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Volkswagen TDI Models Prices Paid



  • I bought one today, Black\Black, Auto Trans, 17" wheels from Bommarito VW in Hazlewood MO.

    The MSRP was 26,369 and I ended up getting them down to $25,000 (+ the standard $199 rip off processing fee). Two weeks ago the same dealer said they couldn't deal on the TDI and probably wouldn't since they are one of the cars that isn't hard to move. The sales guy (Les) basically said that they haven't moved any cars this month so they are now selling them below MSRP (no dealer add-ons, just the straight MSRP). If your in the market for one I would check them out in the next few days and see what they can do.
  • anowlananowlan Posts: 48
    Placed an "order" for a 2010 Golf 2 DR TDI 6spd manual yesterday. Fully loaded, $29,000 out the door. That's MSRP. Given that it's a brand new model, I don't feel bad. Edmunds says TMV is MSRP. Anyone order one for less?
  • ike3ike3 Posts: 81
    I have to say it. That is a pretty outrageous price for a 2 door hatchback. I'm sorry,
    that kind of value, in my book, is non-existent. What happened to just getting the
    $23k Golf TDI 2 door? What options did you get? Horrible deal.
  • anowlananowlan Posts: 48
    Appreciate the comment, but perhaps I wasn't clear.
    1. I paid MSRP, no more, no less. If anyone has paid less than MSRP for the 2010 Golf TDI, I'd love you to post. That's what this forum is for.
    2. As mentioned, the car was equipped with EVERY available option
    3. You can look at it as bad value; but out the door (which includes 7% state tax, tag, title and 'document' fees), with every available option, the car is $1500 less than an Audi A3 TDI's base price before options, state tax and fees. As we're going from an Audi A3 to the Golf, I see the car as representing excellent value. Name another attractive, diesel, manual car capable of carrying 4-5 folks. There isn't one in the US market, currently. Hence, the decision to purchase was easy.
  • murfemurfe Posts: 9
    For clarification, I paid $200 under the MSRP sticker. There was no dealer add-on sticker as the dealer found one with the options I wanted on the delivery list going to another dealer. They traded for it. I have never paid MSRP for a car in over 40 years so I was not going to start at this time in my life, so that is why my comment that I paid more than I wanted to . Considering all factors I think I got the best deal available at the time. So believe it or not that is your option. I have driven over 370 miles on the initial tank of diesel and I am still at the 3/8 full mark and that is mostly city driving. I will let you know the mpg when I fill up next week.
  • murfemurfe Posts: 9
    I just got back from filling up my new 2010 Jetta TDI for the first time since getting it new from the dealer. Other than the 100 highway miles I put on it getting it back home from St. Louis I have put on over 300 city miles for a total of over 405 miles. I figured it to be about 37mpg. I am extremely happy with the mileage and I know it will get better the more I break it in. It is a great car to drive , great handling ,smooth ride on the 17" wheels. I do have the auto trans so I know that also had some impact on the mpg . I plan on going to Chicago in the next couple of weeks, around 400 miles roundtrip, so I will check the mileage again. This is my first VW ever and the first Diesel so I am still getting used to driving it but at this point in time I am really glad I did not go out and buy a Prius. Thanks to all who provided me the information I needed to make a good solid decision.
  • oli1oli1 Posts: 33
    Just came back from my dealer and was quoted OTD of $29,130 for a JSW TDI auto, without Nav. or moon roof. Do you think I could do better? Will it pay to buy it out of state and then ship or drive it back, it worked with my mini S?
    Since I am not in a hurry, I will probably wait until the main rush to the showrooms is over and then see what the prices will be this time 2010.
  • Just a note. I work in California for a VW dealer in a major metro area. No dealer anywhere in this state will be selling Jetta TDI SportWagons for MSRP; there are just too few of these cars coming in. If someone does claim they bought one for MSRP, that dealer is likely on it's last legs financially. You must remember we are in the biggest slowdown in vehicle sales ever. If a dealer is going to survive it must have at least one vehicle that is profitable; they can't survive on service operations. Just check how many dealerships have gone out of business.

    2010 Jetta TDI sedans can sell relatively close to MSRP, since there will be more of them. Due to the relatively low price of diesel fuel (it's about $.20 a gallon less than regular gas) and the diesels far better long term operating cost over hybrids it's by far the smart choice for owners that keep their cars a long time or drive alot of miles.

