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Pontiac GTO Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • kcflyerkcflyer Posts: 78


    Wright Pontiac in Beaver PA has an 04 Yellow Jacket (has the hood of an 05). I've been impressed with their service dept. They treat me well even though I purchased my GMC before moving to this area. I'd be curious to see how anxious they are to part with the GTO before the 05's start arriving. (relatively small dealership) Give them a call and let us know.
  • cccompsoncccompson Posts: 2,388
    Thanks - right now I'm waiting to see what happens with incentives next Tuesday.


    Although I did not contact that particular store I did receive some good price quotes in that region - best was $23,900 for an automatic.


    The '05s are on the ground across the country now.
  • Just got an '05 Goat, Blk/Blk 6sp, it's far better than '04. Big difference in the power, brakes, and traction control (the gas pedal doesn't push back against your foot)among other things. Not to mention the better looking exterior. I love the large dual pipes, "in stereo". It was well worth the wait and the extra money.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
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  • oldboboldbob Posts: 41
    05 price offer $32111 on LI,NY
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Stick or auto?

    Invoice (including destination) on stick is around $31,200.
    Invoice (including destination and gas guzzler tax) on A4 is around $31,900. Dealers may have services and advertising fees (which you don't pay if you're a GM employee purchase). Anyone not dealing within $500 of invoice on this car is not being realistic...

    There aren't any national incentives on the car right now, only some discounted financing rates. They do seem to be moving faster than the '04's were, since many dealers are being more realistic with pricing than last year at this time...
  • oldboboldbob Posts: 41
    how about an 04 in yellow 6spd, chrome rims, tint for $28000?
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    Seems a litle high. Of course, the 6 speed cars are very rare/in demand. Also not sure of the value of the rims (are the tires the same, or are the rims bigger? If they are the stockers chromed, this cost the dealership $600-$800). Each dealer got a $5k payout from GM. So, figure invoice of 31,2, take off the 5k, and then maybe add something for the rims. Don't forget they are still making the 3% holdback on the cars (helps overcome the floor plan on the cars) - some dealers are dipping into this (A4 cars invoiced for 31,7, lots of dealers willing to sell for 24-25k). Again, though, you probably can't find too many sticks still on the lots since they are more in demand.
  • Picked up an 04 A4 Impulse Blue for 9K under invoice, $24495. Corvette drivetrain in a very nice car for Grand Am money. I couldn't pass it up. So far I love it.
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114

    Congratulations on your purchase. Could you let us know your dealership name? That way others who are shopping in the same area can benefit.
  • Yes, I bought it at Key Pontiac in Bethlehem,Pa. They still have 2 black 04 M6, Silver 04 A4, and a yellow 04 M6 with a Ram Air fiberglass hood the dealer installed. Obviously, they are very motivated to move all of them.
  • oldboboldbob Posts: 41
    Has anyone actually bought a new 2005 gto 5spd? What did you really pay?
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    I have not, but have read of others doing so. It's fairly common to pay $500 over invoice. I see you're on Long Island - contact Arnold Pontiac, as they are advertising on another site that they have 10 2005's and are willing to sell for $500 over invoice (invoice is around $31,200, add the $500, then any advertising/dealer services fees, and tax/title/license fees).
  • Thought that I would share my Goat hunting adventure just in case it gives someone else some hints. I wanted only a particular combo: ‘05 Quicksilver/Red with 6-speed. Got on and used the “Locate Vehicle” feature to search all dealerships within a comfortable day’s round trip from home. Only found 3 such cars to my spec, 2 about 3 hours away, and 1 about 5 hours away. Then used the “Request a Quote” feature from the “Window Sticker” page to contact each dealer about each car.

    First step was to find out if the dealer was willing to do the GM Supplier Discount that my employer makes possible. For the 6-speeder, list is $33,690, invoice is $31,192, and the Supplier Discount price is $31,653 (for comparison, the GM Employee, which I ain’t, price is $30,293). The two closest dealers (of course) were “uncooperative”. One refused to honor the GM Discount (his firm price was $32,690, which suggests that’s the current non-greedy ’05 price, effectively a $1000 discount from MSRP for anyone). The second didn’t seem to be too internet-savvy, originally responded to “your parts request” (huhh?), then was very slow to respond to questions.

    The third (farthest away, of course) dealer was the most responsive. All my questions via e-mail and phone were answered promptly. He honored the Supplier Discount price without hesitation. Plus I wanted the inset front nose grilles from the Sport Appearance Package, which he had in stock and agreed to provide at his cost ($235 with free installation). Finally, he had no problem reducing the “documentation fee” (that popular all-purpose rip-off) to the maximum $75 allowed by the GM program regulations. On top of everything else, GMAC currently has a 0% APR 36-month loan on the GTO, which makes no sense if I understand where Mr. Greenspan is headed, but I’m not one to turn down free money.

    So I made a verbal agreement with this third dealer, requested the grille package installation, gave some credit information over the phone, and agreed to pick up the car in a couple of days. Showed up two days later, our GTO was waiting for us right out front, my wife and I went over the whole thing with a fine tooth-comb, the Goat looked great (that SAP grille package on the Quicksilver car looks absolutely spectacular). I kept on waiting for the “games” to begin. But there was absolutely no BS – everything was exactly as had been verbally agreed to. Signed all the waiting paperwork and jumped into the GTO for the dreamy 5 hour drive home. Top notch professionalism throughout.

