Lexus LS 460/LS 460L Styling Impressions



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    You read my mind..... :P
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    You are right. Not worth reading. Don't burden yourself. Sorry, just a free flow loose association of ideas late one night.
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    DEAR fhagemann
    I DID SIT IN BOTH CARS!!!! The "measurement" was a practical one. Best of luck in your new car. Enjoy
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    I enjoyed reading your every rambling word, paragraphs or not. As a prior owner of a 2001 ultra LS 430 and now a Touring 460L, your comments were interesting to me.

    When you buy your new big sedan you will love the blue tooth phone and the upgraded nav, the interior size, styling and beautifully redesigned dash. It will quickly prove to be a nice place to be. It is easier to rest your arm and do paperwork on the higher center console and it feels safer. Fabulous sound system, more air bags than a national political conference and safety features ad infinitum.

    I have read all the complainers (one crybaby in particular) and I discount them all as much to do about nothing.
    1. I think the Car and Driver brake report was 100% unfounded and incorrect. My car stops real quick. Faster than the 2001.
    2. There is plenty of foot room on the drivers side. I am long legged and 6'1"
    3. The wiper issue has already been debunked.
    4. Hard seats? I could not sit in my 2001 without one of those aftermarket $300 lumbar back supports since the lumbar did not work well enough to prevent back pain. I have not needed that in the new car and find the seats much more comfortable.
    5. Cant get garage door remote to work? That was ME complaining on this or another blog. I tried for 3 months to get it to work. The dealer sent a guy up and got it to work on both the garage and gate in less than 5 minutes. Guess I can't follow directions.
    6. I think that the guy who was a Lexus groupie and then sold all his Lexuses because he could not keep his foot on the brake is simply a case of getting old and not adapting to new technology fast enough.

    I was a quicker, more alert driver at 45 when I bought my first LS car in 1990 than I am at 62 in my new car. That's just life.

    I truly enjoyed his enthuastic support of the Mark and am sorry to see him blame the car for his accident rather than on his own inattention. Remember the Audi fiasco back in the 90's where drivers claimed the cars accelerated when they applied the brakes(actually they were on the gas)?

    After buying I actually had quite a list of "differences" between my 01 and 07 cars.
    I complained to myself about missing certain features that the ULTRA had but have moved on and am very happy with my decision.

    It's unsettling to make a major buying decision and then to let it go sour by turning molehills into mountains. I say make the lease payments and enjoy the ride!
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    Yes, that was the kind of response I was after. Someone else who is making the transition from a 2001 to a 2007. What were some of the other differences you refer to, and how has the servcve been thus far. I agree witht your assessment of the brakes and the creeping into the intersection. did you looki at any other cars before trading to the 2007. I have looked but cannot find anything better or more reliable, forget the price. I am also 62. Perhaps we need an airbag for each decade.
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    Hi Mitchell, thanks for your detailed reply. I have been on vacation in Palm Springs and so wasn't able to read your message earlier.

    It's scary to think that with all these computer controlled mechanisms in a car - drive-by-wire, brake-by-wire, whatever - sometimes a glitch can apparently occur.

    I'm glad nobody got hurt, and thanks again for your report.

    Best regards, Renny
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    I just realized this post was Aug 14, 2006. However, my dealer tell me they have an official release date for the 2013 Lexus LS 460 of Oct 12, 2012. It will be a complete re-design.
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