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Subaru B9 Tribeca (B9X)



  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    87 is required, 91 (or higher) is recommended. You can use pretty much whatever you find at the pump.

    Swanky, eh? It is a polarizing look, you either love it or hate it.

    tsporty: I tracked mileage reports for a while and half were over 20, the other half below. Since then it seems we've heard more 20+ reports.

  • mayberryguymayberryguy Posts: 145
    Then I find out there was a manufac/vender problem with the beige leather causing at least a 3 month delay on ordering any new Tribeca in any color i believe with beige leather. I had to find one in a dealership far away and arrange to have them trade it with my dealer for another with same exact everything just diff ext. color.

    There is not an issue with the Beige Leather supplier. The Gray Leather is supplied by the same company also. Someone at the dealer is feeding you a line about the 3 months delay for Beige Leather. We are building Beige Leather everyday without exception.
  • occkingoccking Posts: 346
    Although I have only had my 2.5i ltd outback for 6 months (already a little over 16k) have been rather "tempted" by the Tribeca, mainly because I only have the little 4 banger & limited room in the second seat. However, after seeing one of these at a local dealer this morning, & getting some pricing info, I would be rather foolish to make a change at this time.

    1) I would not get the 1.9 percent financing I have on my present Outback.

    2) Would only get in trade around 22,000 (actually, that is not too bad--I paid 26k six months ago) & not a bad "hit" for having a vehicle for 6 months & putting on that kind of mileage.

    3) However, to get the limited version 5 passenger seems like I would have to spend more like 32 or 33, or kick in at least 10 grand to upgrade to this vehicle.

    4) What happened to the large sunroof like I have in Outback? That is almost like having a convertible! With Tribeca, back to a small roof again.

    5) Concerned about gas mileage & whether or not it will run ok on 87 octane. From what I gather, premium fuel "recommended" for the vehicle, not "required" as it is with the turbo. Real world gas mileage with premium I assume will be close to sticker, so I assume would get around 23 with a lot of highway driving. My present Outback rarely ever gets below 23 around town and have approached 29 to 30 for a lot of highway driving (gas mileage has steadily improved since I got the vehicle)

    6) It doesn't seem that the Tribeca is that much larger than the Outback, the exception being the second row seating. I have read that in three seat versions the second seat will slide back & forth several inches, but not sure it will do that in a five passenger.

    7) Got a good deal on extended warranty (5 years, 100,000 miles) -0- deductible on present outback (cost $900) so I would lose that if I traded in the vehicle.

    Just putting some thoughts down in writing. My Subaru dealer in Pawtucket, RI (Capitol) went out of business two weeks ago so tried a new one in Somerset, MA> Very pleasant to deal with & actually not much further from my home than Capitol was.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    Not the happiest of reviews but I did like the "practical people who desire simplicity and have a strong sense of community, a clear sense of identity and like to experiment in the kitchen" quote.

    Steve, Host
  • papahawkpapahawk Posts: 24
    Just a couple of thoughts....
    I agree that it is not the optimum time for you to trade in the Outback, and if I were you, I would hold onto it because you have a GREAT vehicle. If you did decide to swap it out for a Tribeca, you would not necessarily lose out on your extended warranty. They are transferrable. Just negotiate your best deal without the new dealership knowing about the extended plan, then demand an additional $750 or so off to compensate you for the residual coverage you would transfer to the new owner of the vehicle.

    I love my new Tribeca, and as I said before, we are ordering a second one for my wife. I believe Subaru will decide to put a turbo-charged engine in the B9 with the next revision of the model, and I do not think that will be the answer to the poor low-end-torque problem. By the time the address the issue with a larger displacement engine, both my wife and I will be ready for new Tribecas.

  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    Hm, I have been dealing with dealerships owners son and he has been very helpful, seemingly honest and not aggressive or pushy trying to talk you into or out of anything so I can't imagine him lying. Basically like I said, my preorder was already shipped before he could see about adding puddle lights. When he went to reorder another one in the exact colors and options i wanted he said that the vender was having problem with the beige leather and it would be a 3 month delay. Don't recall if it was just for white exterior or any color with beige leather.

    Regardless I found one with everything I want with exception of having DVD which I didn't need to add to the price. He is giving me a discount for my trouble which almost equals the additional cost of the dvd and I will hopefully recoup the rest by getting a little more for my trade in. I am now actually glad it worked out this way as I am excited about the 9" dvd screen, wireless headsets and the fact that it has aud/vid inputs for a game system and hopefully for my portable mp3 player to play through car stereo as i have a line out to left and right audio (red & white) cord. otherwise you have to get a dual sided line in/out cord and hope you can access back of the stereo and that it has one.

