2014 Enclave AC problems

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Anyone else having problems with AC 2014 Enclave? Hissing/not blowing cold. Dealer repaired a year ago, but same issue again! Now will not take care if it! $1400 repair on a 2 year old car! Ridiculous..... Nothing but issues with this car from the start. Will never buy GM again. Will never buy from Tustin GMC.


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    Why didn't warranty cover this?
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    2013 Enclave AC Failed.
    Had it checked at dealer and they said it was fine. Went to Florida and cost $1300. Rear blower came apart and pieces punctured the rear condenser. It is 3 years old but has 73000 so it's not covered. I am so disappointed because it is clearly a manufacturing defect. Of course the dealer in Florida had no reason to help me because I bought the vehicle in Dover, Ohio at my local dealer. When I spoke to them on the phone I really got the impression that they didn't care either. I spoke to GM and am awaiting a call regarding the repair but I am not optimistic. I have spent over $100,000 on cars at the dealer and have 2 daughters just entering their driving ages so their loss will be someone's gain.
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    Sometimes dealers have discretionary money to help their best customers. Maybe you can work out some 50/50 deal with GM? It would have been better had the original dealer fixed it, but you gotta do what you gotta do under the circumstances.
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