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Saab 9-2X Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    you get the $5000 rebate on Linear, or $6000 on Aero, if you purchase. Not necessary to lease.

    Yes, I suspect most Saab owners - and remember, Saab has a much more fanatical/enthusiast following than the typical mainstream car brand - do look down on the 9-2X because it's not a 'real' Saab. They are right - it isn't. But it is still a good car and at these prices, a great value.
  • What would a "real" Saab small car be if they were to design one from scratch?

    It would be a small, all wheel drive, 4 cylinder (with optional turbo) small sedan or wagon.

    Sounds familiar doesn't it?
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    i agree with you 100%.
  • kjnormankjnorman Posts: 243
    It would be a front drive turbo charged hatch. Saab did not make AWD cars until they borrowed from Subaru.
  • mahoneyjamahoneyja Posts: 4
    Did anyone out there actually negotiate the price after all the discounts?
    I'm hearing from 2 Mass and 1 chicago dealer this isnt an option.

    Just a sanity check...
  • What seller in their right mind is going to encourage a buyer to negotiate... or erode profit margins? Everything is negotiable! Remind the stealership that they want to "earn your business". ;) Clearly, you may request an "incentive" to buy from this seller. But obviously, they may just bow out... :sick:
  • mahoneyjamahoneyja Posts: 4
    Good point, my question is really has any actually been successful doing so this month. :shades:
  • mike72mike72 Posts: 2
    When I do a TMV Pricing Report on the 9-2X (Aero with Sport and Aero Premium packages) on, the total with options and destination comes up as $29,968, but then they discount it $12,000!!! This would be a great price, but it seems ridiculously low. Is this a reasonably close number to take to a dealer or would they laugh me out of the showroom? Anybody come close to this number? I live in Maryland, just outside of DC.

    I'm trying to decide between 9-2X and Mazda3. Both nice cars, but a $30,000 car for under $20,000 would be hard to pass up.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,364
    Not sure how TMV works.. it can be way off sometimes..

    A Saab dealer showed me the employee price on a 9-2X Aero that he had sold recently..

    MSRP $31,9XX
    GM employee price $29,3XX
    Rebate $6000
    Final price $23,3XX

    Or, about $8600 off MSRP..



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  • mike72mike72 Posts: 2
    Just noticed that Edmunds changed the "Incentives & Rebate" discount on TMV to $6,000. Looks like they accidentally doubled the rebate. Wouldn't that have been nice!!! Still a good price for the car. Plus, I've got a certificate for another $1,000 off for being an Oldsmobile customer.

    I love the Mazda3, but gotta think real hard about the 9-2X at that price...
  • gringo1gringo1 Posts: 72
    I have seen conflicting messages posted, so does anyone have any experience turning in GM Card points for help in purchase of a Saab?


    Has anyone discussed this with GM Card and know the answer?

  • retropiaretropia Posts: 41
    I called the GM Card department that explains the rebate amounts available on specific GM vehicles. They said that Saab chose not to participate in the rebate program involving the original GM Card. That is the one that gives you a 5% rebate on every purchase, up to $500 per year, up to $3,500 total (dependent of course on the rebate amount you can apply per eligible vehicle).

    There is, however, a "family" GM Card, run by the same bank, where you can apply a rebate to a Saab. It works differently. I investigated it briefly, and you may have to have a supplier connection, or be related to a GM employee to use it. The big difference is that it only offers you 1% of your purchase towards a rebate. You can convert your existing, original rebate to this card, but it gets converted to the lower amount. Thus, if you had a $2,000 rebate built up on your original card and converted it to the new one, your rebate would only be $400. However, you could apply it to a Saab, where you can't with the original card.

    I didn't investigate it any further. I might qualify for the card with a supplier connection, but I didn't want to lose so much of my rebate amount in a conversion, in case I use it on a different GM vehicle.

    There is a "business" GM card that Saab also participates with, that pays a 1% rebate. However, it is run by a different bank, so you can't transfer an existing rebate you may have on a different GM card. You would have to start building a rebate with it from scratch.

