2009 Toyota Corolla



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    LOL..amazing what those who know nothing can post...

    It was the No 2 vehicle in the US last month. I'll take that 'loser' any day. Facts are your friends try them once in a while they keep you from posting foolish drivel.

    Back under the bridge troll.
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    The announcement is going to be made by the CEO, Mr Watanabe, at the Detroit Auto Show in January 2009. At that time he's going to intro the new Prius and the new Lexus hybrid both of which should arrive next summer. That Prius is the one that's going to be different. Figure 14 months from now.

    That info is all confirmed by Toyota.
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    Just when I thought Toyota couldn't build anything Fuglier than the FJ and the Camry, the come out with the Corolla. Now I know why I stay away from Toyotas altogether. (Besides engine sludge cover ups.)
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    Fuglier What is the definition of this word?
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    I just got back from a trip to Yellowstone with my "loser" (Corolla XLE). I live in No. Ca. I'm very bad at checking mileage but my Garmin Nuvi 650 did it for me. My average MPG for the trip was 46.2. I never drove over 65 mph and was able to use the cruise control most of the time. I was gone 13 days, 8 of them spent in the driving the park every day doing photography. My gas bill for the whole trip was $382 The ride was no less comfy than my Subaru Outback and having the XM radio was quite nice. I'm really enjoying this little car and hope to have it for a long time. :)
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    Which Toyota? Toyota Japan, Toyota USA or CAT?
    Mack :shades:
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    I think GM has priced the Astra too high. Here in Pittsburgh, we see tons of Civics and Cobalts. However, I have seen one Astra on road.
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    You can use various resources on the internet to look it up, but let me ask that people not define it here (again). It very likely will cause your post to be removed. :)
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    Toyota Torrance and Toyota Japan.
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    E-mail me a copy.
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    I'm considering buying an '09 Corolla, I live in Brooklyn, NY. I mostly use the car on weekends so I drive a mix of city and highway, some of the highway miles have traffic and a lot don't as there is no traffic coming home late at night on weekends.

    In these types of conditions what MPG are people in major cities getting w/ the '09 Corolla w/auto?

    I'm not sure if the Corolla will get much better MPG than a Mazda3 or Jetta w/auto.
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    It will get slightly better fuel economy than either the Mazda 3 or Jetta gasser at about the same price or less. It will get slightly worse fuel economy than the Jetta TDI at a significantly lower cost.
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    Post #1915 in this Forum

    Here's a shocker...

    Toyota expects this Gen10 to surpass the Camry and become the No 1 selling auto in NA!!! Wanna bet against Toyota's Marketing infor and savvy?

    OK now view this in terms of fuel being $5 or $6 or $7 per gallon over the next 5 years. If fuel is going to be horrendously expensive what are consumers going to want to do to keep the total cost of transportation as low as possible? Buy smaller vehicles and more basic smaller vehicles.

    As unlucky as they were with the timing of the Tundra launch right in the midst of skyrocketing oil prices, tensions in the MidEast, an incresingly worthless US$ and the housing market falling flat the timing of this Gen10 is very very fortunate. It will debut just before gas prices head for the land of $5 per gallon in the spring.

    In both May and June the Corolla has outsold the Camry/Camry Solara, as has the Civic. In September the Solara will drop out since it's being discontinued.

    "The King is Dead!! All Hail the King!!"
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    Nearly all small cars are breaking sales records.
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    Except Toyota foresaw this eventuality back in the Fall.....Marketing.
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    If they forsaw the surge in small car sales due to gas prices... why did they wait so long to bring the 5-door Yaris here? :surprise:
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    The 5 door Yaris will be a small part of a small segment. The Corolla is a big part of the total picture. But I don't think anyone saw the 4 cars on top jumping over the Silverado, Ram and F150 in one fell swoop.

    That was much too dramatic. I read that Honda is looking to add 100,000 units of Civic production for the future. They must expect a big jump to near 500,000 units soon.
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    Well, the jump to $4+ a gallon was pretty dramatic, and we saw what happened in the '70s when buying behavior shifted quickly due to gas prices. The difference is that this shift is probably permanent. The Camry and Accord were already nipping at the pickups' heels, so it wasn't dramatic when they caught the pickups in sales. And as someone else noted, ALL small cars are jumping in sales, not just the Corolla. The Corolla and Civic were the largest small car sellers before the shift, so they had the best chance of catching the pickups in the short term.
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    I just purchased a 09 Corolla LE. I know how to calculate MPG the old school method. This may be a silly question but here goes. What is the difference in Instantaneous fuel consumption and average fuel consumption...not sure of the numbers I'm getting. Can someone explain this to me. Thanks!
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    The instantaneous fuel consumption is like a series of 'snapshots' taken by the computer to see what the FE was for the prior 1 second. Accelerate sharply from a stop and you'll see the FE get better as you progress through the gears. As you get up to the speed limit let off the pedal and you'll see the instantaneous readout go to 60 or 80 or 99 mpg. Step on the gas again and it will fall instantaneously to 15 or 25 or 35 mpg.

