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Volkswagen TDI Models Prices Paid



  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    So you are probably better off trading the Odyssey if it's worth more than $4500.

    Plus you would save the sales tax on the trade-in amount in most states....over $400 in Chicago.
  • gasmangasman Posts: 16
    Hi nyyace,

    What was the invoice price of your Jetta TDI?

    Please send me the name and number of the salesman by pm to

  • m6userm6user Posts: 3,174
    Deductible sales tax is another reason to buy a new car now but I'd rather save the tax then deduct it.
  • vwgregvwgreg Posts: 22
    I am vw dealer. there in no manufacturer incentive on a tdi wagon. nearly all of them are sold before hitting the ground
  • vwgregvwgreg Posts: 22
    The 1300 is a federal income tax credit. the 4,500 is a cash voucher for trading an older and less efficient vehicle
  • mam567mam567 Posts: 2
    After much shopping around, I finally have a car on its way to me. It's the wagon, manual, blue graphite, with roof and 17" wheels. I would rather not have the 17" wheels, but I have looked for months for a manual wagon with a roof and feel lucky that the dealer was able to snag this one that just arrived at the port. I am getting it for $500 over invoice. My other option was to have a dealer do a trade with another dealer, but then someone else would have had to drive the car. This one will have no miles on it.

    Anyone know how long it takes for a car to clear customs and make it to the dealer? I am so anxious to have it!

    Someone a few posts ago recommended Palisades VW, and I second that, even though in the end, we are buying the car from our local dealer. It was Palisades that originally offered me this price. Another dealer that was very nice to deal with and that was willing to give the same price was Faulkner Ciocca in PA.
  • Fantastic deal! :) Sounds too good to be true!
  • donthegreekdonthegreek Posts: 127
    quote:(I am vw dealer. there in no manufacturer incentive on a tdi wagon. nearly all of them are sold before hitting the ground)

    My local dealer has had a couple wagons sitting on the lot now for at least a month.And he has at least a dozen sedans also just sitting....
  • philoslphilosl Posts: 2
    Hi, Dave:

    Please kindly send me the name and the number of the salesman at Thank you!

    Best regards,
  • Where are you located? Im in southern MD and see that Fitz is only about 2 hours away. They have a wagon that looks close to what I want but it has 17 inch tires for 25,186.00.

    TDI Wagon
  • vwgregvwgreg Posts: 22
    i am in florida. i can look in the vw vehicle locator and see what is near you.
  • Thank you that would be great.
  • dice4dice4 Posts: 9
    would you mind discloseing the dealer. I contacted the dealer in maryland conserning your price and expressed that I felt there prices seem to be creeping up. They said that they could not find any record of this sale. I will be returning from overseas (panama) and will drive the jetta back to montana, After short visit with family/frends will relocate to surprise area. Retired so drive back will offer sightseeing opportunities for foreign born wife. Thanks
  • zambaqzambaq Posts: 14
    Yesterday I was finally able to travel to Langhorne, PA to take possession of the car I agreed to buy 3 weeks ago, and I really enjoyed the drive back to NYC! Details:

    Color: Blue Graphite/Art Gray
    Options: DSG; Lip Spoiler; Mud Flaps
    Cash Price: $21,708
    Experience: Smooth and hassle-free, both via internet and in-person
    Initial Mileage: 38.8 mpg
    Post-Purchase Anxiety: That all the high-tech computerized/electronic gadgetry packed into it will go haywire as soon as the warranties expire!

    I felt a slight twinge over not waiting for the more attractive (to me)2010 Golf TDI, but figured I'd have to wait until this time next year for the price to go below invoice, and I'd lose out on the sales tax deduction. I'd also thought of waiting until the "Cash for Clunkers" law went into effect, but I checked and discovered that my '95 Honda Odyssey was rated at 20 mpg and wouldn't qualify. C'est la vie!
  • gagricegagrice San DiegoPosts: 31,110
    Welcome to the forum. Sounds like you did the research and it paid off. Keep us posted on your experience with your new car.
  • vwgregvwgreg Posts: 22
    looks like king vw in giathersburg has a few and russel vw in baltimore also.
  • Well I decided I'm going to get the sedan. I just like the looks of it better and Fritz seems to be at least $1000 below invoice if not more on them. All Im waiting for is cash for clunkers to start.
  • lali3lali3 Posts: 16
    Anyone checked this out