    So who WAS this dealer? Bob King Pontiac/GMC in Wilmington, NC. Never been there before – a really big dealership. When I last checked, they had 7 (or more?) ’05 GTOs in stock, and only 1 ’04 GTO left (which means they were not stupid with last year’s GTO prices). I recommend them highly and have no connection with them (they are so far away from me I can’t even get my oil changed there).
  • Do you happen to know if the up-front payment is only available at the purchase time or if it can happen soon after? I signed a 1-3-5 lease and don't remember the option. The deal was still a great one 'though.
  • The GTO you purchased sounds absolutely awesome. Do you have pictures that you can post....can't afford a GTO nor do I have the lifestyle for one. (wife and kid :) I do love them, but cannot ask for their sacrifice so I can drive a sweet ride. So I ask to vicaiously live through your photos, if you are able to provide them.
  • Greg, I hear you. Half a lifetime ago, I was at the same place. Don't despair, time (and depreciation!) are working for you. In 5 years' time, there should be a bunch of affordable GTOs out there. Lots of them will have had only one old f*rt, engineer, previous owner who has gotten too senile to slam 400 HP through the gearbox. Maybe you'll be my car's second owner?

    I haven't taken any photos yet - it's been raining since I got the GTO on Friday. After I get some photos into my home page, I'll post the link. I don't like the usual canned photos of the car - they are all shot from too low an angle (IMHO). The car's elegant lines looks best from a normal standing height.
  • That is my only salvation is to find a well loved but slightly used GTO. I would love to be your cars second owner...although the future plans by GM show the GTO ending in 07 due to a stop on the new platform. It seems that the bean counters stuck their fingers into things again and are effectively putting an end to small niche car simply because it does not sell in numbers that say an econo box-rental fleet GA did. IMHO it may be best to hang on to you GTO until they pry the keys out of your cold dead hands. I really hope that GM does not kill a really decent sport coupe or even the entire Pontiac line.
  • SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
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  • oldboboldbob Posts: 41
    2005 m6 gto $32118+tax.
  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
    where did you buy your o5 gto auto.... igot price of $33500. 00 in brooklyn...who should i go to see...tanks....michael
  • reuel3reuel3 Posts: 114
    Please do not ask for or provide the names of dealership staff in the forums as your posts will be deleted. The policy is clearly stated in red writing at the bottom of the page under the "Post a Message" heading.

    Thank you for your cooperation.
  • oldboboldbob Posts: 41
    Go to Sun Pontiac in Wantaugh LI or Arnold Pontiac in West Babylon. I would use to check inventory and ask for a quote.
  • oldboboldbob Posts: 41
    The auto trans cost is with gas guz. tax of
    $1300 but minus $695 for 6spd. Another guy told me that he paid $32500 for the auto trans car at Sun Pontiac in Wantaugh L.I. I can't give you the name of the sales person he dealt with, but in any case the sales manager has to approve the price, so I guess you can deal with anyone. You might ask for the internet sales person.
  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
    hello again...i am confused..does that mean for my automatic ..they will charge me $695. more than what you paid....32118 t 695=$32813.00 ??? bought yours at Arnold pontiac westbury, right....
  • oldboboldbob Posts: 41
    Contact both Arnold Pontiac in West Babylon and Sun Pontiac in Wantaugh and make your best deal.
    My car=2005 gto with 6 speed@32118 from Arnold.
    Another guy said=2005 gto with auto trans@32500 from Sun Pontiac.
  • bar_xxbar_xx Posts: 8
    The 2004 & 2005 comes standard with an automatic transmission. Because of its excess fuel consumption with the AT the Fed. Govt. charges a guzzle tax. The tax is as follows
    2004 model $1000.00
    2005 model $1300.00
    This amount is part of the MSRP.
    However if you order the 6sp manual tranmission which is a $695.00 option for both years, this meets the govt. rating for fuel consumption. Therefore by ordering the 6 sp you save $305.00 on an 04 and $605.00 on an 05. Thus the cheaper price on cars with this option.
  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
    does anyone know the dealer cost for the front nose inserts for 2005 GTO....what about the existing {2} front grilles ...? what should i receive from the dealer if i return them in the exchange? just the grilles from the sport paclkage thatis all....thanks everyone...
    WHAT ABOUT THIS NEW RECYCLE TIRE FEE IN NEW YORK STATE....what is this about??? thanks again
  • hammen2hammen2 Posts: 1,313
    I think you're referring to the autocross grille inserts. Those run $200-$225 through the dealership's parts department. Bear in mind that the front bumper cover needs to be removed in order to install or remove them - kind of a PITA.

  • mparis1mparis1 Posts: 107
    thanks for the info... is that with installation? what is the total cost i should deal with??
    also, one last thing ......the original grille parts [2}...should i sell them part to dealer?include in the transfer price? or just throew them in the trunk?
    SHOULD BE GETTING 2005 GTO this week
    THANKS ....AGAIN...EVERYONE HERE. great site..great information
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