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BMW 7-Series 2007+



  • vtranvtran Posts: 3
    I just bought a brand new 04' 760li through a BMW dealership that has only 55 miles on the car. The car equipped with a cellular phone, I believe is either a V700 or V710 Motorola phone ( phone is being ordered) do you know if there is a way to modify the current cellular phone to any type of blue tooth phone. I would like the service to be Cingular. Do you know the dealers able to provide this type of phone upgrade.

    Thank you in advance for your advices.

  • Let me guess, you bought a black on black 760Li from Century West BMW, they were stuck with one for over one year, I hope you paid less than $90,000 out the door.

    Re phone, at time of purchase they should have asked you who the service provider is and give you a matched phone.
    t is not possible to have blue tooth technology in a 2004 7 series.
    Enjoy the car it is a great car.
  • I am not sure how many of you new 750Li owners know that this car now supports MP3 CDs, you can almost fit 250 songs sorted by title and organized in folders on ONE CD. the car accepts 6 CDS so you can fit almost 1500 songs.
    The best way to organize the CDs is to name all the files by song name only, and put them in folders named by the Author, so you can go to the Rick Marting folder and see all his songs for example (bad choice perhaps...)
    This is cool, and it is a feature that most dealers do not know about and will not talk about.
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    I placed an order for a new 7er on Monday 6/27/05 and so far haven't gotten my production number and I want to know how long does it take to get a production number. Also, how long does it take till the car reach the dealership. The sale person told me that it will take 6-7weeks.

    Thank you
  • The boat ride takes 3 weeks, it takes about one week to schedule your car on a boat and it takes about a week at the vehicle preperation center. so 5 weeks to get here from the time they are done making the car. you can ask your dealer what day they are making the car, as it takes one day to make one (it takes 17 hours to make a 3 series, so perhaps a liitle more to make a 7) I would say that your sales person gave you a good ball park figure, you get a production number from your sales person, his sheet will show it once the car is in production, and they print this sheet every day.
    Congratulations what color did you get? what features did you select ?
  • tc4tc4 Posts: 4
    Just getting ready to buy the 2006 750i. Have 2 questions

    - Has anyone been able to get a discount to MSRP? How much? I'm in the NJ area.
    - Anyone own the blue lava leather seats? Like it?

    Any comments on the above would be helpful. Thx
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    Yes, I got $2500 off , but i might got this because I ordered my car. If you have the luxury seating package it doesn't matter what color, they will feel great. Let me know what are the specs on the car and I will be able to give you a good estimate on how much off you can get. I also recommend that you go to a big BMW dealer if you want a good discount.
    Good luck
  • tc4tc4 Posts: 4
    Thx for your response

    My specs are the following

    2006 750i - Black Sapphire Metallic
    Black or Lava blue Pearl Leather
    Sport Package
    Premium sound
    Heated front seats
    Heated Steering

    MSRP - $76,794

    How much do you think I can get off of MSRP? Thx for your help.
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    I would say you should expect $1000-1500 discount since the margin of profit is low. If your car is loaded with luxury seating, convenience package and comfort access you might be able to get $2K off easily. However, that doesn't mean you should not try to squeeze whatever you can off. I will shop around and try to get a quote on paper and take it with you to other dealers and see if they can offer you a better value. Also be aware of the " there is little 7ers to go around" business, there is always enough.
    good luck
  • tc4tc4 Posts: 4
    Thx for your suggestions. I will let you know how I fare.
  • 2martini2martini Posts: 2
    Same experience on savings--$1500 was about tops. Margins are low (surprisingly) for this car (750Li) which is probably why it was $15k less than the Mercedes S500 I was looking at. Ordered the BMW a few weeks ago. Already have a production and VIN number, scheduled for production Aug 25 with drive-off-lot date around end of October. Thanks to the poster about the timing on the boat etc. Very helpful.
  • jmed3jmed3 Posts: 17
    Sorry to see that these cars aren't readily available. I've thoroughly enjojed my 750li since I got it. I aprreciate it even more, the more I drive it. Lucky I haven't been ticketed yet since the speedo has pass 100mph on several occasions (been up to 140). It's just so easy to let this baby loose and remarkably it feels safe at fast speeds. This automobile is probably better fitted on the autobahns. Oh well, guess this is what happens when the car is pumped with extra juice. Think this will probably be one of my better rides experienced, provided I can keep my license.
  • 2martini2martini Posts: 2
    I hear you--can't wait to get mine. Isn't it great to own a car where 60 mph is on the LEFT side of the speedometer? :-)
  • tc4tc4 Posts: 4
    Just to update you all on where I just closed on a new 750i. I ended up with $3650 off MSRP. I got this price from 2 dealers. One in NJ and one in NY.

