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  • cartrackercartracker Posts: 1
    I saw a BMW M3 spy photo in a magazine that showed a car with a covered roof. Does anyone have any hard information that a hardtop convertible feature will be included in the 2007 feature lineup? Including this feature would make a lot of sense to compete with the M-B SLK350 AMG and the SLK55 AMG.
  • planomlplanoml Posts: 244
    I read something similar, and that there will be a 4-door variant. I agree that the hardtop would be good-for competition and me.
  • j0mammaj0mamma Posts: 26
    Um, LEASE IT.
  • nuveen1nuveen1 Posts: 1
    I have driven the car, have a history of ownership with BMW and would enjoy a new toy. I just find if difficult to justify the $68,000 that I was just quoted for the model on the showroom floor this morning. Is it common for dealerships to ask this fee for a model that is fading out of favor for a 2007 remodel, or is it just that this dealership is trying to screw me? How dnegotiable is the pricing these days?
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    Is that price in Pesos? Yen?


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  • Is that how much BMW is asking for the ragtop? You've got to be kidding me. Everyone knows that the M is legend. But the E46 M3 hoovered on the edge of absurd when compared to the high $30K- mid $40K asking price of the E36.

    Admittedly, you got $50K worth of performance with the E46 model, but bringing it up to Boxster prices means you have to bring the performance up to Boxster levels. Not in terms of out and out performance, but the balance has to be there as per the philosophy of BMW M.

    I'd love to say I'm going to go after one, but $68K can get me into a new ZO6.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 64,665
    They had an M3 convertible on the lot with an MSRP of $63K... and, it had a whole lot of options.... I can't imagine loading it up with $5K more..

    3-series convertibles don't get discounted a lot in the summer... And, the M3 doesn't get discounted a lot..ever..

    I think you might get a $2K discount from MSRP... if you can shop around... If you are stuck with one dealer.....then, who knows..


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  • psdeverepsdevere Posts: 1
    hey, i have seen two different pics of what the new 2007 m3 will look like. here on edmunds, they show a black one driving in the snow. I have also seen a red one on various sites. The red one looks sweet. the black one looks disgusting. What is it really gonna look like, and what is this red one that people are showing?
  • Why don't you see a V8 going into the M3? It's supposed to weigh the same as the inline 6 and produce more power...
  • Are you for real? The reason why Acura, Audi and Volvo come out with AWD drive trains is because their RWD delivery and control systems can't even come close to BMW RWD technology... On the track stock M cars destroy the AWD competition.
  • Someone that isn't a noob... thanks for the thoughtfull and intelligent post.
  • gadawg1gadawg1 Posts: 13
    Hey All,
    Check out this site ( )
    for answers to a lot of the questions I've read in this forum. There's also has a lot of stuff as well, but it helps to read German. They are making an M3 coupe AND sedan like they did back before '99.

    I myself am waiting for the new 330Ci, but LOVE the renditions of the possible '07 M3...I hope the standard coupe is close. This site has a lot of info that relates to Bimmers worldwide, but it might give us a good idea of what's going on. I have some GREAT pics of possible M3 configurations, but I'm not sure how to post them in this kyfdx?
  • boomn29boomn29 Posts: 189
    I rode in my buddies 05 M3 with the competition package and SMG. Very sweet, but I'm not sure I can see paying the $63k that he paid for it.
    And again with the newer models, it's hard for me to justify north of $50k on a car.

    Oh, and I retract my statement about the V8 not going into the new model M3. I've done more reading on it and have seen the stats and specs on hp/weight.
  • Is the new V8 engine going to be heavy is it going to have enough power to move itself?
  • croakcroak Posts: 1
    The new V8 should weigh the same or LESS than the current M3's heavy inline-six. For an example, the 4.0 V8 in the last-gen E39 M5 weighs many pounds less than the 3.2 I6 in the E46 M3 (for that matter, the current-gen M5's 5.0 V10 weighs less than the 3.2 I6.

    I love the BMW I6's, but those long engines tend to weigh a LOT.
  • i think all the M's vehicle should come standard with a radar detector/jammer...i currently have a 330i and have a couple of tickets in my glove box... :cry:
    can't imagine what kind of trouble my right foot will get me into with the new 2007 M3... :shades:
  • rockyleerockylee Wyoming, MichiganPosts: 13,993
    I am interested in the M3 Sedan. Does anyone know when it's going to be released ????


