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Acura RL Prices Paid and Buying Experience



  • rroyce10rroyce10 Posts: 9,359
    .... **but I think 1,000-2,500 off MSRP not out of the question at year end** ...




               During these next 2 weeks of "tumbleweed time" I have a funny feeling that someone somewhere will be able to hook-up a nice RL for a pretty strong discount, especially north of the Mason/Dixon line ....


  • I've now had the new wheel and tire package on for three days and the ride is fabulous! There is very little increase in stiffness of ride, but the handling with the Yokahama's are outstanding...not to mention how much nicer the car looks with a 19" wheel and sportier 255/40's. For those that want a sportier feel and a tremendous upgrade in looks, I would recommend trading in the stock wheels and tires. Not certain if larger wheels will become an issue in snow (I live in SoCal), but the compliments continue to come every day! What a car!
  • First of all, I got mine for $1500 off list, with no BS options I didn't need. I used my company clout to get that. If you want a referral for the the dealership, E mail at and I will provide you with an excellent sales rep.

    As far as the car goes, I sold my 97 540i for this car. It is as expected, not as fast...but fast enough for 98% of the driving I do. The all wheel drive system really shows how good it is the faster you take windy roads, and in snow, it is great, except for stopping distances, which is all about the stock tires more than anything else. The steering is lighter that the Bimmer, but provides plenty of feedback. The car is quieter than anything out there, and the stereo is the best of any car. The MP3 capability as well as bluetooth makes this car a hands down winner. The downside? You will not attract much attention without the badge on the front...maybe a good thing. The RL is roomier than the E 39 as well. I would buy fact my wife now wants an MDX, I am half the way there with what I saved over the new 545...Car has been flawless on quality and you will find no better paint job at any price.
  • Did you get the 18's (from the dealer) or something else for your '05 RL?
  • No, the dealership only had one 18" wheel to choose from and I didn't care for it. Besides, they wanted $3,000 just for the wheels. I got my complete package less the trade-in on the stock wheels and tires for $1,400.
  • Over Christmas weekend my local newspaper (Northern California) advertised that all Acuras are discounted to employee pricing (don't know exactly what the means) but it specifically mentioned that the RL is include.
  • Hi there,


    Interested in finding out where you got that great deal! Can you also explain how you received a cash credit for the stock tires and wheels, I was wondering why I would have to pay for 8 sets of rims and tires.


  • Any word about last minute discounts or end-of-the-year pricing?
  • jrozesjrozes Posts: 5
    I picked mine up yesterday with a few extras thrown in for about $1200 under MSRP. This is in Portland, Oregon.
  • igibanigiban Posts: 530
    Was it an ad from an Acura dealer? Which dealer was it?
  • Karen,


    Karen, you'll need to call a couple of wheel/tire companies in your market to see if they purchase used tires and wheels. Obviously, you'll get more for the tires if you haven't driven on them. I drove my car directly from the dealership to the tire company, so the tires only had 50 miles on them. I was given $500 for the wheels and tires combined. I got my great deal from the Mission Viejo, CA. dealership and had three other dealerships within the SoCal area calling me to match that deal. Now is the time to buy.
  • alan7alan7 Posts: 17
    I think you have your new RL for 10-12 days now. How do you like this car? I am currently looking for a 2005 RL to buy or lease. I went to 2 local dealerships, and they all ask for list price ($49970) with no free options. I live in central NJ. I think you got a great deal, paying only $48500 including destination charges and 4 options.


    Would you please tell me where you got this deal? Or if anyone in the NJ area knows the best deal offered by the local dealerships? I prefer not to go out too far away to get a deal, unless it really means big savings/bargain.


    By the way, I am the new kid on the block. I can use all the help I can get. If I cannot get the RL at a discount (similar to yours), I am thinking about a 05 Accord EX (the fully loaded one). I stand to save some $22000 and the only things I will miss would be the AWD. Any advice?
  • Just bought a 2005 RL in the NY area for $48,150 including destination and with no added options. Dealer claimed it was the lowest price they had sold the car. Other local dealers were all willing to get pretty close to that price.
  • alan7alan7 Posts: 17
    Hi rl newbie,

    Thanks for the valuable info. At $48150 including destination it sounds a great deal. Do you mind telling me where you purchased your 2005RL? Can I send them an email asking for a free quote? Also, do you like this car? Would you share your driving and ownership experience with us?
  • alan7alan7 Posts: 17
    I placed a FREE QUOTE on the 05 RL to Acura of Ocean earlier today but have not received a response (other than an automatic response) after 12 hours. I then posted #104 on the forum and received news from rl newbie (#105) that he/she just bought a 2005 RL in the New York area for $48,150 including destination. Even though it is $1800 off the list price, I still think it is high. Did anyone pay less than that?


    I am still awaiting for some of you to give me some advice as to wait for the RL to come down more in price or go ahead to buy an 05 Accord EX V6 to save some $22000. Would anyone please help me out by offering some advice? Give some pro's and con's for both cars, please.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    Why not consider the TL? Going from the RL to an Accord, even a fully-loaded one, seems like an awfully big drop.
  • alan7alan7 Posts: 17
    The new TL's interior and trunk spaces are smaller than the Accord with a price tag $7000+ more. The name (Acura) and the look may be better than Accord. Features-wise they are almost identical. I think I can use the extra money saved, knowing fully it would be a step down. Appreciate your advice, bodble2.