    My specs are the following

    2006 750i
    Black Leather
    Sport Package
    Premium sound
    Heated front seats
    Heated Steering
    Luxury seating
    Front/rear mud guards
    Rear shades
    Satellite radio

    The car is built and waiting to get on a boat to NJ. Dealer says I should have it by the 15th of August but according to an earlier post it takes 4 weeks from production to get here. Will let you know. Thx for all your help.
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    congrads bro.. I think you got a nice package there ...
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    Does the sports package make a difference beyond the benefit of the tires/wheels?
  • jmed3jmed3 Posts: 17
    My current 750 doesn't have sports package and despie this it rides quite sporty.. My preivious 530 had sports package and didn't ride that much better. Maybe a little better on the turns, but not too much better.
    My problem with sports package is that it makes the car useless in the snow/ice and I'm not willing to switch to winter tires each winter season. Wouldn't suggest sports package in areas with winters unless your obsessed enough to be changing your tires every couple of months. Also I wonder what the true cost of having 2 sets of tires for a bimmer is??? Do people just buy another set of rims with the winter tires or do they just keep remounting tires on the same rims???
  • manybmwsmanybmws Posts: 347
    I have separate rims with snows for my '03 530 in the Boston area. I drove an 05 530 with sports package yesterday and was not happy with the compliance of the ride. Then I drove a 750 with SP and would buy one that way. Of course I would need another set of rims if I did go this way...costing around $2.5K with BMW wheels.
  • jmed3jmed3 Posts: 17
    Thanks for the response. Guess changing to snows in winter can cost around 3G.. That sounds pretty steep, but I guess luxury is not cheap nowadays. Now how does a SP Bimmer feel with snow tires/different rims and what are the good ones.. This SP thing cannot only be expensive, but quite intricate.. Maybe the snows could have more bling bling rims... Hmmmm?
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    does anyone have the stretched seven and do you think it worthwhile? Tony
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    That's a good question Anthonyp, well, if you have a family and/or always driving people around, then yes, its a good idea to have a long base. However, the short base is not small and you can fit 3 tall men back there. Also in terms of looks, only a knowledgeable BMW person can tell the difference.

  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Thanks.....How about the sports suspension?? Most of the time It`s just me, and I have also only test driven a sports suspension..To me it felt fine, but after a while I wonder it it is a bit too firm? Tony
  • draqdraq Posts: 18
    Well, I don't have a sport suspension on mine because if you buy a 7er you are looking for luxury, comfort and a smooth ride. It's a luxury car its not a sport car even though this baby can move, that doesn't mean you treat it like one. If you want my advice, leave the sport suspension behind. I also read in other forums that many people were not happy with it after a while. So just get the 750i with 19' wheels and a normal suspension, I am sure you will be happy.

  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Again thanks...I hope to make some progress tomorrow...Are you sue about the 10 in wheels? t
  • globusglobus Posts: 2
    The newest Avatar of the 7 is by far the best.
    Bmw handling and engine combined with a Lexus-sy quiet ride and ergonomics.
    Monaco Blue/Beige (750 il)
    19 wheels
    Luxury package
    Convenience pk
    Pro logic(Just rocks with sirius)
    I Drive is easy and futuristic( next s 500)
    Sumptuous interior.
    Unbelievable handling and acceleration for a car this big.
    Those of you thinking of getting a blue color consider the fact that monaco blue is extremely dark(almost black) I think the michigan blue is kinda pretty.
    Get the 7 and you will be in love too!!
  • anthonypanthonyp Posts: 1,860
    Spent the morning at the dealership It sure is hard to get a reasonable discount...Nice people, but still could use some help on what would a discount that was fair (to me) Tony ps think the shorter wheelbase would be best of me..
  • jmed3jmed3 Posts: 17
    Glad to see this message board has been taking off. Been driving my 750Li for the past summer and its been great. Still makes me feel privledged and puts a smirk on my face. Can't tell you how many people are into it and how it turns so many heads. It's pretty hard to keep a low profile in this ride. The 7 is definitely a crowd pleaser and, more importantly, a driver pleaser. All of a sudden, long car drives are sought and welcomed. Oh yeah just started using the steering wheel gear switches/paddles.. Wow it's like being a formula one racer.
  • can you let me know where you purchased from? The best I've been able to do is 2k. Also, if you happened to lease, do you know what your money factor is? Thanks.
  • Just found this forum in the hopes I might find others with a similar problem as mine.

    My new 2006 750Li has what can only be described as a valve rattle at certain speeds/loads after it gets warmed up. I took it in to the dealer and they kept it for 3 days and said they couldn't hear anything. The engine scoped out properly and they said they ran a low-octane fuel test and that the car had less than 90 octane in it which could create the noise I was hearing (although they couldn't re-create it). After returning the car to us to try again and ensure we put in 90+ octane super (which we generally had), the dealer called to say the BMW tech central (or whatever they're called) mentioned that they may have heard similar stories from other owners. The dealer isn't sure what to think since they haven't sold too many nor had too many come back with any problem.

    More descriptive: the knock occurs at various times. I can duplicate it now... hot, running at low rpm at around 20 mph I press the accelerator and I get a knock/rattle and it gets worse if I let off and press again, like the engine can't react fast enough to the change in inputs. Sometimes it also acts up at idle...a few neighbors have stopped my wife to chat about the car and they say "what's that noise?" it's not our imagination (besides, I know cars and this one sounds wrong). Also, my wife says that it sometimes doesn't seem to have full power when she "gets on it", again especially when warm. This part I haven't experienced, although I have sometimes felt it to be underpowered which makes no sense for this car (however, I am accustomed to my cars which are a Porsche Carrera and a Ferrari 355)

    So my question is this: anyone else have such an issue?

    By the way, we love most all else about the car. very roomy, comfortable, great handling, and beautiful. No real complaints on the infamous I-drive once you get used to it (plus, radio and temp controls are also on the dash without always needing the I-drive) We have all the extras including the rear seat luxury package (reclining /heated/ cooled), comfort pkg, rear seat entertainment, etc.

    For those hoping for discounts, I have no good news. We paid sticker in July (but no further crazy "mark-up"), BTW, the car was not on the lot...we had to have them track one down in the system (it was on a boat but not yet sold or accounted for). It is Sterling Grey with Black interior.
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