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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • I've been reading this forum for the past month and I finally decided to take the plunge into a new RL. After I read yesterday's posts about the 2006 model changes I decided I'm not interested in the new technology package so I'm looking for a good deal on an '05. I've sent out internet requests to various dealers in Eastern PA, Northern NJ, and DC metro area (where I travel to on business regularly). Lowest number is coming from Pohanka in DC of $44,900. I know I've seen lower numbers posted here. I don't mind driving a few hours from home (northeastern PA) to pick up the best deal. Any suggestions or thoughts on deals for less than Pohanka's offer? My next step is to use Pohanka's number to get some inter-dealership bidding going to see if a truly lower price is available out there.

  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    As posted earlier, both Marin & Sonoma county Acura dealers are offering leases in the $495 to $559 range. Total off the lot is gonna run between $4,500 to $5,000. Given their inventory, me thinks you might be able to improve these figures a little.
  • taitandotaitando Posts: 17
    Just wanted to share this with everyone here.

    Vehicle: 2005 RL
    Nighthawk Black/Parchment Interior
    Dealer demo w/ 4880 miles
    Rear Spoiler
    Wood Shift Knob
    All Season Mats
    Chrome Wheels

    MSRP $49,470
    Purchase $41500
    Acquisition/Bank fee $595
    City Tax $3.26
    Title/License $332.00
    CA Tire Tax $8.75
    Doc Fee $45.00
    1st Month $608.89
    No Security deposit

    Total Drive Off $997.90
    Monthly Payments $608.89 (includes tax)

    I was initially concerned since the car had almost 5k miles on it. But after factoring all the options with this car (i.e. chrome wheels), I thought, oh what the heck?!? Especially since this is a lease and not a purchase. Other than that, I've asked for a thorough inspection and updates for the latest technical service bulletins. Money factor came to .00245 with no security deposit. I think it would have been .00235 if I paid one. Residual is $27,823.5 (56%). I haven't signed anything yet, what do you guys think?
  • jsmaz1jsmaz1 Posts: 16
    Great site for comps:

    So, you are rolling just the Acq/Bank fee into the lease? So your cap cost is technically $41,500 + $595 ($42,095)? What tax rate are you using?

    I dont mind a few miles on a vehicle, provided its checked out and is in great shape. It probably allowed for the original owner/dealer to take care of some of the misc. issues already and the car is probably good to go at this point.

    Personally, I've just started to search for my vehicle. I'm comparing BMW, Audi, Infiniti, Acura and Lexus models---trying to wait until October but the itch seems to be getting the best of me. I'm leaning for the deal on the RL since it has some great features and is sorta "under the radar." It's a little much when you pull up to a client site in a pulling up in an Acura is less in the face, but still right there in quality and features etc...

    In any case, I am seeking to lease an RL out the door at $600 or less tax included---with no more than $1500 out of pocket to get going (which would include the first payment and some misc. items). Your deal seems fine to me, do you think my deal is realistic? If so, then you have to weigh that against what you are offered and make a decision between them.

    Either way, $600 or so, for a flagship vehicle with all the bells and whistles is good by my estimatation, provided that little money out of pocket up front, enough miles are included and the little intangible items are covered.

    Let me know your thoughts on my question/comments above...I'll check the posts. Everyone else please chime in with insight.
  • Update from PA. I have the DC dealership down to $44,000. Dealer closer to home has bottomed out at $44,500. Now, is it worth a 4 hour drive to DC to save the $500? Trying to factor into the decision the higher per hour service cost the local dealership charges if you didn't buy the car from them. I'm getting close here and I can smell the new car aroma now. Thanks again for your trusted input.
  • One of the lower deals I was quoted during my search was from Ryan's Open Road Acura in East Brunswick, NJ. ($44,750) Their internet rep was very courteous and prompt in responding to my requests. Hope this helps.
  • birdbirdbirdbird Posts: 63
    The best offer out my way on leasing a new RL seems to be something like 599.00 per month, 2,600 down, 12,000 miles per year, closed end lease. All costs like licensing, etc. included. Doesn't sound too bad, do ya think? But I must ad that this is just talk and is not based on an actual deal or anything that's firm. Does anyone think waiting 'till October will make much of a difference and how much difference?
  • jsmaz1jsmaz1 Posts: 16
    As per the purchasing a vehicle from a different city, I recently did that for my Lexus GX470 and service locally is no different from if I bought it there. I think the dealerships dont even communicate between the service and sales departments; and that they are happy to be making the $$ from the services. Just my opinion and experience on that, but it could be different in other cities.

    I wonder if that $599 includes tax? From the previous posts that Acura had a $2500 incentive through July I am guessing that the dealers were just pocketing that and selling the vehicle at the lowest price that I've seen around $44,500.

    I really just want to lease, but know that October and the new models are around the corner so am keeping my fingers crossed that either Acura will offer another incentive, with spice up their current incentive or that the dealers will want to move their cars in late August September. A lot of people say that there will be less selection the closer you get to the new model...I agree to a point, but that seems to also be the best deals and I've had really good luck in finding my exact model then too.

