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Pontiac GTO Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • Being fortunate enough to get the GM Card bonus, I found that the best deal was the 24 mo. GMAC lease. With dealers selling the 2004 at invoice, the payment is well under $100 per month, with zero cash down. I wasn't planning to get a new car, but how could I resist. Thank you GM!
  • What would the selling price/rebates have to be to get $100 month lease at 24m/24k?
  • I got my 2 year lease for $126 a month x 23. 12K mile allowance, the total of $2898 payments, drove from Atlanta to Chicago for Christmas next day, the car drove great and it's a steal! GM might have gotten hosed in that deal but they got this import boy converted for sure :-) It's a PS2 on wheels!
  • Selling price before rebates $31,282 (auto trans), less GMAC $5500 rebate less GM Card $6000 rebate. 24 mo/12,000 lease.
  • What was your money factor rate and residual value after 2 years?
  • Residual value was $21,101.85. I don't know the money factor. I ended up doing a single payment lease to get the cost down even further. I paid $1272.48, including 10% PA use tax. Backing out the tax, the payment is under $50 per month! The dealer had to play with the GMAC system to make the numbers work, because the payment was so low. But other dealers could do the same thing, so it shouln't be an issue for you.
  • Thanks. So had you not paid the $1,272.48 your monthly payment would be around $75/month versus the under $50/ a month? I'm curious...what do you mean by a single payment lease?
  • A single payment lease is an upfront payment, in this case $1,272.48, which pays for the entire 24 months. There are no monthly payments. Given the relatively small amount of money involved here, it made sense.
  • Thanks for the information. If you don't mind me asking.....approx. how much did you save by going with a single lease payment as opposed to a monthly payment? I'd heard that there is a GMAC lease admin charge of $495? and other deposit fees involved besides tax and interest that possibly were part of your $1,272 payment? I live in IL and think my tax is based on the full purchase price of the car instead of the lease duration portion.


    I'm going to the dealership tomorrow for some fun negotiation time and number crunching and found your information very useful.


  • I believe that the single payment lease saved me about $10-15 per month. Good luck with the dealer. I used to get e-mail quotes from several dealers. When I gave them the specifics of the rebates and lease term, I got bottom-line responses within a couple hours. This saved a lot of time and B.S.
  • skip30skip30 Posts: 33
    Went to two Southern California dealers today. One dealer quoted $462.65 a month and $1050.00 down for 24 months. That was with them keeping the $3500 (West Coast) rebate.


    Second dealer was $3400 down and $299 a month plus tax (8.25%). When you figure it all out, they both wanted the same price.


    Bottom Line: I will never buy a GM car again! They lost a good (Over 20 new cars and trucks)customer, forever.


    I do not care if I get the "best deal" in the world, I just want to be treated fair.


    You guys should be happy that you do not live in Southern California, because, we get ripped off left, right and center by almost everyone!


    Sorry for the rant!
  • Unfortunately, CO is in GM's Western region, which only had the $3500 rebate. shows over 50 '04 GTO's at dealers in the Denver area, so I have to believe there will be some kind of additional incentives. This is not a Colorado kind of car... Does anyone have any inside they would like to share?


    My bottom line is this. I'll buy an M6 if I can get it for 22k. It looks like some people in the east have hit this price. I don't have a GM card (I used to have one, and cancelled it after I used the rebate to buy my pickup in '99). I'd sure be willing to get another one though, if it saved me $5000!
  • I just used a newspaper bottom line applied the GM card (I only qualified for $5,000 total, some I know qualified for $6,000 based on earnings). Mine still cost me only $1,600 to lease for 2 years including the Nebraska sales tax. Either that or I could have bought for about $19,700, which is less that my lease residual of $21,400 at the end of 2 years. Needed a new vehicle like another hole in the head, but couldn't resist this great of a deal. Thanks GM Card once again...
  • 4loans4loans Posts: 3
    What states are the people in that got the $5000 in GM points? I got a notice rounding up up $2200 in points to $3000 but not $5000. What are the incentives in CA. The GMS site showed $3500 plus low APR ending today. Was the 24 month lease that a few people mentioned something that was offered in all states.


