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2009 Toyota Corolla



  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    What I really want to know, and have been wanting to know, is news of a Corolla with HSD.

    IS that going to happen via any news either confirmation or denial from Toyta Motor?

    Everyone seems to have their laundry-list of wants for the 08 Corolla and everyone seems to have an opinion.

    All I want is a simple answer - because, to date?

    I have not found one attributed to Toyota Motor corp.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "What I really want to know, and have been wanting to know, is news of a Corolla with HSD."

    HSD? Hybrid Synergy Drive?

    I don't think this would make sense for Toyota.

    If Toyota was planning on HSD for the Corolla, why would they have developed a Prius? Why wouldn't they have applied the HSD technology to the Corolla in the first place?

    I can understand adding HSD to the Camry or Highlander (or perhaps even to the Sienna). But what would be the point in having BOTH the Prius and a Hybrid Corolla in the same lineup?
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    So the argument goes - yet Edmunds reporters themselves state the automotive rumor mill says otherwise.

    I guess there is just one legit answer given I want either a "yes" or a "no." And that would be, "wait and see."
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    Hey - if anyone finds a ToMoCo press release or press packet on the new Corolla, could you kindly post a link to it?

    Speaking just for me - all I want about the pending new vehicle is some factual data (and that is, seriously, all I'm after).
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "So the argument goes - yet Edmunds reporters themselves state the automotive rumor mill says otherwise."


    I must have missed that. Where would that be?

    I still don't think it makes sense for Toyota to add HSD to the Corolla. Sizewise, the Prius and Corolla are fairly similar (with interior room slightly in the Prius's favor). Adding HSD to the Corolla would bump up the price to very close to Prius levels. I'm just not sold on the idea that there would be enough differentiation between the Prius and a Corolla HSD to result in a net increase in sales to Toyota.

    Would a Corolla HSD sell? Sure. But would it's sales be at the expense of the Prius? For those looking to get very good economy in a small commuter car, a Corolla HSD makes lots of sense. For those wanting more room and performance but still pretty good economy, the Camry HSD is available. It seems like the middle ground between a Corolla HSD and Camry HSD would be fairly small.

    If someone else offered something in that exact same range, I could see Toyota keeping a Prius alongside a Corolla HSD. But quite frankly, I think most sales of a Corolla HSD would be at the expense of the Prius.

    I think you're going to have to settle for 'wait and see'.
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201

    Last line; - - =autos_autos+index+page_news

    Pay close attention to:

    Toyota Winning the Hybrid Race

    .... On Apr. 1, Japan's Nihon Keizai Shimbun (Nikkei), Japan's leading business newspaper, reported Toyota's latest plans for ramping up hybrid sales. Toyota plans to offer hybrids in all vehicles classes by 2012 from top-of-the-line luxury models to subcompacts such as the Vitz -- known as Yaris outside Japan -- in 2010 or later. If so, that could turn the whole hybrid category from a niche for the tree-hugging crowd into a mass-market auto category.

    "GLOBAL STANDARD." The Nikkei says Toyota will roll out a new hybrid every time one of its cars undergoes a model change. That's pretty much what's happening with the new Camry, which will include a hybrid option, built in Kentucky, from the end of 2006.

    Koji Endo, an analyst at CSFB in Tokyo, reckons that Toyota will offer a hybrid version of all models that sell more than 100,000 units. At present, that would mean hybrid versions of 15 of Toyota's 65 models.... "When it comes to hybrids, Toyota will become the global standard," Endo says.

    Ergo my comments.

    I can't conveniently find the Edmunds theorizing same, but I read that in the last week (unless I'm brainfarting and it was MSN Autos).

    As for making sense . . . companies do a lot of things that do or don't make sense.

    Given HSD is more evolved now AND the Corolla is light, it's possible, from a mathematical perspective, that the Corolla would actually get better milage than the Prius (without, of course, considering air drag).

    Anyway . . . back to "wait and see." Just wanted to point out my question derives out of what's being reported from what are, typically, reliable sources.
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    And just as I was about to give up, I re-stumbled across this article from IntelliChoice!

    2008 Toyota Corolla
    Expect Toyota to get edgier with its next-generation Corolla, hitting showrooms in late 2007--especially after Toyota execs demanded a last-minute redesign after seeing the daring Civic at the Geneva Motor Show. This change illustrates the automaker's resolve to shake its "conservative" image, at the penalty of about six months' production delay. The 2008 should bridge the generation gap between the Scion and Toyota lines and will have more interior volume than the current model. While the Scion roster consists of hatchbacks, the Corolla will continue here as a three-box sedan, with hatchback versions for overseas markets only. A hybrid-powered version may follow.
  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    "As for making sense . . . companies do a lot of things that do or don't make sense."


