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Hyundai Accent



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    The Rio has the advantage of a five-door model (priced too close to the current Elantra, IMO) and some people may like the more "European" looks of the Rio, including the sedan, than the more buttoned-down look of the Accent. But if the Accent winds up costing less than the Rio, comparably equipped (which I would find hard to fathom), it will be no contest. Especially for me, since I might be able to get a loyalty rebate on the Accent someday but not on the Rio. ;)
  • alpha01alpha01 Posts: 4,747
    Styling is very subjective, and among the sedans, the Rio, to my eyes, is more attractive.

  • spmrebelspmrebel Posts: 130
    When I went to the Anaheim Auto Show in southern CA earlier this month they had both the 06 Rio and 06 Accent. I have to say that I was a lot more impress with the looks of the Accent. It looked very good to me. I know looks are subjective but between both sedans the Accent will win my heart. The only thing I don't understand is why the EPA ratings for the Accent are lower than the Rio when they use exactly the same powertrains and transmissions (I assume they are near the same weight).

    Happy motoring
  • Does anyone know when they will actually be available to purchase? I live in South Carolina and my local dealerships are telling me they won't have them until after the 1st of the year. :(

    I know they are already for sale in Canada.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    A recent review in CanadianDriver noted that '06 Accents would not be available in Canada until late November. Have you seen the new Accent in Canada already? One 2006 preview magazine I read--I think it was Motor Trend--said December for the Accent in the U.S. So it's possible your dealer won't get new Accents before January.
  • A friend of mine in Montreal just bought a 2006 Accent. She paid $14,500 CDN for a 3DR, AT, loaded.

    I was tempted to hop on a plane to buy one myself!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    I suspect the Accent your friend bought is the old design, not the new one being discussed here. The all-new 3-door Accent isn't supposed to be available in Canada until early next year as a 2007 model.
  • spmrebelspmrebel Posts: 130
    Hi all,

    Looks like Hyundai mad their press release of the 2006 3 Door Accent along with specs, features and photos. Car looks great. It would definitely be on my list the next time I am looking for a small car.

    Happy motoring
  • It will be interesting to see where they set the prices for the 3-doors, particularly the GS which I'd expect to undercut the GLS 4-door. As long as they can keep it at least a thousand dollars under the price of the upcoming Toyota Yaris, Honda Fit and Nissan Versa, they have an unquestionable hit on their hands.

    Will the GLS be the only trim for the 4-door or might they offer the sportier SE trim on it in the future?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    An Accent GT 4-door would make an interesting package, with sport suspension and 16" wheels. But that 3-door looks pretty sharp.
  • spmrebelspmrebel Posts: 130
    I heard they might be offering a 4 door GT/SE model. That would be great. I was driving home from work tonight and saw a 2006 Accent in white with alloy rims. It looked really sharp. The size seemed about equivalent to a Toyota Corolla. It had dealer plates on it so I think it came from Hyundai US head quarters which is about 8 miles from where I work. Its funny that I have now seen an 06 Accent but have yet to see an o6 Rio on the road and the Rio has been selling for over a month now. I think Hyundai has a winner with the Accent.

    Happy motoring
  • For an actual sale date of the 06 GLS here in the states along with pricing information. It's very frustrating to see the 06 Rio's here in South Carolina and no Accents.
  • I contacted Hyundai's Customer Service Dept. via email this week. Specifically, I was looking for a release date on the Accent. In typical fashion, they replied that they "could not supply any additional information at this time...and to please continue checking the website." The dealers were no help either. I got the standard 4-6 weeks remark and a request for my contact info. No Thanks.

    C'mon now. If the car is supposedly hitting the dealers in less than 4 weeks time, the least Hyundai could do is announce a date....or firm pricing.

    I was also surprised at the aparent lack of 2006 Accent's at SEMA. Hyundai did a big roll out on the 2007 3-door, but there were no modded 4 doors in sight. Yet, there were multiple Kia Rio's. What gives? Seems to me Hyundai is dropping the ball big time on the release of this car. They are missing big opportunities to generate excitement for what could be one of the most important cars for Hyundai in a long time.

    Having looked at the Rio already, and without even seeing the Accent in person, I have concluded that the Accent is a far better deal. I guess I'll keep waiting to see what materializes in the next month.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    Most likely they want concentrate on getting rid of current inventory rather than "generating excitement" for a new model. Talking about a replacement vehicle to satisfy the curious, will only make more it more difficult to clear out the current Accent.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Exactly. This is no different than behavior by other car companies for new products, e.g. the '06 Civic. Also, I am not surprised that Hyundai concentrated on the '07 3-door at SEMA since that is aimed at the youth market and the 4-door is more conservative, aimed at an older demographic.
  • jordisjordis Posts: 10
    I sold my car last month { 2004 Rav4 } which I despise by heart and I would have to wait until Spring to get my Accent 3 doors. There are exceptions to the rules, for instance I am 6'4" with a large dog. Besides I would get in and out the car easier. Nothing is meant for an specific group of people.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Actually, companies do target certain demographics with certain products. But as your situation proves, there are always exceptions! I am close to the senior citizen group and I love the looks of the 3-door myself.
  • I don't agree with the previous comments regarding moving current inventory. If you look at Hyundai's website, you will see they aren't even offering any incentives on the 2005's right now. In fact, The Accent is the only 2005 without any incentives....and is the very next car to be replaced in their line-up. If they were that truly worried about moving the old Accents, don't you think Hyundai would offer something to the public to entice them? There are no signs that Hyundai is worried about being left with old stock. The argument doesn't hold water.

