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    Yeah but in Toyota defense alot of manufacturers just finished out clearing 2005 models and just recieved 2006 models. I mean its too early for the market for 06 models to be had a generous price because they just arrived on lots. I mean Mazda and Honda aren;t going to move favorbly on the 06 3's and redeigned Civic at least not into the 06 model year runs further into its course. I think March-July is the best time to buy a car. The Sentra has been discounted alot compared to its competition the last few years and has a declining reliability record by CR of late.
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    I too prefered the 98-02 Corolla look to the new one and also the 93-97 Corolla looks to the new one. I guess looks are in the eyes of the beholder. As a matter of fact I liked its cousins look better(i.e. early to mid 90's Geo Prizm.) I think the Prizm looked great for a compact car for that time period.
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    My wife just simply turned down the present Corolla compared to her 95 DX.
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    Honda has already announced that SAB and curtains will be standard on the Fit. Indeed, how could they not be, what with Rio/Elantra/Spectra/Accent all having them?

    As for RAV, heck, they actually advertise the "star safety system" on the SUVs, yet don't include these airbags as part of that system. That is hype taken to an extreme, I would say.

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    Here is another update to my so called future purchase of the 06 EX Corolla. Two months ago I ordered a EX with ABS, Spoiler, Mats, JBL, Splashguards, Tinting, and Dimming Mirrors. Two months later...No vehicle. Said they could not get the JBL with the rest of the stuff, because it was difficult to get....REALLY ?. So I asked to get the ABS, and all the rest, minus the JBL. Told me it will be here in less than two weeks, and found one that meets the vehicle I wanted to a tee, and it was already on the boat .... Two weeks later, get a call stating it will now take another month or more to get the vehicle, and was promised again this time it will be here...Finally had enough of this and asked for the deposit back, and now looking at the Civic 06 again.... Toyota had better get their act together, on this we promise stuff...
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    First, I'm not sure if you're trying to get a CE or LE, manual or automatic (the EX is a Civic designation, not a Corolla designation).

    Second, have you tried going through the 'Build your Toyota' section of the Toyota website to find something similar to what you are seeking? The only items I see on your list which are factory items are the ABS and the JBL sound system; the rest are dealer add-ons. If you can live without the JBL system, then all you really need to locate is a Corolla with ABS.

    I found probably a half-dozen cars with ABS locally (Corolla LE w/ automatic and virtually all your other add-ons as well) in about 5 minutes using Toyota's website. Of course, I don't know how choosy you are regarding color - most of the one's I found were silver.
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    Whoops, its the LE model. Got it mixed up with the Honda. Can live without the JBL, but you are right, its the dealer add on for the rest and for some reason they can't seem to get one for me in White, though I do see from time to time a ABS vehicle come in. Don't know why they told me it will now take another month to get to the dealership, so I just gave up and now looking for a deal ( Not holding my breath ) on a Honda Civic EX with NAV.... Thanks for the input however....
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    Well, I think part of the problem is it is extremely difficult to 'order' cars with Toyota. A dealer will have a good idea of what sort of allocation he will get in the coming month and can check to see what cars he is due (and what cars other dealers are due).

    And for WHATEVER reason, Toyota seems reluctant to offer more cars with what more and more people consider to be BASIC safety features (ABS is about as basic as it gets; why this is not an extremely common 'option' is beyond me).

    My wife and I had that problem when we were cross-shopping the Sienna with the Odyssey. We really wanted the side/curtain airbags and the traction/VSC on the Sienna. Unfortunately, it seemed like only around 5% of the cars were equipped that way. We ended up going with the Odyssey because these features were standard and we had no problem finding EXACTLY what we wanted.

    Have you considered the Mazda3? Personally, if I were in the market for a small sedan, the Mazda3 would be at the top of my list (and I've owned nothing but Toyotas and Hondas for the last 10+ years). The reason I throw that out there is that the Civic is brand new this fall and I'm not sure how well the dealers will negotiate on them right now.
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    Looked at the Mazda3 just the other day, but for some reason, I either liked the Corolla or Civic, though the big speedo dial was something I wish Honda would have removed. I did want the Corolla with the side air bags as well, but was again told it would be difficult. Yes, its too bad that we cannot get what we want and what is offered in print, and wish they would just stop this silly game playing, wanting me to buy off the lot. Well, so much for that, and now will look again at the Civic, and Mazda3. Thanks for the input
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    Disclaimer: I work for a Toyota dealership

    As I understand it all Corolla's are in short supply everywhere due to the sudden surge in fuel prices. We normally have 30-60 on hand all the time. Last weekend we had 6.! 20-30 arrived this week. They likely will be gone by next weekend.