    One of the best features of the hybrids is that they all have some kind of gauge like this that acts as a 'biofeedback' device to guide you to use the pedal and engine for the best fuel efficiency. It's a link between the engine, pedal, foot, eyes and brain.
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    I see the 2009 Corolla LE comes standard with remote entry yet many of the LE's have an option KE-10 which is a $200+ option that is a remote entry. What is the difference?
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    Unless you're in Canada or other countries. Here in the US the keyless entry is optional on Corolla LE. Option code is KE.
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    I recently purchased an 09 Corolla S (1.8) and I'm trying to find an after market oil filter to change the oil-does Fram make an oil filter element that will fit the 09 Corolla? Does anyone know the part number?
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    Why not get the real thing? Most Toyota dealers offer oil filters at a discount and they are much better than aftermarket filters. My store offers them at $3.50 a pop or less if you buy in quantity. :) Or google and find Toyota dealers offering great deals on parts and accessories online.
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    thanks for clarifying.
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    I have been looking at Corolla S's in the Chicagoland area and I cannot find one that has Vehicle Stability Control. It seems also that if I order the car with that option I might have to wait a few monthes for it to come in with that particular option. I want to get that feature because it seems that it is a good safety feature to have on the car or is it really a necessary option that I maybe able to go without it?
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    You definately want VSC. In my opinion, it should probably be a safety feature required by law.
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    It WILL be required by law on all 2012 models.
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    Very cool. For society, it will save way more than it costs.
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    Corolla 09
    S Model
    Cruise Control
    JBL System
    All Weather Guard Package
    POWER Package
    Rear Deck Spoiler
    Power Tilt and SLide Moonroof with Sunshade
    Carpet Floor and Trunk Mats

    COLOR: Blue

    MSRP: 21254.00 (includes Destination Charge)

    Offer Price: 18,895.00 ($2359 off MSRP)

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    Not a bad price. You don't mention if you will be financing thru Toyota or you are trading in. I would want to get $3000.00 off the MSRP since you are buying a $21,254 Corolla. I paid $16,000. $2500.00 off the MSRP with 0% for 3 years, no money down, no trade in. Good Luck.
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    Thanks for reply Here is the other information - tell me what you think

    $8000 down
    Rest paid using Credit Union at 5.25% (not even talking to dealer about financing)

    Car is not available at any dealers in SoCal. Dealer told me I'm first in line to get car which will be available at their lot on August 20th. They told me they couldn't take down payment because they don't even have VIN yet and the paperwork I saw didn't show a VIN. They said car probably in production thus no VIN and legally they couldn't take deposit.

