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    I'm with you, backy.

    Of course you are!

    Very nice little car for $18k, and rode quite nicely.

    Sure did!

    Just because I don't like the steering system in the '09, doesn't mean I'm trashing the car

    No, not at all!
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    Geez, why so defensive? I mention not liking an aspect of the car and suddenly I'm bashing it. What did this post have to do with the Toyota Corolla?

    Seems pretty "off-topic" to me.
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    Don't feed the troll, guys.

    Seems pretty "off-topic" to me.
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    The petty squabbling is doing nothing to further this conversation. Please let it go.
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    I've owned mine for a little over a year now and have 7100 miles on it. The steering was different than my previous car ('97 Outback) but I got used to in in a few days. The problem is that the steering is so positive that you have to keep your eyes on the road, it's not a car made for gawking or sightseeing while you're driving. Last night I drove home from a shopping trip. It was 20 miles, I steered with my left hand and ate an In and Out Burger, french fries, and drank a pink lemonade with my right hand, but kept my eyes on the road. Before I left the burger place I had everything set up on the front seat in the box they gave me (even ketchup) so I could ge tot it all without looking. Made it home alive. LOL Love my car and plan to drive it until she don't run no more. Driving with one hand isn't a problem. :)
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    Again, I would have to say that I don't feel having to keep your eyes on the road should be a problem. But I do catch the just of your comment and understand what you are trying to say. I'm glad you adjusted and are just another Corolla driver that is very happy with the new EPS and love their car.
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    I have a 2009 Corolla. The dash mpg reading is about 5 miles higher than my pencil and paper computation. Anyone else compare these? Also, I got only 31 mpg on my recent interstate trip. I was quite disappointed in the mpg. Others having any problems with meeting expected mpg?
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    How many miles do you have on your 09

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    How fast were you driving to get that mileage? I posted this under another topic previously. I took a trip from No.Cal to Yellowstone NP and stayed in Montana. I drove a steady 65mpg, using cruise control the whole way. I stayed 8 days and drove different parts of the park every day. My mileage for the round trip was 46.2 mpg. I'm going to Las Vegas next month for a week and am anxious to see what my mileage will be for that trip. I get great mileage when I go to town and a tank of gas lasts me a long time. If you were driving at a high rate of speed on your trip you won't get good mileage. And if you think something is wrong you should take it into the dealer and use your warranty to get it right.
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    46.2 mpg is great! I got 42 going 50-55 with the cruise control driving to FL from NY. If I go 65 I get maybe 30, no more. Might have to bring my car to Toyota service to see why I'm not getting that good mpg.
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    Okay, so let me get this straight. Your going to go back to the dealer and tell him your not happy with getting 42 mpg on the highway with 2009 Corolla because sometime you only get 30 mpg. Don't you think he's gonna laugh?
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    Well 42 is very good. As good as a Prius. Odd that you only got 30 going 65. Did you run into frequent where you had to slow down and get it into cruise again. On that trip I took there were horrible winds coming and going and the weather was bad in Montana also.But I also had that highway almost to myself. That was last June. So with all that I was very surprised to get that mileage. But I've seen notes from other people that get that kind of mileage also.
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    For those who would like to continue to discuss the EPS, here's a link to a new topic: 2009 Toyota Corolla EPS. Come on over!
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    I went to a dealership have my 09' Corolla checked. The mechanics used a computer to show rpm to me. It indeed is ~600. He also showed me when steering wheel moves, the idle went even below 600. He said it is within normal range for fuel efficient sake. Not quite convinced, I'll try other dealership when oil change due.
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    I was traveling about 70-72 mph. I called Toyota to ask about EPA's numbers. I was told EPA uses 48 mpg to get their highway ratings, and 21 mph to get in-town. If this is so, I could understand why I got only 31 mpg on the highway. But - I see others like you reporting phenomenol highway mpg. So I wonder if I should ask the dealer to look it over. Ironically, with conservative in-town driving I'm getting 31 or 32.
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    We have 2009 corolla with 7000 miles on it, we get 30 mpg in suburban driving and only getting 31 mpg on the freeway using the cruise control at 70 mph with the ac on, I was expecting 34-35 mpg on the freeway, is this normal, thanks.
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    Yes that is normal.
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    You have to go slower to get better milage. Try holding at 55 mpg. I did that from NY to FL and got 42 mpg. I know its boring to go 55 mpg but so worth it in fuel costs.
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    Using my own 2009 Corolla gas milage as a guide I would say your city gas milage is exceptional as I only get 26 mpg consistantly in city driving. On the other hand I would say your highway gas milage is low. I can get 39 mpg with air on doing 65-70 mpg.
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    31 mpg seems low at a steady 70 mph, even with AC on (which is actually more efficient at 70 than having windows open). Why is the Corolla's fuel economy so low at typical freeway speeds? I can easily get low-to-mid-30s mpg at 70 mph on mid-sized cars with much larger engines, and lower EPA numbers. I even got 29 mpg at 70 mph on an Impala with a big V6 on a recent rental. My '04 Elantra with an ancient iron-block 2.0L engine gets mid-30s at 70 mph. It seems to me that the Corolla should do better than 31 mpg at 70, unless there were other factors e.g. strong headwind or mostly up-grade.
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    You should be able to achieve higher mpg on the freeway. I just drove a one way 500 mile road trip mostly freeway and got 37.42 mpg cruising at 70 with the A/C on in my 09 Corolla with 8.5 k miles on it.
  • thegraduatethegraduate Member Posts: 9,731
    Normal? 31mpg is normal at 70+mph? I disagree, unless a Corolla can't hold a candle to a Civic (which, at least in fuel economy, I think they're quite competitive). After a 300 mile trip at 72 mph Cruise I achieved 37mpg in a 2007 Civic EX Automatic. My girlfriend got 35mpg in my 2.4L Accord Automatic, who was in front of me for the entire trip, cruise set as well.
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    If your concern is for a single reading based on a single re-fueling, consider that fuel pumps vary, sometimes considerably. Depending on how much fuel you pumped, it might not take a large difference in pump calibration to give the appearance that your mpg was off once.