    Also, I have heard that the dvd plays on the 7"? nav screen in addition to the usual screen when you are parked. That sounds logical but not all that common. Can anyone verify it does this.

    I'm also excited for the puddle lights as i'm a sucker for bluish white lights which reminds me can you replace the head lights with HID/Xenon headlights? What about the tail lights turn signal bulbs, are they orange bulbs in white glass or just tinted orange glass because I put in white rear turn signal bulbs in my pathfinder and it created a nicer look. With all the cool styiling affects and basically everything i'm looking for in a suv why didn't they use the more trendy nice looking white tail lights that a lot of cars are using now. MDX, RX 330/400h, Prius and many others that are using the clear whited out/silver tail lights instead of the ugly red and orange.
  • photoguy2photoguy2 Posts: 164
    Have you been reading any of the past posts? I have written extensively about hitching up an iPod (mp3) through the DVD equiped vehicle. Easy to do. Yes the NAV screen will play the movie if parked with parking brake deployed. You will have to press and hold the Audio button too. This too was spoken about in past posts. I suggest you take some time and read back about 20 pages. Worth the effort as it will answer all of your questions.
  • capreciaccapreciac Posts: 12
    According to the brochure, beige leather is not available with the white exterior. Is this what you ended up getting? Am I misreading the brochure?
  • jeffmcjeffmc Posts: 1,742
    From what I've read, only the 5-pass is not available in Satin White with beige cloth or beige leather. These combos are are available in the 7-pass version, however.
  • nhstevenhsteve Posts: 78

    Thanks for your reply. I understand that there is increased braking distance... that goes with or without trailer brakes. My problem is two fold, first will I damage the B9 towing 2500lbs max without trailer brakes and second that this information was not specifically brought to my attention by either Subaru or any of the 6 dealers I spoke with. I agree with you, there should be a consumer protection law, I suspect that there already is and that this skirts the line back and forth. I may write a letter to Subaru, still steaming about this one. The whole thing smells like a legal cya and that it has nothing to do with the vehicle specs.

    Otherwise, my whole family and I absolutely love the B9. What a great job they did. They should have put the outside temp info in the mirror option though.

    Thanks again. Steve
  • sweet_subiesweet_subie Posts: 1,394
    very encouraging review. thanks. I find the review very arrogant. i have never seen article attacking like this. what answer do they have for murano which can;t even seat 7 ?
  • mel247mommel247mom Posts: 9
    Being a previous xt owner for 9 years (loved the car) I always said if subaru came out with a suv i would by it! Well here I am. Just getting out of 2001 yukon, still have my 318i - love that too. I needed a smaller but family sized vehicle. I have test driven xc90 ,xc70,murano ,highlander hybrid:( and even the dodge magnum:) -but it's still a dodge. I have driven the car for 3 hours total - i still have to bring it back to the dealer:( The B9 was great on the highway had plenty of get up and go - no road noise or whistles handle great in the rain. Braking a little slow at 65mph in traffic -I am assuming it is because the car is so heavy ? Took the back roads of 495 home and the B9 handle great -let the car out abit -WOW_ don't tell the dealer. The car was more fun than I thought ! Got alot of stares & even a subie outback followed me to the traffic light. Brought the car home to see if all the kids stuff would fit. Car seat fit great ,still room for 2 adults in the back, cargo area alittle small- my jogging stroller barely fit ,doesn' t leave much room after that since i had to place it diagonally -still pondering this situation. My husband said it was ugly, so did my mother & a co worker, my dad loved it , my first thought the front was ugly , but it does grow on you and yes it does smile at you. Told my husband to take it for a ride I really did not have to twist his arm- He tore out the driveway just like a guy- no offense men- he was gone a little longer than I expected , but not surprised. he finally came back , lifted the hood, opened all the doors and began inspecting. He finally came in the house with a smile on his face and said not bad , but he still want's me to buy the envoy. Not a chance I told him. So what color am I going to get- well I like the white & the gold - I wish you could get the gold w/ drk interior -so it will probably be white , 5 passeger limited -puddle lights if not to expensive - we will see what the dealer will do - wish me luck and keep you all posted
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Steve, as many of the longtime Subaru Crew regulars here know, this has long been a hot-button issue with me. I haven't commented too much recently, but a few years back, I was very much on this case.

    What I have found is that most dealers don't have a clue about trailering, or about this trailer brake restriction, which applies to the vehicles they are selling. I can't tell you how many times I mentioned this to a car salesman, and that they were completely ignorant of this restriction. Even many sales people who actually tow themselves, weren't aware of it.

