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BMW 7-Series 2007+



  • Love my car and despite all the hoopla over the i-drive think it is terrific. I acquired the car in June and am ready to make my 3rd trip back to the dealer. First problem occurred the day I picked my car up from the dealer and it stalled at low speeds 3 times the first day. Next 2 issues have been -- I often get transmission failsafe error messages when I start the car and proceed to drive. I can usually clear this problem by restarting the car (a pain but ok). On 2 occasions it has gotten stuck in transmission failsafe mode and can only drive in 3rd and 5th gear. The shop reprogrammed and thought they fix the problem a month ago and it happened to me again last night. I tried restarting several times and didn't fix the problem. It did work this morning but now I have a service engine soon message. Also, read an earlier message -- I also have engine rattle and perceived lack of power at certain times -- I am also having that checked out. Love the car and am holding my breath that these problems can be resolved -- otherwise my wife is going to tell me that I should have bought the S-Class car that she liked better! Any others encounter the transmission failsafe problem???
  • jmed3jmed3 Posts: 17
    I've had a problem with my steering wheel alignment since I got the car. I'll being bringing in the car for service this week and hope it'll easily be fixed (I had another new BMW with same problem from factory and it was fixed easily through dealer). Does the factory not pay attention to stuff like this? Are these cars even test driven before delivery? Thinks that make you go hmmmmm.. Also my rear window molding was loose (falling off) from car inception and hopefully will get fixed. Somewhat annoying that a new car would have these little faults.. Or is it that I'm just a stickler for the details??? Hmmmmm. I bet Lexus has less of these nuisances in there new cars. The Germans still have a quality issue. I owned a Lexus in the past and never found problems despite my constant probing. Well at least Bimmers have a better quality reputation than Merc Benz (AKA Merc Chyrsler Corp).
    Now that felt good. "The truth shall set us free"
  • jmed3jmed3 Posts: 17
    Just a follow up. The dealer fixed the minor issues and it's nice to have the car back. It's truly a pleasure to drive it. Still impressed by its power, handling and luxury accomodations. Its great to have the baby back home...
  • hi there
    I live in LA and was wondering where you bought your bmw.
    Did you employ the tactics with the dealer.I am sure though bmw dealers are less likely to negotiate. Are you leasing or buying. Was the price you quoted inclusive of tax and all the extra fees.

    At your convenience

  • I am interested in leasing a 750 Li BMW and was wondering if anyone had any advice on leasing.
    I am assuming you save more money in the long run the more you put down at this true?

    Also is it more beneficial to lease for certain periods of time over others?

    Has anyone had luck negotiating on price when leasing? What about if you want to add certain packages to the vehicle?

    Does anyone know of any leasing specials on this particular car?

    Are leases more negotiable the more miles on the car or the older the car or possibly later on in the calender year?

    Any other advice would be greatly appreciated...
    thanks a ton
  • Overall the car still impresses me but I have had my share of 'issues' as well.

    First was about 2 months after receiving it. I had just filled the tank and my gas gauge showed 3/4. Next morning my gauge showed empty and continued all day. Turns out the fuel sensors were bad and had to be replaced. Two service visits, one to diagnose the problem, the other to fix it.

    Second was the car wasn't readily detecting my Verizon V710 bluetooth phone. It was a sporadic problem. Sometimes it was immediate and other times it went a full day without detecting it's presence. Took it into BMW and they couldn't detect a problem. (3rd service visit)

    Third episode (4th service visit)involved taking it for multiple issues. A very intermittent creaking in the dashboard, an erratic oil level gauge, and continuing phone detection issues. Let my cell phone there all day. Result of this 4th service visit was an adjustment to the dash pad and no problems found with either the oil level sensor or phone system. Dashboard squeaks or rattles as much, if not more, than ever. Worse when the car is cold. Oil level issue hasn't reoccured, phone system seems more reliable.

    Currently have an appointment (5th) to bring my car in Dec 12th to have a BMW factory service representative inspect the car for the dashboard noise. Some days it barely makes a sound and then other days, like Thanksgiving Day, it makes you feel like you bought a used and abused car. Just turned over 4,000 miles today after 6 months of ownership.

    Finally, as regards to the OEM tires, they're terrible. First snowfall, one inch, and I felt like the car was on ice skates. Came with Bridgestone Turanza EL42 tires, 245/50R-18. Worst handling I've ever experienced on a car, BAR NONE. I had specifically discussed my concerns about the tires before I ordered the car and was assured the OEM tires would be just fine in winter driving. I had a terrible experience with my 2001 BMW 740Il but this is worse yet. Don't even have the sports package so that's not a factor. As ridiculous as it sounds, I was forced to buy 4 new tires and wheels to the tune of almost $1,800 to keep this from being a 7-8 month vehicle. At $80,000 plus you'd think they could put on decent tires. If you doubt my evaluation check out the feedback on these OEM tires on They ranked 28th out of 30 in their category.