    I bring this up because I knew a guy who worked for the state "Bureau of weights & measures" who actually measured the amount of fuel using a large graduated cylinder at the fuel pumps. He said there was considerable variation on both sides and that sometimes the pumps gave less fuel but occasionally were even pumping more than their meters indicated. The lesson I learned in that was that the few pennies savings from one station to another could be meaningless because the variation in volume of the fuel could easily offset any savings of a few pennies. Yet people persist in driving extra miles to a pump that is marked 2 cents cheaper....
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    It appears that it's low only in this individual anecdotal case. This is more likely a specific driver/vehicle/situational issue. Others have noted values above 40 mpg, but also anecdotal.
  • backybacky Member Posts: 18,949
    I would think so, but the one poster said 31 mpg on the highway was "normal", which is what I was commenting on.
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    cz75, I need for you to send me an email - pat AT edmunds.com - as soon as possible. Thanks.
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    what do you guys use for a bike rack? I have an 09 S with spoiler....that spoiler seems to ruin everything...the guy at ORS racks says it should fit, but it does not seem like the Thule Speedway trunk rack with fit b/c the spoiler gets in the way....
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    I get an average of 34 mpg 50% city 50% hwy
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    does anybody have a problem with their 09 corolla paint job? my car's paint is coming off from the plastic bumper, plastic strip under the front windshield and the driver door's mirror seems to have been hit by lighting!!!!!
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    Hi Everyone,

    For a little less than a week I have been the owner of a slightly used '09 Corolla LE. I wasn't really in the market for a new car but only 1500 miles after the extended warranty on my '04 Dodge Intrepid ran out, the transmission started acting up. Repairs would have been $900 and probably would have continued on and on. So I decided to get rid of it. I knew I didn't want another Chrysler product... or GM for that matter. I briefly considered a Ford but than, thinking about the amount of miles I drive, I came to my senses and started looking at Toyota's and Honda's.