    As a consumer and driver of a LOT of miles I am with you about standard safety features. Gimme everything. But there are two mitigating factors:
    1) the sudden surge in deliveries has emptied the supply pipeline. My guess is that production at the factories has said something to the like of 'build them all the same and get them out to the stores NOW!' On a production line modifications mean less efficiency and lower output. Right now I'd guess less output is a Mortal Sin.

    2) It is still a fact that the largest segment of the US market for economy vehicles is extremely price sensitive. This group does not want power windows but they do want power locks ( CE ), they do not want Man Tranny or floor mats either. And in the 20-30 Corolla prospects I speak with each week possibly one every other week asks for ABS/S&CAB. If there is an LE next to the CE and the LE has ABS/S&CAB most buyers will gravitate to the CE due to the price.

    Toyota rarely misses the mark in its marketing. It even discovers new segments that others overlook entirely; e.g. crossover UTEs, Hybrids, Scion. The Marketing Dept IMHO does listen... but... it goes for the heart of the market where all the volume is. In another forum I posted an interesting fact about the present generation Corolla. Back in '01 before the new model came out the vehicle managers promised Top Managment at Toyota that this model would finally outsell the Civic. As of Sept '05 YTD sales of the top 8 veh are
    1 F150
    2 Silverado
    3 Camry
    4 Ram
    5 Accord 293000 units
    6 Corolla 265000
    7 Civic 234000
    8 Altima 205000
    The Corolla is poised to pass the Accord too. Marketing found a 'sweetspot' and hit it... unexciting as it is.

    As an other poster stated I believe I heard that there was too much going on in MY 2006 especially with the Camry. The Camry was moved up into the Corolla's place for renewal in Feb 2006 as an '07 model pushing the Corolla back a year.
    I've heard that the new model will have the Avalon/Camry look but other than that the specs are pure speculation:D. The pricing seems sure to be unchanged because the Yaris/Scion support the bottom side while the Base Camry occupies the upper end.

    I'd expect that S&CAB would be standard on all models. I'm not certain abt ABS but again production efficiency enters here. It is much more efficient to make all models with ABS and S&CAB as long as the market will accept them. This includes those that still believe that ABS is useless and that Airbags kill and should somehow be able to be disabled.

    FWIW from another view.


    '00 Camry ( 4th Gen )
    '03 MR2
    '04 Highlander V6 4WD
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    Right now, a lot of people are watching with interest what Toyota does with the next-generation Corolla for the US/Canada market arriving early in calendar year 2007 as a 2008 model (the likely sell date, in my humble opinion :) ).

    I do see Toyota offering a four sedan initially, then shortly after offer a wagon derivative that replaces the Toyota Matrix. Hopefully, the biggest improvement will be a 1.8-2.0 liter I-4 engine that revs cleanly all the way the redline with a wide torque band; they really need to compete against the 8th-generation Honda Civic models.
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    In light of the high fuel prices, I have decided to keep my 1999 Honda Civic for another year or so. I plan to buy two vehicles at once, and trade in two (Civic and Odyssey)

    Anything's possible. But I think I'll need a small car because my wife for some reason has not gravitated towards her Infiniti.

    She seems to like the small car manuverability the Civic offers.
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    I haven't heard anything about the new Corolla. I thought it wasn't coming
    out until next year.

    The present 2006 Corolla is unchanged from the 05 model. However, I did
    ready in www.nctd.com car test review, that one feature they hated for
    the 06 Corolla is the car beeps when you put the car in reverse.
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    the only one that beeps is the one that has always beeped: the XRS. This is not new. It is because it uses the six-speed from the old Celica GT-S, where the gears are configured in such a way that Toyota wanted people to be notified they were not in first gear, but in fact in reverse! ;-)

    Looked at an '06 last night, had the moonroof and curtain airbag package with ABS and the CD changer, manual shift for an $18,2 sticker. That is getting up there. I got my RSX for $19K two years ago. A new '06 Civic EX wouldn't cost much more, and would have everything but the 6-disc. With more power and fully independent suspension. And better fuel economy!