    I'm just trying to figure out WHY someone would buy a Prius rather than a Corolla HSD?

    I guess it makes sense if the Corolla is available only as a sedan and the Prius is for those who want a hatchback. But wouldn't it be simpler to just offer a 5-door Corolla (in both HSD and non-HSD flavors) to go with a 4-door?

    Oh wait, there's that 'makes sense' issue again. Nevermind.

    If you are interested in HSD, why wait for an '08 Corolla HSD? Why not simply buy a Prius?
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    If you are interested in HSD, why wait for an '08 Corolla HSD? Why not simply buy a Prius?

    I actually LOVE the Prius - save for two things.

    (1) price - loaded out, where in live in New York State, the Prius creeps up towards 30 G (US Dollars). In my own thrifty mind, that is WAY too much money (but, then, I also remember when the top-of-the-line Cadillac Fleetwood Brougham was 22 G with every possible option).

    (2) dashboard - I just *DETEST* digital dashboards, and not just aesthetically: my Mom had a Lincoln with the digital dash in the 1980s. Among other complaints, washout in mid-day sun was an issue (one the Edmunds reviewer noted as an annoyance with the Long-Term test Prius over the summer).

    Granted, the new Corolla could blow my hopes and jack the price AND offer a digital dash - which means I'm SOL.

    I have considered purchasing an 06 or 07 Corolla - but I really need to be putting some $$$ other places right now, ergo my hopes and concerns about the 08.
  • amick780amick780 Posts: 1
    Toyota does plan on building a HSD in the corolla, the next gen corolla will be offered in a hybrid model, Toyota plans to stop producing the prius in the future. So look foward to seeing a corolla that nears the numbers of a prius, just so everyone knows the corolla is going to be built on the scion tc look for a bigger better corolla :D
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    Interesting first post with a very definitive statement. Do you have special info on this. There is already a Gen3 Prius on the way so it will likely be around until 2014 or so.
  • Will yo imagine 2008 corolla with a 300HP with TRD technology in competition with the new Mitsubishi Evolution X!!!! Oh maaaammam Mia!!!! Mahe a dream come true!
    Sonata this is a forum to dream and to share ideas. Our Ego only wants 3 things: Be in control, have the reason and looks well.
    Your opinion is valid but we are talking about future, and nobody is for sure.... Maybe I dont exist tomorrow, so enjoy the ride!!!! Maybe is your last!!! :)
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    As long as they don't put that silly gimmick of a digital dash in, I suspect I will be quite happy!
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    Sonata this is a forum to dream and to share ideas.

    I guess I'm old and boring in that respect: I can dream all I want, but there is no way an $18,000 - $20,000 US Dollar car will come with the features you describe - and add my desire for a power package, leather seats, and an average fuel consumption clocking at least 40 miles per gallon.

    Not to mention the dreaming that counts comes from a Toyota engineer - not me.

    All I wanted to know was some factual info about the 08 Corolla - verifiable data to let me know if I will get the comfortable, slightly-stylish, practical economy car I want to buy.

    I've encouraged you do seek what you want: bliss comes in many flavors.

    Check out these folks. If Toyota does not make it for you?

    These people most certainly can.

    And ya won't even void the warranty.
  • gampagampa Posts: 78
    Did read somewhere that when they saw the new Civic at one of the Auto Shows... it was back to the drawing board... lets hope Toyota can produce something "futuristic" as the Civic...

    Maybe it time to blend the Prius and Corolla with a new Corolla Hybrid... call it the "Priolla" or "Corollis"

    ... in a few years even Hyundai will have one.
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    Actually, at the rate things are going?

    In ten years, we will get a choice of the next-generation of Model T.

    Hyundai pushed back their hybrid by one year - and given I drive a Sonata V-6 that eats fuel like a much larger car, I just don't want to revisit the Korean maker until they address the fact that all their designs are, compared to Toyota and Honda, thirsty.

    YO! FAST!

    If you really want Fast and Style, don't aim for a Corolla Econobox with your dream.

    Dream big. Dream REALLY gosh-darn big. :shades:
  • autoboy16autoboy16 Posts: 992
    Then why not save several grand by skipping the prius and get the unadvertised toyota? The current 2006 Toyota Corolla LE? Speaking from a personal experience (and recent too), this car got my mom and i from Miami, Fl to Jacksonville, Fl on a tank and a half of gas. It looks exactly like this:


    Not bad since the since our corolla was corollin' (we were going) about 70-90(mostly 85)mph with the radio blastin'(volume level 40), ac blowin'(level 2&3) and loaded with luggage. The little car wont even take $30 worth of gas from E unless you make it take it.