    My wife owned a '87 Corolla when she was in college and she loved it so she wanted to get another one. We found a silver '09 LE with 6000 miles on it for $15999. It was a dealer car and was driven by an employee.

    So far I love the car, the only things that take a little getting used to are the 4-cylinder engine and the horn, which I absolutely hate but other than that I love the car.

    Now, here's the thing though. When we were test driving the car I asked if it had keyless entry and I was told that it did. When we decided to buy it I was given three keys (two black and one gray). I asked if they had the remote for the car, which they said they'd be looking for. The sales guy came back and told me he couldn't find the remote and that they are sometimes lost. I would have the option of having a new one made at a cost of $200 to $300 though. The same thing had happened with my Intrepid. Knowing that it had keyless entry and that I would be able to get a remote later, I didn't worry about it too much.

    After we purchased the car and went home I started worrying a little bit and got mad at myself because I feel I should have insisted on getting the remote or at least have them meet me somewhere in the middle for a new one. So I contacted them again to tell them I'd really appreciate it if they would help me getting the remote for the car. The guy who sold the car to us insisted that he checked everywhere and that the remote is not there. So I asked him which steps I would need to take to obtain another remote. He told me to bring the car in and that service could help me out, so I agreed. Not five minutes later he calls back and tells me that he checked with the service department and the car might not have keyless entry. WTF?

    This option is not the most important thing to me and if I had to I could live without it but the fact that I was told that it did have keyless entry and now it doesn't, really ticks me off. Is there any way I can check to see if it has keyless entry? I also read something about it being configured for keyless entry? If it does not have that option installed, is there a possibility to have an OEM keyless entry system installed or is the only other option a third party system?

    I did a search and found some information but none that matched my situation.

    I'd appreciate if anyone has any information regarding this issue.


  • lls57lls57 Member Posts: 57
    My 2009 LE has keyless entry, and the remote is part of the key. If the remote is not part of the key, my guess is you don't have keyless entry, and if you bought from a Toyota dealer, they were lying to you all along about the car having the remote. I have no idea if it can be added.
  • terceltomterceltom Member Posts: 1,024
    Keyless entry is not standard on the LE but can be added as stated below. Keyless entry can be added with the addition of the Toyota VIP Security system #RS3200 for $359.00. This system has a glass breakage sensor, engine disabler, alarm and two keyless remotes. If keyless entry alone, was purchased as an option with the 2009 it cost $209.00 at the Toyota dealer. I don't believe this includes the security system though.
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    Hello . I have a 06 toy corolla with factory keyless entry. Both front doors have stopped responding to keyless controller. Rear doors still unlock and lock. I have reprogrammed transmitter but does not help. (occassionally one of the front doors will work) Any ideas on parts, etc that will repair issue??
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    I'll second that, it's a sure bet for an economy car.
  • denvecsrdenvecsr Member Posts: 40
    NO Advertising HERE.
  • terceltomterceltom Member Posts: 1,024
    LOL, bashing only, right?
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    I have a 2009 Corolla that has extremely wrinkled front seats on the sides of the cushion bottom. The passenger seat has almost the same amount of wrinkles and it has not been used more that 10 times since I purchased the car new. I was told that the process is to take to upholstery shop the dealer works with, they examine and a warranty repair is done. I took the car myself to the shop that the dealer uses and they said definitely that it is bad piece of ill fitting foam underneath and it needs to be redone.

    I went to the dealer, told them that, when they did some other work. When I picked it up the service tech said that they had contacted the Toyota area service rep who would look at the car and make a decision. The impression they gave is that they, the dealer, believes that it is normal wear and tear. They are very tight lipped about it.

    My question, what do I do now, if the dealership will not support my claim? I was told by another dealer that Toyota would not. I have not met with Toyota yet as I am wary of going through another waiting at the dealership, being given the runaround when it is probably a no go.

