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    "The Hybrid Camry is the other car I am on considering. I am hearing some comments on Toyota forums that there are initial problems with this car. However, Fuel mileage is not one of them."

    You know, I guess to each his own. To pay the price difference over the cost of a "non-hybrid" to me it is not worth it. Unless, you drive more than the average miles per year of 12,000 to 15,000. Nobody knows what the battereys will cost down the road, and you are "MARRIED" to the dealer should you have any problems.
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    I would think the trunk would lock otherwise would it not fly open when moving? If you go into a coffee shop for a cup of coffee and lock the car but not the glove box does that mean if someone came along they could open the trunk? I am waiting for a steel gray and black interior to come in to my dealer as I bought one last week and I'll have to check into that locking of the trunk. Good luck with yours.
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    The price of the Camry Hybrid is very close to that of the Azera--starts just over $25k, goes up to just over $30k. So there is little or no up-front premium over an Azera. You don't get the same kind of acceleration, of course. The bogey on costs is with the battery, if you keep the car beyond the 8-10 year battery warranty. No one knows how much a replacement will cost a decade from now. Odds are prices will drop as demand goes up, but who knows?
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    Well, despite my concerns about no cd-track changing option in the steering wheel, along with the other items I mentioned, I still decided to go ahead with the Azera.

    Just picked up a Powder Pearl White Azera Limited with Ultimate Package.

    First impressions after just a few hours:


    -Cruises down the highway really nice, would be the ultimate cruiser if somehow Hyundai could offer dynamic cruise control
    -Infiniti sound system is truly outstanding, that thing will blow the doors off, awesome feature
    -Back seat very comfortable, and large, even for me, at 6'2
    -Very zippy power, saw a 4.2 Audi 6 on the road, had plenty of confidence that I could give him a real run for the money if we decided to race :)


    -Forgot a CD for the car, got tiring real fast propping up my hand with my finger on the tape deck area, while scanning radio stations, since no scan on steering wheel
    -Something is buzzing in the back of the car, when the stereo hits a certain bass sound, pretty irritating, will have to replicate with the car standing still, and try to figure out what is vibrating
    -Duel climate control seems to be a bit weak when it comes to different temperatures on either side, we had the AC on, and I had to crank my wifes side up to 85 degrees before I noticed some type of difference in the air coming out on her side, it seems really to just decrease the fan speed, not really change the air temperature coming out, have to check it out more
    -Be nice to have the car light up a little more when unlocking it at night, for instance some puddle lamps

    Things I have not figured out yet, if someone knows, please feel free to ask:

    -Do the auto lights have a delay timer I can set? When the car is off and I get out, the lights turn off immediately, most other cars have a delay, so they can go off after say 10 seconds
    -Can I turn off the steering wheel automatically moving out of the way when I get out of the car?
    -Can I set it so that just one click on the remote for unlock, will unlock all doors, instead of two clicks? (My Chrysler 300 let me set that)

    In response to the others that essentially recommended that I dont buy the Azera because of my concerns:

    The Azera is a fantastic car. But when we are talking about cars like this, with power everything, almost every security system imaginable, and with fantastic looks, we are not talking about pickup trucks.

    The Azera is a luxury car. So when shopping for a luxury car, all the luxury options get weighted. The Azera is a little quirky in some of the features it does NOT have.

    I hate stepping down. And losing full audio controls on the steering wheel, navigation, blah blah blah, its obviously not life or death, but hey, they are indeed features, and the Azera does not have them.

    Doesnt matter tho, cause we still bought the car, and think its great, plus we have a loaded Sienna mini-van for all the other toys, so no biggie.

    I honestly think that in just a few years, if Hyundai keeps offering the Azera and it does a little better, we will see an Azera with all these features soon. (heck they already offer all this stuff in Asia anyways)

    In summary, our new Azera is great so far, and can't wait to test it some more.
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    "Can I set it so that just one click on the remote for unlock, will unlock all doors, instead of two clicks?"

