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Chevrolet Suburban Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • randal1randal1 Posts: 2
    Does anyone know if dealers are negotiating to prices below the "You pay what we pay" employee price. We're looking at a 2005 Suburban LT with the premium option package and the sun and sound entertainment system. The MSRP is $50,400 and the "You pay what we pay" price is $39,800. I'm wondering if they'll go below $39,800.

  • mastromastro Posts: 39
    Hi Randy. I'm in the same boat. I've got an '04 LT with all the bells and whistles and we already have put 40,000 miles on it. I started fishing around the dealership we got the truck at for their best deal with a trade. They said the employee deal was super but I told them that if every GM make and model has that deal, then they need to do better with the gas guzzling Suburban...esp. since a revitalized Suburban is due out soon. A friend in the auto parts business said he is hearing that GM is being very aggressive in moving up the new Suburban launch. He says we'll see the new '07 Suburban in early '06. So, I would definitely push hard for a better deal. I would go for below $35,000. Good luck.
  • randal1randal1 Posts: 2
    We couldn't get them down to $35k, but we're happy with the deal. They ended up adding second row bucket seats (a $490 dollar option), some pinstriping, 2 additional headphones, and $1000 dollars. So we ended up with a vehicle with a MSRP of $50,910 for $38,500. A great vehicle for what seems like a very reasonable price. Thanks for your help and good luck on your purchase.

  • mastromastro Posts: 39
    Good for you Randy. It sounds like you got a great deal. We're heading out on summer vacation in a few weeks and driving out to SC. So I figured I'd put a couple of thousand more miles and hope the great deals hold out through the summer.

    Enjoy the Suburban, they're great vehicles.
  • rstamprstamp Posts: 1
    I am looking at a '05 Suburban with 8000 miles. It's the LT package, loaded with everything (2nd row bucket seats, rear entertainment, nav. system, sunroof, etc.) The sales rep. says it lists (MSRP) new for $53000; he's priced it at $38000 with all the current incentives and "family price plan". Any thoughts on whether this is a good deal? I currently have a '03 Odyssey (which has been great) but could use some extra room and towing capacity. I haven't really looked at the Suburbans much so am trying to feel my way around here. I read that the '07s will be revamped so could that be a bargaining chip? Thanks for any input.
  • go8go8 Posts: 58
    You may want to check on Edmunds to see what the true mkt value is for the vehicle.

    I'm probably stating the obvious, but Hondas are traditionally trouble-free. Suburbans are not. I have owned/leased 3 of them as I have 6 kids and need the space. I really enjoy the truck (roomy and comfortable ride), but I believe that the vehicle will require a lot of maintenance after the 36k warranty expires. My first one needed 2 transmission rebuilds within 20k mile both after the warranty period expired. The 2nd one, no problems but I got rid of it after 24k miles and leased the 3rd one. I plan on getting rid of this one when the lease expires and lease another one. I just wanted to let you know what you are getting into.

  • phildephilde Posts: 2
    hello out there..

    i am looking to bu
    y a 1999 gmc 2500.. it has 150 thou on it . it looks and sounds good... any advice or things to look at..

    thank... it will be my 1st suv sooooooooo..??
  • Mine: Bought new in July 2003
    MSRP = $47,592 (does not include $815 Destination Charge)
    Discount = $9,561 (20%)
    Price = $38,031 (does not include $815 Destination Charge)

    Based on what I paid back in 2003 and what I've read about prices in this forum, a 20-21% discount is a reasonable expectation.

    And, remember to compare apples to apples. To determine your best deal, use MSRP discounted by a percentage. Do not include in MSRP items such as destination charge (differs based on where you take delivery), price you're offered for your trade-in (too variable), dealer add-ons (lots of mark-up here)and tax, title, license, processing fees,etc, etc. Instead...
    1) Apply a percentage off the MSRP (excluding the above items)
    2) Now, add in the other charges above to calculate your "out the door" cost.

