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Chevrolet Suburban Prices Paid and Buying Experiences

SylviaSylvia Posts: 1,636
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  • Latest round of incentives (post 9/7/04) includes an additional $1,000 if financed through GMAC. Every dealer said the GMAC rate was 7.9%. They must be smoking crack because the $1,000 in savings is eaten up by just .75% over market rate (which is approx. 5.25%) over the life of a $30,000 loan. If you are bad at math that means any rate over 6.0% will cost you more than $1,000. What are they thinking? Anyways, one dealer told me to refi the GMAC loan right away - another dealer said you cannot payoff for at least 3 months. Anybody out there know the real scoop with the additional rebate and payoff penalty?
  • osteoosteo Posts: 20
    I've talked to two dealers on the extra $1000 after September 7. They both said you only have to finance $5000 of the purchase for one month and then can pay it off at the end of the month without a prepayment penalty. It sounded too good to be true, but two different places have now said exactly the same thing.
    One of the dealers keeps putting out two $500 coupons for an extra incentive. Anyone hearing about this. Sounds like an extra carrot to the dealer to sweeten the deal.

    Also, has anyone heard about the dealer "hold backs" referred to in message 36 above? I don't have a clue if October is going to be better. What happens to those 2004 vehicles if they don't sell? Do they go to auction or does the dealer hang on to them and keep cutting the price until they finally sell?
  • When I was shopping another dealer for a price comparison the guys buying a car in the next stall said the other dealer they were at had $500 "factory" chips that the dealer could randomly use to sweeten a deal to move a vehicle. The sales guy acted like he never heard of it but the post above is the second time i heard about the $500 pot sweetners. They must exist.
  • gm4megm4me Posts: 1
    Here's the deal: 3 kids, and wife refuses to own a minivan. We do need the extra room - the durango just isn't cuttin it. I'm considering buying a new Sub or Yukon - either 04 or 05 - but am really hesitant b/c of what may be coming out a few years down the road. I've read in 2007 GM will come out with the hybrid Suburban..? So if I drop $40-45K on a new one now, then in 7 or 8 years go to trade it in, there's no market for it because there are new and used hybrids available...? Does it make sense to keep the durango and buy a rooftop Thule bin for packing luggage, then wait for the hybrid to be introduced? Or should i trade in the durango for a slightly used Sub....or do I just bite the bullet now and buy a new one that we'll keep for 7 or 8 years...??? Or...what about a lease?? I just don't know! Any advantages w/the 05s over the 04s?? Thanks!
  • Last Saturday we picked up a new 2004 Suburban LT with Stabilitrack, rear airbags, convenience package, XM radio, DVD, 17 inch weels, etc for:

    $48,160 sticker
    ($7,000) dealer discount
    (5,000) GM rebates
    (1,000) GMAC financing rebate
    (1,000) 2 x $500 GM certificates applied by dealer
    (2,280) credit earned on our GM card
    $31,880 price before TTL

    Very painless deal - I was quoted the price over the phone and the car was waiting for us when we got there. Only surpise was that we still had to pay sales tax on the credit card earnings and some of the rebates. Could be a California issue.

    Happy as a clam so far and my wife is happy that she finaly has a radio with reception where we live!!
  • tomvtomv Posts: 10
    Thanks jakkals for your info.
    I am not seeing $7k discounts here in Minnesota but then our gas isn't quite as high in price here. Best I am seeing so far is $10,700 off retail with discount and rebate. I'll try a little harder this weekend.
  • First, you undoubtedly don't mean to be rude, but you need to know that all caps is considered shouting online. Plus it is simply a lot harder to read, discouraging those whom you hope will answer.

    I've not studied the numbers lately, but I can tell you to be really sure about the possible $5,000 rebate not being included. Dealers are really savvy and, unless they specifically stated (and maybe even if they did! -- some are very low indeed) that the $5,000 rebate was not included in their figures and that it could still be taken off, then they have almost certainly taken it off of any "take it or leave it" price they have offered.
  • Sorry about the caps. We were very clear and in writing got the quote without the $5000 rebate. So you think it's a good deal? Now should I wait for the Red Tag information???
  • It sure sounds like you should hang on for the "sale" just to see, if you can wait. Probably the worst that might happen is the deal will get sweeter as the dealer looks at the looming year end and the remaining inventory....
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    car_man seems to get a lot of valid scoop, so I'd be inclined to trust him on this one - just make sure you check the topic linked above for updates, as I'm sure he'll post as soon as he gets any add'l info.

