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  • Of course dealer made a profit. My point is that there are dealers willing to discount RL's from MSRP- at least in NJ.

    We ended up purchasing a vehicle that we loved for $1500 less than what most are paying for the exact same car. A car is worth what the market will bear, and we feel like we got an excellent deal at this time. Quite frankly, I don't really care what the dealer is making as a profit here. If he can sell the car at this or a higher price (and wouldn't sell it for a dime cheaper), what sense is it for us to worry about his side? If people are concerned with dealer profit on "hot" cars that have been released within the past few weeks, they will end up with another vehicle.
  • I traded in my 2001 BMW 530i for a 2005 RL. I drove the '05 Audi A6 4.2 and found it was a step down from the 530i. It had less road feel and you felt every bump in the road. The RL handles great, has more than adequate power and is much less costly than a comparable A6 or 530i.
  • Bought one last week after test driving everything under the sun. The looks aren't a 10/10, but I spend most of my time in the car. And the interior is stellar. One minor complaint so far is a little rattle noise under the driver seat, going in to have it fixed.

    Paid $1000 under MSRP at Serramonte in the Bay Area. Shopped around a lot, they were the best deal and very polite. They seem to have a good flow of cars coming in as well.

    Very happy with it so far coming out of my MB C class!
  • toad2toad2 Posts: 9
    Does anybody know of a dealer in the mid-Atlantic (MD, VA, PA, DE, NJ) that's willling to make a below MSRP deal on an '05 RL? Any information would be appreciated.
  • bobb1bobb1 Posts: 22
    Glad to find you. Am very interested in your opinion on the Redondo Red - how is the color? Rich, Deep, Just Red, Brilliant, Snazzy or what. I just ordered one with Parchment interior. I got a couple of years on ya - 58 - and just decided that I was getting old and wanted them to see me coming so ordered red... your opinion appreciated - you may reply directly to [email protected] Thanks in advance....
  • hadhad Posts: 32
    I have and MDX 2003 in this color. I love it. I also, someday and soon will see a white 2005 RL? Lost in transit?
  • hadhad Posts: 32
    See next posts.

    This red is great, I have and MDX in it. W/Parchment and you will love it!
  • hadhad Posts: 32

    I test drove this car and it is awesome, go to the dealers and they have one to demo.

    Test drive it!

     The DECdec./2004 Car and Driver Mag and they are very up on this car.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Thanks for sharing your dealer and area. It helps other people on the board make informed decisions!
  • I'm interested in the RL and live in NJ, would you mind disclosing the name of the dealer or dealers that discount off sticker? Appreciate the help.
  • I purchased an RL recently. While I did not get anything off the MSRP I was able to get a few 'extras', a wood shift knob [no big deal] and an extended warranty for 7 years, 100,000 miles. The warranty normally costs around $1,000. This was important to me since I generally keep a car that long. Also, while I have owned Acuras since 1986 and found them very reliable, I have some conerns about all the technology in the RL, most of which is fairly new. This makes me feel more comfortable. I bought from Cerriots Acura [through their Internet Purchasing Department]. Two other high volumne dealers would not match the warranty portion of the deal. They said, "We don't have to discount the car to sell it. If you can make that deal go ahead.". I did.
  • I just purchased the 05 Acura RL in New York City and was able to work a deal for four (4) accessories at zero ($0) cost. The accessories were the Wood Steering Wheel, Wood Shift Knob, Floor Mats, and Splash Guards - total value of $941.00. The car's MSRP was at list ($48,900) and delivery at $570.00. Car is new, not dealer "test" unit.

    The deal on the accessories happened either by honest mistake or a planned "bait & switch" tactic gone wrong. I configured the car via the Acura website, then submitted a quote request to the local dealer. They responded with a quote equal to the car list & delivery...nothing extra for accessories. I sent a reply email outlining the deal again and they confirmed. I checked 5 other dealers with the same approach and all responded with list prices for car and accessories.

    The dealer insisted I come in for a test drive and talk. When I did, the email contact was out sick (unknown story), and the sales manager greeted me, then introduced me to another salesman who would work with me. He did the work up again and stated all prices were list - no discounts. When I presented the on-line quote he stated it was a mistake because my contact was there only 3 weeks. When I produced copies of the email correspondence, he took it to his manager. More protests from the dealer, but I questioned them about a "bait & switch" impression. I'm also in sales and told them so. The back and forth finally resulted in them insisting that I had to pay installation charges on the items, but that they would honor the situation.

    Does this sound like a legitimate mistake made by a new employee? Would they put a new employee on internet sales for quotes or just to get the lead into the showroom? I think the later. Most people may not have protested as I did.