    Last, does anyone know where to get brake dust covers for my OEM 18" wheels? That brake dust issue is annoying as heck.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    I too may be going down the same path with regards to the tires...I asked about the tires and with their wide width what about snow and hydroplaning at the BMW dealer...I then ended up getting a different brand car, as my closing experience got messed up,.... but the one I got has the wide treaded tire(perelli)I think...My previous car ,Lexus, was terrible in a tiny amount of snow, so it therefore really is the tire and they should be `snow tires`..My wife`s 530xi has had to go back for a resetting of the computer one time so far, and I suspect it may go back again--as many owners seem to have this problem on occasion....Hope the other anoyances get solves in short order...Tony
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    Thank you 750li owner for your help. I got a white 750i with luxuary seats, confort access, premium sound, convenience package and 19" wheels. cream beige leather light high gloss wood trim interior.
    It been a week now and no production number yet!!! I don't know why it take that long??
    Is it worth the wait?? are you happy with it?
    Thanks again
  • Has anyone found a solution to my having to be within 3' of the garage door to have the rear view mirror button open the door? Have extended 18ga un-insulated wire to outside and above door from garage receiver, tried programming other mirror buttons, and find none of this helps. Have hand held unit which works from inside car console at 55-60 feet! Is it just a weak BMW mirror transmitter? Any one have similar problems and a solution? Please help. Frustrated I am!--- Spuron. :confuse:
  • Must be car-specific. My 530 buttons work as I enter the driveway 50 feet from the door!
  • I just leased a 2006 750LI
    Luxury seating
    convenience pckg
    comfort access
    premium sound
    satellite radio
    19 inch wheels
    Heated steering wheel
    36 month lease
    15K miles/year
    $5000 down $1270/month

    I negotiated $4500 off msrp, however a different dealership offered to pay my first months payment after I signed my deal.
  • etysonetyson Posts: 3
    I received my 2006 750Li in May.
    I have a little over 9000 miles already.
    I am concerned about the recommended oil changes.
    I am thinking about paying for a oil change before my free oil change. Any thoughts?

    This car has been a dream so far.
  • Probably same rattle problem. Took delivery Aug 05 for this 06 750i. It occurs at all times, warm or cold, and at close to 1000 rpm, 25 mph when I feather the throttle lightly going up a gentle slope. That speed/rpm combination indicates it's on 4th gear. The xmission seems to have selected a gear too high for that speed causing the engine to labor, and hence the rattle noise. Have yours been fixed?
  • I just leased a 2006 750LI
    Luxury seating
    convenience pckg
    comfort access
    premium sound
    satellite radio
    19 inch wheels
    Entertainment System (DVD)
    36 month lease
    12K miles/year
    MSRP $83,430 brought down to around $78K
    $2980 down $1150/month Tax included
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    I would appreciate advice from owners of 750s models.

    I try to be thrifty, but am averaging 35,000 miles per year in southern CA, so am considering a 750i with the 20-way "luxury seating" seats, Sirius satelite radio, and upgraded sound system, with the light blue exterior and blue interior.

    How are the seats? What about the 20-way seats?

    What about quality? I read some mixed comments above regarding quality. My brothers 530 engine blew up and the front suspension had to be rebuilt three times, and all of that in far under 100,000 miles, so I am cautious, especially before writing a check for $70-some thousand dollars.
  • fsmmcsifsmmcsi Posts: 792
    I saw a number of 750 models in my travels today, but thought more about the price and the complexity, the more I realized I just could not make my hand move to write that check. I also briefly considered the Lexus LS, but the bland interior changed my mind even faster.
  • check with your dealer. its a computer upgrade!!! i just had mine done ant the rattle is gone. it was a fuel injection issue, i believe and i reported it in aug. o5 when i got the car. upgrade became available end of jan early feb. also helps exceleration
  • my last car was a 545it wagon. woke up every morning excited to go driving. except for a rattle in the doors, which i should have complained about, it was a great driving experience.

    but i was getting bored!

    tired of wagons i looked at all the high end lux cars on the market that made sense. with everything alacarte on the mercedes s class and the lack of performance, i didnt like the old man feel. the lexus ls is one of the ugliest cars i have ever seen and it shares the weighty boat like drive of the infiniti. the audi a8 was the only real competion but the 06 was not available yet and my dealer made me such a great offer, i couldnt resist.
    so last august, my sterling grey 750i arrived off a boat in the carolinas and i have been hooked since. it is a sexy beast. one problem with an engine rattle that was recently fixed with a computer upgrade and the car is perfect.
    my dealer and the dealership have been great. he gave me the best price when i had looked at 3 or 4 other dealers and they have been nothing but responsive to any concern or problem that has come up. i use bmw of manhattan which is bmw owned and that may be why it works so well.
    i highly recommend this car to anyone interested in power performance and luxury
  • Is garbage, I hope this is not the real car in the pictures. The back looks horrible. Why change something thats not broke, sales are oviously up, who cares about BMW enthusiasts? I fell in love with the 745 in 2001, the change now (750) is okay.