    And, never, never negotitate using monthly payments!!!
    a) Calculate your "out the door" price
    b) Determine your trade-in value
    c) Subtract b from a
    1) Negotitate an APR for your note(after you've checked other finanacial institutions for their rates--dealers know what they are, so don't make one up).
    2) Determine the length of time your want to repay the note and what day of the month you want to pay--this will ultimately determine your monthly payment.
  • bwaltbwalt Posts: 1
    In Ohio, I'm looking at a new 2005 Suburban Z71 leftover on a dealer lot. I want to trade in my 2000 Suburban LT that I bought new.
    Is it possible to get the $8000 rebates AND the 0% Apr?
    Just curious if that is a bargaining chip I can present as a counter offer on this vehicle.
  • Hi, is this a good deal, got an offer from my local dealer for a suburban 2006 z71 with options, AG1 Seat Adjuster, 6-Way Power (Driver\'s Side)
    AJ1 Glass: Deep Tinted
    AJ7 Air Bags, Side-impact, Driver and R. Front Passenger
    AN3 Seats: Front, Full Feature Bucket
    AP9 Cargo Net
    AS3 Seat, Rear - Bench 3rd Row
    AT5 Seat Rear Center, Folding
    AU0 Keyless Entry, Remote
    B30 Floor Covering: Color Keyed Carpet with Floor Mats
    B39 Carpeting - Load Floor
    B58 Floor Mats Frt & Rr, Carpeted Insert
    B71 Wheel Flares
    C36 Auxiliary Rear Heater
    C49 Defogger, Rear Window, Electric
    C5Z GVW Rating 7200 Lbs
    CF5 Sun Roof, Electric Sliding
    CJ2 Climate Control, Electronic - Multi-zone
    DF5 Mirror I/S R/V-Lt Sens-Compass/Temp
    DL3 Mirrors, O/S Power, Heated, Pwr Folding, Turn Indicator
    DT4 Smoker\'s Package
    E52 Liftgate with Wiper/Washer
    FE9 Federal Emissions
    G80 Locking Differential, Rear
    GU6 Rear Axle, 3.42 Ratio
    JL4 Stabilitrak - Stability Control
    K34 Cruise Control
    K47 Air Cleaner, High Capacity
    KNP Transmission Cooling System
    NP8 Transfer Case, Electronic Push Button
    NZZ Skid Plate, Off-Road
    PCR Sun, Sound and Entertainment Package
    PDC Cargo Package
    QJP Tires: P265/70R17 BW OOR
    RYJ Cargo Shade, Retractable
    SAF Lock, Spare Tire
    U2K Satellite, XM Radio Digital Sound System (subscription)
    U42 Entertainment System, Rear Seat
    UC6 Radio, AM/FM Stereo, 6-disc CD, Bose speakers
    UE1 OnStar Communication System
    UK3 Redundant Radio Controls/Message Center-Steering Wheel
    UK6 Rear Seat Audio Control
    V43 Bumper: Painted Gray Rear Step
    V76 Recovery Hooks
    VZ3 Label, Mercury Disposal Notification
    YE9 Trim Level: Convenience Pkg Comfort & Decor
    Z71 Suspension Package: Off-Road
    Z82 Trailering Package
    ZM9 Convenience Package

    offered to me for 39,990 plus tax and tags, or for 45,490 with 0% financing..thanks.
  • rypleryple Posts: 7
    I just got a 2006 z71 4x4 suburban with everything you listed plus NAV radio for $45,000 plus tax, tags, warranty, etc., less trade. (oh, not the $5000 rebate, but the 0.0% for 72 months) I had locate me a car with what I wanted and give me a price, then I called a local dealer and he matched/beat it by $200. I bought my last car with and loved them, but this time I liked the local sales kid better than the online guy. Oh well. Got to brace myself for the $684 payment, yikes!
  • thrill20thrill20 Posts: 1
    Have found some deals on base models 06 Suburbans. Since a lot of the leather ones are too tricked out for our budget, has anyone added leather to a cloth model? I was quoted $1,500 and a lifetime warranty for their after market guy vs. three years for factory leather. Sales guy also said the factory has their leather so tight that it wears quicker than after market.

    Any comments would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • oniscusoniscus Posts: 10
    Just bought the 07 with

    Sun roof
    Rear dvd
    leather seats
    2nd row bucket
    3rd row bench
    remote start
    rear view camera and park assist
    bose prem speakers

    msrp of $49,000
    got it for $45,000

    not much discount
  • thegreatozthegreatoz Posts: 39
    NO DISCOUNT here in suburban Philadelphia (pun intended).

    Today, I was "offered' full list, no discount, take-it-or-leave-it. Cash, no trade. All the options you listed, in an LTZ for $53,790.

    I left it. Here's why, and it was a tough call.

    Who at GM came up with the new second-row seats that flip up to block 50% of the doorway on each side? That means anything large (cargo, that is...not fat person) HAS to be loaded from the rear gate, rather than through the side doors.

    I guess GM is trying to cater more to the passenger use rather than as a cargo carrier.

    My 2004 Z71 Suburban has a flat cargo area from the liftgate to the front seats. Remove the 3rd seat, fold the second row bench down. Very sweet. Room for two 8' kayaks piggyback INSIDE and loads of gear. :wink:

    Bottom line: I was totally bummed to have to pass the '07 up, even at full list. IMHO, at that price there is no need to give up so much utility space in exchange for all the great goodies GM has packed into the new model. Why not have both?

    The salesperson said, "Take out the 2nd and 3rd row seats completely."