    I'm going to run a consumer union report to see cost but I think good cost just wanted other thoughts.
  • valleydavidvalleydavid Member Posts: 35
    Oops - forgot
  • seatoyotasalesseatoyotasales Member Posts: 36
    That is a screaming deal for a car that is very hard to get right now. I sell them here in Seattle and we are not budging off of sticker. I did get the sales managers to agree to $200 off MSRP for a friend of mine so do not hesitate for one minute to get that car. By the way, here in Seattle we CAN take a deposit on a car without a full VIN. We can't do all the paperwork but it guarantees that the car won't be dealer traded or made available to another sales person. I would go back and suggest they put your name on the car and give them a credit card deposit.
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    I'd like to ask the 2009 Corolla owners whether or not they've had any trouble getting used to the feel of the electric power steering. I wanted to buy an 09, but during my test drives I noticed that the car tended to wander out of its lane at highway speeds unless I gave it my full attention. Is this a problem for anyone, or is it just something that you have to get used to?
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    I for one have not had any trouble. It is great around town and on the Hwy, I got used to it pretty fast...I have had mine for about 8 weeks. I know others have had problems though. Probably varies from driver to driver. Good luck on your decision. I really like mine so far (2009 XLS)
  • bimmer4mebimmer4me Member Posts: 266
    I have a little over 1000 miles on my LE, mostly hwy and have no issues with the steering. Quite frankly, I think this steering issue is blown out of proportion. Great MPG!
  • gizzer777gizzer777 Member Posts: 335
    Meant 2009 XLE...my typing is terrible...sorry (I still like it!) :shades:
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    I am looking for 09 owners that don't have the JBL upgade to tell me about the stereo. Do you have the 6 CD changer with six speakers ? Specifically, I want to know if you think the stereo in the LE or XLE, if non JBL, is as good as the stereo that was in the prior generation. I currently have an 05 LE with 6 cd changer and six speakers, non JBL. I personally think the sound is very good, very poweful, and am afraid the new one I am thinking of buying will not be as good. The 09 that I test drive was an LE , but it only had 4 speakers and seemed not as good. Toyota says the prior model like mine has 140 watts and the new 2009 has 160 watts. They believe the stereo ( non JBL ) is more powerful then the prior generation. I guess maybe I am looking for someone who owned a car like mine, and then bought the 09 Corolla without the JBL. What do you think of the stereo non JBL ? Is it better or worse than the prior generation, or is it about the same ?
  • jilliewjilliew Member Posts: 48
    It felt a bit different at first, but that's with any new car that you buy. I got used to it pretty fast and enjoy driving it. Easy to drive and parking is a breeze. :)
  • smparker2smparker2 Member Posts: 2
    I had a problem in the beginning with the steering. I adjusted the steering wheel and it improved greatly. Now I have no problems. I have 8000 miles on my Corolla. Very Happy with it.
  • dd974dd974 Member Posts: 4
    I felt a difference and could feel the electric power steering in place, but it never bothered me or did I ever feel a pull from side to side at hwy speeds. I love the car!
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    I purchased a Magnetic Grey S 2 weeks ago. I had to put a deposit on the car while it was in the "A" status to get the color I wanted. In the "A" status there is not a complete VIN so you can't actually write the contract. I waited a month for the car to arrive. My first impression as the car was driven up was "Wow!, that's a nice looking car!" During my wait I had plenty of time to read the forums and reviews and look at accessories. Here are my thoughts after about 400 miles, I hope this helps:
    Yes, the steering is kind of sensitive. It's great for city driving but sensitive on the highway, It does take some getting used to and I have not taken it on a long road trip yet but I think it will be fine.I have a Mitsubishi 3000GT as a 2nd car so I think I have a good contrast.
  • here4uhere4u Member Posts: 5
    The car is quiet. No rattles thus far. The dark grey color and charcoal interior is hot so nice sunshades while parked are a must. The manual transmission shifts smooth. MPG so far is 36 mpg combined with mostly town driving. The clock thing is no big deal. We have cell phones and watches for that. The WMA feature on the base CD player is great. If you burn your discs right you can create folders and get a ton of music on one disc. Can't hear the engine while idling although if the AC compressor turns on at the same time as you brake and come to a stop the engine RPMs drop a bit and the engine stumbles for a sec. I've had that happen on other vehicles but will see what the dealer says. Minor thing. Nice ride quality. Drives like a bigger car. Exterior finish is really good. I
  • here4uhere4u Member Posts: 5
    Interior on the S looks and feels sporty but upon closer looks you can see the shadow of the back side rivets on the front side of the trim on the door and trunk panels. The feel of the plastics and glove boxes is kind of cheap but the fabrics are OK. Minor thing given the price of the car. Controls and convenience features are easy and well thought out. AC works well even in a dark color car. Keyless entry on the key is great. Trunk is big and the seats fold down. Accessories: bought the all weather mats and trunk cargo net from the internet and saved about 30%. Car came with the rear bumper protector and floor mats inc. the trunk mat. Will buy the wheel locks for the 16" alloy wheels (which make the look of the car btw)
    and a clear bra.
  • here4uhere4u Member Posts: 5
    The OEM tires are poor whether you got the Bridgstone Turanzas (mine) or the Eagle RSAs. I suspect they are the cause of alot of the vibration complaints. Read the reviews at Tirerack.com. and replace them when worn or sooner. The good news is they probably won't last more than 25k miles.
    Conclusion: At less than 19k the car looks and drives bigger, is quiet and solid feeling, has a bit of sportiness, and gets close to 40 mpg. The steering is a bit quirky at first but I suspect will get better with quality rubber, as will the vibrations some people have mentioned.Oil changes may be more expensive than people are used to but I think the gas savings offset it, not to mention the added longevity of the engine. The interior is not that of a Lexus although the quietness is close and the price is not. I hope this helps. I will post again as the mileage continues.
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    I noticed the steering feel at first and I really didn't like it..in fact I almost traded because I just didn't like it. I got around 2500 miles on my Corolla now and it's funny, I don't feel the steering like I once did. I like the car and love the gas mileage I'm getting...34.5 mpg just driving to work.
  • mdecampsmdecamps Member Posts: 115
    My 2009 Corolla S (1.8 L engine) knocks for 1-2 seconds on start up. I don't know if it's the lifters, lack of lubrication in the engine, or what. I changed over from the factory oil to Mobil 1 synthetic and it seems to have helped a bit, however I can still hear the knocking. Has anyone else noticed this? It goes away quickly, but it is enough to bother me. Please advise if you've heard this in your cars.

    Also, mine stutters at idle as well with the air conditioner on. I didn't notice it when it was new, but I now have 1700 miles and I notice it. I'm thinking of having the dealer take a look at it. Love the car! I'm getting MPG as rated on the sticker, not higher as some on this board have posted.
  • mnfmnf Member Posts: 405
    knocking and stutters are not normal I would have it looked at something is not right. With 2800 on my 09 i hear nothing the MPG will improve with time.

    Good Luck

  • johnc27johnc27 Member Posts: 9
    I was wondering what people think of the non JBL stereo ? The six cd changer with six speakers. Are you satisfied with the sound quality? Does it get reasonably loud ? Is it as good as the prior generation ?
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