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Hyundai Accent



  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Thanks for all the info. I was hoping the power package would be available sans alloys, but that appears to not be the case. Looks like a full color palette. Any word on when your first shipments will arrive?
  • dudestdudest Posts: 19
    Usually as a dealership I get at least 2 or 3 week notice on a car arriving from the Port, or at least I get a list of cars for me to choose for my allocation. I have not received either one as of yet, this makes me conclude that the cars won't be here any sooner than 4 to 6 weeks. If anything does change though I will let you guys know. I know most dealerships in my are are pretty much out of 05 Accents. I am the Swap manager here and people are calling me to get the ones that I have left. That means that Hyundai is got to know that supply is very low, which explains the low incentives we have right now. That should be good news because now they have to push that 06 Accent to come in sooner rather than later, but that is just my assumption. :confuse:
  • All sounds great so far, although I'm still disappointed that cruise isn't offered.

    Do you know what interior/exterior combinations will be available? Particularly, what exterior colors offer the gray as an interior option? I'm not a fan of beige.

    Thanks for all the info! As you can see a few of us econo-geek/enthusiasts are anxious to check it out in person.
  • dudestdudest Posts: 19
    allfiredup, as far as I know cruise control can be easily installed on the vehicle. Do mind that Accents come with a lot more equipment outside of the US so therefor most of the hardware is already there. It's too early for me to assure this to you, but I am pretty sure it will be no different on the 06 Accent.

    As far as colors: Ice blue and Sand Beige are the only two that will come with Beige interiors only. Charcoal Gray, Sapphire Blue and Silver will come only in gray interior. White, Black and Wine Red(Burgundy) will have a choice of either Beige interior or Gray interior :) I hope that helps
  • I went to the local auto show yesterday and the Hyundai rep. told me that cruise would be available. We will see.
  • I truly wanted a 2006 Accent but this delay in getting the pricing out and the product to market made me go another route. I bought a 2005 Cobalt today. Black, LS, 5 SPD. Price out the door after the $2,750 rebate and tax was just under 13K.

    It almost made me sad as I was truly excited about the new Accent. If Hyundai could have somehow given me a date on when the things would have been available and some firm pricing information I may have held off. The deal on the Cobalt was really good and I wanted a car today not 4 to 6 more weeks (or more) from now.
  • Thanks dudest, that does help. I am a fan of white cars with dark gray or black interior. Unfortunately, most white cars have beige interior (Honda is the worst in this regard, they give you no choice). At least I'll know the Accent will be available in my favorite combo.

    Hopefully they will decide to offer the cruise, but it's good to know it can be installed. Do you install cruise at your dealership?
  • Sounds like a pretty good deal. The Cobalt isn't a bad car at all. Actually, with the 5-speed, it has some real kick. I consider them overpriced at sticker, but with usual GM incentives they are a good value (at least the LS models).

    Just wondering, did you consider the Kia Rio at all?
  • tatamy19, how could you? you waited this long and broke down mere weeks before the release? Oh well, the cobalt doesn't seem to shabby (especially if you are only going to keep it for 3 years/36,000 mi.) I too have considered other options and one day I even thought about the Aveo. Then I came to my senses. Chevy Aveo? Yikes!

    On another note: Allfiredup - why do you want cruise control so badly? In my '65 Mustang I learned how to improvise cruise control - you have to rest your leg just right against the gas pedal and sit back and relax - you'd never know the difference :D
  • Just one of those things. My 2002 Malibu was going to need about 3K worth of work and it's only worth 5K. With the incentive on the Cobalt it was simply too good to pass up.

    My next car will likely be an STI in less then 3 years. Now if Hyundai comes up with something to compete with the STI.... :)
  • I want cruise because I tend to use it a lot. My leg get tired holding the pedal at the same position for hours on end. When I'm cruising on a long, flat highway I like to get up to about 80 and let the cruise do the rest.
  • I definitely agree cruise is helpful - I was just givin' you the business. Also, keeping it steady at the peak MPH for performance (which always happens to be about 10 over the speed limit, right) is good for gas the mileage.