    Point blank, If it is soooo ugly and offending, why are sales through the roof? Stop it, you can't argue facts. "Offensive" is IN, "different" is IN, lets grow up, changes. This would be a stupid move from BMW. The 7 series sold so well Mercades based their whole next fleet off of it (new 2007 s class), come on!

    Keep it up, Im trashing the BMW for the Night vision on the Mercedes,good day.
  • vchiuvchiu Posts: 565
    If you are doing more city mileage and shorter trips, an extra oil change won't hurt at all. For added efficiency, I suggest you also hve the oil filter changed.

    A good idea anyway imho.
  • vchiuvchiu Posts: 565
    I also like the 2002-2005 model, while I feel the 2005 Front lights face-lift was not necessary and decreased the eyebrow full of character impression.

    The rear face lift was welcome as it simplified a complex setup.

    I still love the E38 1999-2001 which is made of classic and discreet simplicity. I have a 740i and I can't help spending a few seconds looking at it before driving it.

    Very surprised MB blatantly copied the 7 dash arrangement. I would have expected something different.
  • mph100mph100 Posts: 3
    When can you order a 2007 750LI? I heard the competition from MB and Lexus is going to cause early release of 2007 7 series, and that the 2007 will have some enhanced features (night vision). Any info would be appreciated. Thanks.
  • petrescupetrescu Posts: 1
    I bought my 750i 2006 last August and have by now 14,000 miles. No problem to date, the car is wonderful. It came with the sport tires, luxury seats, premium sound, satellite radio, convenience package, self close doors/trunk. The Pirelli tires are superb, even in the Maryland winter. The car delivers excellent driving, braking, accelleration. You are always in control. I have also a Lexus LS430 2002, but the Bimmer is a much better car. Not to forget the extraordinary quality of the interior and exterior. I ordered mine to my spec, and waited 2.5 months, yet it was worth. The one big desapointment is the GPS, which is small, very much user unfriendly and time consuming to program. BMW must do something about this feature, which, ironically, they invented. The Bluetooth works very well with the Motorola Razr, and the garage door remote has power and no problems.
    Go for it without hesitation.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
    Since the Future version of this vehicle is a 2007 model, I've change the title of this discussion to 2007 BMW 750i/750li.


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  • I took delivery of my 2006 BMW 750i in December 05. Great car, wonderful driving experience, fast, head turner, and very sporty with razor sharp steering. Every time before I drive this babe I pause to admire its beauty. ;)

    Anyhow, I had the engine rattle problem as well. At first I didn't notice it as much but one time, with music off, windows open and driving on an empty quiet road, I could hear the rattle, specifically when accelerating at low RPM's at low speeds, might get worse when you select the S sports mode transmission program. Took it to the dealer, apparently seemed to have fixed the problem with a computer upgrade. After they have serviced the car, I didn't hear the rattle noise and the acceleration was better, but I noticed a different feel from the steering. In the work order sheet they stated to have reset the steering angle, any input on that? :confuse:

    Nonetheless, now I am starting to hear the rattle sound again, though less frequently and not as intense as before. Very unfortunate, given how much I love this car, but I will be taking it to the dealership soon for further analysis and hopefully they will get rid of that annoying rattle noise and sensation for good! :shades:
  • Mine has the sport package. With the sport package, the car sport tuned suspension is stiffened and the shock absorbers are tight, and the car is lowered a little. The ride is not and won't be as smooth as let's say a town car, but with the sport package, steering is very precise and is razor sharp, feels like a true BMW. Without the sport package, the steering is a little bit loose and doesn't have that feeling that you get from the sport package. You also don't get the ugly chrome body molding instead you get a high gloss black and body colored contour instead. Not to forget the nice 19'' alloy rims.
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Must be in a time warp....To make a long story short, I went to pick the car up and due to the manager not confirming the car, the selling dealer wouldn`t let him have it....I let thing cool off, and went to the new audi dealer and ultimately ordered an a8, which I am very pleased with....Foe me things worked out in the end and I have no regrets...I hope the same is with you.... Tony
  • snobbersnobber Posts: 1
    The sports package gives you a true BMW ride and handling. Does anyone experience a significant drop in power once the A/C is engaged? I notice a big difference between A/C on and A/C off. I have the 2006 750Li.
  • armishenarmishen Posts: 2
    When can one order the 2007 750LI??
  • armishenarmishen Posts: 2
    When can one order the 2007 750LI.
    I should have added 'For European Delivery Program'
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