    I don't know whether that can be altered on the Azera, but I see some security value in it despite the hassle when another passenger is waiting to board. Having just the driver's door unlock in an unfamiliar area may present at least some degree of preventing an intruder sliding into the passenger seat for who knows what purpose...
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    The Azera rec'd a very favorable report in CR. Many of you probably have seen it but it was extremely positive. They rated the Avalon highest of ALL large cars with 89 points (VERY GOOD) and Hyundai was second with 83 points (VERY GOOD).
    The Azera rec'd many PROS and only one CON...fuel economy. CR's tone for their write-up on the Azera was such that they feel it is more luxurious than an Accord and Camry but less expensive.
    Hyundai is receiving such acclaim among nearly all auto journalists.
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    Actually both the Avalon XLS ($33,070 as tested) and Azera Limited ($30,075) were rated "Excellent" by CR.
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    I KNEW I should have done it..... The week I got my Azera, while looking for ways to dress it up, I put on a narrow, plastic chrome strip of self adhesive fender opening molding on the center bar of the lower grill opening. It looked real nice... Then, yesterday I see on E-BAY comeone selling that chrome strip (cut from a 100' roll, costs about $1.12) for $ 12.95 plus S&H! I really didn't think anyone was that dim... A wise man once said;
    "You'll never go broke underestimating the American consumer." Live and learn.... :cry:
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    Sounds like something Phineas Thadeus Barnum might've come up with, but I don't know whether he was the originator.
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    ray_h1, I believe you're right. That was paraphrased from P.T. Barnum
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    Close. Here's the real one:

    "Nobody has ever gone broke underestimating the taste of the American public."
    -- Karl Rove

    Just kidding. Actually it was the famous cynic H.L. Mencken. ;)
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    Here is the algorithm of the Trunk Lock/Unlock
    Generally, the trunk locks when the door locks simultaneously which means none can open the trunk outside when doors locked.
    Also, if you drive over 30mph, doors and the trunk lock automatically so you don't need to worry about stranger's trial for trunk opening.
    The lock/unlock button in the glove box is for vallet parking or for keeping valuables under lock and key.
    If you wanna use it, push the button into lock and lock the glovebox with your key. Then you hand over your auxiliary key which can only be used for ignition and door lock/unlock. The trunk will not open with the auxiliary key. Also the trunk open button of your remote key will not work when it locked in the glove box.
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    I think my '03 Sonata's trunk remains locked unless the standard key is used or the key fob's trunk button is pushed. That MY Sonata didn't have a "Lock-Unlock" button in its unlockable glove compartment either (which, remarkably, makes perfect sense...). Sounds to me like Hyundai is still searching for a logical pattern to establish vehicle/content security after 20 years of U.S. sales. How hard can it be for the company's product planners to figure out that if the driver can reach in his pocket, retrieve the fob, and unlock the cabin doors for his passenger(s) in the pouring rain, an additional push of a trunk unlock button isn't an unacceptable inconvenience to allow storage of luggage, packages, groceries, dead bodies, etc. But, then, I just must not be as intelligent as Hyundai corporate product planner types...
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    Quite simply, the trunk works like the the tail gate on most SUV's as follows:
    1. Car locked, trunk locked
    2. Car unlocked, trunk unlocked
    If you walk away with the doors unlocked the trunk is also unlocked, same scenario with most SUV's.

    It is actually quite convenient once you get in the habit of using it.

    Toyota has a really cool application with the Prius. If the key is in your pocket all you have to do is walk up to the locked car and it will unlock the doors, trunk. Get in press start and go. That's right you don't even have to touch the key, actually the key is inside the clicker so it doesn't dangle on a ring. When you get out you can, 1. lock from inside of door 2. push button on outside of door to lock or 3. push button on outside of trunk to lock.
    This is a pretty cool idea and by the way if you break in you can't just drive a way, da clicker has a magic chip.

    Here's our typical MPG.
    City/Suburbs 19 to 22+
    Hwy/Interstate 29 to 34+
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    After reading a host of irrelevant articles by the paid columnists, I test drove the Azera. The handling is better than I expected. Certainly there is a floatier suspension than Honda Civic. I doubt it could take the Acura TL in a slalom course. Guess what, fellas. The target buyers are 35-60 yrs old and later in their careers. They want a relaxing trip to and from work, or possibly to visit their kids in another state. So if you're going to review a near-luxury sedan, find something else to bemoan. Such as ... the grating seat belt chime, or the lack of controls on the steering wheel, or the way the headlights don't illuminate taller road signs.