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  • tomvtomv Posts: 10
    I'd also think long and hard about taking the 0% financing over the $5,000. When I did the math for myself a week or so ago the $5000 was worth a lot more than the present value savings of the 6 year 0%. Something like a $2000 gap. Just calculate the payment numbers on $33,800 with the best interest rate you can find for your mom and compare it to the payments for the $38,800 at 0%. I think you'll be surprised.
  • tomvtomv Posts: 10
    I just got a phone message from a dealer today telling me that they are adding a $1500 dollar rebate to all 04 and 05 GM vehicles if you finance with GMAC. Not sure if that is related to this red tag sales event or not.
    Given that I am now pursuing a Chrysler T&C, I did not call back to verify the specifics.
  • I have a wife, two young boys and a dog. We are very active bunch. We currently have a VW Passat 4-motion wagon but need more space. We stayed away from SUV's in the past but think we may make the move. We see a lot of Chevy Suburbans/Tahoe out there. Not sure which way to go.


    Any feedback would be appreciated.
  • Just got back from the dealer with this


    $48,075 MSRP

    $ 5,000 Total GMAC Finance and Cash Back Bonus

    $ 5,129 Total Dealer Discount


    $37,946 Net Sales Price


    Salesman said $3000 cash back and $2000 GMAC Finance Bonus (7.5% for 60 mos)

    One salesman said minimum 3 payments and refi.

    Another said that 3 payments was not a requirement, but dealership had to pay some incentive back to GMAC on a pro-rated basis if we did not keep it that long. HMMMMM (not yelling, just wonderin')


    This is the first I have seen on the 2WD Z71 package and I like it.


    Am I missing out on anything?


  • Just purchased a 4WD Z71, side air bags, 2nd row bucket seats, etc.


    $51,435 MSRP

    $ 7,428 Total Dealer Discount

    $ 4,500 Total Rebates, ($3000 + $1500 financing rebate)


    $39,507 Net Sales Price


    $1500 GMAC Finance Bonus (5.9% for 60 mos)can be refied after one month.

    Finance guy at dealership offered a refi rate through him after one month of the original GMAC loan at 4.99%
  • I just purchased a new 2004 Suburban LS 4x4 during the "Red Tag Event" in southern New Jersey. MSRP was $41,625 Red Tag Price was $31,318. Dealer accepted my offer of $29500. The dealer applied two extra $500 rebates to bring the rebate total to $7500. Had to take the financing (5 yrs. at 7.2% but can pay a $50 fee to GMAC if I refinance within the first year, which I can and will do right away.) Dealer agreed to my price only if I took delivery that day. They had 4 '04s on the lot when I bought, all of which moved in the last week of December.


    Wife and kids absolutely love the new vehicle as it replaced a Mercury Mountaineer.
  • red94red94 Posts: 9
    What kind of discounting on 04 leftover suburbans and yukon xl. - in relation to MSRP
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    At this point, you should be talking about pricing in relation to invoice, not MSRP. If you hit the "new cars" tab at the top and build your vehicle, you'll notice that the TMV price shows that the average price paid is a few hundred over invoice. Since that's an average, you may be able to do better. Looks like there are some cash incentives as well. ($1500 in my area)



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  • kmd99kmd99 Posts: 13
    When I click the "new cars" tab I'm only finding 05 models now, but according to GM Buy Power, there are plenty of 04's left over, but, so far, the quotes I've requested in the VA/NC/SC area are not budging from the usual discounts (so far).
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    If you scroll down the page a bit, beyond the 'most researched' models, you'll notice that beside each 2005 model, there's a 'see 2004 model' in paretheses. For example, here's the link to info for the 2004 Suburban.



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  • I'm considering buying a Suburban LS and then adding leather and a sun roof,I don't want to pay for extras don't need. Auto Sound is doing up grade. Price from Dealer is 32,900 with leather and sun added. Deal is from Quirk in MA. Also any knowledge about difference between J and K package on LS model. Any suggestions comments ???
  • Saw a story earlier today on AOL that GM was cutting MSRP by $2000 on Suburban and GMC Yukon.

