2009 Toyota Corolla



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    Oops - my point remains the same though.
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    I dont understand your point. I asked which cars provide better than 34/40, without hybrid (and I should have included diesel as well), and you only named the Corolla at 32/41, which is certainly exceptional, but not better.

    As long as the Yaris posts good acceleration (times and feel), I think the ratings are decent.

    Personally, I am VERY doubtful that Nissan will be able to deliver on its promise of the Versa hitting a COMBINED 38MPG. Nissan's current 4 cylinder engines are NOT at all very efficient, with the Sentra's 1.8L posting 28/35 at best, and Altima 4 cylinder auto posting a lame 23/29. Certainly, Nissan will be using transmission trickery to extract max efficiency.... which is commendable and puts Toyota's offerings in the Yaris (4A, 5M) behind the times.

    I am interested to see what the next-gen Corolla will feature as its transmission choices. Same thing for the Sentra- but we'll have that answer relatively soon, given its debut on Jan.9 in Detroit!

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    My point was that it is no special feat to make a smaller lighter car with a smaller engine and not improve fuel economy. Honda and Toyota could both make conventional engined cars with much better mileage if one extrapolates from the Civic and Corolla.

    I also did mention the Civic HX 36/44. Geo Metro got 39/43 (4-cyl) or 44/49 (3-cyl).

    The Echo itself got 35/43 back in 2004. Seems silly to be going backwards, just as fuel prices are going up.

    Part of the reason there are fewer high mpg conventional cars is that hybrids generate much more profit, so there is no incentive to increase mileage. This is the main reason I believe that some small cars are not really pushing efficiency. They don't want to steal the thunder form the hybrids.
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    the XRS is limited to about 135 mph. Even so we have debated on 9thgen and 150 mpg is not achievable and the guy at the plant that told you that is blowing smoke. Watch what you believe and drive safe.
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    If anything, an engine with 160 horses might be optional,

    I'm in agreement that the 1.8L will like remain the same with a similar power output and FE. This generation will be more Lexus like as is the Avalon and the Camry.

    But in light of the company's stated strategy I think a hybrid option is certainly a possiblity for both FE and added power advantages. The 1.8L HSD with about 175 hp and FE in the mid-high 40's combined differentiates the Corolla from the rest of the market. Now the two main pillars of Toyota's product line have hybrid options and the Prius is allowd to a) retain it's technophile client base or; b) retire gracefully as the CamRolla takes over the hybrid banner.
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    Part of the reason there are fewer high mpg conventional cars is that hybrids generate much more profit, so there is no incentive to increase mileage.

    Are you sure about that ? Many autocritics were questioning how much money Toyota is actually making on the Prius. Many thought that the PRIUS was being sold at a loss. Not sure about that though. Anyway I am surprised that 40 mpg is not good enough for you from cars like the Corolla and Civic. I personally think they give excellent mpg. You have to remember that the current Corolla is almost as large as the early 90s Camry.
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    Well real world on the Yaris will be around 39 mpg for the automatic. Basically a restyled Echo, same platform... most consumer groups rate at 38mpg with an automatic.
    Honda's Civic Hybrid got 36 real world mileage.
    The new civic is bigger but has a useless rear seat with tight roof and legroom. it has a useless raked wind shield that just take up space. The Dash/IP is so long that it
    has to separate the digital (high cost cutting feature) speedometer, and the RPM gauge to mask its length. If you are a driver you'll hate swithching your eyes back and forth with each shift. Toyota 1.8 and 1.5 were designed to accept direct injection fuel injectors that will increase power,and put gas mileage in the 40's(only 1 year away).
    The civic's new motor is still SOHC, no exhaust manifold, it is built into the aluminum head... just one pipe come out from it(more costcutting).The new Civic would make a great Saturn, but Honda's a great engineering company, but cut too much from the new car. Most consumers groups are getting around 28mpg in the new model. The new hybrid(38mpg) isn't even in the league with the prior generation Prius. Honda profits are strong...they should of made the new Civic better.
    The Honda Accord is excellent...I expect no less from the Civic. Honda should have two awesome sedans, not just one.
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    Im worried
    this car is looking like a bigger version of the yaris