    I decided against the Avalon because the price difference is hardly justified. Also, I am tired of seeing Hondas and Toyotas just as I'm tired of Wal-Mart on every corner.

    This is the nicest car I have ever owned and I hope to keep it well beyond the warranty period.
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    I've been planning to get my Azera for a year. In my family between wife and kids we have 2 Tiburons, an Elantra GT, and a Tucson. I ordered my Azera about the first week of May (Hyundai regional manager could not find a black/black ultimate in Southern California).

    My car was built on May 15th. It was delivered to the dealership on July 3rd. This was faster than I thought it would take to get here from Korea.

    I LOVE MY CAR. My son and I have installed the new grill I ordered several months ago from K-Spec. It looks great. Thanks to jim101 for some clues on grill installation. You are right - you need time and patience, small hands, and the right small tools. I have installed my new TSW basket wheels and they look great. "Hyundai" and "Limited" badges removed from the rear. Rear "H" emblem painted body color.

    Everyone loves the look of the car. I have been stopped 3 times in 3 days to talk about the car.

    This car is fast - I can't wait to get it broken in.
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    The Korean version of the Azera uses the same "Smart Key" as Toyota.
    They decided to omit the feature on the US version, Probably as a cost saving program. The rumor is that it will be included on future models along with backup sensors, which are also on current Korean version.
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    Big question, did Hyundai give you like four loyalty rebates?

    That aside, congratulations, you gonna love it more day by day.

    Another way to install the grill, remove the front bumper, install, replace...I prefer the way we did it, good job.

    We seem to think alike, cool. Did you check out and the Grandeur with the white grill and lower body trim? Open NF Sonata and scroll down. Look closely at the hood, headlights, grill and fender shapes. Reason, to get that look you'd have to buy the whole front end clip (fenders, hood, bumper, grill). They also have a 'Studie' emblem for the trunk with chrome edge. I'm painting the center now, will install in a few days. A trick for mounting emblems or things with a double adhesive back. Pre-heat the tape with hair dryer then place and hold, it's gonna stick good. Use hair dryer for removal also.

    OK, go take some and post em.

    Break out the digital, click a few off, post them in carspace, copy and paste the link so we all can see.
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    I recall that some earlier posts discussed regular vs. premium gasoline. To date (1,000 miles) I have used regular gas. My most recent tank got me 20 mpg. To justify the cost of premium I would need to average 21.2 mpg. Has anyone done a gas mileage comparison between the two fuels?
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    just reading some korean car website. Reliable source states in the next refresh for the azera, nav will be avail other than in korea, and most important complaint the mpg will be improved by 2-3 somehow(i'm guessing lowering the 3.8 to 3.5-3.6, or some other engine tweaks or making the car lighter)
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    Hello all, I am planning on taking my car in to have the alignment and wheel balance checked (slight shimmy at 65-80 mph). I also am planning to have the ambient temp sensor replaced (TSB 06-97-001). My question is this: there is a WOT (wide open throttle) shift issue between 1-2 gears. I know this via a TSB and this board. I have not experienced this, but has anyone else, or has anyone taken their car in for a reprogram? Thanks
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    Hello chilliwack, I am getting the same slight shimmy with my Azera at the same speeds. I thought it was the road condition. Let me know how you make out with the diagnosis on the wheel balance and alignment. JoeD
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    so i had an experience with the infamous clueless service manager this weekend...when I picked up my Azera w/ Ultimate like 6 wks ago, the salesman very thoroughly went through all the features of the car...i was impressed, but towards the end of his run-through, i noticed he had never mentioned the "programmable" settings, so i asked about them...he hesitated slightly, then said it had to be done by the service dept., and they were he told me when i came in for my first oil change, which he would pay for, they'd program the settings then...i said "no prob", but i suspect if i hadn't brought them up, neither would have he