    If toyota makes a new corolla or corolla hybrid, I hope they can improve upon this. Our car has the in dash 6disk cd changer, stabillity control daytime running lights, and power door locks & windows +keyless entry.

    Whomever asked for a corolla hatch is crazy for waiting. Its been out in two forms and offer awd in both. They're the pontiac vibe and Toyota Matrix. Both use the corolla 1.8 and wheel base.

    If... no i mean WHEN toyota improves upon this, I'll personally commend them for "moving forward" :) !

    ps, the half tank took us from jacksonville to gwinnett county atlanta, georgia. Then we added $28 for a full tank and got back to jacksonville with 3quarters worth of gas. No we have t make a long 6hr drive back to miami.
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    Cuz I spent 12 grand on a new roof this year!

    No car this year - and undecided on next: I just have this thing about paying interest on an asset that depreciates, so I buy cars with saved cash.

    So, while your idea has merit, I can't write the dealer a check: the 2000 Sonata stays for now.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    will be one of the first models tested by EPA under their new system, which is supposed to result in a 15-20% decrease in rating for most cars tested. So look for the numbers for the next Corolla to drop BIG-TIME. The real question is, will actual mileage drop? If they use a modified version of the Avensis platform as someone suggested above, it will make the car more rigid, and heavier too, probably to the tune of 200-300 pounds. That's a lot of weight for a little car to gain. Look at what it did to the new Civic. :-(

    Honda didn't manage to raise the combined fuel economy of the new Civic at all from the old model. But I would imagine the new-found weight does make the car feel much more substantial, and it would do the same for the Corolla.

    Toyota can offer all the sport and luxury items on the new Corolla that it wants, but I think buyers for these goodies will be a small minority of Corolla buyers - people know what they are buying a Corolla for, and it is not those things. It is cheap-to-buy, cheap-to-operate, rock-solid-reliable commute transportation. With good build quality and a few nice touches so it doesn't have the feel of an econo-mobile.

    And heck, using that formula, Toyota created a very good '03, and four years later sales are actually UP year over year! Geez, maybe Toyota shouldn't bother updating the model at all!

    (not serious about that last - they should get us a new model at the normal time, not wait!) :-)

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201

    Toyota can offer all the sport and luxury items on the new Corolla that it wants, but I think buyers for these goodies will be a small minority of Corolla buyers - people know what they are buying a Corolla for, and it is not those things. It is cheap-to-buy, cheap-to-operate, rock-solid-reliable commute transportation.

    Bingo, Nippon!

    The only reason anyone can even GET an Corolla S with leather is the fact that the Toyota interior supplier, Bartlett Corp, has been authorized to sell the interior kits thru "authorized dealers," although I understand the actual installation is done by a subcontractor.

    That said, given Bartlett supplies the original OEM leather panels, that "authorized dealer" installation means it is as-if the car came with the equipment via factory (check out Bartlett's website for more details - they have the info up for consumers).

    My ideal vehicle is that Corolla S with the leather option.

    The only reason for that?

    The BMW 318 sedan and the VW 1.8 Jetta with the Corolla-like gas milage and the few creature comforts I want?

    No longer made - both manufacturers took the models up-market, up the price scale, and down the toilet with both economy and (apparently) reliability.
  • lzclzc Posts: 483
    Toyota announced record May sales for the Corolla, 41K, up 28%. Yep, this now aging model, long derided as "boring" by auto reviewers continues to be very popular with the group that sometimes counts the least, customers.

    Will Toyota get the message? Don't screw around with the Corolla. There is a large market for conservatively-styled, reliable, and economical cars. Please, skip the ground effects, raked windshields that cut into headroom, high beltlines, wide center consoles, gimmicky video-game instrument panels, and so on.

    Do include a modern transmission that puts increased gas mileage ahead of more zoom-zoom, seats that support American-sized behinds for longer than short trips, and make the latest safety features, like VSC, available on all models. Thank you.

  • Your last post sounds like a car from "Pump my Ride",MTV Show, I would like a Corolla in range with the civic, mazda 3, mitsubishi lancer, Nissan. with a FE economy range to keep the market.
    But I want a new corolla That hit the road in competition with the Mitsubishi Evo 330HP, Subaru WRX 284 HP, Civic HB SI 240 HP, Nissan Sentra GTR, and Mazda 3S, 240 HP. I think Toyota designers can fill both needs, DOn`t yo agree?
    One FE option and another more racing concept. something likes "Rides Show", They steal your car a chenge it in something totally diferent. I Would Like the people from Rides, "steal the new corolla 2008, and change it dramatically. I hope you enjoy my sense of humor. :) Best regards :D
  • kdhspyderkdhspyder Posts: 7,160
    The major problem in your wish list is that all the vehicles and manufacturers are 'marginal' performers. The Corolla and the Civic appeal to the heart of the driving public where all the money is.