    I hope thats not it

    150hp? maybe?
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    From the XRS you get 4drs which some car manufacturers consider unnecessary as in SI/Cobalt SS. You get good mileage if you care or power surges if you don't.
    Like many folks I am alone in my car most of the day and the 164hp will keep you ahead of traffic - no problems. Just don't sample 300cs or the like.
    Hatchbacks are cool - read planned euro corolla; the Matrix simply sits too too tall. Where is the AWD corolla?
    Toyotas marriage to Subaru should yield something cool in the next 18months. Unfortunately it will be some other car - Toyota also has plans for the Supra (2drs)
    At the end of the day we'll take what Manufacturers offer and not exactly what we desire; still Toyota makes excellent vehicles which is why I hope they see the wisdom of high output AWD compacts.
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    "Where is the AWD corolla?" - In Japan. Almost every Toyota vehicle is available in AWD format in Japan. Toyota's 51% stake in Subaru was conceived primarally to allow them to use Subaru's manufacturing facilities in the US. One under-used Subaru plant (I forget the state) will manufacturing Toyota vehicles this year (in order to keep up with the high demand). It's cheaper than building a new plant.
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    That would be the SIA plant in Lafayette, Indiana.
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    Thanks. My memory is not what it use to be. The article I read also mentioned the vehicle. Was it the Camry?
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    I thought Toyota stopped producing Corolla wagons a long time ago. Obviously, they did NOT.

    They can get new Toyota Corolla wagons in Australia and Europe (Japan as well??).

    I hope I can get one of them soon.

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    I would so buy that wagon tomorrow. More room and more efficient than a matrix. Better looking too.
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    It looks quite roomy.
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    Plans for a supra... Sorry man, i can't see that happening.

    If Toyota makes a 200+ horsepower XRS I would buy it. Considering a XRS would be the only sporty car Toyota would have with a manual tranny, it would be their only car thats fun to drive.

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    Have always heard that the new design will be early 2007 for the 08 model year, but what about the 2007 year coming out in late 06 ? Will there be a 2007 at all until the newer make over 08 ? Anyone heard ?
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    that the updated Corolla, a 2008 by model year, will now be released sometime mid-year next year. It was originally thought they would do a Feb/March launch like they did with the updated '03, but then they announced they would restyle it again - something about the new Civic worried them - which will delay the launch several months.

    And I am QUITE sure there will be an '07 - the Corolla is one of the hottest-selling cars on the market right now, even with its age and all. Last time I looked, it had something like a 5-day waiting time on dealer lots, which is extraordinary (the average industrywide is something like 60 days). Toyota will not slow down producing the old ones until it stops building them completely to switch over to the new model, I am sure. However, I bet there will be some good deals on Corolla beginning very late this year and going until the changeover next summer.

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    Saw a Japaness model Corolla for 06 with a nice refresh look to it. Perhaps we might get that for the final 07 year, but I'm just guessing.
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    I've been away for a while, but you guys are getting me somewhat excited. The one thing I've really missed and though Toyota was missing the boat on was a true Corolla hatch/wagon, which the Matrix is NOT. Most of the concept pics on here are of a hatch/wagaon. Based on those pics and some of the commentary, it souns like Toyota is bringing back a Corolla wagon....can it be true??? I really hope so. ohhh...one more thing. To the person who posted the pic of the Aussi wagon above, is there a side shot of it? Thanks a million.

    Another thought...if they do bring back a Corrola wagaon, what will happen to the matrix?
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    the pics out of Japan and Europe have little to do with the Corolla Toyota will offer in the states, and with the Matrix and the smaller hatches Toyota has (xA, Yaris), it is highly doubtful that they will also release a Corolla wagon here. Maybe if Nissan or Honda had announced the reemergence of Civic or Sentra wagons...

    96corolla: what is wrong with the Matrix as a Corolla wagon? I am just curious. I had one for a while - very roomy, versatile interior you could stuff a ton of junk in or make rear seat passengers very comfortable, Corolla powertrain. It is even called the Corolla Matrix inside Toyota (still).

    If they decide to drop the Matrix for the next-gen Corolla, they may replace it with an honest to goodness Corolla wagon, but I don't expect that to happen. The Matrix has been very popular.