    I live in Seattle, which is a major Hyundai port, so I wonder if we'll get them on the road first.
  • snakeysnakey Posts: 12
    Anyone know anything new about the arrival date of the new Accent? I desperately want to go drive one and grill my salesman on available options until his ears bleed and he passes out. Or I could just grab a phamplet and take a test drive. Either way! I must get my greasy mits on the steering wheel of a new Accent, pronto!
  • You aren't the only one eagerly awaiting the arrival of the Accent. I've finally driven a Rio and liked it very much, particulary the engine/manual transmission which will be identical in the Accent. The pics of the Accent make it appear classier than the Rio and I am anxious to see for myself.

    I've heard some time in November, but it's almost over now. Who knows?
  • Even though I will be in the market for a larger vehicle next year, I can't help but be a bit enamored by the new Accent hatchback. It reminds me a lot of my beloved 98 Civic DX hatchback, but with all the extra features that would have made that car perfect. If my Civic had been equipped with a tachometer (I owned a 5-speed), power accessories, A/C, a sunroof (!), extra airbags and a better stereo as standard equipment, I'd probably still have it!
  • I went to the Seattle car show a few weeks ago and filled out a Hyundai sweepstakes form (I won a cooler duffle bag). Well, a salesman called me on Wednesday and I told him I wanted the '06 Accent. He told me it probably wouldn't be out until after Jan 1, then he tried to sell me something else. I asked him why and he said that during the Seattle car show they had the private dealer show and Hyundai told the dealers that it wouldn't be out until after the first. I again asked him why and he said Hyundai wouldn't give a definitive answer. Then he tried to sell me something else.

    I wouldn't be surprised if they were coming sooner than Jan 1 and he just wanted to sell me something now, hoping I was over anxious. But you never know with those salesmen.
  • snakeysnakey Posts: 12
    I recently went to a Kia dealership and test drove a Sedan (LX? Dunno, had power options and such). I thought that the automatic was as good as you might expect for a car in this price range (not too much gear hunting, abrupt down shifts) it wasn't fantastic but it didn't disapoint me either.

    I drive a 98 Nissan Sentra STD (read: no options) at the moment and it was markedly quieter.

    The acceleration was pretty snappy, though I think a 5 speed would make it more fun the AT did a good job getting on the freeway.

    Steering was a bit light, that was disapointing. The power steering made it almost too easy to steer at higher speeds, could be dangerous if you haven't been driving long. On a side note, it was great in the lot, turned no problem (blessed is power steering).

    I think the ride was a little stiff for me but Hyundai based Kias are almost always less floaty than their Hyundai counterparts so I expected that.

    SOOOO; I am looking forward to trying an Accent (which I hear has more NVH insulation and TRIPLE door seals) soon, looking forwards to a smoother ride, possible a better gear ratio in the AT (maybe?), a quieter drive and better styling.

    For the price they are asking for a fully loaded Rio, I would just as well wait 2 months or a month or a week, whenever...and get me a Hyundai instead.

    Here's to everyone else who is eagerly awating, belated happy thanksgiving and early merry Christmas. Or have a Kwazy Kwanzy.
  • hpgalhpgal Posts: 1
    Speaking as one of 'those salesmen' - I don't know where that Seattle salesman got his info, but we've had 06 accents on the lot here for a couple of weeks
  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    Where are you located? In Pittsburgh we haven't seen one yet.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Great! These are the new 4-door GLS models, right? Can you please share some info with us? For example, what is the base MSRP? Destination charge? Price for options (A/C, automatic, Premium Sport Package, mats)? Thanks!
  • I finally got a brochure from one of the dealerships today so it seems that Seattle is way behind. 2 of 3 dealerships I contacted said they didn't have brochures in. It'd be great hpgal if you could give us some more info
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,874
    are you thinking of getting an '06 Accent? They look really good and from what I've read they are cheaper than Kia's '06 Rio by $1,000-$1,500 or so. They have an appealing look to their front end.