    fast-forward 6 weeks to last Saturday...i go in for the oil change, and just as importantly, to get the settings programmed...i knew there was going to be a problem when the service manager takes my keys, and says "we'll take care of everything" I asked him, "don't you need to ask me what settings i want programmed?"...he paused, and said there really aren't any choices, he'd just program the doors to lock at 20 mph...(i thought it was 10 mph?)...anyway, i said that's cool, but what if i wanted them to lock when the car was put in Drive?...he knew nothing about that option...then i said "what about the Unlock settings?"...again, he was aware of no such animal...i forgot to ask about the code for "Limp Home", and he never mentioned it either

    also, i can't stand what i assume is the EZ-Out feature...i hate having the steering wheel move away when I take my key out of the ignition, and having it come towards me when i insert the key...i asked him if he could turn this feature off, and he said No, it was not possible

    so, can someone please once again list exactly what settings CAN be programmed by the service dept., and also can someone confirm whether EZ-Out can be turned seat doesn't move, just the steering that even EZ-Out in action?

    also, can the DRLs be de-activated?

    p.s. oh yeah, after everything was supposedly done, and I drove out of the parking lot expecting to at least hear the doors lock, NOTHING happened....grrrrr :mad:
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    Hi areza1, I had a Sonata before purchasing my New Azera and the doors locked at about 10 miles per hour. My Azera's doors do not lock either when I first start it up of drive off. I called my salesman and was told that the doors do not lock on the Azeri like they did on the Sonata. I have an appointment with the Service Manager Tomorrow with a few questions. Talk about the right hand not knowing what the left is doing. JoeD
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    The doors can be programed to lock at about 8-10 mph.
    The EZ out feature can be programed to have seat move back 3/4 way with wheel tilting to full up position.
    Doors can be progamed to unlock or stay locked when key is removed.
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    Is anyone out there also bothered by the banging of the electronic key fob & other keys against the plastic surround of the steering column? What "remedies" have you tried?

    I put a felt sticky on the plastic column where the keys hit. This solved the problem, but it was too ugly to live with, so I removed it. I considered some kind of key case, but haven't yet found the perfect solution there yet.

    What have YOU tried?
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    Well, let's get it right: lock doors can be when put in gear (i.e. taken out of "Park") or at 10mph; unlock doors can be either when put in Park or when keys are removed from ignition (I don't know why you would want the former)...

    "Limp home" is a four-digit code where you turn the keys on and off for a specific amount of time to override the stolen vehicle lock-out so you can get it to the dealer.

    If you have DRL's - I'm assuming you're in Canada, right? You can always pull the fuse from the box, I suppose.
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    I HAVE noticed this. I guess I didn't think it was that big of a deal.

    Key case sounds like a good idea.
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    I'm 32 years old with 2 kids and bought an Azera 8 days ago.

    I compared it against the Avalon (XLS and Limited) mainly. In the end, the 'value' that Hyundai provided me was better than the "little bit better" car that the Toyota was for the price.

    Tha Azera steering felt 'tighter' than the Avalon.
    The Azera stopped and braked much better than the Avalon.
    The Avalon Driver and Passenger ride was smoother than the Azera, but the rear seat rides in the Azera were just as smooth as the Avalon.

    I too got sick of seeing the Avalon everywhere I turned my head. The interior is quite nice (especially the pinpoint leather seats in the Limited model) but the exterior looks pretty bland compared to the Azera. With tinted windows, the Azera looks really sharp to me. I actually beam with pride when I see an Azera commercial on TV now that I'm an owner.

    I drive the Azera around town and drop off the kids, etc...and it is a very, very comfortable ride. I love it. The mpg could be better (I'm getting about 22-23mpg so far). You are right in stating that the Acura TL would beat it in a slalom course....but, who cares? I've never met anyone that has ever driven their car in a slalom environment. (thats just for commercials)

    So far, my wife and I's #1 complaint is the lack of controls on the steering wheel. The ironic part of this is that 5-7 years ago, no cars had this feature. We sure get spoiled quickly don't we.

    Also, just last night I noticed the "headlights." I was wondering if they could be reconfigured to point 'up' a bit higher. I might check it out at the dealer.

