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Jeep Gladiator- People who want it built!

kosmoskosmos Posts: 18
edited July 2014 in Jeep
The recently released drawings of the Jeep Gladiator from Daimler-Chrysler has created a stirring excitement from people who have imagined owning a vehicle like this for long time. Compare what the Jeep has to what is now being offered by the pick-up truck segment and it's no wonder. A rough and ready bush whacking vehicle that you can hose out at the end of the day! A fuel sipping diesel developed by the masters of the diesel engine Mercedes-Benz, and the go anywhere legend by Jeep. This is what sportsman, farmers, ranchers, construction workers, lumberjacks, and week-end warriors have been waiting for. If your ready to trade some paint against some bark, then sell your fancy pick-up that claims to be tough and get on board the Gladiator freight train and tell the world that you want it! Right here!


  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    That's one heck of a serious vehicle. What are the rumors on the likelihood that it'll be built?


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  • kosmoskosmos Posts: 18
    The Jeep Gladiator marks the resurrection of a Jeep pickup nameplate not heard from since the 1960s, and a body-style absent from the company’s lineup since the death of the ’80s-era Comanche.

    The Gladiator is built on a unique platform but takes the simple style trail to strongly resemble the production Renegade. Senior vice president for design Trevor Creed says to expect “a lot in a short time” from Jeep’s corner of the DaimlerChrysler universe, and while DC officials deny the Gladiator is intended for production (natch), Creed’s statement, along with the development of a new platform and the Gladiator’s subdued familial cues, imply a production version might very well be on the cards.

    The Gladiator draws power from a 163-hp version of the 2.8-liter common rail turbo-diesel I4 engine now available in the Liberty, with torque rated at a strong 295 lb-ft. Part-time four-wheel-drive is transferred to the wheels via a five-speed manual gearbox. Other trick features include a rear-seat access hatch on the driver’s side, a full passenger-side rear door, drop-down rear glass and an expandable cargo bed.

    In normal configuration, the bed measures 5 feet 6 inches long; with a simple manual process, the rear seat slides beneath the bed and the entire rear bulkhead slides along rails forward into the cab to grow the bed to 8 feet. The Gladiator also features a canvas top similar to the Renegade’s, which may be folded back partially for a sun-roof effect, or removed completely.

    The second concept, for now dubbed Firepower (Chrysler does not own the name and will need a new one prior to Detroit), is based on the V10 Viper’s architecture but uses the 6.1-liter, 425 hp, 420-lb-ft Hemi V8 that will see first light in the forthcoming 300C SRT-8. Again, officials say there are no production plans, but envision the car occupying the space between the Crossfire and (in theory) the ME412 in Chrysler’s performance portfolio.

    Though the car is Viper-based—and Creed referenced Chevrolet’s Corvette as a key competitor (again, in theory)—the designers envision “Firepower” as more grand tourer than outright sports car; hence the softened suspension and five-speed automatic transmission. Brakes are 14-inch Brembos at all four corners, and the huge rubber measures 275/35 R19 up front, 335/30 R20 in back. Engineers estimate the car is capable of bolting from 0 to 60 mph in 4.5 seconds or less, and a 185 mph top speed.

    Whether either car ever meets a production line, Chrysler has produced two concepts that would fill obvious holes in both Jeep’s and its own product lineup; executives will keep careful watch on public reaction at Detroit in January.

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  • kosmoskosmos Posts: 18
    Go see it in person at the North American Auto Show in Detroit. Jan.15-23 2005.
  • atlgaxtatlgaxt Posts: 501
    Wow. This seems like everything I have been looking for in my next vehicle. I've got a 4x4 pickup now, but have been thinking about trying to get into a Jeep, but am worried about cargo capacity. The Gladiator seems like a perfect combination. With a diesel engine. Jeep, please please please please build the Gladiator and do it soon!
  • They need to make it very strong, real heavy duty quarter ton pickup. They should only base it on the Wrangler in the looks and overall tough ruggedness department.