    The leason learned - deals can be had. Use any means possible and come prepared to argue. I also had open so the salesman could see my detailed excel spreadsheet showing Acura, Audi, Lexus, BMW, and Infiniti comparison info, so that he knew I had done my homework and I was dealing for a close. Should have the car in 2 weeks. My choice - Opulent Blue Pearl - an all-around winner.

    By the way, it will be my third Acura. The first one lasted for 245,000 miles (Legend) and then sold it (new customer happy). The second will go with 210,000 miles (donating to charity). Not a problem with either one.
  • carnaughtcarnaught Desert SWPosts: 2,809
    From the sound of it, I too believe you were the victim of the old "bait and switch". Glad you held them to it.

    Good luck with the new car; sounds like a beauty. Please give us your impressions when you get it.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Thanks for the information. The dealer sounded suspect to me also. Glad you persisted, and WOW you should be on a commercial for Acura! SOunds like you have had GOOD luck with them. Enjoy and thanks again for sharing.
  • Acura is a fine automobile, and as written in 'Smart Money', 'Automobilemag' and 'Smart Money' all have a commoninality, that of a vehicle which was in long need of some sprucing up and re-styling, but not about the quality of the car, only the staid and stale image since it led the Japanese into the uncharted waters of Luxury automobiles.

         As a guy with some Marketing background, and having owned a few cars, including a 2003 TL, as well as a German Cab, I love the car, but feel it is over-priced!

         Overpriced, but why? The RL is trying to regain a position lost, because the LS400 is more expensive does not create a price vacuum that is there to be filled, the Q-45 technologically and engineering wise is a great car, but doesn't sell, why? Cosmetics. Because one says Acura will compete with the German cars, does not by itself make it a fact, as there is still an undercurrent that goes with image, cache, etc. that quality by itself does not overcome.

         We too, were invited to a Dealer Event, but chose not to take the hook, why show an interest, enhance their self esteem and lower one's bargaining power? My main gripe, is about the Navigation System, M-Radio etc, these are bells and whistles that if one approaches from a 'Feature-Benefit' perspective, there is no benefit derived if the 'Feature' has no value to the prospective purchaser. At $45,000.00 the car is a great value and would sell, however to think that 'Boomer's' are going to trade down for more 'tech' is a mistake, this is not a Gen-X car in style, demand or reality.

         Without the above options and some wiggle room, as we got on our 2003 TL, I would have bought, but without this, there is no reason to invest $50K + on a vehicle, Acura, re-build the demand, and slowly raise the price, the car will maintain value, introducing later this year minus Navigation and M-RADIO only erodes purchaser's investment.

         I too, am sorry for the length, but I too, feel better, as Acura does not have an Internet 'Contact us' option.
  • mevandemevande Posts: 190
    Hello All,
    The local two dealers had two RL's each (unsold). As always they told me to come in and they would discuss a deal. I know it would be MSRP. I am willing to wait initial "interest" period is over. The dealer cost is approx. 43k and change. They are making huge markup with the MSRP set at 49K.

  • hadhad Posts: 32
    I have a Red/Parchment 2003 MDX and I (we) love it.
    Also ada a pair of black and white 2000 Rls. You will really like the colors and interior match.

    So, I now have a 2005 RL White with parchment. It is awesome! Ride, interior, sound sysem, handling, etc. The technology set up is rather overwhelming but hang in there. I spent 3 hours just hanging out with the car reading the manual and experimenting. It prove to be worth it. I got the GPS, Voice recoginition, seat (climate, etc) and other fequres progrqmed.

    Bewst of all is the ride.

    Red is wonderful, I would have picked it if I did not have it alredy
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,324
    I feel exactly the same way. I don't need navigation or satellite radio. All these included bells and whistles is stuff I will not use but must pay for. No way!
  • toad2toad2 Posts: 9
    When I was first considering the RL I was told that the price was MSRP only and that all vehicles were "pre-sold" for months. I have noticed that some dealers in my area now have several unsold RL's sitting on their storage lots. (Not at the dealership).

    Perhaps the RL will not be such a strong seller as the dealers originally predicted. Do you think that the price has now softened? Anyone getting deals $1,000 to $1,500 under MSRP?
  • satiresatire Posts: 71
    Hey Bobb:

    Sorry for not getting back to you sooner. Color is very subjective so I really don't want to recommend anything. Just stated that to me it was damn nice. But as has been pointed out, it is the same red used on the MDX and I believe the TL has it too.

    Besides, one color can look great on a specific car and really suck on another. You need to see it on the RL.

