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Scion Accessories & Modifications



  • awoosterawooster Member Posts: 2
    How much did you sell your scion for?
  • lbuerolbuero Member Posts: 1
    Well i have a 06 TC auto. I am am looking for a body kit. i did a little research so far and i so far o heard not to go through Krazy kustomz online. Does anyone else have any thoughts of who to go through or not?????
  • rawbonzrawbonz Member Posts: 3
    I could not figure out how to post a new question, so I will start here. Does anyone else have the interior neon light kit installed in a Tc. We do and we have a question.
  • rawbonzrawbonz Member Posts: 3
    My daughter just bought a 07 Tc, we had the dealer install the neon light kit, which lights up the floor and the cup holders, we feel sure that it is not installed properly as the light tubes are mounted below the dash panels, very , very easy to hit with your toe. in all of the catalogue pics, you can not see the tubes, they are up under the dash, but ours are hanging down way to :sick: low...if any one else has these...How are your mounted???

    and to top it off, we had not even taken delivery of the car yet, and the installing mechanic banged the door into the rack and put a dent in the door!!! we were sick. cons/emotorcons/emo_sick.gif
  • csnord6cocsnord6co Member Posts: 3
    My 06 has 5800 mi on it. Right now, the only add-on is an aftermarket armrest I installed. I am planning on an extra dome light with map readers. The interior light is weak and over the rear seat! My CAI is in the box, but warranty prevents me from installing it(hydro-lock). I do plan on getting an aftermarket hitch for a bike carrier I already own. Does anybody know if that will void my factory warranty? Also, I pulled the rear wiper off and plugged the hole, but I want a cleaner look with out bodywork done. The hole has a valve guide grommet which looks almost as tacky as the wiper itself, but keeps the rain out.(Thunder Cloud Metallic paint and dark black rubber grommet which sits recessed).
  • steelrain440steelrain440 Member Posts: 2
    I have the interior lights in my 07 TC and they are mounted the same way, zip-tied onto the bottom of the dash. I bought mine around thanksgiving and I cant count how many times someone has hit them with their foot getting in or out of the car and they were just hanging there. Luckily they slide right back in place.
  • rawbonzrawbonz Member Posts: 3
    I checked with Scion about the lights and they said the lights should not be visable, they should be up under the dash. I have to go back to the dealer and they are going to remount the lights. it means another trip to the dealer for the day for the repair, but i have to do it BEFORE the lights get broken from a foot. i think it's a real shame that the dealership could not do it right the first time. other than that my daughter loves the car, i have the civic ex but i really like the scion too
  • joesbarjoesbar Member Posts: 20
    I was thinking of upgrading and was wondering of a shop (i'm in CA) that may do a good job with fair prices.
  • dwynnedwynne Member Posts: 4,018
    You can order them from TireRack and have them drop shipped to a local installer. On the TireRack page they have an installer look up by ZIP code with prices and even user reviews.

  • jmachadojmachado Member Posts: 1
    I am owned by a 2006 XB,I added 18" wheels,the only problem
    we had was with the "shipping hooks"( not sure what they are called)where the car is hooked/secured when it is shipped.
    My husband found he could grind off the hooks,then sealed the area ground down with primer/no-rust paint,repained this area.
    Don't know if you'd have this with 17" wheels(?) there WAS a slight rubbing when turned tight with the 18" but easy to fix.
  • subout00subout00 Member Posts: 5

    Has anyone has someone else install a security system besides a dealer. Does this cause warranty problems?
  • dwynnedwynne Member Posts: 4,018
    If you get it done properly by a good installer, you should have no problems. AFAIK none of the Scions has any type of "pass key" or "security key" system so you can get a remote starter (if you have an auto tranny) install along with the alarm for not much extra.

  • subout00subout00 Member Posts: 5

    Does anyone have either or both. I have a dog, would the liner be more beneficial. Any suggestions on a good place to buy tc accessories?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Definitely the liner if it goes up the sides. Your dog will destroy the side panels if he puts his paws up to look out. They scratch really easily on my Scion. The mat doesn't protect the sides.
  • subout00subout00 Member Posts: 5
    Thanks. That's what I thought. Any ideas on where to order one besides the dealer. I can find the cargo mat, but not the liner?
  • dwynnedwynne Member Posts: 4,018
    You have a tC, right?