    (I don't mind the car seat chime so much.....I tend to wear my seatbelt when I'm driving)

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    the banging bothered me, and so does carrying keys in my pocket all the time

    so like i did with my previous car, i separated the key fob from the keys, and leave my keys in the car when parked and just carry the key fob with me....this also eliminates the key fob from banging while the keys are in the ignition

    bad habit?....maybe :P
  • areza1areza1 Member Posts: 14
    ok, i pretty much understand what can be programmed concerning auto-lock and auto-unlock

    but can someone confirm if EZ-Out can be completely turned, the steering wheel will NOT move every time i put the key in or out of the ignition :confuse:
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    I recently noticed moderate vibration in my '03 Sonata after buying a new set of tires. My first thought was that the new tires were not balanced properly. I was on the I-10 in the slow lane returning to California from Phoenix. When I pulled out to pass a truck, the vibration stopped, but returned after pulling back again into the right lane. Apparently trucks with poorly balanced tires had "thumped" cyclic depressions into the asphalt over time and that's what my car was responding to. Moral of story? Check whether the vibration you guys are noticing occurs regardless of lane driven in before you conclude it's tire related. ;)
  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    "...i separated the key fob from the keys, and leave my keys in the car when parked and just carry the key fob with me....this also eliminates the key fob from banging while the keys are in the ignition..."

    '03 Sonata, here. I use my auxiliary key (the one that won't unlock the trunk) as my ignition key and stow it in the slideout ash tray when I leave the car. (might not be the ideal plan for smokers, though... ;)) I always carry the regular key in my trousers pocket and use its attached fob to lock and unlock the car when I leave and return to my car and haven't had any problems so far. In those rare ocassions when I actually use valet parking, the attendant automatically gets the auxiliary key. (and I automatically always have possession of the regular, open everything key) As to the liklihood of my car being stolen because some low-life busts a window and retrieves the auxiliary key and drives off into the sunset with my car*, I can only point out that Sonatas seem to be notoriously unpopular as "theftbait", which, to me is a real-world indication of their desirability. (How many tricked-out Sonata lowriders have y'all seen? Only time'll tell with the Azera...)

    *Actually a pretty good trick if the moron's successful in finding the auxiliary key, since, with no way to disable the anti-theft system, he'll come to an alarm-blaring, ignition disabled, rolling stop after 30 seconds of nominally normal operation.
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    What I did from an earlier post was add an extra ring between the fob and the key. No extra weight and very little extra bulk - best of all no knocking!
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    Does anybody know when the next 'refresh' will be? I would bet that the engine block will not change and the extra mileage will come from some sort of cylinder deactivation, a 6 speed transmission and a retuning of the current engine. 2-3 mpg is a fairly large improvement for any one single change done (10-15%).

    Also where can one find information on the 2007 model year Azera?
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    "I would bet that the engine block will not change and the extra mileage will come from some sort of cylinder deactivation, a 6 speed transmission and a retuning of the current engine."

    I'll take that bet - what're the stakes? ;) General information on the Azera is freely available at Hyundai's website. Technical information on the Azera is freely available at Hyundai WebTech.
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    Has anyone made a purchase or used the service department at Family Hyundai in Orland Park and can give me some feedback from your experience? Can anyone recommend another dealership for purchase/service in the Chicagoland area or in Indiana, near Chicago?

    Also, has anyone had remote start installed on their Azera?

  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Member Posts: 17,597
    I have no experience one way or the other about Family but I hear they are good. You might try Pugi in Downers Grove, thats where I have bought mine and they were real good to us. I think others here have given them good reviews too. You could also try Jacobs Twin on Grand Ave in Chicago, I have heard good things about them.

    There are a few that I would stay away from too but I am not sure if I can/should mention them.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

  • cneumancneuman Member Posts: 55
    Thanks snakeweasel, I'll definitely check out Pugi. It would be nice to know which dealers to stay away though. :D

  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Member Posts: 17,597
    It would be nice to know which dealers to stay away though.

    I am not sure if I could, some might consider it bashing.

    Hosts what say you?

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

  • patpat Member Posts: 10,421
    I don't see why not. The Prices Paid discussions allow it. Just don't post anyone's name or a URL or, well, you know the drill. ;)
  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Member Posts: 17,597
    OK, I would stay away from these.

    Howard Hyundai, never had any experience with them but have with their Pontiac dealership right around the corner. Not good.

