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Scion Accessories & Modifications



  • autogenomeautogenome Member Posts: 1
    Hey guys, i am sure u guys may look for some gauges for Pro looks or performance, recently i bought some gauges from the company call Evil Auto Style which i never heard of it, i thought they are bunch of home made copies....anyhow my friend went to SEMA last year and they bought some gauges form them because of the looks and functions are a lot better than Defi and guys may not agree with me now, but try to go their underconstruction web site to download the catalog...

    Please reply me of what you guys think about it, later i will post some pictures of the gauges installed in my XB
  • sctc06sctc06 Member Posts: 2
    I just got my TC. I had to wait a month. It was worth the wait. Considering that i did have to take the bus for a month. I was thinking of puting on a tint on my rear break light and lights. I really havent seen how it looks on a TC, but it seems it would look good. Has anybody put a tint on their rear lights? The car is already black. Plus i got a free 9 month subscription to sirius satellite radio (From Longo). Listening to Howard Stern do roasts make traffic forgetful.
  • sctc06sctc06 Member Posts: 2
    I received Sirius Satellite on my TC as well. You might have the one that is the family plan. I got a free 9 month subscription. The dealer told me that i i could upgrade to standard, which ment i could listen to howard stern. I don't think it was a mistake. They are trying to market Sirius. I suggest you call sirius and upgrad it to standard plan. It should be at not cost. It's basically a trial so when the subscription does expire you might be interested in getting it.
  • mssmss Member Posts: 12
    I believe you do get a 9 month free subscription, but it's only for a limited amount of stations. I enrolled with Sirius online and choose a 3 month package, but I just looked and it now seems like they tacked on the other 9 months to end (1 year total). The added bonus in my case is that I never paid for a Satellite receiver to begin with, I was on my way home and to my surprise noticed the antenna on the windshield (it was at night). I hit the Satellite button and Bingo. Howard Stern and the tC has made my hour long commute enjoyable once again!
  • curious54curious54 Member Posts: 47
  • karmicakarmica Member Posts: 1
    I purchased on e-bay a set of Elegante by TYC rear stop lights and thought it wouldn't be such a big deal to install them, they don't come with any schematics so I'm stuck, any advice? I've tried to tear down the panels in the trunk of the Scion tC doesn't seem so difficult until you are there. Scion dealer in my area wants $167.50 plus to do the labor. if I could find a website that would sell the schematics to do that I wouldn't mind doing that.
  • xraexrae Member Posts: 1
    As I wait patiently for dealer to locate my new 06 Scion xA (Flint Mica, manual) I am browsing through the dealer installed accessories booklet. Wondering if I could get some suggestions/recommendations on which items experienced Scion owners feel are worth having installed? I am far from being an auto expert but I would like to get the best ride, acceleration and sound quality from my new toy. The items I'm looking at are: TRD Cold Air Induction, Bazooka subwoofer, Rear Swaybar. Thanks so much for any input!
  • tundradudetundradude Member Posts: 588
    First: Get the front strut tie bar.

    Second: If you want more from your radio. They have a amp + speaker upgrade. Having said that, I think the stock is fine.

    Third: Get a cargo mat so things won't slide around. I know if you get a bazooka, you just lost what little cargo room you have. However, its not much.

    Fourth: Fog lights

    I own a xB, but the xA is still relative.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    the ARM REST is a great option. I'd stay away from the ain't that great and takes up precious room in the xA. Rear swaybar is definitely a good idea. CAI is of marginal benefit and it's my understanding you can't get it for a 2006 xA from TRD at any rate. Front strut tie bar also a good idea but it may interfere a bit with removing your air filter (makes it harder to get at).

    You might also think about the lowering springs along with the sway bars.