    Toyota should definitely make the safety equipment standard for the '08 Corolla that it is apparently NOT going to make standard on the '07 Yaris: side airbags and curtains, and ABS. But it also needs to make sure the price doesn't jump up too much, so it has a two-pronged dilemma. For now, the Civic seems like a much better deal (once the initial frenzy is over and dealers are dealing again) than th Corolla.

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    hiya. i have seen the new toyota corolla's 2006 , that is.and i really dont SEE much of any changes from the 2005 model which i own. yes, thats right. i bought a brand new toyota corolla sport and i am VERY HAPPY with it. it gets excellent gas mileage and it's very quiet inside and the 6 c.d. player is awesome as well as the sound system in general. i plan on keeping mine forever. there are a lot of very bad, unlicensed drivers where i live and i am always driving very defensevly. the last thing i want is anyone to hit or even ding my baby.
    well......... good luck and i hope ya get a really nice toyota .

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    hello, I just bought a new 06 corolla and I was curious to know if I can find the fogs lights for the car other than going thru the dealership. Another question is, do you know how to disconnect the daytime running lights or do you know anyone who does? Thanks for the help.
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    You might try our regular Toyota Corolla discussion - this one is for conversation about a possible future Corolla.


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    is there anybody has the same problem with me? plese help me out. My new 2005 toyota corolla LE, I think has a problem with ...i really dont know. the situation is, during my first start of the day, it starts good. ...i drive for awhile and shut off the engine.. and in few minutes(0-20minutes) when i restart the engine, as if the whole engine is shaking before it start. Or, the car starts fine whenit is cold or off for 2-3 hours before it is restarted. Sounds rediculous coz i know some people had a problem for a cold start or the first start of the day and the succeeding is fine. Mine is reverse. By the I am in east coast.
    Could anybody share some idea/experience with me and what has been done before i go to the dealership because the last time i dropped by the dealership, they said it's normal because it's new and even told me to wait for the next 6 months after the brake-in period and we''ll see.
    i'm sorry to admit sometimes the dealership made you paranoid, whether are they telling you the truth and helping you out,...or they are just after the deal.
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    Since I have no experience in this matter, I can't dispense advice.
    Try posting over in the mainstream Corolla board. You'll get more responses, a quicker response, and better advice.
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    Your dealer should be able to accomodate you on this problem. This problem is not normal and you shouldnt wait 6 months. Bring it there and duplicate the problem in front of them. If you must wait there for 1 to 2 hours to get the car in a condition where the problem will occur, so be it.
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    You are on the New Corolla forum, to discuss a new vehicle only. There is a forum for your question

    deagled, "Toyota Corolla Owners: Problems & Solutions" #1, 10 Mar 2002 1:24 pm!make=Toyota&model=Corolla&ed_makeindex=.ef0a161link">
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    Found this artist's rendering of the 2008 Corolla in the Motor Trend site. Definately an improvement!

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    what's interesting about that is, up until now the Corolla has been styled to appear as the LITTLE brother of the Camry, and if they go with that rendering as the styling of the '08, Corolla will switch to looking like the BIG brother of the upcoming Yaris. Very cute indeed. I think "cute" looks better on small cars, than trying to mimic the family look of the larger cars.

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    So what is the general rule here on these pics....how close do they end up being to the actual vehicle? Do we think this is pretty accurate. To me, looks like the new Civic.
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    Beautiful article. A reminder that you cannot always get what you want on a limited budget. I like my XRS (fantastic dual personality) but wish for certain things that will move up the vehicle price. I desire a WRX STI but that's quite expensive and will cost a lot more to maintain. Previously drove an Accord but couldn't live with that front/back end design.
    I recognize that Toyota may ignore the need for a more powerful AWD Corolla - not likely to sell volumes. When I commence my next round of shopping my current allegiance to Toyota may wane even as Honda lost me on the Accord/Civic redesigns (I like the 06 Civic SI though)
  • earthearth Member Posts: 76
    When I commence my next round of shopping my current allegiance to Toyota may wane even as Honda lost me on the Accord/Civic redesigns (I like the 06 Civic SI though)
    The Civic SI exterior is the same almost as the Coupe, except the rear spoiler wing is larger. I like my 06 Coupe designe, but will move over to a 2008 or 09 corolla if they are equal or better than the civic and maybe have the hybrid model.
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    I've seen/heard fall of 2007 and early 2007(as 2008 model) Does anyone know the actual date?
  • nippononlynippononly Member Posts: 12,555
    was Feb/March '02, as an '03 model. I will bet they do the same thing again. So, March '07 as an '08.