    The rides you mention are for show not dough.
  • nippononlynippononly SF Bay AreaPosts: 12,726
    Amen! That's EXACTLY what Toyota needs to do for the Corolla. Corolla sales are SMOKING right now! If I were Toyota, I would be very worried about screwing up by moving the '08 out of that sweet spot the current model clearly occupies for consumers.

    Oh, and in case it hasn't been mentioned in here recently - the new model better have a 5-speed automatic. The 4-speed won't cut it after 2007. I would also LOVE to see them make the standard manual a 6-speed, with a tall overdrive for great highway mileage, but alas, I think the amount of money Toyota wants to devote to development of manual transmissions is pretty much nil at this point. They are committed to automatics for all applications at all times. :-(

    I wouldn't mind if they used the 6-speed (but geared taller) from the old Celica GT-S (and current Corolla/Matrix XRS), but the gates are so close together, I think they probably wouldn't consider it appropriate for the Corolla.

    2014 Mini Cooper (stick shift of course), 2016 Camry hybrid, 2009 Outback Sport 5-spd (keeping the stick alive)

  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201

    Your last post sounds like a car from "Pump my Ride",MTV Show,

    I thought it was PIMP my ride???
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    Nippon and KDH:

    You hit the nail on the head, precisely.

    From the point of view of a "typical buyer" demographic for Toyotas (i.e. "college educated, just above middle income, age 30 or over), I don't WANT a gimmicky car.

    The Civic is cute. In fact, the sheetmetal is overtly smooth: I like the exterior.

    But the inside?

    I was *JUST* in one today.

    The dash is a video game. And I think it's important to note, if you clicked the link I posed in my comment suggesting Fast dream bigger, you'll note the new Bentley Convertible (which would be the ultimate in "fast" at 185 mph and "style" because . . . well, it *IS* a Bentley), has a rather nice, easy-to-read, cleanly laid out dash, despite the VERY slick and modern lines on the car.

    No surprise: someone blowing 250 grand on a Bentley does not want to drive a video game - they want a CAR; in this particular case, the best darn performance convertible money can buy.

    Well - I can't afford a Bentley. Given my long-term plans, I don't even want a Camry at this point (I can afford the Camry in the time frame I plan to buy, but it seems like a needless waste given my current financial situation: perhaps in another 6 to 8 years).

    So a *BETTER* Corolla?

    I can support that.

    A weirder Rice-Rocket Corolla? That I don't need.

    TRD (Toyota Racing Design) has many mods (cold air intake, exhaust, add-on turbochargers) for Toyota products - all made to spec and in compliance with Toyota powerplants and suspensions.

    I don't begrudge Fast his dream: if the guy wants a rice-burner, he should have one.

    But not at the expense of the more pragmatic consumers (i.e. "the over 30-somethings like us").

    Heck - if Toyota just improves the current Corolla and offers (1) an air intake, (2) a turbo, (3) the exhaust, and (4) the beefed-up suspension components thru the TRD division, we can have the cars we want . . . and Fast can easily get his Corolla S or XRS and just whack the daylights out of it with speedy, trendy mods.

    And we can have the comparatively boring car that we actually LIKE.
  • Actually I am driving a corolla LE 2003, with 4 automatic transmision is nice to ride, is the full one with sun roof, I feel vry confortable with it, is feul efficcincy, with 24K only oil chanhes, and filters, ans as you said, easy to fix, reliable, trusty, with 130 HP run grate, but sometimes I will like to experience more power, maibe a triptonic automatic transmision, 170hp with some TRD tricks,make my day happy. But you already mentioned civic, check the Edmunds home page you will find a monster 2008 civic with 240 HP. Maybe there is some market space for a corolla with this specifications, Maybe I`m wrong, and is like you said: A conservative market to mature drivers. But I am 44, and like to feel the engine with a real power and feel the speed on the road, theres something wrong about that. By the way, My 2003 corolla is in good shape, 115 mph and still keep looking for more power to give. But is no stable to this speed, I need to fix th e suspension.
  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201
    I guess I owe you an apology: given your obsession with speed and "trendy," assumed you were *MUCH* younger than you are.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Let's put a check on the personally-directed comments. I removed quite a few, and will continue to do so. Let's focus on the car and not on other members. thanks!


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  • sonatabeansonatabean Posts: 201

    I was *JUST* in one today.

    The lot of us just graduated this stage of our collective education, so a boat-load of the graduates are now tooling around in new wheels.

    The bummer part is some of those folks are zipping around in Audi A4s and the new Passat (I may be very practical, but I do rather appreciate a really hot car).
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