    As for performance, I think the only addition that will make any real difference is the Blitz turbo kit.
  • bommaibommai Member Posts: 1
    I just test drove a tC and I remember the sales guy saying the keyless remote (built into the key itself) is standard. It says standard in the book also. But it also says Scion Security is a $469 option. I did an online chat with someone at and he told me that it is an option! What gives? I wonder if someone at Scion decided that they can make more money and made it an option! Urgh!!!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    It was definitely an option on the 2006 xA...don't know about the tC....for that price, I didn't get it, that's crazy.
  • axiomowneraxiomowner Member Posts: 76
    remote locking/unlocking is standard on the tC. The scion security is the alarm system and that is an option.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    the alarm and remote locking was not separable as an option on the 2006 xA however. If you wanted one you had to take both.
  • sighon6sighon6 Member Posts: 10
    i just lowered my 06 tc so i know what you might have done. did you get an alighnment after you lowered it? all your caster camber and toe values go out the window when you lower a car. your noise is probably the tires howling. your going to burn through tires like crazy. does your car pull left or right. does the steering wheel go left to right on its own if you let go. all these things can be cause by a bad alighnment. by the way how low did you go? i dropped mine 2"
  • sighon6sighon6 Member Posts: 10
    keyless remote and security are two diffrent things. they just happen to be on the same key. mine came with keyless remote (unlocks doors)but didnt come with security which is antitheft(alarm).
  • sighon6sighon6 Member Posts: 10
    i just got my exhaust on my tc. as well i lowered and installed a quick shift kit.well actually im still waiting for the quick shift kit but never the less. the power seems crisper and loud noisy exhaust always seems like your going faster then what you really are. i love my new mods and will let you know if it helps my gas milage or hurts it.
  • cmkcmk Member Posts: 59
    I like the tC and am interested in purchasing ones, but I like the look/ride quality of smaller wheels. Is it possible to put smaller aftermarket wheels on this, and if so, where would be a good source?
  • kickyou808kickyou808 Member Posts: 3
    i'm new to car modifications, and i just recently bought a k and n filter and a borla exhaust system for my 05 scion tc, i'm just wondering what would be good to add on next...i'm not really going for looks right now, i just want to build speed first, and i don't have the money to really buy a supercharger or a turbo kit for it yet so what would be a good option to go with right now?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    drop in filters are of dubious merit. Cold air intake would be a much better investment for you I think. Better wheels and tires always make a car more fun to drive.
  • kickyou808kickyou808 Member Posts: 3
    yeah i got a cold air intake from k and n and if i wanted to have cool wheels and tires i would have gone for maybe a sedan.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Well I was thinking that the OEM tires that comes with the car maybe aren't the best for grip and handling. Part of the fun of driving is not only 0-60 but throwing the car around in the twisties, don't you think?
  • kickyou808kickyou808 Member Posts: 3
    yeah you're right about that maybe i should look in to it
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    The xA and xB need better tires and sway bars. I'd also recommend the short-shifter and the front strut brace and the DC sport muffler. As for the engine, you know with 1.5 liters you can only do so much before you have to turbocharge/supercharge it. Blitz makes what seems like a nice turbo setup but I haven't read any tests on it.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    They have no rear sway bar, and adding one made my xB corner flatter and without oversteer that used to make the back end feel like it was going to swing out. Adding a front strut brace made no difference at all, as you would expect, because the front strut mounts don't flex in any kind of driving you can do. The short shifter I passed on, because I shift with a measured clop-clop to save the synchros and enjoy the feel. I passed on a sport muffler because I love the muted growl of the stock muffler with the windows down, like the faint resonance which announces 60 mph, and would not want to have to sound-deaden the rear hatch for trips as people with loud mufflers do. Also, a loud muffler lets the world know how hard the little engine is working - a mouse that roars. I saw a turbocharged xB, and you have to remove the grille to check the oil or wait until the engine is cold. A local firm is producing a $3,500 xB turbo kit that makes 185 hp for lightning acceleration, but with the downsides of needing to change the clutch, ruining the mileage, gaining no more speed, and shortening the life of the engine.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Great---we all make good choices depending on our needs. I think the strut brace will help me...I live in a place with extreme curves on the downhills and I'm sure the front struts are flexing a bit. But not all cars respond to front strut braces in the same way,that is true.

    As for the muffler, my stock xA muffler sounds like a can of gnats. I definitely would pick and choose the aftermarket muffler carefully. You can even listen to the various choice at before you buy. Some scion owners have thoughtfully recorded the various resonances of different mufflers!

    I haven't look very closely at the turbo installations. 185 HP sounds like way too much stress on that Scion engine. Geez, what kind of boost are they running? Can you say KABOOM? I was thinking 130-135HP tops is all I'd need, with very modest boost.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    "... You can even listen to the various choice at before you buy. Some scion owners have thoughtfully recorded the various resonances of different mufflers! "

    I downloaded and saved all those clips. They all start up and rev in neutral, and the sound quality is poor. From that I can't tell what the sound is like under acceleration load and cruising at 65. My stock muffler is plenty loud - I would be afraid to travel with anything louder.

    Over the years, I have put tasteful low restriction exhausts on two BMW 2002s, a VW Rabbit, and a couple of motorcycles. Although the sound was nice short term, after awhile it was too much and I reverted to stock.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I finally got the Progress rear sway bar on the xA (same as for the xB) and the DC Sports front strut bar and I must say the handling is much improved. "Turn in" is much quicker and I swear the ride is less bumpy. HIGHLY recommended mods and very easy to do.