    Even more surprising is that most sales people whom I have spoken to—who work at trailer dealers, weren't aware that vehicle manufacturers have trailer brake restrictions! Yes, they knew about state and local trailer laws, but not about vehicle restrictions. Frankly, I find that—not only incredible—but unacceptable. I even wrote my local newspaper (The Baltimore Sun) about this, hoping to get my letter published, thus hopefully generating some interest from state legislators, but no such luck...

    My words of advice to anybody who is buying vehicle, and who plans to tow a trailer: Demand that you see the owners manual of any vehicle you are considering BEFORE you purchase the vehicle. Check out the section in there about towing trailers to see what sort of restrictions there are. I can't stress this enough.

  • declansdaddeclansdad Posts: 120
    Last night, while having dinner with my DW in Catonsville, there was a silver Tribeca parked two spots away from our car. I would have stayed a little bit longer, but the thunderstorms were pretty intense. The Tribeca looked nice, still had the temp tag on it and someone purchased it from Wilkens Subaru.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    No surprise, that's the point of view from the domestics, basically. Note they compare it to a Rendezvous and Pacifica, not Murano and RX.

    low scores for seating comfort in the second and third rows

    Yet another editor that probably couldn't figure out the release button so that the 2nd row moves all the way back.

    the flat-six engine sounds and feels like it's working hard to keep up

    Harder than the 185hp Rendezvous? Puh-lease. Go drive one, the engine sounds like a blender with nuts and bolts in it.

    Spotted an Atlantic Blue one drive on Seven Locks Rd yesterday, looked pretty good. :-)

  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368

    I thought I had read through most of the posts so sorry I didn't see anything about hooking up portable mp3 player through DVD but I guess I will search through to find it though in the meantime you could have just answered if I was right that you use a line out/in cord in your portable mp3 player (iriver H320 in my case) to left and right audio (red & white) into those inputs in the dvd player. Those inputs are in the ceiling mounted screen console right? Then the cord would hang down though I guess? I have a cord/cable like this so that would be easy for me. If not i've heard that most newer car stereos have some type of inputs in the back of the stereo if you can access it which isn't always easy. And now some cars have a line in/out input in the glove box or somewhere but I dont think I have a dual ended line in/out cord and I imagine the sound is better with line out to left and right (red white) audio anwyay.

    Also, thankyou for verifying about dvd playing on nav screen in park. interesting you have to use the parking brake in addition to being in park and also have to press and hold an audio button which I guess I will find. But with those 2 additional steps I bet a lot of ppl wont know you can do that. You didn't say but I assume it still also plays on the main 9" screen simultaneously?

    To the two pps post after photguys regarding the beige leather dilemna, Maybe it is just unavailable on the white 5 passenger or not listed in brochure maybe its not an option on any version white the way grey isn't an option on the gold who knows. All I know is that my contact said it would be at least a 3 month delay in ordering a new 7 passenger limited with puddle lights in white with beige leather and he stated that the "vender" was having a problem/delay with the beige leather. Thats all i know I took his word for it and then located one with everything I wanted at another dealer.
  • kmartinkmartin Posts: 427
    Just to clarify: most extended warranties are transferrable to a new OWNER, but NOT to a new VEHICLE (as was the case with mine through JM&A). However, after faxing a bunch of forms, I received a rebate check from JM&A this week for about 85% of my original warranty price, which is not bad after 12 months.

    Yours might be different, so read the fine print....just a thought...

    -Karen in AZ-
  • gt2b9gt2b9 Posts: 16
    I've had my Tribeca for a month today. Overall I'm very pleased with the purchase, however, there are a couple things that should be addressed. The NAV system maps are painfully outdated, at least three years out of date as there are major developments in our area that don't show on the NAV, nor freeway overpasses that have been constructed more than a couple years ago. On a 2006 vehicle with updates not scheduled for at least a couple years this is unacceptable. Any suggestions???
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    This is Subaru's first system in the US, so a few speedbumps (pardon the pun) are to be expected.

    I'm sure they will have updates out periodically. Lexus charges $250 (retail) for their updates, for instance, and some of those new cars are being delivered with outdated maps as well.

    Check the Nav topic for more details.

