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Chevrolet Suburban Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Last time I read the Houston newspaper I noticed that the vehicle sales price were several thousand lower than typical sale prices up here. For example, a local dealer has a basic white 2008 Suburban LS 1500 2WD, E85 iron block 5.3, 9-passenger, cloth interior, luggage cross bars, no other options, MSRP of $38425. The sale price after rebates and dealer discounts was $30995. A Houston dealer had a nearly similar vehicle listed, $250 higher MSRP ($38675) for a locking axle, same rebate, and the sale price was $28495. Why would there be a $2500 difference in price in only a 250 mile distance? $2750 if you count the locking axle.

    Granted, I'd rather have a Yukon XL than a Suburban, but the price difference between the Suburban and Yukon XL is only a couple hundred. But if I could get the Suburban for almost $3000 less than a Yukon up here, that'd be worth it. Maybe I need to start calling Houston GMC dealers to get a rock bottom stripper special price quote on a Yukon XL, 9-passenger, no other options?
  • Occupant1 said: Why would there be a $2500 difference in price in only a 250 mile distance? $2750 if you count the locking axle.
    Every dealer in every town sets their own price based on inventory, how badly they need some cash flow, factory incentives, etc. That's why it pays to shop around. Call the Houston GMC dealers and let them know about the low Suburban prices....see if they will match it or come close on a GMC.
  • Don Brown Chevrolet, St. Louis, MO

    Just bought a Gold 4WD Suburban with the 5.3L.
    Major options include:
    LT3 Equipment group
    Rear Seat Entertainment System (DVD player with wireless headphones)
    Power Sunroof
    Rear Differential
    2nd Row heated seats
    17" WOL tires

    Sticker was $48,925
    $2000 GM rebate
    $500 STL tradeshow rebate
    $1000 owner loyalty
    $3221 in GM card rebates (not exactly sure how this got so high or why they gave me more than the allowed rebate published on the gmcard website.)

    Got them to agree to invoice pricing. When I got there, he had an invoice and said he had to add 2% for regional advertising. I would have put up a bigger stink about it, but this was what I was looking for and the loyalty rebate and the gmcard rebate would have changed after tomorrow.

    Finance guy was a little bit of a hustler. Gave me a sheet to pick my payment and all choices contained a vehicle service contract tied to them. When I said I didn't want a service contract, he wrote a blank line on the contract and asked me to sign there to indicate I had been offered the service contracts, but declined them.

    Walked out with a final price of $37,895.
  • That is a sweet deal. I am never going to be able to unload (via lease transfer) my 2007 suburban lease with discounts like that.. unless people are like me and don't trust buying a chevy... I don't trust the reliability, that is why I leased, for that price though, I may just have bought it b/c mine has pretty much the same original sticker price.
  • I am looking for an 08 Z71 Suburban 4WD with second row buckets.

    Has anybody ever used ezsource leasing or the lease outlet in S. California? They seem to have great prices.

    Thanks for any information...
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    Interested in Charlotte NC area info ... someone must be buying a Suburban ... info from anywhere would be helpful

  • bwalukonisbwalukonis Posts: 16
    Not in nc area but in de. with 6000 rebate a fully loaded ltz cann be had foor about 10000 off sticker. i sell mine every 6 months and buy a new one so that is pretty current for pricing
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127
    $11k off sticker is very real in any market....question is will incentives get better than $6k from GM....quite a few dealers with '08 inventories that need to be moved over next 60 days.....
  • fish2575fish2575 Posts: 23
    We have gotten quotes in Oregon. Dealers are straight out offering the vehicles at invoice which is in our case $10,400 off MSRP with the $6000 Cash Allowance. I am also wondering if deals will get better in the next few months. It is a gamble.
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127
    what kind of GMAC rates were they offering with the full $6k in discounts? I cant get a clear answer whether the 2.9% for 60mos is available with the $6k in rebates....

