All front vent will only blow warm air.

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I also have a 2011 traverse. The problem I am having is it will only blow warm air out of front vents. I know it is an actuator problem and I am willing to fix myself. Just need to figure out which one it is. Please help


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    It sounds like the hot/cold air diverter actuator.

    This Video might help you quite a bit.

    I think these actuators are about $40 online and $80 at the dealer. You'll need a trick tool--a swivel head on a screwdriver with a T20 Torx taped to it should do it.
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    I get plenty of air through all vents in frontof car it will not get cold or really hot just kinda warm. To me it sounds like there should be an actuator that controls the temp setting.( hot to cold) Just have not been able to figure out which one that is . Even with everything on internet. If someone can help please let me know. Thanks
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    Oh, ok, that's a bit more can actually have the HVAC scanned for trouble codes and this might give you hints as to what to address. You might have an issue with the heater control valve.
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