    At the San Francisco Auto Show this week, Acura had three RLs on display. Dark blue and both of the "silver" colors. The cars were generating a lot of interest.

    A couple of the other comments got me to thinking. Why not do with the RL what Honda does with the Accord? Offer three or four levels of equipment. While I loved the fact the RL had a computer about as powerful as the one I have at home, I could easily live in the car without voice recognition and the navigation system. I've no interest in the satellite radio either. Plus I'd be perfectly happy with the 275 horsepower, front wheel drive system like that on the TL. Cut some of those things and I'll bet an "LX" RL could sell for under $40K. Now that I might just buy.
  • bobb1bobb1 Posts: 22
    Got it last Wed at 3pm, at 5:47 got rear-ended!!!! at a stop sign. OUCH!!!! but good news was that it was slow sppeed - about 3 MPH and No damage. Had it in to the dealer on Fri, up on the rack and not one --- yes ---- not one clip out of place or disturbed......!!!!!!!!
    Otherwise a wonderful car. Did pay msrp and bought a few goodies but got rid of a 1991 Suburban - so first new car in years and I did not mind. Love everything about the car and my wife keeps asking why we have cd's with the XM. Will be taking a 2500 mile trip and will utilize navagation extensively - will report on other forum about problems etc....Additional notes - bluetooth works great with the Sony phone, had issues with onstar but they were carrier related and not the car. Enjoy these forums -- keep it up folks,
  • larry6larry6 Posts: 26
    Hi Folks,

       I have been following this forum for the past several weeks as well as the consumer rating page accessible from the Edmunds' Home Page. So far there have been only 12 owners who completed the rating of the 05 RL. Eleven of these provide outstanding ratings for the 05 RL while 1 rater was quite negative. Meanwhile, so many of you have been writing about how much you enjoy the new RL...I have been curious as to why so many of you have not completed the Consumer rating page (which does not appear to have changed for the past two weeks). At the moment, with the 12 reviews.... Consumers are rating it an average of 8.8. Too bad Edmunds does not also publish the median rating (i.e., 50% of the ratings are above the median score and 50% below this score). With only a few ratings, one severely negative score (or of course a severely positive score) can easily skew the ratings in one direction or the other. So those of you who love or hate your 05 RL can take advantage of a wonderful opportunity to quantiatively (there is also room for comments) express your opinion in a fashion that can be easily aggregated so as to better inform others -- of owner opinion. I would hope that many of us -- would take advantage of this opportunity to be helpful to others who are considering purchasing the 05 RL. Of course, should I purchase this vehicle - over which I am currently lusting... I promise to follow my own advice in terms of the ratings.... So, if you are interested in this process -- go to NEW CARS...find the Acura 05 RL.... and look around for the opportunity to offer your own well as read the ratings of others. Happy trails.
  • Good suggestion. However, I did a review this morning and it still doesn't appear on the page. Any ideas as to why?

    I couldn't figure out why the negative rater even bought an RL to begin with. From his review I can't imagine he was even happy with the test drive.
  • I would be interested in hearing more of your impressions of the driving experience of your RL compared to the 530i. I have a 2002 BMW 530i w/ sport package coming off lease in February. I am not enamored with the new 5 series styling nor the price increase. I also would like all wheel drive which is not yet available on the 5 series sedans. I was told that the 525 and 530i will have all wheel drive option within the year - at what cost though? - my local dealer told me months ago that 20 people have put deposits on them (if you believe that).

    I just bought an MDX for my wife and had a good experience with the dealer. Noticed the RL while I was there . I like the looks and technology (toys) but have reservations about losing what I love most about my BMW ... the way it feels and drives.
  • I am enjoying driving the 05 RL. It drives as well as the non-sport 01 530i I traded in for it. It handles better in high speed turns due to the SHAWD. The ride is stiffer though and on some bad roads you feel the bumps more. The RL navigation system is very much better than the one on the 530. The Bose system sounds much better than the premium sound I had on the 530i. I am looking forward to driving on snow to see how well the AWD handles.
  • lee_wlee_w Posts: 239
    Not sure? Try again.
  • I was going to, then I noticed that a number of older ratings were posted the next day - there were 12 rating posted when I completed mine, none after 11/1. Then the next day, another nine appeared - dated during the first two weeks of November. So, it appears there's a lag time in posting them.
  • My local dealer wants $49,470 + taxes. He will throw in mud flaps, floor mats, trunk liner, & gold package(wheels and emblems) but that's it. Anyone getting any better deals? He has no inventory and says all on order are sold but the sooner I place my order the sooner I get my RL.
  • Tell him to include a rear spoiler...It looks good.