    The DC sport muffler? I'm undecided about whether I like it or not. Up to 65 mph it's quite pleasant but it does seem to drone a bit at 70 mph....nothing bad but perhaps over 8 hours it might get to some people.

    I was thinking of buying or making a little silencer to insert in the barrel of the muffler if I take a long trip.
  • alliejalliej Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone give me an idea about the mileage difference after installing the factory supercharger?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I'd guess 10% depends how much you put your foot in it. At high altitude, the mileage may not change at all.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    The purpose of the supercharger is to force more air into the engine so a corresponding amount of additional fuel can be used, for the purpose of making more power.

    If it is possible to avoid using the supercharger, there is no change in mpg.
    Occasional or light use of the supercharger will cause a 10% reduction in mpg.
    Frequent or hard use of the supercharger will drop the mpg well below 20.
  • curious54curious54 Member Posts: 47
    Have a 2006 Tc 5-speed manual with CAI and Header. Yesterday I was in traffic and it was stop and go. I put it in 1st gear and went about 20 feet and let go of the gas and suddenly heard a rattle. Tried it in 2nd gear and it rattled but not that loud. The thing is that when it starts to rattle and i push the clutch the rattle goes away. Anyone know what might this be.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    The motor rocks back and forth on its rubber mounts when accelerating and decelerating. The motion is most severe in 1st gear because it has the most torque, and lessens with each higher gear.

    It is likely that there is not enough clearance around either the header or the CAI that you installed, and the movement of the motor is causing one to contact the the body.

    If the motor rocks forward on deceleration, the CAI could be contacting the battery or grille etc. If the motor moves rearward on deceleration, then the header could be contacting the firewall ect. The first case is more likely. When you push in the clutch, you disconnect the engine from the transmission, so there is no torque to rock the engine over, which is why the rattle stops.
  • mssmss Member Posts: 12
    Does anyone out there know if it's possible to change the mounting of the front driver's seat back about one inch without too much of a hassle? Love the entire car but if I could get an extra inch on leg room, I'd be a happy camper.

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I've been checking seat mounts on the xA and xB and it doesn't look very easy. I presume the Tc has a similar system.

    The problem is re-positioning the brackets that connect to the welded supports in the floor. Once you shift the track back, nothing lines up with the floor anymore, and the track and the mounts are one piece thingies.

    I think this would require removing carpets, welding supports into the floor (after all, it is your LIFE we are talking about here) and re-fabricating the seat brackets.

    Certainly do-able but it doesn't look easy, at least not on the xA and xB. I had the same idea as you but I am now discouraged unless I come up with a brilliant idea.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    On the xB, a popular mod for tall people is to raise the front of the seat 1/2 inch. Maybe it works for the tC.

    This is done with 8 fender washers on each bolt, and a bolt that is 1/2 inch longer. Remove one of the front bolts from the passenger seat. Take it to a hardware store that has a wall of bolt and nut drawers. Find a nut that fits the bolt, for reference (it will be metric fine thread). Use that nut to find two new bolts that are 1/2 inch longer. Find 8 fender washers with 1/4 inch hole for each bolt. Go back to the car, replace the borrowed bolt. Remove the front bolts on the driver seat. Loosen the rear bolts on the drivers seat. Center up 8 fender washers under the outside of the drivers seat, and insert the long bolt down through them and get it started in the threads. Do the same for the inside bolt. It may take wiggling of the seat to get the bolt aligned to start the threads. Tighten everything up.

    Apparently just raisng the front of the seat 1/2 inch adds that distance to the floor and pedals, and helps alot in long distance driving. I am 6'-2" and just did it to my xB. I have not taken a trip, but just around town it feels better.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 Member Posts: 7,704
    exercise would be, umm...just that, exercise.

    2021 Kia Soul LX 6-speed stick

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I dunno...sounds like an okay idea to me. There's plenty of headroom in an xB, and it has a tilt wheel to give you knee room if you lift the seat an this might work. Raising the seat is a piece of cake compared to trying to move it back anymore. You could always just sit on a 1" piece of foam and see how it all works before you do anything.
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    It is only possible to raise the front of the seat, and 1/2 inch is about the limit.
    Raising the rear of the seat would require raising the right floor mount and relocating the two holes in the left tunnel mount. No one has re-fabricated the seat mounts to this extent yet.
    Raising the front of the seat only requires inserting washers, but this rotates the seat slightly and the rear bolt in the left rear mount won't go in if the front is raised more than 1/2 inch.
    Also, it is hard to get a 1/2 inch stack of washers aligned, and even harder to get longer bolts started in the front holes as the new bolts don't have factory-tapered tips to find the holes, and also won't start unless they are perfectly vertical which is hard to judge at the angles and clearances involved.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    I'm beginning to see that an adjustable UP/DOWN seat would be a good idea for the xA and xB.