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    So a little over a year...not too bad a wait. We'll see. Not sure I like the artists rendering. Would still like to see a true sporty wagon/hatch version too. I don't consider the matrix a true wagon/hatch version of the Corolla. Guess we'll have to wait and see.
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    The non-EX models of the civic coupe look funny with the rear drum brakes. I'm hoping that Toyota will get some goods from Subaru - maybe some STI lite?
  • tom71tom71 Member Posts: 46

    I'm considering buying a new 2006 Toyota XRS.
    I'm interested in your comments and would appreciate
    a reply specificly on the car's performance.

    I've read that the XRS's 164 hp engine's power
    doesn't kick in well until the higher rpm range.
    I plan to test drive an XRS soon.

    Is this your experience?

    Anyone else who has an XRS, feel free to chime in
    with your opinions.
    Are you satisfied with the car's power?

    I would think with 164 hp, the XRS should be
    quite a bit quicker than the base Corolla.

    I drove a Mazda 3S; liked it but dealer location
    is inconvenient. Enjoyed driving the Focus ZX4 ST
    with the 151 hp engine, but I'm leary of Ford

    Your thoughts?
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    Hi Tom71,
    This discussion is about the possibility of a future Corolla. To talk to current owners, please visit our regular Toyota Corolla discussion. Thanks!


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    One of the car magazines says that the new Corolla release date has been pushed for at least another 6 months, after the release of the succesful new Honda Civic. Toyota will work on the design, they now realize that their cars are way too bland and boring, and want to improve in that area.
  • petlpetl Member Posts: 610
    I know that styling is subjective, but I think the current Corolla is one the nicest looking small sedans available today. However, Toyota may be looking at sprucing up the interior. 6 months is not enough time to make major exterior changes.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    I do not think that samnoe meant "in 6 months" but rather "crashed by 6 months", similar to what Toyota has done with the Camry. The Camry redesign is debuting about 5-6 months earlier that it should, based on the model's history.

    My guess is that we'll see a new Corolla in late Fall of '06 or Spring of '07 as compared to a later date. Although, this is tricky to figure out since the redesigned 2003 Corolla went on sale in March of 2002.

  • nippononlynippononly Member Posts: 12,555
    they were ever shooting for fall '06. I bet they were shooting for February '07, just like the current model ('03 debuted in late February '02). In which case, if their estimates prove accurate, we will now be waiting until late summer or early fall '07 to see the next gen.

    I am sure you can make substantial changes to the front and rear fascia in six months, since they are basically plastic. With the new Yaris sedan looking so much like a miniature Camry, they might be changing Corolla to look a little different, so it is not just a Yaris clone from the first day.

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  • earthearth Member Posts: 76
    Saw the link a few days ago, and it does not look like a new 07 corolla. In fact, it still looks very much like the current model.... Saw another possible corolla a few weeks ago, that just might be it, with a new grill and body
  • mark63mark63 Member Posts: 27

    That's the new Corolla.

    I heard it will have 2.0L 160 or 165 hp.
  • mark63mark63 Member Posts: 27

    It is in the second pictures. confirm by japanese news....

    That's the new Corolla.

    I heard it will have 2.0L 160 or 165 hp.
  • giantkillergiantkiller Member Posts: 273
    There's only so much you can do about car design. This one looks like a smaller Lexus IS.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    I feel 160 horses in the Corolla, as standard trim, is highly unlikely. The focus of this model is efficiency, and I cant't see the Corolla managing the same spectacular MPG figures it does now with that level of power standard. Also, the new Camry is expected to produce between 158 and 166 horses from the 2.4L, what sense would it made to have the Corolla signficantly quicker than its more expensive stablemate?

    If anything, an engine with 160 horses might be optional, like it is in the Mazda 3. Otherwise, I expect the performance bogey will be the Civic, which has significantly improved performance from its 140 horse 1.8L, along with top-tier fuel efficiency.