    Or simply wait until Spring 2005 and get it for $1000 or less over invoice. Too much competition out there. This MSRP thing will not last for more than 6 months.

  • This morning, a bunch more reviews, including mine, just appeared. I posted mine 12/1 and it finally appeared eight days later! It's strange there's such a delay.
  • I live in south florida, Delray beach area, I have yet to see one on the road. Went to the local dealer and found 8 on the lot. I am not so sure they are selling as quickly as they make you think. I believe people are waiting for the new Infiniti M and Lexus GS. I know i am. For almost 50k I need a car that will move a little better than my current TL which is 0-60 in about 7.2. The new M45 will do this in about 5.7 with a V-8 and 340 ponies for about 50K also. I was at a dealer and they expect the car in around March or early April. The price i was told is a base M35 will be in the mid to high 30's while theM45 will start in the mid to high 40's. It seems worth the wait to me as the pics of the new Infiniti are very nice, and I expect the new GS to also draw alot of interest. I think Acura will have to discount heavily in the future and sell in the mid 40's, maybe around 45K to compete. At 50K it seems a bit high IMO.
  • cove148cove148 Posts: 117
    Live in Dallas, the dealer closes to me has a bunch on the lot, my salesman has called me twice and said come on in, the sales manager is willing to cut the price....
  • r2917r2917 Posts: 67
    I think you posted that in the wrong thread. This is a thread for people who actually bought the car.


    BTW the car is a heck of a deal at 50K compared to its competititon. I for one dont care much about 0-60 times and would never buy a LUXURY car based on that figure. I buy luxury cars on the well, LUXURY of the car and sure enough, the RL is very luxurious and it also has awesome handling. As for 0-60, the RL can do it in 6.5 which is pretty good for a 4000 pound VS powered car. If I go by your line of thinking, the M45 won't be worth it since you can get a new TL that can do the run in less than 6 seconds so for the M45s 50k+ price it should be a lot faster, no?:)


    It will take a lot for the new M and GS to better the RL in the all around package category and even if they do, the RL is not a "bit high" in price. You want a "bit high" in price? Go price out a Benz E320 4matic and see how it costs 15 grand more than the RL. That is a "bit high":)


    Oh and you do know that the M35 and GS300 will probably be slower in acceleration than the RL right? It is silly to compare the M45 and GS430 to the RL simply because they will probably cost a few grand more than 50 when loaded up...and both won't have AWD which is a big feature of the RL that many got the car for. As for the M35 starting in high 30s...why compare a car's base price to one that is fully loaded? If the RL had a base model it'd probably be high 30s/low 40s. It seems people seem to totally ignore the fact the car is LOADED. The M35 AWD when similarily equipped to the RL will probably be around the same price, maybe a teense less or maybe a teense more. I do feel of all the cars in this segment, the M35 should come close to equaling or maybe bettering the RL in the "total package" (price, features, handling, luxury, etc) category and if it does, I say congrats to Infiniti because that will be one heck of a car. On the other hand, I think the GS will fall short but I do hope it proves me wrong.


    Having said all that, Acura may have to start discounting the car simply to get higher sales because people will think it is priced too much because it is an Acura and not a Lexus or Infiniti or BMW or MB rather than actually LOOK at the car that they get and see it is great for its price. People who base prices by badge are IMO very silly.


    Oh and I am a huge Lexus fan and have driven all of their sedans (traded in the IS300 for the RL) and my parents own a loaded LS430

    (my favourite car) that I have driven many times in the past. The new RL is about 90% of the LS430 and in fact betters the car in the overall package area since the RL has much better handling and AWD. So for 50K, the car is a bargain, all things considered.


    Here's hoping Lexus and Infiniti can follow Acura with the new M and GS.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    ... **The price i was told is a base M35 will be in the mid to high 30's while the M45 will start in the mid to high 40's** ...


              I guess if I were your salesperson I would be telling you the same thing, just to keep you on the hook ..l.o.l...


                    The reality is, the M35 V6 AWD will run in and around the $45/$46 range, add the Nav and the tech package and you will be tipping just over the $50k range .. the M45, put the Journey and tech package in and you will be just shy of that $55 zipcode ... I do like the body style and the drivability of it, should do pretty strong in the market, of course I still like the current M45 -- look out "E" class Benz and the new Bimmer 5 ......


                                    Terry :)
  • Just purchased my RL today. Feel very good about the price I negotiated. Used the e-mail blast technique that sends out e-mail messages to 10-12 dealerships around my area. Got the Internet/Fleet Manager's e-mail off the Acura website. My e-mail stated what color I wanted, options I wanted and the fact that I would be purchasing within 2 weeks. Very good response from most of the dealerships. Ended up going with my local dealership. Here's what they offered: Wood Steering Wheel, Wood Shift Knob, Rear deck spoiler, protection package for $48,500 including destination charges.


