Anyway, I got the armrest with storage. It doesn't hold alot but it looks better. You can fit sunglasses, cell phone, wallet, and some gum or loose change in there. They were a good company to deal with. I ordered it on a Sat. night, received email notification of shipment on Monday evening, and it was delivered by UPS on Wed. afternoon. My son and I installed later that day.
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    I don't know how it happened but my rear glass got hit going down the road. I ordered a new rear window. Whatever it was put a line all the way across it.

    I would like to get the armrest someday.
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    I am thinking about getting a Silver Streak tC and, last weekend my wife and I took a road trip down to Arkansas. I was looking for our hotel when this car came along, cruising slow up to me in the other lane. I looked as it went by...yep, it was a silver tC! Not only that, as it picked up speed heading towards downtown Harrison, Arkansas, it had that tell-tale sound of a modified exhaust. He was revving it up and torquing off of the accelerator to sort of wind it out while going around 30 mph only. Did that car ever look sharp. I'm gettin' one! That did it, gentlemen! :):):):):)

    BTW, this is the only car I've ever dug in silver!

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

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    I went to the and dinked around in the turbo section... I think I like the idea of turbo better than supercharger. how does a newby like me find out exactly what my tC can really handle without blowing up the engine and exactly what are all the necessary parts that would need to be ordered to have a fully functional turbo system in my car?... I love the tC but I thirst for more horse power... and not just 5 or 10 I want something where I can feel the difference (maybe 30-50 hp more at lower than 5700 rpm) and really get some serious speeding tickets... lol!... just kidding about the speeding tickets. Also can someone tell me if they know of a chip that I could add and exactly what does it do?... sorry I'm a newby wanna be tunner lol!...

    P.S. I just installed the dimming mirror and the ambient light is funny... I feel all fast and furious driving it at night... lol!...
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    Does anyone know where I could find one of these???

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    Hi folks,
    New member - POTENTIAL new xB owner.
    Has anyone heard of, or know of a larger gas tank for the xB.
    The biggest (pun intended) drawback I see to the xB is the tiny fuel tank.
    As one who drives 150 - 225 miles per day - every day - I am more than a little (pun intended) concerned about the tiny tank. Sure, it won't take long to top off. But daily pumping may get old. Especially come winter.
    Chris of the JamesGang
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    A 2nd sticking point delaying my decision to purchase the xB -- lack of available cruise control.
    Do any of you have experience with after-market cruise?
    Which brand(s) would you all recommend?
    Chris of the JamesGang
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    I just got 341 miles from my last tank of gas in the XB. I have about 1500 miles on it now with the automatic. I commute 115 miles a day and a larger tank would be a valued option, but it wasn't enough of an issue to keep me from buying the Xb. A 14 gal. tank would be about perfect. I did not get the cruise due to the fact that the dealer wanted $599 to install. Another dealer quoted me $499, which is outrageous. Scion should make cruise standard on the Xb. With the number of Xb sales at double those of the Xa, you'd think that Scion would make the adjustment. You can get aftermarket cruise for about $129 if you want to install it yourself, or you find a reputable shop that won't gouge you. I'm looking for 1 now.
  • jamesgangjamesgang Member Posts: 47
    Thanks for the tank mileage info. I'll be going from 500 miles between fill-ups down. Of course, gotta take the bad with the good.
    Another question in the same vein - is 'topping off' - I mean REALLY topping off the tank going to cause a performance/engine light problem?
    Currently I put a good 4-5 more gallons in the car after the first handle shut off.
    ThanksAgain for any answers related to the 'mileage', 'tank', and 'cruize' questions.
    Chris of the JamesGang
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    Does anyone know of any dealerships in the LA/OC area that will install an aftermarket cruise? I had found ONE and I believe the price was $600.
    The actual piece is less than two hundred to purchase and I'd heard alot of people South-East getting them installed at their dealers for $350 or less total.
  • crazedcommutercrazedcommuter Member Posts: 281
    Topping off in the Scion is about 1.5- 2 extra gallons. I have not had the "check engine light" after doing this.
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    My white tC gets warm while parked in the sun. I often have heat sensitive stuff in the car, and want to reduce the heat build up.
    I'm thinking of getting rear hatch window tinted, and maybe lining the
    sunroof area with a reflector of some sort.
    Any ideas appreciated.
    Thanks, Ron
  • jamesgangjamesgang Member Posts: 47
    ">link titleBeing financially challenged (note auto xB - no add ons) I look for inexpensive ways to express myself.