    If you closely see MSRP in ad is 23740 and their stock # says they are Automatic

    I see 2 cars left in stock

    I live in PA so too far to checkit out, Looks like a good bargain

    Folks in NYC has a great chance
  • torqueytorquey Posts: 1
    Congrats. Which dealer did you get it from? I've been looking for something similar. So far, best offer on first round is right around invoice.
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    Customs clearance does not take more than a day or two. Tdi Wagons come from Mexico by vessel, clear customs in Galveston and then on, via rail or car transporter to the final dealer. $ 500 over invoice is about an average - I got mine for invoice and told them to take the 17" wheels off. 16" wheels are fine, actually the car looks better with 16" wheels. Mine is pearl white with moonroof. I have added trailer hitch, hard wired Garmin GPS, added extra cig. power outlet between front seats. First thing was to tint windows (not sure why they don't come with tinted glass here in the South (FL). I am into 6 months (7500 miles) ownership. Dash board A/C outlet is an overkill - I just purchased a tray that will replace it. Here in FL, when A/C runs, the dash board A/C outlet fogs out front windshield from outside as it cools glass too much. You have to run half heat and A/C at the same time to eliminate this problem. Moon roof is nice but a bit too large because even with textile mesh closed the sun generates too much heat inside the car. I suggest a sun shield between moon roof and textile mesh in summer months. I cut a card board 29" x 47" covered with aluminum cooking foil and solved the problem.
  • joeyjoejoejoeyjoejoe Posts: 68
    I purchased a cargo van a few weeks ago dirt cheap and thought as a side note maybe it could be used for the cash for clunkers deal. Now I see that it has been passed, but requires the annual ownership, registration, and insuring of the trade-in vehicle to qualify. I was just doing the numbers in my head of that $4,500 credit, my normal vehicle trade-in for around $5,000, and then the current $1,300 diesel tax credit. That would be one solid deal. Especially if you were to get a TDI for the $18 and change described a couple posts above. Good luck!
  • mevander1mevander1 Posts: 43
    Sounds just like what a dealer would say:) Sorry Sparky, but dealers in my area (50 mile radius) have them on the lot.
  • vwgregvwgreg Posts: 22
    ok sport. i am giving the guy real market information. i am not even trying to see a car. so feel free to take your comments and stuff them under your tin foil helmet.
  • mam567mam567 Posts: 2
    Interesting to hear that customs only takes a short time. The dealer told me it could be several weeks. Maybe he just doesn't know when the shipment will arrive.

    Glad to hear you got a good deal for your wagon. It took me a lot of work to get the deal I did. Most dealers I spoke to refused to budge from MSRP.

    Did you have to pay the dealer to take off the 17" wheels? Did they just happen to have the 16" ones around?
  • mike91326mike91326 SoCalPosts: 251
    I'm getting a TDI sedan and I would like to know where you got the tray to replace the dash A/C vent? Also, where are you mounting your Garmin?
  • karthur1karthur1 Posts: 7
    I am looking to purchase a Jetta 2009 TDI and am trying to figure out what I should pay and which warranty I should buy for it. I will put nearly 30,000 miles per year on it so the standard warranty will blow out in a matter of a 1.25 years. I need this car to at least last me 100,000 to 160,000 miles (to cover the 5 year financing).

    Best warranty and cost/price from VW? Can't find much info on the official VW website.


  • karthur1karthur1 Posts: 7
    Looking to purchase and trying to determine between Bill Jacobs (Naperville) and Pugi (Downers Grove)... any experiences good/bad?

  • kab2kab2 Posts: 9
    Does anyone know the specifics of the dealer incentives going on right now? Something is going on but we can't quite figure it out....if you have the know, let me know ;)
  • I normally go with Warranty Direct. It has worked out well for me
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