    Tried to find the story tonight and could not find it. Check this out before you buy, according to AOl it was a hush hush announcement.
  • I'm looking to purchase an 05 suburban in the Cleveland Ohio area sometime this week or next. Anyone out there want to share prices paid? I'm looking for the Sport Package, DVD player, leather, and probably 2nd row bucket seating. Have just started calling for quotes at this point. Got a quote of 45,000 for a red 05, leather, sun/sound package, 2nd row buckets, off road equip. group, grill brush guard (what IS this??) and the navigation radio. Window sticker is 53,865.00 The 45,000 quote already includes the 3000.00 cash rebate for our area. Would love to read some reactions and opinions....Also- we qualify for a "Friends and Family"discount plan because my husbands company buys a LOT of cars. Can you really get a good number with this discount, or is it better to negotiate an individual deal. Thanks,
  • bixsterbixster Posts: 6
    Traci, i am in pittsburgh and am looking for either an 05 suburban or 05 gmc yukon xl and i was at a dealership yesterday and they had 47000 msrp yukon xl for 35,488 or so.It had leather package etc..with bose stereo but no sunroof. With the price of gas expecting to hit $2.50 a gallon, i would expect that with all of the yukon xl's and suburbans buried in snow on dealer lots that the 11,500 or so discounts i am seeing now will just get better. I am seeing alot of 04's on the lots as well, so, i am hoping to steal one of those if i can. As for your friends and family thing, i can only say that i got an x-plan price on an expedition from ford that amounted to about 11,500 of msrp and with an advertised price of 11,500 or so off of the yukon xl i saw yesterday without the friends and family discount, i am wondering myself if that stuff even matters at this point. I would be curious for some other input on it as well. Anyway, it is a buyer's market and i am negotiating for not only a good price, but for free maintenance, extended warranties, tires for life and anything else i can get thrown my way. I have nothing to lose and they have a ton of cars on the lots, so, it is worth a shot. Good luck.
  • Bixter-

    Think we are going to make the leap and finalize a deal today. We are going to use the gm supplier discount. An 05 Suburban, Z71 Package. Black with leather, Sun/Sound Entertainment package, 2nd Row Buckets. I think the only thing we are missing are side air and navigation radio. STicker price of 51,300. I think we will hit 22,500 out the door. That number includes 20,000 trade in allotment for my 02 eddie bauer expedition. Took lots of dealer visits around the area to get my trade in number up. MOst dealers started at 17,000. We found it was best not to mention the Supplier Plan until after we got a decent trade in number. Otherwise there wasn't much incentive to entice us with a decent trade in value. WE went to 8 different dealers and worked the best deals before bringing up the Supplier plan. The supplier plan beat the best deal everytime. IF you have the GmSupplier discount, you can get the numbers right on the website. So we went into dealerships with the Supplier numbers in hand. It was kind of fun trying to get them down that far. We also did get the incentive coupons thrown in, so they can be used along with the Supplier Program. Also- free oil changes and tire rotations for a year.
  • bixsterbixster Posts: 6

    sounds like a beautiful vehicle. Am i right that you got 8800 off sticker, 20000 for your trade and 22,500 is what you will pay? Sounds like a great deal especially with the goodies thrown in. Can you tell me what the website is that i might find the Gmsupplier discount numbers? I am probably about 2 weeks or so away from buying and i am remaining hopeful that in the meantime, GM will offer something else to entice. Can i ask why you traded in the expedition? Just curious cause i am looking at an 04 and 05 in them, but wasnt blown away with the 04's noisy engine and a few other things that led me to the suburban and yukon xl.

  • go8go8 Posts: 58
    Anyone know what suburban incentives are currently available? Anything special on a lease?

  • discipledisciple Posts: 2
    Anyone have any thoughts about the possibility that we will see the 72@0% financing in the near future?
  • betzjbbetzjb Posts: 1
    We currently have a 2wd 94 suburban with 190K on it. Runs great, but might be time to move on to a newer one. We are in the 2WD category(Just can't justify the additional cost of 4wd). A local dealer has been advertising 4wd 05s for 30K, so we went to look at a couple of their 2WDs. Not much to choose from, two with LS packages, and they started out with an offer of 33K(36K sticker). Not impressed, or interested in making a deal, anyway. They came back with a price of 30K, but it was hard to convince them that we were just looking, at this point(wife still wants to try a Pilot and Highlander). In looking at the search for vehicles, I see that Florida is loaded with 2WDs. We'll be down there in mid June, and I am wondering if there is a possibility of a better deal down there. With the experiences of the previous posts, along with the significant number of vehicles on the lots, and the upcoming redesign(06?), I can't envision paying any more that 26K. Otherwise, we watch the old one roll to 200K.
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