  • chris65amgchris65amg Member Posts: 372
    I can hardly believe that Toyota would just sit there and let Honda steal the market with the Civic. It wouldn't be to far of a stretch for the Corolla to have a 1.8L making somewhere around 140 hp. Knowing that they have to compete with the Mazda 3s and the Chevy Cobalt LT (170 hp), they will most likely make a version with a larger 4 cylinder making about 160. That would probably by the 2L or possibly the 2.4L from the Camry (if it will fit....) To deal with the Cobalt SS and Civic Si, they (might) make the Corolla XRS go up to 200-220 hp somehow. Or they might desert that segment and let Scion do their thing with it. I don't really know....
  • nippononlynippononly Member Posts: 12,555
    all that impressed with the new Civic's fuel economy, which basically stood still at the model changeover. I am really hoping Toyota does better than match that, and that they go even one step further for the Yaris. I would like to see a combined 37-38 for the new Corolla, and a combined 40 for the Yaris. I know, I know, everyone says I am dreaming.

    I would be very surprised if they went with 160 hp standard. The Yaris will still use the 105ish hp 1.5 from the Echo, I believe. That would be an awfully big jump from one model to the next.

    However, the VVTL-i 1.8 from the old Celica GTS that the current Corolla XRS uses will have to go, as it is too smoggy for new standards. So if they continue the XRS trim, I could see them using the next-gen Camry 4-cyl as the power booster for the faster trim line. That would be fun, with decent fuel economy also.

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  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    The Yaris numbers were mentioned in a USA today review today. They are only 34/40 with the manual. Lower with the automatic.

    This does not bode well for the new Corolla.

    If the Corolla jumps up a half size (after all Toyota has nothing between 91 and 103 cubic ft) then I would not mind a very slight decrease in fuel economy.
  • alpha01alpha01 Member Posts: 4,747
    Which non-hybrid economy car beats 34/40? And at 34/39 for the auto, its not far off, and both are significantly better than the similarly powered Hyundai Accent.

  • nokeoinokeoi Member Posts: 2
    I own an 05 XRS and love the car...only drawbacks are the looks...if you can get by that, then it will be a mini-lexus for you...it has plenty of power when you want it, and will deliver you in style...fun to drive especially in corners and it does rev high(second cam opens at 6400 RPM and is quite a thrill when it does...and will get you around someone very quickly...at the end of 3rd gear you will loose your license if you get caught!! If you do not get caught...then there are 3 more gears if you dare to reach the redline...I talked to someone who works at the plant where they make them and he took his to 150 MPH and it was still going strong. Suspension is great...but back seat does not fold down for loading longer objects.
    Shift it using 2-4-6 gears and get 42 mpg...push the pedal down and rev it up...and go get some more gas!
    Take a look at it from the back and decide it the narrow stance is for you...the Civic has a Wider Stance and looks better...will you need the back seat for passengers? And the Civic has an awesome sound system if you go for the SI coupe

    good luck drive careful
  • dudleyrdudleyr Member Posts: 3,469
    "Which non-hybrid economy car beats 34/40?"

    The larger and more powerfull Corolla is 32/41. The even larger and even more powerfull Civic is 32/40 (with an automatic). You should gain something noticeable in mpg by downsizing to the Yaris.

    The Honda Civic was 36/44 in HX trim, and that was as much as 6 years ago.

    Don't even get me started on diesels! :) Jetta 42/49. etc. etc.

    I think Toyota and others don't want to encroach on their hybrids, so there is less incentive to really push the mpg on non hybrids.
  • rorrrorr Member Posts: 3,630
    "I talked to someone who works at the plant where they make them and he took his to 150 MPH and it was still going strong."

    The person you talked to at the plant was full of it.

    The XRS has the same powertrain as the Celica GTS. The Celica GTS punches a smaller hole in the air. The Celica GTS is aerodynamically drag-limited to a top speed of around 130mph....which actually occurs in 5th gear (shifting into 6th results in a drop in hp and a drop in speed). I know; I've had a Celica GTS 6sp since November of '99. (BTW - the speed indicated by the speedo is more than a bit optimistic).

    Since the Corolla XRS punches a bigger hole in the air than the Celica, and has slightly less hp, I have a REAL hard time believing the Corolla XRS will go anywhere CLOSE to 150mph.

    Personally, I'd believe a top speed closer to 125.
  • earthearth Member Posts: 76
    The larger and more powerfull Corolla is 32/41. The even larger and even more powerfull Civic is 32/40 (with an automatic). You should gain something noticeable in mpg by downsizing to the Yaris.
    Actually the civic automatic 06 model gets 30 city, 40 highway, not 32 city
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