    What caused the increase in Horsepower from 2004 to 2005?
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    GM Card rounded up certain cardholders - I have $3k in earnings on my card but didn't get rounded up (no matter, I have my GTO and the wife's new Envoy, so I wasn't in the market anyway). If you got "rounded up" to 3k, you probably got rounded up to 6k if you bought a GTO, SSR, or SRX V8. Best way to check would be going to and checking out your earnings - they did not send out a postcard about the increase in roundup $$$ for those models.


    As to the rebate, the whole Western US only got $3500. Midwest got $5k, and East and South got $5500. But those incentives expired tonight...


  • Last night I drove about an Hour to finish a deal on a silver GTO. I was quoted 115 month for 24 months nothing out of pocket for 2year lease using 5k gm card earnings. I had a similair offer from another dealer for a Red Pulse an hour or so south of me but i wanted silver. I get up there and the salesmen shows me the car. I try to start the car and it doesnt start. The salesmen thought maybe te battery was dead. Hooked it up to a charger...still no start. I was not happy. HE wanted to have the service guys take a look at but i just had a bad feeling that it was something more and the last thing i wanted was to sign papers for a car that is already a problem. Needless to say i left very angerly as they did not have another one. By the time i got out of there and got haome is was almost 8'oclock which left me no time to go to another dealer. Now the incentives are over for both my GM card and the 5500 so looks like no GTO for me.
  • Well believe it or not this is what I actually paid yesterday(last day of all incentives) for a NEW limited edition Pulse Red M6 2004 GTO.


    Sticker: $33,485 (Invoice -holdback is roughly $31,000)

    Negotiated Price: $29,000

    2 Dealer Certs: -$1000

    GMAC rebate: -$5500

    Total before GM card incentive: $22,500


    GM Card roundup: -$5200

    Grand Total after all incentives/rebates: $17,300 +TTL


    TTL in PA was: 6% sales tax: $1038, Papers were $155

    Out the door price: $18,493


    I easily could have put 0 down, but since I felt like I was already stealing it I put $1493 down($493 cash, $1000 on my GM card, gotta still use it, lol!!), financing $17,000 @ 2.9 for 60 months with GMAC. Payments are $304, full coverage Insurance is $822yr. and I OWN IT, WOO HOO!!


    It took 2 weeks to finally make this deal, losing out on a few in the process but ultimately made my very best deal on the last possible day only 50 miles away. My dealer in northeast PA still has 3 Torrid Red 04's and a slightly used yellow one.
  • carfactcarfact Posts: 14
    I did get the GM Card postcard that had the $6K offer for the GTO, SSR, and SRX V-8. They also "topped-off" my $3,000 bonus and added $500 or a total of $3,500 for about a dozen other '05 GM vehicles, a G6 being one of them. For some customers it was called "round-up" instead of "top-off"?


    I was down to $19,600 for a GTO Pulse Red Auto after all the shenanigans, $11K in rebates, or about $120 a month 2 year lease(IL taxes on the full price of the car before incentives).


    Believe it or not I went with the G6 instead and got $10K of rebates including my GM $3,500 bonus. I guess the practical side got the better of me, and now the G6 can stay outside on the driveway with the remote start feature. $13K for a loaded 2005 G6 including TTL, MSRP was $23K. Sell it in about 6 months take the profit and start looking for the '05 GTO deals down the road?
  • dat2dat2 Posts: 251
    Wow, man, that is an incredible deal!! I now feel like I got taken last week on my new silver GTO 6spd. What is that pulse red color like? I have never seen one around here. How is it different from the standard issue torrid red?? How many miles were on your goat and what is the build date? (check tag on door jamb). The deal I got last week was 31,050 minus the 5500, plus a 395 or something dealer doc fee, and plus the tags. My insurance price through state farm was very similar to yours. I did, however, get a good price on my trade, 1500 more than carmax buy price. Anyway, how do you like your new goat so far? Enjoy...
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    The Pulse Red is a more metallic red - kinda pearlescent - unliked the Torrid/Red Hot color.


    The Pulse Red (code A40) were supposed to be badged as 40th Anniversary GTOs, but GM killed this before production started. The 792 Pulse Red cars were the last 2004 GTOs produced, with August/September build dates.


    Your deal doesn't sound too bad - sounds like you were close to invoice (dealer didn't go into their holdback), less the $5500 GMAC incentive, and they may have applied 3 $500 certs to the deal without telling you (re: your trade being appraised at $1500 more than Carmax). If you didn't have the GM Card $6k roundup, you did about as well as you could! Just enjoy the car and don't worry about what you paid - I paid GMS less $4500 (and the special GMAC finance rates). Just think about those folks who paid sticker or over it... hey, as long as they love their cars, and don't plan to trade or sell them, what should it matter? As another famous Edmunds poster says, "Drive and buy what YOU like..."