    And then what? Furnish the kids' rooms with them?? Stuff the dangling heater wires and flipper wires under the carpet??

    I'm hoping the 2008 goes back to fold-flat-and-away second row seats, but I'm not holding my breath.

    Looks like the Suburban has shed its traditional dual role of utility AND passenger vehicle. :cry:
  • oniscusoniscus Posts: 10
    I'm in south jersey, bought mine at turnersville, why dont u just factory order one. mine was a factory order and got all the stuff except the heated washer fluid and power liftgate.
  • thegreatozthegreatoz Posts: 39
    Good suggestion...

    Some of the options piggy-back 'must adds' to the sticker, but I'll sharpen my pencil and see if I can trim some of the window sticker fat.

  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    You can add leather to the LS model either from the factory or at the time of sale. My dealer quoted me $1300 and said the shop they used did a better job and used better leather than the factory...and the warranty was better too. The ones I have seen locally all looked great.
  • rockman59rockman59 Posts: 250
    I just purchased an '06 Suburban, 4 x 4, Silver Birch, LS, with 14,000 miles on it...leather, and a ton of other options but no rear DVD or navigation. Came from the local Chev dealer and is "certified" with extra warranty, etc. The vehicle is flawless and can't be told from new....not a mark. I paid $29,900 plus tax and license. Was this a good deal?
  • rypleryple Posts: 7
    Well, we bought ours in (3/31) almost April. It already has almost 6,000 miles on it, we do have the Z71 off road package with almost every available option, (yes, DVD ent. and NAV, sunroof, etc.) but we paid $45,000. We got 0.0% financing, (yay!) but we've only made two payments. It could easily be argued that you got a better deal. (You could after market the NAV which we love having) So, when the finance incentives come out on the 07's , you could actually afford to benefit with your '06, we'll have to wait not to go broke on that deal......We'll prob. keep this 'till it dies..........
  • dcydcy Posts: 3
    Sun roof
    roof rack crossbars
    leather seats
    wol tires
    3rd row bench
    remote start
    Park assist/adjustable pedals
    bose prem speakers
    locking differential
    xm radio

    msrp $45,234
    paid $38,500 7/06
  • doc20doc20 Posts: 1
    Looking at an 06 LS, 4wd, with 11k miles on it, GM certified used. Average equipment(no DVD, cloth interior)Carfax report says it was a rental for 6 months. Dealer asking 27,500 (or so).
    In Northern CA
    I've been trying to go through the other posts, seems like some folks have a few problems, but others are pretty happy with their trucks, right?
    any thoughts?
  • It was probably an Enterprise Rental car as many Chevy dealers have Enterprise franchises in the building. These vehicles are well taken car of....and the one you are considering is probably "certified" meaning that GM will extend the factory warranty as part of the deal. Take a look at the GM website and you'll see what they mean by "certified". They check out the certified units really well. $27,500 seems a bit high at this time of the season. I would offer them $23,000 and go up to $24,000. Make 'em an offer, you have nothing to lose. I have an '06 Suburban 4x4 with almost every option with the exception of Nav and DVD which I didn't want or need. I have owned it for 6 months and it has been perfect.
  • rypleryple Posts: 7
    I have an 06 z71 in silver birch. My friend said another silver birch suburban was not actually the same color. (I know this color looks very different in different lighting situations, but I couldn't convince her. (Never mind that I actually BOUGHT this car! She's an artist and she presumes to note an ACTUAL color difference.)
    So, anyway, I need some proof that silver birch is the only silver like color that these came in in this body style. I can't find online brochures for free, but I'd like to prove her wrong for free. Any willing helpers?
  • I am an actual Chevrolet Dealer and Silver Birch is the ONLY Silver color available at all on the Tahoe Suburban from 2004 to 2007!
  • rypleryple Posts: 7
    Cool, thanks!
    It does occur to me though, that what if it was a 2002? or 2001? What color is storm grey?
  • rypleryple Posts: 7
    Correction. I've learned that the color in question is Light Pewter metallic. I've also learned that this can be a more gold hue. I HATE it when I'm WRONG!
  • i bought a 2002 tahoe fully loaded (no sun roof no nav) it has 95000 miles but very blean one owner car.
    i paid 9900 plus about 600 tax. was that a good deal?
  • Anybody recently purchase a stock 07 tahoe in socal dealers? Do those "one at this price" deals actually exist? Any feedback would be much appreciated, thanks!
  • Newcomer here....

    I wanting to buy a 1987 Chevrolet Van. It's a work van, body is in great shape but the engine is blown. I need to know what a fair price would be to buy it, but I have no idea who to turn to on here to find out.

    Thanks for your help!

    Rick ADams
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 70,698
    A 20-yr-old van with a blown engine? Somewhere under $500.. Maybe $50?


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