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Saab 9-2X Prices Paid and Buying Experience

Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
edited March 2014 in Saab
Shopping for a new 9-2X? How did you do? Share your purchasing experience here!

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  • Can the hosts post the December numbers for MF and residuals used by Saab captive finance for December. Are they the same as GMAC? Just curious. Awful quite discussion thread....
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    This really would not be the place for that. Try Finance or Smart Shopper. Looks like a slow start for this discussion.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    And here's a link to get you on your way:
    Lease Questions - Ask Here

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  • I purchased a 9-2X Aero the week before Christmas from Delaware Saab in Wilmington,DE. Since I knew exactly what I wanted and the price I was willing to pay, the negotiatiations and transaction were painless and simple. December is a great time of year to purchase a car. The week before Christmas was an even better time. The showroom was empty when I walked in and they were very willing to negotiate. If you are driving a Volkswagen, like I was, Saab was offering to deduct $1500 off the list price.
    When all was said and done I ended up paying $26,500 for a loaded $32,000 9-2X Aero. The folks at Delaware Saab were a pleasure to do business with. Timing is everything!
  • skim1114skim1114 Posts: 6
    A dealer in Bangor Maine, Quirk Auto, is selling the 9.2 with 5,000 cash back. Anyone else heard of this?

    It's odd that there isn't much about this car on this forum. I have heard that Saab can't move these because they are so much like Subaru's, so Saab folks don't want them and Subaru folks don't either becasue it's a Saab. Is this true?

    I on the other hand, am willing to take a Saab for the price break. I like the Subaru Impreza but there is no optino for a moon roof...silly, but I'm to used to it not to have one.

    Can anyone give me an idea of why I would or would not take this car over a subaru?

    Also, any advise on cost to get a Saab fixed versus a subaru?
  • mamikemamike Posts: 5
    Yes, GM is offering a $5000 cash incentive or 0% financing on the 9-2x right now. In addition, a Saab dealer informed me that they have an $800 holdback, so most Boston area Saab dealers are offering $6000 off sticker price. If you are a GM Supplier, then you will have additional leverage.

    Check the other 9-2x forums on edmunds for more discussion regarding Subaru vs Saab.

    Saab and Subaru repair costs will depend on where you have your car serviced. It's probably best to call your local dealers to get their labor rates and part costs prior to having any service performed. Trust me, you can save a bit of $$ by shopping around.
  • if1if1 Posts: 11
    Do you know if this $1500 rebate for VW owners is still valid?

  • tsctsc Posts: 1
    How does $18.8k + TTL sound for a linear with a moonroof?
  • if1if1 Posts: 11
    18.8 souunds alright- I was quoted 18,500 for same model, but it was a demo with about 5k on the clock.
  • if1if1 Posts: 11
    Saw online a dealer in NH that has these two deals on new 9 2x's

    - Linear-manual-list 24,285 sale 17,399

    - Arc manual- list 30,195 sale 22,663

    Seems pretty good, anyone see better? I might pull the trigger if I can find a comparable deal.
  • It wasn't a rebate. It was more of an incentive tied to the list price.I'm not sure if it's still in effect. Ask the dealer's salesperson. However,I've seen better and newer offers being rolled out like $5000 off list.
  • saablimesaablime Posts: 7
    Hi folks. I've been reading with interest the comments and experiences of this particular forum. I have a couple of questions regarding the 9-2X. First, I'm angling for a manual, base model at around $17,400. My local dealer balked, but a dealer about 90 miles from my home said he could "get close." My concern is depreciation. As I told my local dealer, "yeah, the $5000 is great, but you're still not selling the car for $17,900. So, what's it worth when I drive it off the lot?" I've also discovered that Saab has a huge inventory of 9-2X's.

    My goal is to get the car +TTL for $18k. Would I be a fool to turn down such an offer for the base model? Or, am I being too much of a scrooge?
  • saablimesaablime Posts: 7
    Oh well, nevermind. The closest anyone will come to $18K is 18,635 (sales tax is about 540)-- so $18,100 is the lowest they will go.
  • bgroffbgroff Posts: 4
    So what's the end of the story? Did you go through with the deal? What was your drive off costs? I'm in the process right now myself!
  • saablimesaablime Posts: 7
    I picked it up Saturday. I was out the door at $18,100. I got it for about $17,400. I'm thrilled. The car is great!!! Other than the initial test-drive, I did all the negotiation via email. The process was touch-and-go for a while, but it worked out well. The dealership treated me exceptionally well when I entered the showroom Saturday morning.