    I am an Internet Sales Manager at a family-owned dealership in a major metro area in California.
    We have a policy to never mark up cars, and TDI's are no exception.
    I have sold all our 2009 Jetta sportwagen TDI's for MSRP, have already sold 4 2010 JSW's myself for MSRP, and have more available.
    We are surviving just fine, and have been for over 60 years under the same ownership.

    Pleas check your facts before you make such statements.
  • Hello,
    Looking to buy a NEW 2010 Jetta TDI sedan. Does anyone know if there are any incentives down the road? Or what have people been paying for the 2010 model? Does any VW dealership deal in DEEP discounts for internet sales????
  • usma78usma78 Posts: 4
    The dealer in Greeneville, SC is giving us an "internet deal" of $250 below MSRP for a 2010 sportwagen TDI. MSRP is $24310 plus $1100 (auto) and $700 destination charge. Our car is due to arrive next month. I understand that they now have a backlog of orders.

    Has anyone out there had a trailer hitch installed on their sportwagen? Any issues with that other than appearance? We'd like to have the option of hauling a light trailer or attaching a hitch-mount bike rack.
  • oli1oli1 Posts: 33
    So out the door price was how much?
  • jogousajogousa Posts: 402
    I had mine installed a couple of months ago (2009 Tdi SportWagon 6peed manual) The shop did the installation and I did the wiring and module installation. VW just came out with a bulletin that specifies towing and hitch weight limits - just got mine in the mail from VW the other day. Make sure you get one that has 3 point attachments (left/right and spare tire well bolt). Works fine on hauling bikes and towing small U-Hauls.Had to raise rear coil springs with rubber spacers from JPEGs because the car was hitting the road on steep inclines and/or over the speed bumps. Car (rear) is now 1" higher and the problem was solved.
  • usma78usma78 Posts: 4
    We don't get the car until November. Total should be $26110 plus another ~$250 for tags/document fee. Not counting sales tax, of course.
  • usma78usma78 Posts: 4
    Thanks for the feedback on the hitch. I'll have the dealer get it installed and will be sure to ask about the clearance issue.
  • I finally placed my official order for my TDI today. I put a $500 deposit down a couple of months ago to secure my spot on "the list". I talked to my dealer today to confirm specs. Agreed upon price is MSRP.

    Of note:

    I've been dealing with a couple of Seattle VW dealers, and I seem to be getting all sorts of conflicting information. Carter, the one I've placed my order through, has been told that the Golf TDI's should arrive some time this spring...perhaps sooner.

    But I just got an email from University VW's Internet Sales Manager stating this:

    "We just found out from VW of America yesterday that the US will only be getting 3,000 TDI Golf. They will distribute them based on regional volume. That means some dealers will get none, some will get 5 or 6. They will be taking no factory orders. We don't know why - sometimes the German mentality is beyond me.

    If you are interested in one, at this point we will sell them on a first come, first served basis as they arrive at the end of the year. If that changes, I will let you know. We have no idea how many we will get - we could get three for the year, we could get 10. I know our new car manager will be calling dealers out of state to try to buy theirs if their area is not a big diesel market, but it they have ANY brains they will keep them. At this point we are not adding a second sticker markup. Some of the other dealers will be adding on as much as $10,000.

    That's where we are right now. I will advise of any changes/updates."

    Only 3,000 Golf TDI's?! That's a bit hard to believe. And I wonder why she says there'll be no factory orders since I just placed my order with Carter this morning.

    Curious stuff...
  • covwcovw Posts: 1
    That is similar information to what our store received yesterday from our regional rep. VW plans to import no more Golf TDI models for the 2010 model year than they did Sportwagen TDI models in 2009. Our rep stated that the Golf is a global car, and the US market is not the main consumer of this vehicle, therefore not enough product will be imported to our shores this model year. Count yourself lucky to have a confirmed order :) .
  • seems with demand they'd plan otherwise. Wow. Well, I guess I'll do as you said and count myself lucky!

    Thanks for the info!
  • udaygudayg Posts: 4
    Just came back from a dealer in San Jose, CA asking $1000 over MSRP for 2010 Jetta TDI with auto and 17" wheels and couple of other options. Started with $3000 over MSRP..

    I guess I have to either wait for this dealer to make a better offer or go to another one..
  • oli1oli1 Posts: 33
    The dealer in Greeneville, SC is giving us an "internet deal" of $250 below MSRP for a 2010 sportwagen TDI. MSRP is $24310 plus $1100 (auto) and $700 destination charge. Our car is due to arrive next month. I understand that they now have a backlog of orders

    Would you mind telling me what is the name of the dealership there?
  • maigremaigre Posts: 16
    Are you talking about the sedan or the wagon, udayq?