    Places like:

    All sell Scion OEM accessories and parts at a discount. I got some stuff from Scionpartspeople a while back - they were the cheapest including shipping for what I wanted.

    Here is the liner for $71.50 plus shipping

    I am not sure it covers the sides - you might call to ask. It covers the backs of the folded rear seats.

  • andeetandeet Member Posts: 142
    Man! I could of took my old xA's cargo liner before giving the dealer the car. I could of used it in the new tC. What a waste of $100.00's since CarMax threw it out. It wasn't in the xA when I stopped and visit the car when they were reselling it.
  • mercinarymercinary Member Posts: 2
    i put 17's on and dont have a problem and 18's will mess up ur speedo
  • mercinarymercinary Member Posts: 2
    i have an 06 scion xb and i love it.
    i just put a cold air intake and an exhaust on it and freed up a lot of power. also my 17 inch wheels are amazing. i looking for a turbo and headers right now. then im puting a new system in.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Don't put on a turbo until your warranty expires, or you'll lose it.
  • howard2dot0howard2dot0 Member Posts: 45
    Has anyone installed a 10.2" ceiling-mount DVD player in a 08 xB?
    Can you still see the back on the rearview mirror?
    I am looking at Audiovox Shuttle system from Bestbuy and Circuitcity, but I don't know if it will block the rearview.
  • rdelucchirdelucchi Member Posts: 6
    Just the floor mats, and XM.
  • gheadghead Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me where to get suicide door kits for a 2007 scion tc ? my e-mail is [email protected] Thanks!
  • zbrook1zbrook1 Member Posts: 1
    Just bought my xD 4 days ago and looking to find mud flaps...local auto parts and on luck...anybody know where I can find some?
  • dwynnedwynne Member Posts: 4,018
    I don't think they make any for the xD (yet).

  • tonguetwiztidtonguetwiztid Member Posts: 1
    I need to know the size of the stock door speakers in the xb, I want to upgrade them.
  • dwynnedwynne Member Posts: 4,018
    Simple, just go to Crutchfield and put in a 2008 xB and it will tell you what fits where. Looks to be 6 1/2" in the front doors, same as the gen 1 xBs.

    I think you also have to be careful (like the 1st gen) if you just replace the front door speakers since the dash mount "tweeters" are wired in parallel with the front door mid-range speakers. You will either want to disconnect the factory "tweeters" or replace both the sets with a component set of speakers. If you just replace the door speakers the sound is not likely to improve and the resulting impedance load for the stereo may be bad for it.

    In the 1st gen xBs the door speakers are riveted in place, if the 2nd gen is the same you will have to drill out the rivets (be sure to wear safety glasses) and get an adapter pair or make some from MDF. If you order from Crutchfield they will include the adapters and speaker wire harnesses (no cutting) for free with the speaker purchase. I am partial to Polk components, and you can find them a lot cheaper (normally) on fleabay than Crutchfield and buy the adapters and still come out ahead. Can't return them for a full refund if you don't like then like you can at Crutchfield, however.

  • kurier44kurier44 Member Posts: 3
    I want to retain my OEM Pioneer receiver and upgrade the door speakers as well as add tweeters and a subwoofer. Any suggestions? Thanks.
  • dwynnedwynne Member Posts: 4,018
    If you are sticking with the OEM stereo and not adding an amp, then you need something efficient.

    I would probably go with some component speakers - put the mids in the doors in the place of the factory speakers and try the tweeters in the dash in place of the factory speakers. Or you would surface/flush mount the tweeters in the doors or even in the a-pillars.

    I am partial to Polk components, so I would look at the db series - the new db5251 set is 93db. Bostons sound good too, but they are normally a bit less efficient. You should go listen and see what you like.

  • natatacnatatac Member Posts: 17
    any one here order the dealer option armrest? I think it list for $129, the other option I was curious about is the overhead console, is it worth it?
  • andeetandeet Member Posts: 142
    I'm just wondering how many of you guys/gals have TRD parts?

    I have '07 CSM tC with Sports Exhaust, Cold Air Intake, Front Strut Tie Bar, Lowering Springs (not installed), Rear Sway Bar (not installed), and Struts (on order.)