    If they decide to separate the next Matrix as a stand-alone model (probably a Scion), then they MIGHT sell a Corolla wagon, but I don't expect THAT either.

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    The Matrix is OK, but the Corolla wagon has much more room, and gets the same mpg as the sedan - 5 more mpg on the highway than the Matrix. The Corolla would also handle a little better being less top heavy. Less wind noise on the highway as it is more aerodynamic.

    No comparison really.
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    I don't dislike the matrix, I just don't consider it a true corolla wagon. I like the mazda 3 5 door, love it. I don't think the Matrix compares to it in terms of styling. It is a sporty little wagon, and the matrix is kind of high and not so sporty. However, I am a Toyota loyalist so I'd probably go with a matrix anyway becuase it is really the only choice. What would make me really happy is a sporty corolla 5 door. Who knows, maybe the matrix re-design will be more sporty. It should be out with the next Corolla right?
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    the Matrix and Corolla redesigns should happen at the same time. They are just variants of the same car.

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    The '07s are scheduled to begin production in July, with delivery in August. It is not unfeasible for the '07 to be a short model run.

    examples: The '06 Camry began delivery in August, with the '07s scheduled to be released in March. The '05 Avalon also had a short(5-6)month run.

    Don't have much info on the corolla, but there has been Matrix news leaked from "above":

    ***Breaking News***

    2007 major model change.
    - 2.4L (2AZ-FE)
    2.4 Litre
    2AZ-FE specs
    Sequential Multiport Electronic Fuel Injection
    Balance Shafts
    Ultra Low Emissions Vehicle [ULEV]
    Compression Ratio - 9.6:1
    Horsepower (kW) - 157 (119) @ 5700 rpm
    Torque (N.m) - 163 lb.ft. (221) @ 4000 rpm

    - available all wheel drive (new one) 5 speed tranny
    - solid hatch door (no more separate opening glass)
    - XRS (for the Matrix, Corollas status unknown)will be discontinued

    These are confirmed for the major model change in 2007 either for the 2007 model or early release 2008 depending on how the new Woodstock plant launch goes.
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    How about this instead???


    As a performance version of course.. we'd be quite happy with the 2.4 in the standard version :)
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    I bet the Corolla XRSs go away too - that engine is too smoggy for 2008 model year regs. They should take the TRD S/C (available for the Camry 2.4 that the next Matrix will use) and make it standard in a Matrix XRS, with around 200 hp/tq.

    But alas, it appears Toyota is completely out of the sport biz these days...


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    That's a picture of the Yaris.
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    Also got to wonder if the "new" AWD system is a result of Toyota's recent deal with Subaru.
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    That is sweet! Is that the Yaris? Only thing with these pics is it's hard to tell the size. I like the look, but if Yaris, probably too small. A little larger version of this would be awesome!
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    The only reason wanted 51% stake in Subaru was to have access to their US manufacturing facilities. Camrys will be built in one next year to keep up with the expected high demand (it was cheaper than building a new facility). Not sure about their long term plans. Toyota has recently developed their own new AWD systems. They are currently being used in the Matrix, RAV(2006), and the redesigned IS / GS Lexus vehicles.
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    Actually for one, the system in the matrix and rav 4 isnt new. Secondly, Subaru is responsible for the redesign of a toyota vehicle slated for 2007/8.
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    The Matrix 4WD system is new (2002). The RAV's 4WD is also new (2005). It is quite possible that may co-operate in the future with the design of a vehicle. Where did you read they will design an AWD system together or for that matter even use Subaru's? I would like to read the article. Thanks.
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    Are you implying this vehicle Subura is responsible for is the Corolla?

    When might we start seeing actual drawings/pics?

    So objectiveview, can you confirm the pic you posted is indeed a yaris? The yaris stuff on Toyo's website shows no 5 door hatch, just 3 door and sedan.
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    Yes, that's a picture of the Yaris. It's currently available in Canada (check it out @ Toyota.ca). "objectiveview" implied or thought it might be the future Corolla.
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    I would hardly call 2002 'new' and the 4wd system in the rav4 is based on the one in the 4 runner.