    im more concerned that as soon as i buy, the redemption allowances will go up or worse (better) they will lift the caps completely....also supply will get tighter and it will be harded to find the car that you want....i m pretty inflexible when it comes to color and most options - at a minimum i need artic silver with ebony leather with LT2 or LT3 and 2d row buckets. i can live with other stuff but not thrilled about another $2-3k in options like sunroof, RES, convenience etc....
  • bwalukonisbwalukonis Posts: 16
    The deals again will be a crapshoot, The rebate game is not more then 6000. It went to 7000. in May for 72 hours and then back to 6000. I am picking up my new LTZ next week and figure 6000. is not bad. I buy and sell a suburban every 6 months and just sold a loaded LTZ for 37000. and that included nav back up camera etc. It is a great ride.
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    I got a quote on an LTZ MSRP 53,940 for 42,869 ... thats the 11,000 someone mentioned ... I got another quote for a LT3 for about 10,000 off MSRP

    Can you figure about invoice minus the 6,000?

    How many miles on the LTZ you sold for 37,000 .... do you remeber the MSRP. I've also got 3,000 GM credit card credits. I like white ... I'm trying to get a good quote on that other white color thats an upgrade.

    Keep the info coming

  • bwalukonisbwalukonis Posts: 16
    MSRP was 55,035 and I had 15000 miles on it . The 10000 off your quote included the rebates so what the dealers knock off is roughly 9% plus the rebate. My LTZ I am picking up next week , I will sell in dec and then replace with an 09. Not much new for next year : a price increase, new fascias, heated and cooled seats as an option that is about it.

    I have a feeling that gm will not start building the 09's in heavy volume until they clear out the 08's. They are not going to fill the lots and have 6000 rebates . They will idle the plants and clear the inventory. Interesting times, I have been buying and selling vehicles every 6 months for 38 years and have never seen anything like this.
  • I test drove a couple of Tahoes yesterday. While I was at the dealership, the saleman introduced me to the manager. We were discussing the $6K discount and he said that he had just gotten word of an additional $1,500 incentive to be added to that. That's a total of $7,500, of course. And yes, you can take the discount and finance for 0% for 72 months.

    What I want to know is if I can get additional money off from the dealer's part. I mena, GM is the one giving the discounts, so the dealer is making his usual profit, right? Could I bring that up while haggling?
  • bwalukonisbwalukonis Posts: 16
    Somebody is leading you down the path , as far as I know , you cannnot get both the rebates and the 0% financing , The actual rebates are 2000. plus 4000. or zero percent. Just checked my gm employee website and that is exactly what it is.The 6grand is from gm but you are into the dealer with the other 4grand off MSRP.Did not have any 1500. published as of yet. That would be good if it is true.
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127

    to take the 0% you give up the $6k.

    if you take the 2.9% special rate, you only give up $2k of the rebate.

    if you take the $6k, std. GMAC rates are in the 5%+ range for 60mos.

    if your dealer got notice of another $1500, the incentive summary sheets sent out to dealers should get updated today...ill keep a lookout. the last update was July 10th. GM has been updating them on average about 1x per week so another change wouldnt surprise me.

  • asylum575asylum575 Posts: 72

    You know the interesting thing about the GM Card points is that, at least with my card, it is an HSBC card. This would mean HSBC is financing the program, not GM. The bank gets 3% on every purchase, to pay you 5%, they are banking on interest from balances. I never carry a balance and accumulate points like crazy. Point is, I'm not sure why GM wouldn't increase the redemption allowance. There must be some % deal between HSBC and GM that we don't see.
    I'm with you, I have over $4000 in GM $ and have switched future credit card purchases to a different card. If I can only redeem $1500 at a shot, my $4000 will be around for a while. I went as far to request a special allowance with no luck. They had a $1000 bonus about a month ago that I wasn't invited for. I guess the sqeaky wheel doesn't always get the grease.
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127
    i wont claim to understand how the GM card works but i do know that there is juice in it for GM.. it was the biggest launch ever for an affinity card back when they intro'd it. it has directly translated into serious car/truck purchases for GM - i dont recall the stats but a huge number of card members have used the points to buy GM over the years.