    Gardner Hyundai, they tried to add the rebate back onto the price of the car when my daughter bought her Sonata.

    Etleson (SP?) I have no knowledge of them but the owner owned another dealer that I have heard enough horror stories about to fill an entire forum here on Edmunds.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

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    The hyundai USA website doesn't have any information on the next refreshing of the Azera. It still lists the 2006 model Azera and doesn't even mention the 2007 model.

    If you are thinking of the Korean Hyundai website, sorry I don't read any Asian languages.
  • louie7louie7 Member Posts: 22
    try the hyundai dealer in elgin, really really good and easy to deal with, if you know what I mean
  • m3lsm3ls Member Posts: 7
    As I saw some messages above, I try to visit Korean Hyundai Homepage to find mileage information of Grandeur, the name of Azera in Korean. I found Ad-page of Grandeur.


    Just click on the center.
    And you can see the new window for advertising.
    By surfing the page, I feel that Azera is different from Grandeur, isn't it?
    Grandeur, Korean-version Azera, looks much better with a lot of amenuties Azera does not have, such as rear video, Navigation and HID beams.
    Why does Hyundai sell that kind of car not in US, but in other countries? And Can I expect some more improvement not only of mileage but also of options sooner in US?
  • rayjungrayjung Member Posts: 2
    Because I like this forum and auto even I'm in Korea, I've been enjoying this forum.
    You are right, Grandeur is Korean version of Azera. But there are lot of different thing in every perspective.
    Firstly, the engine is different, 2.7L, 3.3L, and 3.8L which is recently launched. Most of them selled here 2.7L and some 3.3L.
    Domestice version is more luxury car than in US in terms of price, it's option, etc. You are definitely gonna surprised to see MSRP in Korea.

    MSRP range(incl. Tax 10%)
    2.7L $27,145~35,403 without sun roof, Navi
    3.3L $37,208~38,279 without sun roof, Navi
    3.8L $42,665 without sun roof, Navi

    Of course, they have more option than US, but the price is much expensive inspite of option.
    The main reason of different option between US and Korea, Hyundai can not sell Azera with that option in same competitive price range in US considering its brand awareness and market share, etc.. They plan to introduce more luxurious car into US within 1~2years.

    So, IMHO, American must be lucky people, cause you can enjoy good cars with the cheapest price. :cry:
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    Thanks snakeweasel & louie7.
    Any other reccommendations out there would also be appreciated. I plan to make a purchase within the next couple of weeks.

    Anyone purchase from one dealer and use another dealer's service department?

    Anyone add a remote starter on their Azera?

    Anyone had the wood finish added to their dash by the dealer? If so, at what cost?

    Whew! I know, a lot of questions. :)


  • snakeweaselsnakeweasel a Certified Edmunds Poster.Member Posts: 17,597
    Anyone purchase from one dealer and use another dealer's service department?

    I have, no issues what so ever. Took mine into a different dealer for warranty work, they did the work no cost no questions asked. Service departments are different from the sales department, they don't know where you bought it from and really don't care and they don't check.

    2011 Hyundai Sonata, 2014 BMW 428i convertible, 2015 Honda CTX700D

  • ray_h1ray_h1 Member Posts: 1,134
    "Service departments are different from the sales department, they don't know where you bought it from and really don't care and they don't check."

    Actually the computer network they're all on does tell a service department where the car was originally purchased. But, you're right - they don't care (unless they're complete morons) because Hyundai reimburses them for warranty work. Furthermore, the warranty stipulates clearly that warranty work will be performed by a Hyundai dealer's service department at no charge to the car buyer during the life of the new car warranty. There is no stipulation that the car owner must return to his selling dealer to have warranty work performed. (This is good for two reasons - convenience for the car owner, and it helps keep individual dealerships on their toes since they're painfully aware that their customers are free to go elsewhere for lucrative warranty work.) Don't EVER believe a car salesperson if he/she tries to tell you that you must return to their dealership for warranty repairs. Any who do are uninformed at best or liars at worst.

    (Note to moderators/administrators: love the new visuals on CarSpace - especially the convenient whiz-bang on-screen formatting "feature" that requires constantly using the horizontal slider bar to align text to the limits of my monitor... ;))
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