    I just bought these CoolMax high tech seat covers (black and yellow, very spiff) and really like them. They are breathable, and washable, and fit really snug. Great in hot weather and they protect the left side seat bolster, which I think on the Scions are subject to premature wear from entry/exit.
  • scionnutscionnut Member Posts: 1
    Please reply asap....I need to order right away and am interested in the coolmax type. thanks!!
  • tblackburntblackburn Member Posts: 6
    Does anyone have experience (good or bad) with any particular brand of roof racks for the Scion xB. (Although after reading about windshield issues and body stress, maybe it's not a good idea.)
  • aathertonaatherton Member Posts: 617
    I don't see a connection between the windshield problem and a roof rack. No connection has been reported.
    The good racks put their weight on the strong sides of the roof, are not rated for more than about 150 lbs, which is only 35 lbs per attachment point.
    Check out the Yakima racks and accessories for the xB at and order what you want from
  • tblackburntblackburn Member Posts: 6
    Thanks Allen, for your advice, as well as the lead on where to buy.
  • navguynavguy Member Posts: 61
    My wife has an 07MY tC and the hood prop rattles since the plastic clip is loose.
  • sdm69sdm69 Member Posts: 5
    Everyone knows the Scion experience is you make a Scion your own by adding Accessories to the base car. But, be warned, if you ever have a problem with an “Accessory”, you will run into the most bizarre warranty issue I ever saw. I had a rattle, which was diagnosed by a Scion Dealer as a bad security system install job by the Scion dealer I bought the car from, and he wouldn’t fix it. I was told to bring it back to the dealer who installed it! After complaining to Scion Corp about it I got the following official response. -- "Dealerships are independently owned franchises who will warrant Scion supplied accessories that become necessary due to a manufacturers defect. However, they are not required to warrant another dealerships work. If you are experiencing concerns on your dealership installed alarm, I would recommend taking your vehicle to the dealership where you had the alarm installed.. ." Unlike a Toyota where you get factory options delivered with your new car, Scion makes you have a lame dealer install them. Then you can end up arguing with the dealer service manager about who did what if you have another dealer install any accessories.

    – Wake up Scion! – I’ve already sold my Scion if you didn’t guess.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Actually (don't kill the messenger) I think that's a pretty fair response from Scion. The factory didn't install it, the dealer did and should stand behind his work.

    However, as a good will gesture I think the other dealer should have fixed it, since it was a factory accessory and not (I presume) an aftermarket product like a Viper system, etc.

    The fixing dealer could probably have wrangled a good-will adjustment from Scion.

    But if Scion intended to stiff the fixing dealer, or if you couldn't get back to the original dealer, then there's not much to be done but eat it and pay the other dealer to repair it.
  • sdm69sdm69 Member Posts: 5
    It’s just stupid. When a customer buys a brand new factory fresh car from any dealer in today’s market the customer expects the (Scion) equipment delivered with that car to be covered under the same warranty. I don’t care who installed it wrong – an idiot in the assembly line in Japan, or an idiot dealer in the USA – that’s Scion’s issue, not mine. Check out the Mazda 3 brochure for their warranty. Dealer installed Mazda accessories delivered with your new car are covered by the same 4 year warranty as the rest of the car. Everyone I’ve told this story to has the same opinion, it’s stupid. Asking customers to “police” Scion’s poor dealer service workmanship issue is stupid marketing. And, it must happen a lot, or Scion wouldn’t be so hard-nosed about it.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    The problem is you are asking one dealer to warranty another's dealers labor. Dealers aren't like Best Buy, etc....they are franchisees. Let's say you bought Goodyears tires and Goodyear shop A bent your alloy wheel when putting the tire on. Since it's not the tire but the workmanship that is at fault, another Goodyear dealer isn't going to fix it for free, and Goodyear isn't going to pay for it.

    Now if the PART were defective and not the installation, that might be a different story---then you'd get the part replaced for free but the 2nd dealer would probably still charge you for the labor.

    Maybe you can work out some kind of 50-50 split and just get past this problem by compromise? Hope so. Good luck with it.
  • dwynnedwynne Member Posts: 4,018
    I am looking for something like H&A in the Honda world. A Scion dealer that sells online for a nice discount and has the install instructions (PDFs, usually) online as well.

    The idea is that BEFORE you order you see how much trouble it is to install the item. Maybe that dealer installed price is not so high after all?

    AllScion has some good prices and some instructions, but they do not sell OEM stuff.

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