    What I mean is the Wrangler is an awesome off road vehicle, but a pickup version would only be a convertible pickup that can go anywhere(still cool, and more functional than the current Wrangler). They need to up the towing capacity to at least 6500lbs(thats what the Grand Cherokee is rated for), because it is a pickup. I think the diesel engine alone should definitley put it up to 4500lbs towing capacity, just give it a good underbody that can handle towing stress, and some Dana 44 or higher axles and it will be good.

    It looks like an awesome vehicle, I would buy it. I think as far as the interior goes they should have vinyl floors with cloth or vinyl seats(whichever you want), and then all the things that make the vehicle tolerable AC, Heater, front rear defrost, CD player, and Infinity Gold sound system(only the essentials course). It should probably have an automatic transmission as an option, seeing as how most people are too lazy to shift. I think it would be nice to have a front split bench seat, with the shifter on the floor not on a console, conected to the floor. Three people could ride better up front than two in the front, and one in that extended cab looking thing(if thats even what it is). Jeep needs to work on is it's interior space bad, I'm a fat guy and I like room. So if they don't give me any extra room it'd be nice to have a telescoping tilt wheel.

    Well that concludes my wish list any more info on the Gladiator would be nice, some interior shots or something, and whats the scoop on the pickup bed extending, and the extended cab thing.

    Jeep make this vehicle now.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    heavy duty quarter ton pickup


    Isn't that an oxymoron? :)


  • jbonejbone Posts: 35
    Would love to see this made for release next summer (wishful thinkin') as that is when I will be ready to buy a new truck.


    Anyone notice the strong similarities to AEV's Brute (which I also love)?


    Couldn't DCX use the current reg. cab Powerwagon's frame/axles/tranny setup as a starting point and just redesign the Wrangler body to fit - then it could be offered as an 06 model in 05 - or am I missing something obvious?

    Just a thought...


    Build this truck Jeep!
  • The Dakota is still a quarter ton pickup and pulls at least 1000 pounds more than the rest of them, I think it tows like 7500, or 8000 pounds.


    If not Heavy Quarter ton maybe Light Half Ton lol.
  • This is the Jeep vehicle I have been waiting for. Rubicon it, and I am ready with the $$$$$!!
  • emtemt Posts: 39
    Just a few modifications. A small pick up has a standard bed length of 6 feet. Don't change that. Make a small V-8 an option. 6 speed stick please and an auto 5 speed for us shiftless bastards!
  • Tried to find out what 2005 car shows this vehicle will be featured. Don't ask Jeep they can't tell you. Amazing when you have interest in a vehicle how no one has any information. All you receive is the generic thanks for asking.
  • kosmoskosmos Posts: 18
    January- Detroit NAIAS. The Gladiator is a confirmation. Expect this forum to heat up big time after this showing!
  • Personally, there are several Jeep concept vehicles I'd like to see go into production including the version of the Gladiator. The Compass and Jeepster come to mind. Getting board with with some of the offerings like this warmed over Grand Cherokee.


  • They are looking for feedback, so how do you get it to them. I say, build it and I'd buy one today. (but put more HP in it)
  • I have gone to various Jeep functions and participated in groups. When they were talking about the Scrambler there was a lot of positive feedback but they scrapped that. This vehicle is way beyond a Scrambler when it comes to utility. Just about fed up and bought a 2005 Tacoma but after seeing more pics from Detroit show will try and wait a little longer for a decision to produce. Before making a buying decision. If I change brands it will end 14 years of continuous ownership.
  • jbonejbone Posts: 35
    Check out the video of the 05 Detroit Auto Show on this vehicle at:



    Also I sent an email to Jeep re: the Gladiator asking them to build it from this link:

  • I've been drawing up sketches of a Wrangler based pickup (kinda like an FJ45 Land Cruiser) for years, but I just haven't sought the means to build it. If the Gladiator were built... Well, you could guess, I'd be looking to aquire one. Can not justify a Wrangler, but would like something with the TJ's capabilities...
  • It's a Jeep thing. You wouldn't understand.
  • kosmoskosmos Posts: 18
    jbone has kindly posted the link above for everyone to contact Jeep. I have already, and I hope you will as well! Latest news out of Detroit today is that a decision will be made this year on putting the Gladiator into production for the '06 model year. Now is the time to really holler out to them that we want it built.
  • 99tj99tj Posts: 187


    I posted this on the wrangler board. I'll put it here also for good measure.
  • kosmoskosmos Posts: 18


  • If there are any DC bean counters here, that's the sound of me saving for a Gladiator. I'd forgo the wench, lockers and GPS to keep MSRP around $26k. This is the vehicle I didn't know I needed until I saw it. :-)
  • The new Gladiator is going to be excellent. Here in the Colorado San Juan Mountains, the Jeep Capitol of the U.S.A., we've needed a replacement for the CJ pick-up. My thoughts are that the box needs to be robust - maybe polymer coated - and HD. The rear diff needs to be big and HD, a full floater would be outstanding. Power needs to be Diesel and gas options. Current 6-speed manual is ok, but the automatic needs to be beefy - maybe like in the Diesel application. Cap needs to be pure Wrangler with high back seats to protect heads from braking glass. Unlimited 4-wheel disc brakes as standard with HD rears. Maybe a Rubicon option would work, but that's too high a price for all to pay. I would buy a Gladiator in a heart beat if it is well optioned for HD work. Also, with Unlimited and Gladiator availability I believe that government and private fleets will be attracted to the relative low price for the rugged utility, and put Wrangler back on the buy lists. I'm really concerned about loosing the rock solid in-line 6-cylinder 4.0L gas engine.
  • Go for it.
  • elemintelemint Posts: 79
    Gladiator would be a flop. Too many REAL pickups to compete with. The 'Rescue' is where it is at. If they make a diesel or hybrid Rescue it would sell. I am getting the 2006 Toyota FJ Cruiser though. NOW THAT IS A VEHICLE! The car i have been waiting for for 20 years!
  • unka punka p Posts: 2
    build it, we WILL buy it.
  • kosmoskosmos Posts: 18
    We have received your e-mail dated January 18, 2005 and we appreciate

    your interest in the Jeep Gladiator.


    Concept vehicles allow us to "test the waters", enable our product

    development team to explore new directions in vehicle design, and often

    serve as test beds for new technologies. The determination to proceed

    beyond the concept stage to manufacture and sale is based on careful

    study of market conditions, and may be affected by numerous factors,

    including popular response. As such, valued feedback from customers such

    as yourself is an integral part of this process. Due to the number of

    variable factors involved in vehicle development and production, as well

    as matters of industry competition, information regarding forthcoming

    vehicle models cannot always be provided prior to introduction. However,

    your expression of interest will be placed on record for our ongoing

    process of product development. Authorized information regarding current

    and future vehicles is made available through periodic updates to our

    website, and through our product information line at 1-800-361-3700. For

    information on concept vehicles past and present, with hints of some

    possible futures, you can visit the Chrysler Design Institute website at .


    Thank you for taking the time to write to us for expressing an interest.


  • No Gladiator at St. Louis auto show. Jeep sends the Hurricane but no Gladiator. What a mistake on their part. But that is nothing new. Procrastinate and watch your market share erode. Thought the Tacoma was the answer to my mid size truck need. That thought was wrong after I sat in it. GM is way to proud of their Canyon and Colorado to price it right. Guess I will buy a work oriented full size truck from Ford and forget about the Jeep dream. It was a good effort.
  • kosmoskosmos Posts: 18
    DC is showing off the Gladiator where the biggest markets are. Chicago is the current host, and after that who knows? Concepts that are hot off the mark are not likely to do the autoshow circuit forever. DC is jumping all over this one to make it to market as soon as possible. If anyone attending the Chicago show could give us some news on public reaction or just their thoughts it would be appreciated.
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