    I think the service rep told me there are seven different GM cards available, so it gets confusing fast.
  • I'm looking into buying a 92-X in the US under the Employee Discount program, and importing it to Canada. GM has not introduced the discounts north of the border.

    The US discount price for the 92-X is way less than Canadian WRX pricing, even after taxes, import fees and exchange rates.

    My question: is the US 92-X warranty valid in Canada? And can I get the free routine service (oil changes,etc) for a US-bought car at a Canadian dealer? Can anybody out there take a look at their warranty to see if it is valid throughout North America? Any information would be very much appreciated.
  • hotch41hotch41 Posts: 61
    I saw a satin gray Linear with automatic, cold weather and sunroof with about 5,200 miles on it. I was told it was the business manager's car and not a service loaner. It's on the showroom floor and it's in brand new condition. I would like everyone's opinion on the selling price of $18,400 is a good deal. After GM discounts, incentives and rebates, it comes out to be about $8,300 off the original MSRP. That's the dealer's best offer. The next best deal I could find at another dealer is for a brand new Linear with automatic, Premium, and Cold but no roof for $20,500. Your feedback is greatly appreciated!
  • wolftimwolftim Posts: 34
    I bought my 9-2X Aero about 2-3 months ago and I saw something similar to what you are talking about. The Linear had about 6500 miles on it, auto, leather, no moon, cold weather and they were asking 24.5K before discounts. They then applied the 6000 Saab rebates and the 1000 GM Hotbutton rebates(no longer available), so that takes the price down to 17.5K. You have to figure that the aftermarket listing from the dealership on the moonroof is about 1800so I aould say it's a pretty darn good deal, for a "used car". I didn't buy the one I saw because I wanted turbo, bigger rims, a moonroof, and no cold weather. It's all about what you want. The car will turn heads no matter what you buy.
  • Just bought a Linear last night at a dealer in Frederick, Maryland. There are few (less than 5 each) of the Aero auto and base Linear stick left. My son and I test drove both and decided on the Linear. This dealer offers no haggle internet price. The base Linear MSRP is $23,685, including $695 freight. I paid $16,821 with the GM rebate of $5,000. The only extras are Tax, tag and $75 processing fee by GM (otherwise the dealer charges $99). I also have to pay the tax on the $5,000 rebate portion (which is $250). So, $16,821 is what I paid for the base Linear.
  • This is the last week of the GM employee discount and the dealers are making it seem like the inventory is very tight. It is impossible to negotiate a good deal for this vehicle. I personally think that his car is not worth what they are asking for it even with the discount. I know I can get at the very least $8.5k off the Aero with the employee price and a rebate. My asking price for the basic manual Aero is $19.5k. This seems reasonable, but no dealer is willing to sell me the car for less than 23k. This car is way too slow to cost that much money. No way would I spend anything over 20 grand for it.
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Very strange perspective you seem to have on this vehicle. There is more to cars than straight-line acceleration. And even by that very specific criterion, a manual transmission 9-2X Aero is still quite fast, especially at this price.

    If speed is ALL you are interested in, you may want to consider the hopped-up Neon. At $7-8k off MSRP, the 9-2X is an excellent value by almost anyone's standards.
  • I drove an automatic Aero and I cannot describe how slow the car was. Acceleration from standing still was aweful. The car otherwise was gorgeous. It was red and looked spectacular. But a small inventory makes it impossible to get a good deal on it. In Arizona for some reason all dealers order them with heated seats and mirrors and try to upsell you on a paint protection package, window tinting, and a lot of other pricy expensive features. If you refuse to pay for them they just don't sell the car. Combine that with horrible acceleration and poor resale value to come after all the promotions and you can see why this is not such a good deal after all. Higher production volumes and availability would have made all the difference. Just because it used to cost more doesnt make it worthy of its current price tag. I would not recommend to pay anything more than 20k for this car..
  • bluedevilsbluedevils Posts: 2,554
    Sorry, I thought you were talking about the manual trans Aero... didn't you mention something about the 'base' Aero or 'no options'? Yes, I've heard the auto trans Aero is a LOT slower.