    If it's the sedan, stay away from that dealer. Is it the one on Stevens Creek? You can get TDI sedans in the bay area for less than MSRP without too much trouble. The dealers might pretend that they're flying off the floor, but though they seem to be selling steadily, the demand isn't THAT extreme. You'll find a reasonable deal somewhere. A place in Hayward (I haven't been there) even advertises various TDI sedan configurations at as much as $1400 or so below MSRP, which is bordering on invoice.

    Wagons can be had for MSRP or slightly below depending on the dealer, but that might take more work. Just hold your ground.
  • I purchased my Jetta TDI 9/29/09 from the dealer in Huntsville, AL. To get your best deal, run the Edmunds True Market Value price report to see what others are paying in your area. I found this tool to be really helpful, thank you Edmunds! I initially had to order the car and made the dealer an offer of approx $600 over Edmunds dealer invoice with a 3-month delivery time. We made a deal at $500 under MSRP. In the mean time a TDI arrived at the dealer that was close to the one I ordered. We re-negotiated and I bought it. The MSRP is $28,135 for 2010 Jetta TDI automatic, blue graphite metallic, beige v-tex interior, options are 3FE power sunroof, JTI Southern Kit, PJI 17" avignon alloy wheels, PNI Navigation System + MDI. I paid $27,435, which is $700 under MSRP (or $1,069 above Edmunds dealer invoice). $30,511 out the door including tax, title, doc fee and extended warranty. I am happy with my deal and love the car, which I intend to run until it turns to dust. My only complaint is that the Nav unit CD to load the maps has not yet arrived, but it is "in the mail." :)
  • udaygudayg Posts: 4
    Hey maigre
    This was for a Sedan and at Capitol VW at San Jose. Infact the steven's creek dealer is offering at 200$ over invoice ( he is pricing it for Costco members even though Costco does not have a a deal for TDI). I am a little skeptical of the Stevens Creek dealer as I have read not so good reviews about them.

    Also I have a Trade in for 2001 Jetta GLS about which Stevens Creek guy does not know about but Capitol guy knows and is ready to offer $5000 for it even though the car is giving a bit of problem recently.

    Know any good VW independent mechanics/repair shops in San Jose area
  • maigremaigre Posts: 16
    udayg, $200 over invoice sounds great. I'm hoping to get my sedan somewhere in that range.

    Stevens Creek seems like the typical car dealer. I'm kind of avoiding them. I haven't been to Capitol yet, but I didn't like what I heard over the phone when I called there. Good VW dealers in the bay area aren't easy to find.

    DynoSpotRacing is a terrific shop, very able and honest. They're near Almaden and Alma. Though they specialize in mods and racing things, they do great work on regular cars, too. My Passat is one of the latter and they've solved nagging issues nobody else had a clue about. It goes through too much oil, but otherwise runs great at 181,000 miles. There's no way on earth I'd still have the car without them.
  • anowlananowlan Posts: 48
    I've dealt with Jim Ellis for years now. Here's what they just sent me today on the 2010 Golf 2Dr 6Man I ordered. "Just a quick update. VW has reviewed and accepted our Sold Order Build, they should start production on your Golf in the next 7 - 14 days. :)"
    I have a feeling dealers that say you can't place an order and that low numbers are coming are trying to make a quick sale. I'll keep the forum updated when the car arrives.
  • chrishhchrishh Posts: 17
    which Ellis are you dealing with, Atlanta or Marietta?
  • anowlananowlan Posts: 48
    Atlanta, but Marietta actually offered another $150 off whatever my best deal was. For me, the drive wasn't worth it.
  • I am about to give up.

    This is the car I want but I refuse to pay over MSRP. And now with so few available it's even harder. The VW dealers are the WORST.

    Does anyone know if VW is planning to ship more of these at anytime soon?

    Otherwise I'll pocket $7,000 and get a Hyudai Elantra Touring.
  • eliaselias Posts: 2,120
    bingo, you might try working with a dealer anywhere else in USA. many might be willing to do a "courtesy delivery" to your local dealer. At MSRP.
  • usma78usma78 Posts: 4
    Steve White Audi and VW.
  • Call Bridget at VW in Santa Monica for a fair deal. Expect MSRP.
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