    given that most GM card holders are past, present and certainly future purchasers, it would seem to be a great captive audience to market a greater incentive to outside of the incentives through the least double the allowances on the slow moving SUVs/trucks.....i have over $5k now and only use amex and an airline card....
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127
    ...and he said that he had just gotten word of an additional $1,500 incentive to be added to that.

    well let's hope it is true....although i would expected the incentive summary matrix to be updated today and showing it....myabe tomorrow....

    here is one dealer that posts it on the web incentive matrix
  • bwalukonisbwalukonis Posts: 16
    No word on an extra 1500. Maybe that salesmen was blowing smoke.
  • asylum575asylum575 Posts: 72
    The $1500 may be a dealer incentive. I just got quoted a silverado for $900 under invoice plus the $5000 in rebates. Kinda odd they would go so far under invoice without a fight.
  • bwalukonisbwalukonis Posts: 16
    Could be a dealer incentive but I would not be eligible due to getting gm pricing which is under invoice anyway. You have to watch what the invoice price really is,there is a 3% holdback and these guys got to make some money or they won't be in business long.
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    What is the holdback on a suburban ... is it a percentage ... or a set number.

    When the 2009s are out good, does the dealer get an extra incentive for selling a 2008.

    I'm getting some fairly good quotes ... seems you can get 21% off msrp on a ltz at any reasonable dealer ... some will discount more.

    Thanks for the info guys ... keep it coming please
  • rick9194rick9194 Posts: 50
    One other question ... how much extra should you get off for a demo ... one that's spotless with about 3500 miles.

    Would an extra discount for a demo be out of the dealers pocket ... or is there some advantage they get.

  • bwalukonisbwalukonis Posts: 16
    Usually the corp puts rebates on the vehicles and will not do anything under the table for the dealer. 22% includes all rebates people got into the holdbackis about 10 grand on a 55000. LTZ . The dealers are picking up auction cars with 3500 miles on them not so one LTZ for 37000. The holdback for the dealer is around 3/% but again , the dealers would go broke if they had to getr into the holdback. I believe the rebates of 6000 are pretty healthy and don't be suprised if they get pulled back. GM is taking plants down and they pretty much may keep supply with demand. Saying that , a certain number of will buy suburbans and tahoes no matter what gas is. They just may play to a smaller market and sit on them. I am picking up my new suburban next week , right or wrong you have to pull the trigger sometime.
  • irishrogue1irishrogue1 Posts: 127
    i pulled the trriger on an LTZ on friday. May build, a total of 24.4% off msrp - $13,504 (inc. $6k rebates).
  • bwalukonisbwalukonis Posts: 16
    That is a good buy. As I said before, there may be another grand or the rebates may retreat a grand . Good luck with the LTZ , they are great vehicles.
  • fish2575fish2575 Posts: 23
    I would love to get the run down on your numbers.
    How did you come up with 24.4% off MSRP?
    What was MSRP and do you know what invoice was on the vehicle.

    I am trying to figure out if dealers really are going below invoice on these Suburbans. Kind of hard to figure out what invoice really is on some of the options. Like the cross bars for the luggage rack. Edmunds and Consumer reports list the invoice at $75 but the MSRP listed on the window sticker says $45. MSRP is supposed to be $90.

    The dealer we are working with won't go into holdbacks so if there is a dealer incentive out there I would love to know about it. I know I can get them to pass that on to us because they have done it before on a different vehicle.
  • bwalukonisbwalukonis Posts: 16
    The 6000 rebate coupled with the 9% or so discount gets you way below invoice. On a 55k Ltz I would not worry about 90. crossbars, If the dealer sold at invoice and went into his holdback where is the incentive to make any money? A loaded LTZ with nav is 55k, I still have not heard of any additional 1500 rebate to make it 7500 off. Nor have I seen any dealer incentive
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