    Any ideas? What is the next step if Toyota says no?
  • terceltomterceltom Member Posts: 1,024
    As I asked in post #3629 of "Maintenance and Repair", why do you think it's going to be denied when even the upholsterer that your Toyota dealer uses even concurred with about the defect? It sounds like a legitamet defect. If they give you a hard time contact the Toyota rep. yourself and push the issue.
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    One year ago car sat in a cold garage because of heavy snow. I went to start next day and all I got was a click. Warranty covered tow and they fixed(Something about computer told it was flooded) 27Dec2010 Car sat one day in cold garage. Tow truck just left with my car again. Car would crank, but not turn over. Tow truck driver asked me where I get gas. NOT!! Car has 26,000 miles. I can"t talk up a Toyota ever again. PS, I told them to take care of floormat recall while at it. 3recalls 2tows 1 drive in (something loose in exhaust)
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    I take it your not buying the "bad gas" bit huh?
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,130
    I've never had a vehicle fail to turn over because of bad gas. Usually, when there's been a fuel or fuel delivery issue, my vehicles will turn over initially, then almost immediately sputter and die. Or, it'll start and then sputter & putt-putt - Usually putting some Heet in helps (seems it's water in the gas lines).

    Failing to turn over at all could be due to any one of several issues, bad gas being the least likely.

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    I gotta agree with you. I just picked up a classic "91" Miata for my wife for Christmas from a 65 year old guy who hardly drove it. It just sat most of the year. It had very low mileage and was in great shape but it sputtered pretty badly at times. I filled up the tank and added some "Heet" and it now purrs like a kitten. Needless to say my wife can't wait to go "top down" this summer in her new toy.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,130
    How fun! I hope she enjoys that car a lot.

    Yeah, we have a '98 pickup that sits in the driveway, and doesn't get used much. It also doesn't like the cold (though we have a block heater for extreme weather). Seems to pick up a little moisture in the tank from time to time, and Heet (or similar product) makes a world of difference.

    Hope the starting problem on the Corolla is as simple a fix. It probably doesn't hurt to try.

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  • mickokegmickokeg Member Posts: 2
    Dealer added Toyota Gas Additive. Starts no problem. I'm going to keep some HEET around just in case. Dealer actually told me two newer non-starts were brought in that day and one was same year,model as mine. Also, reshaped my gas pedal, put something underneath my carpet, and put some kind of vacume on brakes for a cold weather problem(Recalls)
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    Hello all!

    Sorry for the nebie-ish question. I have 33k on my 09 Corolla Standard. I need 4 new tires (down to 3/32 on the OEMs, yikes!). With cost not an issue, what do you all recommend? (I'm not looking for snow tires, as that is not an option for me at this time due to cost/storage, etc). I feel so overwhelmed looking at all the choices!

    Here is some info on my driving habits:

    --My overall concern is something is is great in the snow (again, looking for something to keep on year-round, not snow tires.)
    --I live in the hills of Massachusetts, so in the snow season, there is snow on local roads but there is quite a bit of rain in the summer, too.
    --I drive about 15k miles a year
    --Daily commute is about 15 miles of 30mph and 20 miles of 65 mph round trip
    --As you can see from above, I don't speed around, so a "race" type tire isn't a factor.
    --Aside from that, spend a lot of time driving at 65 mph+ on the weekends/holidays.
    --I suppose I care more about traction than with noise/comfort.
    --I'm assuming I'm looking for something that has a great UTGQ rating (AAs or As)
    --Would like something that has a proven track record for being a great tire.

    My toyota dealer recommended firestone ..I think Grand Tourings or Affinatys for $560 with balancing and alignment.

    Thank you in advance for your help!
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    fma;s asefasdre asdfasf
  • abchin486abchin486 Member Posts: 78
    Do not get it at the dealer. Go to a Hogan tire or something. Your dealer recommended Firestone, because that is what they sell.
  • terceltomterceltom Member Posts: 1,024
    Actually Sam's Club has an excellent selection of name brand tires with great pricing and warranty/installation. They are very knowledgable and will help you pick out a good tire. Another good source just for your own research before you buy, would be tirerack.com Just punch in you car year, make and model and see what's out there before you buy. I second the previous poster who states to avoid the dealer for tire purchases.
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