    Does anybody know exactly when the 2006 RL's are supposed to arrive? That would be great information to know.
  • birdbirdbirdbird Posts: 63
    I am amazed at how low the leases some people are reporting for 2005 RL. Especially the large number of miles included. Is it dealer or manufacturer that foots the bill for mileage?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 63,183
    It looks dirt cheap to me...


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  • taitandotaitando Posts: 17
    I also used's calculator. It was a great help in figuring out the figures. And yes, the only item that I rolled into the cap cost was the acquisition fee. Which I think is standard everywhere, bringing my total cap cost to $42,095 ($41,500 + $595). My sales tax is 7.25%. I live in the Sacramento area, but I have an address in zip 95340 :P . Otherwise my tax would be 7.75%.

    Jeremy, you mentioned attempting a deal of $600 or less per month w/ total out of pocket not being more than $1500. I think you can do it, but it might involve using some of that $1500 as a cap cost reduction. My out of pocket is almost $1000 (TTL, and 1st month), while you have about $500 more to play with. Anyhow, they were pretty firm about the money factor, and I researched Car_man's lease forum for sometime before negotiating.

    I also researched some of the car's you mentioned, and was leaning a lot towards the A6. I wanted AWD, but I guess the thing that tipped the scales for me was all the gadgets and technology on the RL. I realize that such tech is more prone to issues, but I'll take my chances. The performance isn't too shabby either, as the RL has had many favorable reviews in comparison tests. Edmunds comparo being the latest :) That plus the discount being offered seemed to be the clincher for me. It was either a base A6, or a fully loaded RL. Euro appeal aside, I decided to go Japanese.

    Anyhow, I pitted two dealerships in a bidding war here in Sacramento. Niello Acura versus Elk Grove Acura. Guess what? They both went down to the $41,500 mark. Niello had the dealer demo, while Elk Grove offered a brand new car with only 14 miles. The only reason why I decided to go with the dealer demo from Niello was because it was optioned with a rear spoiler, all season mats, wood shift knob, and chrome wheels. Elk Grove didn't have one with such options. Added together these options retail for $2000+. So, in sacrificing some mileage, I ended up with a car loaded to the gills. I'll be taking delivery today, impressions of the vehicle to come later. Thanks for the feedback in this forum. And folks, please post your deals to help others! Details, details, details...
  • jsmaz1jsmaz1 Posts: 16
    Thanks for that post! Did your final negotiated price include any Acura Manufacturer money? I read that there was $2500 available through July---is that when you purchased?

    I guess what I am getting at is trying to determine if the $41,500 was really $44,000 minus the money from Acura. So could that $41,500 be repeated now? I am, at this point, really wanting to go with the RL for the same reasons as you.

    Thanks for your response!
  • taitandotaitando Posts: 17
    I can't actually say that the deal included the $2500 manufacturer money, since I never really brought it up. :blush: I came to the $41,500 figure by looking at some of the prices on this forum and by taking a chance by just pitching it to the dealers. I thought to myself, "So what if they say no? If I don't ask, it's automatically a no isn't it?" So, I began negotiating on 8/1/05, realizing it was the last day of Acura's RL lease special. Then it was back and forth between the 2 dealerships until Wednesday. Mind you this all took place by e-mail, so there really was no inconvenience to me. At first, Elk Grove Acura was surprised and asked where I got the figure from, citing that the vehicle was invoiced at $44k. When I told them that Niello Acura had accepted my offer, they immediately matched it, but wanted me to come in that very night to take delivery. Anyhow, $41,500 is still very possible for the month August. For folks wanting to lease, remember, that as model year winds down, money factors usually increase, while residuals decrease.
  • sgl1sgl1 Posts: 34
    "Update from PA. I have the DC dealership down to $44,000. Dealer closer to home has bottomed out at $44,500. Now, is it worth a 4 hour drive to DC to save the $500?"

    I personally don't think it's worth the $500 to make the trip. It's probably not a good idea to put that many highway miles on the car right off the bat. Most car manufactures want you to break the car in with variable speeds - in city driving, not highway. Plus, usually your local dealer will offer a free oil change or two. . .

    Good luck, you'll love the car!
  • vas2vas2 Posts: 5
    stevens creek acura in San Jose
  • I just have to tell you how happy I am with the Ryan Auto Group. I bought my RL from the wayne store, and have only GREAT things to say about it. My second acura; my wife is on her third--I've referred about 10 deals to them and all are happy people

    Rod Ryan and his auto group have done well and my thinking is they will have a great future.