    The pic is of a yaris, i was saying the design would be nice for a hi-po corolla hatch (Just Bigger). It looks quite similar to the Euro corolla, actually in this pic it is almost identical to the Uk corolla t-sport (except for the head scoop).

    Look out at the Geneva auto show for a yaris with a 1.8 2ZZ ;)
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    This will be my last post on the subject. 2002 is certainly not old. The new RAV has a new system that is similar to the "new" V-flex/On Demand system used in the Matrix. The previous model RAV had a system that was similar to the V8 4Runner's (the V8 can also include Hi/Lo capabilities, the RAV didn't). All wheels were engaged at the same time (V6 Runners offer a Multi-Mode system). These systems can also be found in the Highlander and the Sienna.
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    used a system identical to all Subaru manual-shift cars: the time tested viscous center coupling. Nice and simple, cheap to implement, and very durable. But it also sucks down the gas mileage, because you run all four wheels all the time.

    The new RAV has gone to a system popular with many automakers (but not with me!), an electronically controlled clutch pack that normally runs just the front wheels. This is identical in principle (but not design) to the VTM-4 Honda uses in some of its cars including CRV and Element. It is also very similar to the system the Matrix uses, I believe.

    While I don't like this particular type of AWD, because it is reactive rather than proactive, I think it would be fine for a car like Corolla. That would be a neat option for the next-gen. I wonder how well the AWD Matrix has sold. That will tell the story of whether Toyota will expand the offering in future.

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    Beautiful design. Reminds me of a rally AWD Corolla pic I saw a while ago. With performance to match this will be one nice ride.
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    My wife owned a 4WD Matrix. Felt more solid than our Camry (it was a little underpowered and a wee bit noisy). The 4WD system was flawless and seamless. Other the ground clearance, it worked as well as our 1998 4WD RAV in wintery conditions. Sold it because the wife no longer drives (didn't need 2 vehicles). It did take 2 years to arrive at that decision (I kind of miss it).
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    Yes, on a side note it would be nice to see them offer a slightly raised AWD version of the next Matrix, which with the 2.4 from the Camry will be right at the perfect spot for me in terms of power, capability, and price.

    The AWD RAV4 is beginning to get a bit expensive with the new upsizing. I figure the Matrix could come in at least $3000 lower when comparably equipped. Hopefully, it would have better fuel economy due to a lower profile as well.

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    wow, however does look like the Matrix...
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    So, is the new corolla going to be an 07 or 08 model. this link, which has been posted before, indicates an 07 model. However, I've seen some commentary on here that says the new corolla will be an 08 model. Does anybody know for sure, are there any new updates on the actual release?

    I personally still really like the S version of the current Corolla. the standard ones, without the underbody molding are really bland, but I do like the S a lot. I'm hesitant to get one though, because don't necesarrily want to have the "old" model, or really like the new one and regret the purchase. I guess it makes the most sense to wait and see it, then I'll still have time to make a decision on the outgoing S. I'm in no rush at all, so this probably makes the most sense.
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    The current model is the '06. The new '07's will be out soon - normally a spring release. The updated model I'm nearly certain will be the '08 model due here next year this time
  • tommyg12tommyg12 Member Posts: 158
    The '07 models are scheduled for a August delivery, basically a carryover. No official news from the plant, but the '07 is expected to be a short year with the '08s arriving mid-Spring.

    Toyota has a plate full of upcoming launches (FJ, Camry, and Yaris) in March. Hopefully the dust will settle and Corolla/Matrix news will appear this Summer.
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    Due at arriving 2007 as 2008 model.......

    ( U.S. ) Version....

    ( European Version... or U.S. 5 door.....
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    This (the Avensis) is a completely different model which has been around for awhile in Asia. I'd bet my house that the new Corolla looks nothing like that.....looks like a demented cross between a Prius and the new Civic.
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    Scary though but you're right. Hopefully leather(heated) will b offered to compeat with the new sentra and a nav system to beat the civic. Now I'm "moving foward*" to see the new corolla!!

    *Bad pun I know but I couldn't resist :blush: (some1 give me some water 4 that dry a** joke)
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