    See the following ebay link;

    link title

    Do any of you, have any of you, experience with this product - or similar products. This stuff falls nicely into my budget. But only if it is professional looking.
    My xB is camo - so I was thinking of the humvee hunter green the page shows. Before taking delivery of the box I was seriously considering trimming the exterior with a camo-kit from Cabelas (they have pre-cuts kits for pickups). But after seeing the car in all its glory I couldn't do that. The color is SO MUCH BETTER THAN I THOUGHT. Won't change it until age and miles dictate.
    ThanksMuch for any insite and info on the interior trim kits.
    Chris of the JamesGang
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    WOW!!! I seem to have the same problem. I think it could be because the whole top of the car is black.
    I was also thinking of tinting my windows.
    Has any one tinted there window and it lower the heat in the car?
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    i just purchased a new scion xb i got the em 7 spoke alloy wheels, wheel locks, alarm/remote starter, and a custom carbon fiber interior. the interior alone was $900 does anyone else have this. it comes with the normal carbon fiber dash and also covers part of the door panels and a bunch of other stuff and had xb engraved in it in silver really sharp looking.
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    Alert to all Scion owners. If you purchased your Scion with the 17' Enkei 6-spoke wheels and Pirelli tires option you may be riding on tires that have been out of production for 2 YEARS! Yes, it is true according to Pirelli. 2-25-05 I purchased a K/b with 5,200 miles with this wheel/tire combo. Around 6,000 miles I incurred a road hazzard on the left front sidewall and had to replace the tire. Pirelli could find only 1 tire in the whole USA at Dallas. That opened the whole can of worms. The specs. on the tire is P-7000 P205/40ZR 17 84W M+S. I have this case no. with Scion 200504040316. Don't know what they intend to do so I have taken it upon myself to get the word out to all of you via this manner. This option is offered on the Scion web site and Scion dealers. Maybe when their stash of old Pirelli tires fun out some lucky buyers will be riding on tires that are of current production and should they have a tire problem it can be replaced. If you are on these tires please respond to this alert, we need to talk.
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    please check message #48 of 48
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    Toyota's shop manuals are available from their "Material Distrabution Center" 750 West Victoria Street Rancho Dominguez, California 90220-5538. You may order them by calling (800) 622-2033. For the book: "Electrical Wiring Diagram" (The common problem some Japanese writers have with English plurals persists throughout the text) costs $52.36. The prices for the repair manuals are: Volune One, $80.00 and Volune Two, $88.00. I bought all three and was charged $1200 for shipping/handling and $11.02 "tax." The diagrams are easy to nderstand and clearly drawn.
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    I put money down on a blue xb on Monday. After reading some posts on another site, I'm not sure that blue is good. Does anyone have experience, good or bad, with the blue paint? I also have read that the interior light sits too far back. How about a sunroof? Anyone hear of putting one in and who does it? I don't plan on adding any options except for better wheels and an armrest. Is there anything I really need I'm not thinking of? Thanks for any input.
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    I own a blue xb that I bought in February. First its a dark blue that is almost impossible to keep clean. This doesn't really bother me. The paint does scratch easily, but so do all dark colors. I was between the blue onyx and the black cherry, I really liked the new yellow, but I did not like the 2.0 package. The blue is really nice when its cleaned up.

    I have seen some aftermarket sunroofs. Its the standard ASC variety. I have one of these on my 95 Corolla. The aftermarket sunroofs just make more racket and they require adjustment every now and then. Although, plenty of room is available on a xB for multiple sunroofs. The xB was the only vehicle that I considered that did not have a sunroof. The xA 1.0 with a factory sunroof was great.

    The armrest option just came out. You can also get one like crazedcommuter (zetaproducts). You said that you haven't added any options. These should be done at the distribution center and NOT at the dealer.

    In my opinion, I really like my fog lights and my front strut brace. Don't forget to get the cargo mat and carpet mats. I have not seen another xB that has the fog lights around here yet. They are wonderful in rainy or foggy conditons. I believe they would be great for snowy nights when applicable. The strut brace makes the car handle really good for an awkward tall vehicle.

    Crazedcommuter - what would you add?
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