    best of luck with your RL--I truly love mine

  • I stopped at the dealership this afternoon to check out the serial numbers on the remaining RL's on the lot. Of the nine remaining, six have serial numbers above 18,000; two are between 10,000 and 11,000; and one is 5402. Wouldn't you know it, number 5,402 is the color combo I want (black with parchment). My question is, how concerned should I be about buying such an early model? Build date looks to be last fall, perhaps September or October. I did notice that the other eight cars all have color-matched wheel splash guards, while the one I want, number nine, does not. Were wheel splash guards added later on as factory equipment? If the dealer adds the splash guards, won't it look obvious as an add-on? Are the dealer ones color-matched? much for controling my anal retentiveness.
  • birdbirdbirdbird Posts: 63
    Can anyone else say what the cost of their Acura RL lease has been in August? Or, any quotes from dealers and location? I mean including tax and everything? There is apparently 2,500.00 dealer cash available from acura to reduce the capitalized cost of a lease.
  • jsmaz1jsmaz1 Posts: 16
    It took me less than 24 hours to close on my '05 RL from my local dealership. Read the last couple of months posts as they are pretty accurate and you should be able to get close to your desired amount. I would shoot for $600 per month with as little out of pocket as possible up front, 15k, 36 mo. etc.
  • I bought my RL in Dec; the dealer included the splash guards---they were perfect in color match and functionality. My advice is ---don't sweat this stuff

  • shs111shs111 Posts: 39
    May I ask a dumb question? Where is the serial number? Trailing numbers of the VIN?
  • As I posted earlier, the trailing serial number of my first choice is 05402. The newer cars on the lot range from 10724 through 21202.
  • mrbluemrblue Posts: 3
    Last week I closed on a lease in Mission Viejo, CA. I negotiated the cap cost (purchase price) to $42,700 on a fresh-off-the-boat carbon gray/taupe RL (6 miles on it). Residual was 59%, money factor was .00240, and drive-offs were around $1640 (I forget the precise number). Total payment, including 7.75% tax, is $587 per month on a 12K per year, 36 mo. lease. It's a great car, and I'm very happy with this deal.
  • sms5sms5 Posts: 2
    I have noted some postings telling about lease deals on new (05) RLs, but what about outright purchase prices? One dealer (Chicago area) told me that I can probably get about $3500 off the list -- making the price about $46,000. Can I expect to get closer to the $44,000 (invoice) or even lower, or is that just open for lease plans? Can anyone give information about recent actual purchase prices?

  • mrbluemrblue Posts: 3
    The purchase price for the car should not differ as between a lease and a purchase. Just as in a purchase, a leasing customer must negotiate a purchase price for the car, which becomes the "capitalized cost." The method of payment operates independently from the price the dealer receives for the vehicle, and those payment terms should be negotiated separately from the purchase price. In a lease, the leasing company, be it Honda Financial or an independent bank, is the entity that ultimately "purchases" the car from the dealer, whereas in a customer purchase, it is the customer, or the customer's financing bank, that purchases the car. In both cases, the dealer is receiving a purchase price for the vehicle, so it really does not matter whether you are leasing or buying as far as the purchase price goes.

    The only thing that might make a difference in the selling price in a lease vs. an outright purchase is if the manufacturer is offering a cash incentive to the customer to buy or lease. If I'm not mistaken, Acura's $2500 dealer cash is available whether or not you buy or lease. Make sure you let the dealer know it is available, however. My dealer's leading offer was only $1000 below sticker. When I mentioned the dealer cash issue and the fact that prices are widely being reported on forums like this one that are at or below invoice, my dealer quickly dropped their asking price to below invoice. And, as I mentioned in my prior post, my final price was well below invoice.

    Bottom line is that you should be able to get invoice or below, and $46K is way too much to pay. I suspect that price will fluctuate by market, but there are a lot of dealers out there who are willing to apply some hefty discounts to these great cars.
  • birdbirdbirdbird Posts: 63
    I'm still seeing a total rolled in payment of $650.00 per month on leasing a 2005 Acura RL, tax included, but not licensing, 12,000 miles. 36 months. How are you guys getting the 15,000 miles thrown in? Are you paying extra for them?

    Also, anybody know when the 2006s are arriving at the dealerships and will that make a difference on 2005 lease prices?
  • birdbirdbirdbird Posts: 63
    Oops, I meant to make this a new posts.

    I'm still seeing a total rolled in payment of $650.00 per month on leasing a 2005 Acura RL, tax included, but not licensing, 12,000 miles. 36 months. How are you guys getting the 15,000 miles thrown in? Are you paying extra for them?
    Also, anybody know when the 2006s are arriving at the dealerships and will that make a difference on 2005 lease prices?
  • acura4acura4 Posts: 4

    Not sure what part of the country you are in.... but in NJ I was able to pick up a lease for 36 months, 18000 miles per year for 619 per month. That number includes tax, etc. I only paid out of pocket first month, acquistion fee, and license fee. Total out of pocket was 1470. I had a great experience at Clinton Acura in Clinton NJ. I know one other person on this forum mentioned them also.... and they got a 25k per year lease for a great price also, I think.

  • msonimsoni Posts: 2
    I live in Central NJ, and was able to get the following lease price on a '05 RL:

    $539/month (taxes included), 15k miles, 36 months, $2450 down (includes inceptions and an extra $800 or so).

    I didn't take the plunge yet, since I was trying to get the extra 800 off on the down payment. Does this sound like a good deal as is, or should I insist on getting that 800 off too?

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