    I pick the car up on Thursday and will take it directly to a local wheel company that will switch the stock wheels and tires with Yokohama 255/40/19's. The wheel package is TSW Montage which is a 19X8 wheel with a silver finish.


    Should look very nice and I'm receiving a cash credit for the stock tires and wheels (roughly $500).


    Can't wait to start playing around with the set-up and enjoying the ride!
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519


    Wow! They must look awesome. Just hope the ride won't jarr your fillings loose.
  • "Here's what they offered: Wood Steering Wheel, Wood Shift Knob, Rear deck spoiler, protection package for $48,500 including destination charges..."


    This is probably the best deal on an RL so far! Congratulations! What color combo did you get?
  • celestial silver with ebony interior.
  • Interestingly, the sales guy that sold me the car said the same thing. He stated that he was shocked that his sales manager approved the sale, knowing that they have been selling the car for the last couple of months at MSRP. I also had a couple of dealerships mark down the price $2,000 off MSRP. Now's a great time to buy!


    The other comment he made was that sales have been very similar to the 2005 TL when it first came out. Somewhat slow in the beginning, then picking up significantly once the general public saw more of the car on the road and positive reviews started rolling in. It might be wishful thinking, but he felt that with the limited production on the RL (20,000 units in 05) and the ongoing positive reviews, the car might command full MSRP for up to six months. I told him to look out when the new M35/45 and Lexus GS come out..that will definitely be competition for the RL and force more negotiating.
  • I think that the fast approaching introduction of the new Infiniti M and Lexus, a more than adequate supply of RLs at dealers and also some glitches appearing on the SH-AWD system all are contributing to deals well below MSRP already. The SH-AWD problems are probably not widespread but several noted in posts in other section of Edmund's. Most probably not serious although several seem to be more comprehensive and will require parts from Japan not available till mid-January.


    No deep discounts yet but I think 1,000-2,500 off MSRP not out of the question at year end.
  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    .... **but I think 1,000-2,500 off MSRP not out of the question at year end** ...




               During these next 2 weeks of "tumbleweed time" I have a funny feeling that someone somewhere will be able to hook-up a nice RL for a pretty strong discount, especially north of the Mason/Dixon line ....


  • I've now had the new wheel and tire package on for three days and the ride is fabulous! There is very little increase in stiffness of ride, but the handling with the Yokahama's are outstanding...not to mention how much nicer the car looks with a 19" wheel and sportier 255/40's. For those that want a sportier feel and a tremendous upgrade in looks, I would recommend trading in the stock wheels and tires. Not certain if larger wheels will become an issue in snow (I live in SoCal), but the compliments continue to come every day! What a car!
  • First of all, I got mine for $1500 off list, with no BS options I didn't need. I used my company clout to get that. If you want a referral for the the dealership, E mail at [email protected] and I will provide you with an excellent sales rep.

    As far as the car goes, I sold my 97 540i for this car. It is as expected, not as fast...but fast enough for 98% of the driving I do. The all wheel drive system really shows how good it is the faster you take windy roads, and in snow, it is great, except for stopping distances, which is all about the stock tires more than anything else. The steering is lighter that the Bimmer, but provides plenty of feedback. The car is quieter than anything out there, and the stereo is the best of any car. The MP3 capability as well as bluetooth makes this car a hands down winner. The downside? You will not attract much attention without the badge on the front...maybe a good thing. The RL is roomier than the E 39 as well. I would buy fact my wife now wants an MDX, I am half the way there with what I saved over the new 545...Car has been flawless on quality and you will find no better paint job at any price.
  • Did you get the 18's (from the dealer) or something else for your '05 RL?
  • No, the dealership only had one 18" wheel to choose from and I didn't care for it. Besides, they wanted $3,000 just for the wheels. I got my complete package less the trade-in on the stock wheels and tires for $1,400.
  • Over Christmas weekend my local newspaper (Northern California) advertised that all Acuras are discounted to employee pricing (don't know exactly what the means) but it specifically mentioned that the RL is include.
  • Hi there,


    Interested in finding out where you got that great deal! Can you also explain how you received a cash credit for the stock tires and wheels, I was wondering why I would have to pay for 8 sets of rims and tires.


  • Any word about last minute discounts or end-of-the-year pricing?
  • jrozesjrozes Posts: 5
    I picked mine up yesterday with a few extras thrown in for about $1200 under MSRP. This is in Portland, Oregon.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Was it an ad from an Acura dealer? Which dealer was it?
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