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    I smell a new recall! I have brought my 2009 Toyota Corolla into the dealership over 5 times to have one little issue resolved.... an obnoxious "clunking/grinding" noise when I turn my steering wheel in the cold winter weather. While my car was in the shop the other week, I was given a loan car (also a 2009 Toyota Corolla) with the EXACT SAME PROBLEM. The issue has still not been resolved, but there is talk that some grease in the CV Boot freezes when the weather is under 15 degrees. I'm wondering if anyone else has noticed this issue? I was told by the dealership that they cannot continue repairs until they get the OK from national headquarters... which is a little silly since its now the ending of the winter cold (hopefully) and there will be no way to promise the issue has been fixed until next winter. Has anyone else had this problem and had success in a repair?
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    I have a 2009 Corolla and have had no noises whatsoever on our coldest day of 5 degrees F. I doubt a recall would be issued for such an isolated problem. Average freezing temp. of grease is minus 100 to minus 400 degrees F.
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    I just started experiencing the same thing (2010 Corolla). My dealership is having difficulty, because by the time I get it over there, it stops making the noise. Hopefully this will all get worked out- this is such an irritating (and might I say embarrassing) sound for a new car!
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    I know this is a late reply and the symptoms have gone away by now.

    Does it make the sound if the car is standing still and you turn the steering wheel?
    If so it's not likely the CV joints or any other non-steering part.

    You need a helper (child or spouse?) to listen under the hood at a cold start to tell where the sound is coming from.
    Power steering pump is my first guess.
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    Starting with 2009 model year, they do not have a power steering pump.
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    the pully on the alternator is squeaking. Is it possible to change out the pully without changing the alternator.
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    Please, could you be kind enough to give me the part number for the front brake pads for TOYOTA COROLLA XLE 2009. Thanks.
  • mangersmangers Member Posts: 2
    Please can anyone be of help to tell me how to get the Manual of parts numbers for 2009 corlla XLE.
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    We bought our new 2009 Corolla last February. I noticed that the engine tends to idle-hunt coupled with a "woh woh woh" :mad: sound during cold starts (lasting about 15 seconds) but thought nothing of it because I thought the engine was brand new and just breaking in.
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    Finally my car failed when the Toyota Dealership had my car. They actually replaced several parts on the accelerator of my 2013 Toyota Camry and now it is working just fine. The am temp outside was 48 degrees and my car did not fail.

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