    However, $6000 rebates + employee pricing already is a great deal on these cars. Sure, you aren't really going to negotiate much, if any, below this. But it's already pretty low. There are a lot of hatchbacks and wagons on the market that are put to shame by the 9-2X's overall value at these current prices.

    Sounds like you should be contacting Saab USA if your dealer experiences really have been that terrible. It should not be happening. Sure, a dealer likes to make extra money on pricey worthless add-ons, but once you tell them no-- no means no.
  • cindylucindylu Posts: 6
    I received a quote for an automatic transmission Aero with the cold weather package for $21,275. But the saleslady started with a price of $31,800 before the "employee price" , etc. - which seems high by $2,000 to me. Furthermore, this figure doesn't include sales tax since I'm purchasing from out of state. It seems a little padded. Any opinions?
  • My opinion is that you should check GM's website, or even right here on Edmunds, and arm yourself with the facts rather than the opinions of strangers.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,364
    She might be quoting your price on a hypothetical car... and, coming up with the MSRP on a car that she actually has in stock...

    You might ask her to fax you the info and a copy of the window sticker, so you can see for yourself... Before you commit to an out of state trip..



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  • ronsteveronsteve Posts: 435
    Ignore the bad "sticker price" that was mentioned and go directly to what you're getting it for. The employee price (after rebate) for a base Aero is $19425, and invoice on the auto tranny and cold weather comes to $1790. So that should put you right around that $21200 ballpark, and depending on any other goodies that might be on the car, the quote may be dead on.
  • cindylucindylu Posts: 6
    After getting further information on the "employee discount", as well as all options - the price was indeed high.... by only 75 cents. Bought it.
  • cindylucindylu Posts: 6
    Took delivery of a 9-2x Aero (automatic tranny) today, and after about 10 mins of city driving, took it on the fwy for 50 miles. After turning off the engine, it smelled like oil burning - and white smoke seeped from the hood scoop. After opening the hood, the smoke seemed to come from the rear of the engine on the passenger's side. After further driving, the smell continued when I turned the engine off, but no smoke was detected.

    Was this a factory solvent burning off normally, or should I be concerned?

    ps: I haven't taken it beyond 4000 rpm, but it did get to 90 mph on the highway before the incident occurred. Other than this smoking issue, I'm extremely happy with the car.
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    This seems to be what your initial intuition was -- factory solvent burning off normally. I think most new cars go through this. You do have enough engine oil, in there, right?

    How was the auto Aero, BTW, driving-wise? How do you find the turbo lag? Is it bad or liveable?
  • qbrozenqbrozen Posts: 21,990
    I also agree with your initial assessment. Just make sure all the fluid tanks are at their proper levels and give it a few days of driving to see if it goes away.

    '17 F150 Crew 2.7; '67 Coronet R/T; '14 Town&Country Limited; '09 LR2 HSE. 44-car history and counting!

  • cindylucindylu Posts: 6
    I guess it's the cosmoline that's put on before shipping to prevent surface corrosion during ocean transport. That's what I've been told. Regardless, it hasn't done it today - the smell's not there anymore, either.

    Concerning the automatic - it's not bad at all. It's quicker than our '95 Camry. Once the break-in period is over I'll give it full throttle (right now it's not getting past 4000 rpm. I've not driven the manual, which is surely more spirited off the line - but on the highway this automatic is superb. When passing a car you quickly get up to 90 mph without even realizing it. Our driving is primarily city and Detroit-area highway sprints - so the automatic suits us just fine.

    Overall, I really couldn't be happier with this car. ">
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Thanks for your feedback,Cindy. I'm still contemplating about getting one tomorrow. There's a Satin Grey Auto 9-2X Aero with Cold Package at the closest dealership to me. It's just a matter of what I can get for my trade. If the numbers are right, I may pull the trigger. Lord knows I don't want another car payment (current daily driver was paid off years ago) but the deal is too hard to ignore.
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