    From a marketing perspective, Hyundai is a forward looking company. They have to aggressively market their new products in order to take sales away from Toyota and Honda, ect (regardless of demographic.) In that sense, they have to appeal to the broadest catagory of people possible. That is why I feel the lack of a "tuner" version at SEMA was a major disapointment. They have a very lucrative younger market that they can tap into.
  • 307web307web Posts: 1,033
    They are probably selling out the remaining 2005s at a satisfactory pace and don't want sales to grind to a halt by hyping a new model and then forcing massive rebates they wouldn't otherwise need.
    I'm sure many people planning to buy a 2005 are oblivious to the coming redesign and would cancel their purchase if they hear about the new design.
    Not talking about the 2006 is probably a strategy to protect sales of the remaining 2005s that costs them much less than bigger rebates.
  • It's been my experience that Hyundai (as well as many others including Mazda and Honda) doesn't update their website as quickly as they should. The Sonata information didn't show up on there until the car had been on dealer lots for a few weeks and the Azera has no pricing info, though it was announced a few weeks ago.

    It's not unique to Hyundai. Mazda just added their '06 models to their site last week even though some have been out for months.

    I'm sure the main objective is to move the old before they generate excitement for the new, as several folks have said. But still I'd like to have access to info now.
  • Hyundai is trying very hard to build a strong brand and the best way to do that is through word of mouth. We are immune to companies hyping their own products (Ford, GM, Dodge). We take notice when we are sort of left out. The hype is in the chatter. We wouldn't be talking about the accent if Hyundai hyped the hell out of it. We would be talking about the next best thing we knew nothing about. Hyundai certainly didn't run a huge launch of the new Tucson, and look how successful it's been. Shoot, I just started seeing commercials for it in the last month. Hyundai's strategy is to build hype through mystique. This is what Google does with it's new products and it has been effective.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    However, Hyundai did do a huge launch/campaign for the Sonata. But then, that is a big volume seller for them and was aimed at changing perceptions about Hyundai, so it was critical to get the word out in a big way. With the Accent, it's not as big a seller but Hyundai may need to pump some marketing dollars into it because of all the new competitors (Yaris, Fit, Versa, even Rio) available now or in the near future.
  • A salesman from a local hyundai dealership told me that part of the delay of the 2006 Accent was do to a broken down ship in the pacific. ???????
  • Interesting, I haven't heard that. Hopefully it won't go the way the Tricolor did last December loaded with thousands of BMWs, Saabs and Volvos. Sunk to the bottom of the English Channel and ruined them all.

    Hopefully the Accent will get here soon. I'm looking forward to test driving one.
  • I read somewhere in the last few weeks that the sales projection for the Accent is either 60k or 80k per year. If they are selling in those relatively smallish numbers, how much money can they put into advertising? Perhaps current gas prices will do their advertising for them.

    You do make a good point about the upcoming competition, though. The market is going to be flooded in the next 6-12 months with subcompacts. Hyundai's advantage will be what it has been for years, though- low price, great warranty. The Fit in particular will be more expensive, I'm sure.

    On a related note, I've not seen any advertising for the Kia Rio either.
  • A flood of quality sub-compacts is exactly what I'm hoping for. We buyers want as many choices out there to use as leverage.

    On another note - I'm a little confused about the "sub-compact" class. The '06 Accent is damn near the same size as the '05 Civic. Sure the civic is a bit longer (~7in), but the Accent has more passenger room (92.2 to 92.4 cu ft), more leg room (42.8 to 42.4 in), more shoulder room (53.5 to 52.6 in), and just barely less cargo room (12.4 to 12.9 cu ft)

    So what makes a civic a compact and an accent a sub-compact?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    It is confusing. Some people go by exterior length when classifying cars. The Accent, Rio, etc. are shorter than compacts like the Civic and Corolla. But the EPA classifies by interior room, so it considers the Accent to be a compact, and "compacts" like the Elantra to be mid-sized. Maybe we need a new classification system, one that everyone agrees with??
  • dudestdudest Posts: 19
    :) Hi there this is Paul from Hyundai of New Rochelle NY, I just wanted to let you know guys that we just got the brochures for the new 06 Accent with all the color choices and packages (well package). I am sending them out to my customers who requested them prior, so your local dealerships should have them by now as well. It definetely looks like a great replacement. Hope you guys like it as well. :)
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,906
    Thanks, Paul! Do you have pricing yet and if so, would you mind posting it? And just curious, what is the one package--the power package? Does that mean alloys and/or moonroof are not available? Thanks!
  • dudestdudest Posts: 19
    Hi Backy, well so far I can tell you this much, we do not have any official pricing on the vehicle as of yet, I know there was an article @ edmunds I believe and they were giving some preliminarie pricing but nothing that we can personally verify. Definetely safety features standard are 6 airbags, ABS and EBD. Options still are the A/C the automatic transmission and the Premium sport Package(the only package). For now they are only going to be available in GLS 4 doors, no 2 door on the catalog :surprise: This Premium sport Package includes power mirrors/A/C / Power windows/ Illuminated door switches/ power locks/keyless entry and 15 inch alloy wheels. But again I have no idea what this package will run. It does not say anywhere on the brochure that sunroof is an option sorry about that. As far as colors go there is Sand Beige/Nordic White/ Ebony Black/ Charcoal Gray/Wine Red/Ice Blue/Platinum Silver and Dark Sapphire Blue. Interior colors are Beige and Gray. By the way all the exterior colors look very nice and new for the Accent line up. I hope this helps a little. :shades:
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