    Still have no FREE QUOTE from Acura of Ocean (NJ)after more than 24 hours.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 66,813
    If you don't think the TL is worth $7K more, how could you consider the RL at $22K more?


    I bet Acura of Ocean, NJ has a phone.... and would probably be happy to give you a quote, if you called.


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  • alan7alan7 Posts: 17
    Hi kyfdx,


    I just received an email from a manager of Acura of Ocean. They had a bad accident causing the phones completely off until tomorrow. However, she asked me to give her a competitive price instead of offering me a FREE QUOTE. She also stated they have been selling the RL at sticker price. So I stopped. I am looking elsewhere now.


    I consider the 05 RL because I am driving an 02 RL. Prior to that I had a 96 RL and before that a 93 Legend. I also had a 2000 Accord EX V-6 (FULLY LOADED). I kept it for 18 months and traded it for the 02 RL. I get used to getting $4000+ off the sticker price of the RL. It is hard for me to accept the full price.


    Both Accord and TL are made locally while the RL is made in Japan. I believe Japanese and German build better cars. To me the TL is only cosmetically better than the Accord, and as such is not worth $7000+ more.
  • bodble2bodble2 Posts: 4,519
    With all due respect, I'm not sure if you're giving the TL its due credit. The TL does have quite a few tangible features the Accord lacks -- VSA, memory seats, manumatic, zenon headlights, voice command, DVD-audio, user-programmable light, security and other features, trip computer, service minder, 30+ hp, noticeably better interior material quality, bigger wheels and tires. (Have I missed anything?)


    And in regard to the trunk space, I think numbers could be deceiving. I managed to pack (albeit carefully) 2 sets of skis and boots, and luggage for 4 for a 4-day ski trip without using a roof rack or roof carrier. The enclosed hinges allow you to pack the trunk right to the rafter, which probably adds at least 1 cubic foot of useable space to the trunk.


    As much as the Accord is a value-leader, I actually think the TL is a better value overall.
  • alan7alan7 Posts: 17
    I guess I was wrong on the new TL. I did not pay attention to the new features (I believe 04 was the completely redesigned model with all the upgrades)and only noticed the smaller dimensions and trunk space. My mind was preoccupied with the previous model. To the owners of the new TL I offer my sincere apology. Next time I go to test drive the RL, I'll take a hard look at the TL.


    Now let's go back to car value. With another good car added to the shopping list, which one delivers the best value(relatively speaking), the RL, TL or Accord? I am more confused than before.
  • >>Now let's go back to car value. With another good car added to the shopping list, which one delivers the best value(relatively speaking), the RL, TL or Accord? I am more confused than before.


    Bottom line, probably the Accord offers more value. However, I have an 05 RL and a good friend has an 04 Accord which I've ridden in a number of times. His accord is a perfectly good car, especially for the money. However, there is no comparison with my RL for quality of materials, ride, comfort, quiet, electronics, etc. Whether all that is worth an extra $25K, or so, only you can decide.


    As far as the TL goes, it's a fantastic car. It's nearly as quiet as the RL, and has about the same amount of room. However, the RL offers more gizmos than the TL, especially the SH-AWD, which is fantastic. For me, one of the killers for the TL is my long legs and the automatic steering wheel in the RL. After nine years of driving a Legend, which I loved, and having to crank my right knee under the steering wheel, I wouldn't even consider a TL, for that reason alone.


    Is the RL worth the extra money over the TL or the Accord - that's a personal decision. For me, it was no contest.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,041
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  • I just got a price of $48,470 from a dealer in NJ. has anybody got a better price then that! and I have a 2003 TL Type S with Nav. and to me it looks a lot better then the new TL plus I see alot of the new RL in my TL.
  • alan7alan7 Posts: 17
    Does the price, $48470, include destination charge and/or any option? Please share the name and city of the NJ dealership.
  • I visited two dealers, one in Eugene and the other in Salem and was told the new RLs were going for list. I then contacted Autoland through my credit union and they were able to get me my new RL for $47,707. That included delivery and a cargo net.


    My car actually came from Eugene, Kendall Acura, and I'll be going back there for service. Nice bunch of folks.
  • Thats without destination! the dealer is ramsey on rt17 no other option and that with just asking about the RL he gave me that price.
  • Congratulations! That sounds like a great deal! Was it because end-of-the-year discounts or that's discreet negotiation by Autoland? What color combo did you get?
  • kacuratkacurat Posts: 33
    I received $47,500 an internet special price from Paragon Acura in Woodside, NY. I got it in nighthawk black with black ebony interior. I purchased it as fast as I could at that price. And it included destination...
  • I think the broker is just used to dealing with the fleet managers and so was able to get the price. I was actually surprised that the car came from a nearby dealer because the broker said for Acuras they often go to California where dealers are more willing to negotiate.


    I chose the carbon gray with ebony interior. I wish I could have seen the opulent blue but I really did like the carbon gray.
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