    I thought you were gonna look into a little bigger car for your next one. I am thinking of downsizing into a '06 Kia Rio 4-door or Rio5. With Pocatello, Idaho's(elev.4,477 feet up in the Rockies) snow, though, it would probably behoove me to just hold onto my '01 Sportage 4x4. We got hit with snowdrifts of 2-3 feet and icy cold winds following the snow. Today it snowed another inch or so to top off the ice! :surprise:

    Pocatello has about 50,400 people and there were over 200 accidents the last couple days. The Sportage 4x4 has held me to the road admirably. The '06 Rio's are FWD and no AWD option but would probably do very well in the snow, too. I just can't believe how nicely the Sportsman cuts over the ice.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Yes, the '06 Accent (even the '07 3-door) is on my shopping list. I really like the styling, inside and out; the nifty features in the interior like fold-down rear armrest, 3 rear headrests, lighted vanity mirrors, 8-way adjustable driver's seat with armrest, and lots of storage with 8 (count 'em!) cupholders. Also I like the safety features such as standard ABS and side curtains. The major downsides are that crash safety is unknown until the tests are out (and its cousin the Rio didn't do great on the NHTSA tests), the rear is a little tighter than, say, an Elantra (but workable), and fuel economy is not quite as good as the very best in the class (e.g. Fit, Yaris, and Versa). Also there's no cruise control or moonroof, but I can live without those. OTOH, I am thinking I could get an Elantra GLS with ABS and moonroof for about the same price as an Accent early next year, IF the rebates shake out as I expect them to. A lot of "ifs" here.

    You may think I am looking at larger cars because, well, I am. One option I have is to buy a small car for myself, to replace the '01 Elantra that I will give to my oldest son next year. The other option is to get a new car, e.g. Sonata or similar, for my wife and then I would drive her '04 Elantra GT for a few years until it's time to give it to my 2nd son for college. I might very well go that route, e.g. with the Sonata, if the IIHS crash tests on the Sonata are stellar, there continue to be great rebates on the Sonata, and the crash tests and rebates on the Accent or other cars in its class aren't that great. It will be fun over the next few months deciding what to do.
  • The Hyundai website and the Accent website both still have the 2005 information listed. Here in South Carolina and up in Pennsylvania not a single dealership has any information on the 2006 Accents other then the brochures. No pricing or sale date is available yet. Very, very frustrating.
  • Backy or others. Any thoughts on when and if the new generation Hyundai engines developed with Daimler/Crysler and Mitsubishi will show up in the new Accent?
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Frankly, I expected to see them on the new '06 Accent (and Rio) and am surprised they got only an old engine with a CVVT header. At least, that is my understanding of what the '06 Accent and Rio have.
  • iluvmysephia1iluvmysephia1 KC MetroPosts: 6,874
    I think that is exactly what the '06 Kia Rio sedan/Kia Rio5 and the '06 Hyundai Accent have installed. An older style 4-cyl.with CVVT headers. Which should be more than fine, IMHO.

    The new-world order motors jointly developed with Hyundai and Mitsubishi are probably a few months away still, although, I must admit, I haven't read an update lately of just where the said carmakers are with those new "world" 4-cyl.motors. We'll hear something very soon on them, probably before X-mas.

    2011 Kia Soul Sport 5-speed

  • Seems like we are all a little short on news for the GLS. hpgals claims of the GLS in stock are suspect, at best, and she hasn't been back to give us more info. I suspect they have '06 hatchbacks in stock, not the GLS. So, what's your favorite color for the GLS? I think the silver is really sharp and I also like that blue. I don't mind white, but my fiancee thinks all white cars look cheap and plastic-like. So I think we're going to go for silver.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,905
    Silver is defintely my favorite also, main reason being it doesn't show scratches and dirt like darker colors and yet has an upscale look. But I might go for the light blue if it isn't too cheap-looking (the paint spot on the brochure looks kind of cheap, but it might look different in person). And it has the beige interior, which I prefer over grey.
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