  • Pulse Red is a dark blood red, almost maroon but not quite. The last 600 04 GTO's produced were all limited edition Pulse red cars($295 option) with silver face gauges, silver stitching in the leather and the embroidered GTO in the seats is red instead of black or white.


    My build date is 8/04 and my dealer received it Oct 1. So it's only a few months old and hardly a "year old model" as a typical 04 would usually be. It only had 15 miles on it and so far I really like it but I did have to drive home in heavy rain at night so I couldn't really open it up yet.


    These cars are very misunderstood but AWESOME quality overall. I figure I got a Corvette drivetrain at a Cavalier price that comfortably seats 4. The interior and seats are incredibly nice!! GOOD LUCK on your Quicksilver M6!!
  • lwvlwv Posts: 46
    Here is the deal I got last week.


    I was fortunate to have received the GM roundup bonus of $6k so my deal was invoice less $5500 rebate less $1500 certificates less $6k so selling price of $18450 plus tax. Decided to do Smart Buy since residual for 45k/3year was $17772. Just too good to pass up. Thanks GM card.


    The car is great. I had always thought about one but had never driven one. Excellent build quality. The interior is one of the best I have seen from GM. The exterior grows on you after a short time. Pontiac needs to get people to drive these and they will want to buy. I thought the GTO commercial on the Orange bowl game last night was a good start.


    Mine is silver with black auto. Build date of 02/04. Does anyone know if there are any issues that I should look out for on that early build date?


    BTW, I heard that GM is putting a sport appearance package on the remaining 04 GTOs for free to help move them I guess. Consists of sport hood, grille inserts and different rear spoiler. Part numbers 92181117, 12499616 and 12499666. $700 value.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    It's great to see so many of you enthusiastic GTO buyers. Sounds like there are some great deals to be had, especially on the '04s. Congratulations, everyone.


    Don't forget to swing over to the regular Pontiac GTO discussion and share your ownership experiences!



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  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    The recent posts concerning problems with the GTO have been moved to our regular Pontiac GTO discussion. Just click on my link to continue there.



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  • I am in Nebraska. It was a special postcard about the 10th-15th of December. Usually get one or 2 in November then one or 2 every December. Nothing before was ever this good of a deal though. Make sure you open all the post card offers, they add things to them as the end of year approaches.
  • I was wondering if anyone new what I should pay for one of these now? I know there are still a couple left and I really love the car. I do not however have a GM Card. Anyone have any idea what my payment might look like? I live in NY
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Invoice less $5000 (GM buyout that they gave to all dealers with '04 GTOs still on their lot after Jan. 3). If you presently own another GM car there's a $1500 loyalty rebate. Don't forget about any military discounts, Oldsmobile owner discount, GM sidesaddle settlements, retiree certificates, et. al.


  • Robert,


    "Don't forget about any military discounts, Oldsmobile owner discount, GM sidesaddle settlements, retiree certificates, et. al."


    Where do I find out about all these other available discounts?


    Also, do you know what the invoice price is?


  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Military discount - if you're in the service presently

    College grad discount - must have graduated recently (last 6 months?)

    Olds owner loyalty - must have bought an Olds NEW from I think 1996-onward.

    GM sidesaddle settlement vouchers - must have owned a '73-'87 pickup with sidesaddle gas tanks (the infamous NBC DateLine fudged story). I understand these vouchers can be sold/traded and they sometimes appear on eBay.


    Re: invoice price, you can get that from Edmunds. I want to say 31,2 for a stick vehicle, and 31,7 for an auto, but that's just off the top of my head and I'm too lazy to look it up right now :-)


    Hope this helps,


  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    I have shopped hard for an '04 GTO across a six state area (Maryland to Illinois) over the last three weeks.


    While I did find several willing to sell for less than invoice (minus the $5000 final pay-out, loyalty money, etc.) there are many dealers still holding out for well over invoice (less final pay-out, loyalty money, etc.).


    Ultimately, I decided against making a purchase (at least for now) but now understand why so many such units are still sitting on lots across the country.
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