    Good luck!
  • bgroffbgroff Posts: 4
    Congrats on the new car purchase! It seems like it worked out in your favor. I've been suprised how smoothly negotiations have been. I guess the Saab folks really want to get those things off their lots!
  • From what I been reading here on the forums Saab is offering much better deals than the $1500 of December 2004. Hopefully you were able to take advantage of the $5000 discount in March. Who knows, maybe you can parlay the VW $1500 deal & the March $ 5000 together with some bare knuckle negotiating and you could drive home a popular packaged Aero for around $22K. Good Luck!
  • dmcgoydmcgoy Posts: 3
    What's the current rebate? Carsdirect says it is 4500. But I'm seeing other numbers like 5000 and 5500. Thanks!
  • saablimesaablime Posts: 7
    I got about $5500 (I think), plus about 1% of holdback. GM is bleeding and use that leverage. My spiel was simple: I like the car (I don't love it), and if the deal is right, I'll buy it. As of about March 1, Saab had about 376 days worth of 9-2x inventory. It's a buyer's market.
  • dmcgoydmcgoy Posts: 3
    So did you get MSRP - 5500 or Invoice - 5500? A dealership offered me right off the bat 17.8k + Taxes and Tags for a manual base linear. Is that in the right range or can I move them any lower?
  • dougfmdougfm Posts: 1
    Its $4500 cash back from Saab (as per what msn auto shows) and an additional $1000 for the GM "hotbutton"
  • dmcgoydmcgoy Posts: 3
    Sorry for my stupidity, but what's the GM "hotbutton"? Is everyone eligible for it?
  • saablimesaablime Posts: 7
    My goal was to get out the door (TTL) for $18K. I ended up at $18,100. Taxes were about $520. The deal was written up for $17,100 but the purchase order had the $359 for administrative fees and then about $89 TTL. I didn't care how they wrote it up. You can probably haggle down a couple hundred dollars. My dealer refused my first 2 $18K out the door offers. Finally, I emailed the dealership with the $18,100 offer and said this is the final offer. If you can meet it, call me this evening and get the car ready for pickup tomorrow. If not, thanks for your help... They called and made the deal.

    Good luck.
  • It's GM's attempt to get warm bodies into the showrooms so the salesforce can have a prayer of getting a "live" one lathered up to make a purchase. In actuality it's mostly going to get "tire kickers" who want to get a shot at a free car when they push the Onstar button in the winning vehicle(s).
    I don't think that Pontiac is having any problems getting buyers and prospects into the showrooms especially since they PRESOLD the first 1,000 Solstice roadsters in TEN minutes!!!
    As far as Hotbutton eligibility goes you should be as eligible as the next person.
  • saablime, thanks for sharing your experience.

    How much is the MSRP of your new 9-2x? I am looking forward to buying one 9-2x soon.

  • Please, PLEASE tell me you purchased a Linear and not an Aero for $18K.
    Congrats & much luck with your new ride anyway.

  • saablimesaablime Posts: 7
    MSRP on the base Linear is $22,990. You need to add the shipping charge of $695 for a total of $23,645. Remember though, the lower the price the lower the taxes. Since they wrote it up for $17,100, my taxes were reasonable.

    And yes, it is indeed a LINEAR!
  • neo1neo1 Posts: 4
    If I wanted to lease 9-2X, how much would my monthly payment be? Based on the final price of $17,100. Thanks.
  • cohenfivecohenfive Posts: 85
    i think rebates (including hotspot) are up to $7000 now. i've heard a couple people being offering at least $8k off a loaded aero (msrp $32-33k). happy hunting.
  • rick77grick77g Posts: 8
    I just got a linear with no options for 15,000.
    GM employee discount of 1800, Saab rebate 4,500, GM hot button cash 1,000 and GM employee cash bonus of 1,000, and 300 reimbursement for airfare to pick it up. That is an unbelievable price for the car.
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