  • x5killerx5killer Posts: 368
    "I did notice that you do get more volume if you go though the belkin (or monster) adapter/charger versus direct connection to the Ipod"

    what is the belkin or monster adapter/charger? that you say you get more volume then through direct connection. Isn't the charger just that, how do you get sound on the stereo from teh charger? dont you still have to be connected to the aux audio inputs behind second row?

    my line out to left right audio cord is short so I will have to get an extension or a longer one for my iRiver H320 which by the way views pictures and with the korean firmware video too. What cord/cable exactly do you recommend? although ipod may be different. does ipod even have a line out port because i know most portable mp3 players don't
  • c_hunterc_hunter Posts: 4,487
    For what it's worth, there have been several Subaru vehicles over the years that had lower tow ratings and brake requirements in the US. Outside the US, they could tow more and had a higher threshold before brakes were recommended. Given that these vehicles were structurally identical to the US models, one could conclude that the US limits were legally motivated (not surprising).

    My family has towed boats for years, with small cars, compact trucks, and minivans (back then, those vehicles had lousy brakes compared to what we have now). None had trailer brakes. In fact, my dad used to sell boats and trailers, and none of them even offered brakes as an option. It would be one more part that failed due to getting submerged when launching.

    I would not hesistate to tow a small- to medium-sized boat with my Outback or a Tribeca. If anything, these vehicles would be better for towing and far safer than my previous tow vehicles. In fact, I hope to buy a boat in the next couple years and the only thing I am going to worry about is installing a hitch before then!

    Steve, I'd say to take the trailer out for a tow and get a feel for how the Tribeca handles and brakes. I am guessing it won't be much, if any, different than your previous tow vehicle.

  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    It would be one more part that failed due to getting submerged when launching

    Interesting thought, never considered that. Then again I've never owned a boat personally. Dad did, though.

  • nhstevenhsteve Posts: 78
    I spoke to the dealer about it today. He spoke to the Subaru trainer who said something similar to what you wrote previously, that many, maybe all, tow vehicles carry this warning. he said that I should not worry about it that I could pull my trailer and that he pulled his trailer which is like mine. The disappointing thing is that they print that warning, clearly an attempt to limit their liability.

    Shame on you Subaru for following the rest of the pack and not marching to the tune of your own music like you have in so many other instances.

    A disenfranchised repeat customer, 6th Subaru.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    If they didn't, one idiot customer would tow 8000 lbs with no trailer brakes and the tail would wag the dog and they'd sue Subaru for not posting that information clearly.

    It's sad, but we live in a litigous society. For example, a Suburban drive is suing Chevrolet because he ran over his own toddler because he could not see over the tall hood. Is it Chevy's fault, really? For a tall hood that was clearly there all along?

    Who was supervising the toddler? Why didn't he look *before* he got in the car.

    Welcome to America. World Capital of the Legal Disclaimer.

  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Trailer brake restrictions (that I remember):

    GM full-size pickups (all): 2000
    Old small Blazer: 1000
    New Traiblazer: 1500
    Toyota trucks & SUVs (all): 1000
    Nissan trucks & SUVs (all) 1000
    Jeeps: 1000
    Ford trucks & SUVs (all): recommend brakes on all trailers
    Land Rovers: 1650 (IIRC)
    Dodge trucks & SUVs (all): 1000
    Honda Pilot/Ridgeline/CRV: 1000

    So you see, it's a pretty common practice; and again, this is all in the owners manual.

  • nhstevenhsteve Posts: 78

    Thanks for the post. You are correct and I will proceed with plan A. I am going to hook her up this weekend for a test drive. I only tow 6-7 times a year, including the return trips.

  • nhstevenhsteve Posts: 78

    How and where did you get all that information... lol. Thank you for showing me. I never noticed the restriction in my Jeep GC and never worried about it. I am in the security business and try to pay close attention to mfg specs in my system designs. So... I read the book when I got my new B9. I want to do what is right.

    I will hook it up this weekend for a test drive.

  • steverstever Posts: 52,572
    What I have found is that most dealers don't have a clue about trailering

    The only quibble I have with this statement is that many drivers don't have a clue either. A cursory check of trailers will turn up way too many people driving with the wrong size ball on the hitch, undersized hitches, no safety chains or incorrectly placed chains, inadequate light wiring, under-inflated tires and bearing that haven't been repacked for years, homemade sideboards on utility trailers that are rotten, firewood trailers that are grossly overloaded, uncovered loads, etc.

    Frankly I think you should be required to have a restricted license or endorsement of some sort before you are permitted to pull a trailer.

    Don't forget the Crew chat that starts in half an hour.

    Steve, Host
  • nhstevenhsteve Posts: 78

    The problem is not the idiots... an up front accurate disclaimer would have worked well... trailer brakes for trailers over 2500lbs or whatever, for example. Now I, and apparantly many others, are out there towing trailers without knowing (or maybe even caring about) the real tow specs of the vehicle.

    Litigous society, that is our own fault for having the lawyers make the laws and not putting limits and accountability for all parties into the legal system. I guess that would be in a different forum though.

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