  • xkssxkss Posts: 722
    The new V8 will weigh less than the current M3's engine because the V8 will have an aluminum block and the 3.2 liter I-6 has an iron block. The next M3 will likely gain weight overall though just as every version of it has.
  • elsie3elsie3 Posts: 1
    Not 100% positive, but I am pretty sure it will be coming out in 2008.
  • I have an 03 Laguna Seca Convertible M3 with a removable hard top, SMG, installed radar front and rear as well as some other goodies. The car cost a pretty penny, over the 65k mark, and although it's a steap cost most people can say that once driving the car themselves day in and day out, as well as occasionally taking it to it's limits it's one fun car to drive! I have an 05 300C SRT 8 as well as an 05 STi and I have to say that the M3 is the most fun out of all to drive. It's expensive yes, but if it's your kind of car...I find it hard to be dissappointed with it.
  • Does anyone has any pics for the new design M3? If you do, please post them. And when will the new model come out? I cannot get a straight answer from the dealers in Houston. They are still pushing the current models real hard. I agree with others. I do not think I should pay $65,000 for a M3 now when the new design M3 going to come out at the end of this year or even early next year. I drove my dad's Bimmer 2002ti when I was a teenager in Hong Kong. It was a blast to drive in the hilly roads and raced against a Lotus Elan. An experience I have savored all these years. I am driving a 2006 350Z Touring Roadster now and it is not as solid as the Bimmer.
  • heard rumors of the new M3 coming in o7 as an 08 model. I just drove a CPO 2003 M5. It was amazing. I have also heard that a 4 door version will be available. This would be great as The S4 is the only thing that comes close. The S4 is a car that I am in love with as well
  • shanti1shanti1 Posts: 3
    Are they for real? It seems these manufacturers do not quite understand that a lot of people who have long been bmw drivers, will decide to end up buying from somewhere else, if the clutch is not an option in the new M3. The day I will buy an "SMG" or I will set foot in a BMW without a clutch is perhaps the day I die.

    So are they going to do away with the shift knob in all models? Now .. how ridiculous is buying the new M3 - a real driver's car built to be driven - with the full awareness you cannot have a clutch. I have to keep driving an M3 ... but in the same time I have to drive a manual. If I make an effort I could buy a 911, but I know I may not even appreciate it nearly as much, I really want an BMW, not the 911. And the sportscar coming exclusively in automatic is for the grandpa who's trying to cheat the approaching Mother Time and the Night of Eternity and feel a couple of decades younger as far as I am concerned. I believe they do not really see how ridiculous this is. I am not commenting those who go for that option, but why can't BMW be sensitive to what people r e a l l y want ... and have the clutch as an option.

    Just out of curiosity ... would anyone else feel the same -- and go as far as buy from somewhere else and get a real driver's car. I feel 'the bmw way' but in the same time I am a stick driver. And always will be. Those people just don't know how much they are upsetting people -- and don't quite care.
  • tbirdtbird Posts: 19
    Not a BMW driver yet but I have been able to make it to 51 years of age and never owned an automatic, even the better half has never had an automatic since we've been together. Easy for me to say no clutch no sale. Looking forward to my first M3 but not without a third pedal on the floor.
  • dhamiltondhamilton Posts: 875
    heard anything about the new M3 being offered with SMG only. The M5 came out that way and it looks as though enough people made a fuss so a three pedal is on it's way. [rightly so]
    Where did you hear this?
  • shanti1shanti1 Posts: 3
    First, I read an article in a French car guide, which said that the next generation M3 will have the SMG, and would not come available in manual. Then I remember speaking to my sales rep about the coming M3, when I saw him (about 3 mths ago). He launched in a speech praising the SMG but he said that manual would not be an option.

    And lastly 'designman', who posted at #8 said the same.
    Time will tell ...

    On a sidenote, I believe one of the reasons why MB went down was the rigid philosophy and poor adaptation to customers' preferences.
    It seems like BMW also wants to explore the avenue that what matters in building cars is how they want them and less how customers want. If they do go that way, I'd say give them 7 years and they'll be where MB is right now ... It's obvious that I strongly hope to be proven wrong...
  • _matty_matty Posts: 28
    He launched in a speech praising the SMG but he said that manual would not be an option.