    I know I could of went for cheaper but I figured if this car is finance through Toyota and I still wanted the stock look so I went with TRD. No problems (knocking on wood) People think I'm crazy for going with TRD and getting them through my actual dealer. I only do it for looks and personal enjoyment (I don't race: I'm not lying. State Troopers are very sneaky and strict here in Wisconsin. But I would like to take it to the local drag strip next summer just to see how it performs.) I figured it will be personally worth to keep as summer, hobby car down the road. Or as I call it "My pride and joy."

    I do think it's funny that every Scion car show I've been at. I have the "Dealer salespeople" staring at my car for the longest time while the other owners just do quick look and walk away.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    TRD parts ARE very expensive but they are of excellent quality and are engineered for the car. Many aftermarket parts for Scion, especially on eBay, are junk (and some are very good, to be fair).
  • andeetandeet Member Posts: 142
    And that's why I went with TRD for the quality.
  • rick_wallyrick_wally Member Posts: 8
    the tC has a website devoted just to it:
  • rick_wallyrick_wally Member Posts: 8
    www.modifymyscion has some cool stuff and good prices (shipping is in the price already). I bought some Greddy bars for my 2005. :shades:
  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,365
    Anyone have the TRD shocks, springs, or swaybar on your '08 xB? Did it make much difference in the ride? How about the handling?
  • msphillymsphilly Member Posts: 1
    Can anyone tell me the best performance exhaust system to purchase for a 5 speed 2005 Scion Tc. Looking for something with a nice rich sound, nothing loud.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Those worked very well on my xA, which is basically a very similar chassis. I think the front strut brace is overkill though for an xB. Rear sway bar definitely a good idea, and the TRD shocks and springs should actually improve the ride.
  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,365
    "shocks and springs should actually improve the ride"

    That's good to hear, I'm not interested in a bone-jarring handling machine, just something better than stock. I'd stick with the 16" rims with better tires (eventually). And yes, the strut brace would likely be the lowest handling improvement/dollar, but you get to look at it every time you pop the hood!
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    Yeah but it does get in the way of servicing (not too bad).

    You'll probably suffer more harshness from the 16" wheels than from the TRD springs and struts, which are actually designed to be MORE compliant (but in a GOOD way). They seem more responsive and respond faster.

    I also tried the DC Sports Muffler, but that was too annoying on the highway.
  • texasestexases Member Posts: 10,365
    "You'll probably suffer more harshness from the 16" wheels "

    The 16 inchers are the stock size, I'd just go with alloy instead of steel. Optional are 18", I think, and they would really mess with the ride.
  • lastone_45lastone_45 Member Posts: 2
    I own a 2008 scion tc. I already droped it a inch with sport line springs. now im looking for performance parts any one know were i can find any performance parts that fit the 2008 models.?
  • lastone_45lastone_45 Member Posts: 2
    Any one know were i can find performance parts for 2008 scion tc..?
  • dreasdaddreasdad Member Posts: 276
    check out the forum. Many ideas there to add thing to your tc

  • wapswaps Member Posts: 19
    :) Keeps the shock towers from collapsing. Keeps front end straight , should have no problem with windshield warp and breaking/cracking as was/is the problem with early xB. Suggest you instal Sway Bar also. Better cornering etc. :)
  • wapswaps Member Posts: 19
    All I bought for my new 08 xB was a Front Strut bar and Sway Bar. The car handles like a dream and corners just great. Am thinking of changing rear shocks to Sensatracs and should be done with modifications.
  • vendetta22vendetta22 Member Posts: 1
    Alright.. so my engine got seized up.. water got in there.. [non-permissible content removed] done.. gonna cost like 3,225, for a used engine w/ 33k on it, 90 day warranty... stock. Is there an aftermarket engine that I can get for around that price ? What kind of engine should I look at? no clue.
  • rq86rq86 Member Posts: 4
    hey what up?
    i wanted to put in a front strut bar for my scion xa 04, but i wasnt sure what kind to put in or brand or does it really matter. ive seen some on ebay for like 34. is that a good deal? and is the xa and xb parts the same as in strut bar, are they the same size and length?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Member Posts: 64,481
    No don't buy that eBay junk for $34.The thing looks like a coat hanger. You need something sturdy. You don't have to buy the very lightweight deluxe type but it should be a brand-name item.

    As for making a difference, a rear sway bar will do you a lot more good. With a strut brace on a car like that, unless you are charging the turns at some very high speeds, I doubt you'll notice any difference. A strut brace is basically a track item, not a street item, to give you better alignment and tracking during extreme cornering loads.

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