    That is NOT cool.

    I've been seriously considering buying an M3 at some point, but I've been waiting for a V8 version. That was one of the reasons why I chose the S4 over the current M3 when I bought my '06 S4 about 3 months ago. That V8 growls, especially when it's reving at over 5K rpm's. The I6 is whiny and I couldn't get over it while I was test driving the car. I test drove it twice just to make sure.

    I bet everyone here is super excited about the possibility of a V8 M3, I know I am. This news that there will be no manual option has me more than a little worried though. Also, are there pictures? Is there any official or semi official news? Specs? I tend to take a "I'll believe it when I see it" attitude towards any proposed new car. I asked the BMW dealer about the V8 model in December while I was looking and he was very elusive and said it was so far off there was no reason why I should not buy the current model and trade it in later (figures).

    BMW would be ill advised to not offer a manual option as they could lose customers in the process. Someone correct me if I'm wrong, but don't most of us here prefer demand a manual tranny? People who take driving seriously seem to favor manuals and I think it's safe to say that most people driving S4's and M3's are serious drivers. The reason BMW may be doing this probably has everything to do with gas mileage which will also translate to a smaller gas guzzler tax. If there's no manual option though you can probably count me out. Meanwhile, Audi owns Lamborghini and is tapping their V10's as we speak and no manual M3 means that the 2008 RS6 may be my next new ride if it gets approved for production. The thought of a 550bhp V10 has me drooling. The M3 really needs a V8 though and the sooner the better. Even with a SMG I'll check one out for sure. People who own M3's with the SMG seem to be fine with it, so I'm definitely curious.
  • designmandesignman Posts: 2,129
    Gotta stay hopeful. I don’t think the book has been completely written on SMG vs MT. The pressure on both manufacturers and buyers comes from technology and the lofty image of F1 racing. 9 out of ten Ferraris have the sequential gearbox, so the tendency is to think “we need to be cool and do sequential too.” After all, it’s faster albeit marginally but this is insignificant on the road. As a matter of fact, I think the ONLY place where it has significance is in professional racing where every fraction counts. This isn’t the case in amateur racing because the level of skill and equipment vary too much. In many cases a good amateur racer with inferior equipment will suck the doors off the guy with the faster car whose skills are questionable.

    I don’t hear too many Porsche track rats clamoring for sequential. 9 out of 10 Porsches are sold with MT. The Carrera GT has only MT as does the hot new Z06, and the 07 M5 is coming with manual because of pressure from American buyers. There seem to be lots of people who bought cars with sequentials and don’t like them. I think BMW is trying to foist SMG on the buyers in an effort to appear current. But this will all come out in the wash. The 07 M5 MT option is a great sign. We may yet see a new three-pedal M3.

    In my opinion, it’s only a matter time when everyone realizes that the transcendental driving experience, the spiritual connection to the drivetrain that can only be provided by the stick and human clutch cannot be replaced, the insignificant edge in speed be damned. Porsche, their philosophy, and their loyal following are very important here. They carry the torch.
  • rcooper1rcooper1 Posts: 1
    Having seen the factory supplied material for the new M3 (Yes, it has been "Bangled"), I would jump at the $65K version on offer. It will only increase in value when the new one arrives.

    The new model is larger, heavier and offers no adequate additional power. It appears aimed a a broader, less demanding buyer who intends to use it as a daily drive With the kids!

    The top BMW privateer race team in the US is already agonizing about how one goes about making this into a race car, or even looking like one. The 06 M3, as you likely know, is a faintly veiled, street legal race machine right off the dealer's floor. This coming model appears to be the first misstep BMW has ever made in the development of this modern classic. Breaks my heart.

    At the same time, of course, there is rumor of a new M version Z Coupe (picture the Z3 M Coupe, which was the highest performance road BMW ever offered to the public, though its appearance, "the bread truck", bothered some). At 340 BHP and the C-pillar stiffness to the chassis, nothing could touch it. No word on the cost of this hypothetical as yet, though. Besides, if $65K seems too steep, go test a Porsche of comparable performance (at roughly $110K) and the M3 will just jump into your car park!
  • lopzlopz Posts: 22
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