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Hyundai Accent



  • With regard to wanting cruise in the Accent, I had a two different dealers on here tell me that they offer very good aftermarket systems for the current Accent. So, if you really wanted it, it is possible to install.

    My bet is that at least the Honda Fit will have it on most models. Probably all but a base (DX?) will have it. It is odd that Hyundai and Kia don't offer it at all but offer most other convenience items, but there must be some rationale for it. Perhaps they weren't wanting to offer EVERY feature of their larger cars.
  • Thanks for the heads up about the Dodge Caliber. I went to the Dodge site and played with it. I love it. If only it weren't made by DCX. :(

    The powertrain options are very interesting. Upgrading from the 1.8L to the 2.0L in SE/SXT is only $50. Amazingly, they're also offering the 2.0L turbodiesel, but it costs $4420! Still, I'm glad to see the diesel option. They're also showing 4-speed automatic, CVT and CVT w/Autostick.

    This is all preliminary, but maybe they actually will offer it all. Who knows? Great looking, too...just starts getting pricey once you option it up.
  • snakeysnakey Posts: 12
    I believe that the Caliber is being powered by the DCX, Hyundai and Mitsubishi developed GEMA World Engine, produced in mass on the same block just with different displacements from different cylinder heads (I believe), hence the cheap swap out.

    From speculation, the Turbo Diesel won't be offered state-side, sigh. I would really like the Caliber as an alternative if only it was made by someone besides DCX, however if it is indeed powered by the GEMA engines I would maybe consider it more than before.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    I stopped into my local Hyundai dealer today to get a new sun visor for one of my Elantras (warranty) and asked about the new Accent. The sales manager said, "January." Looks like Hyundai's marketeers fibbed to us.
  • snakeysnakey Posts: 12
    Hey Backy,

    How do you like your Elantra(s)? My future father-in-law has one and he commutes about 350 miles a week and has put 40k on his in about a year and 3 months. So far he has had zip for problems and the car still rides like the day he bought it, plus it's still sipping gas (though not quite like a Honda Civic sips gas) the same since it's break-in.

    I was wondering if it's pretty much the standard case or if chinks in the armor are starting to pop up, after all he does baby his car (2900 mile oil changes (just to be safe) and 25K tranny / coolant flushes).
  • snakeysnakey Posts: 12
    As a side not I should add that it's a 4 door Auto 05' Elantra GT. I drove it and liked it very much except at 80+ MPH on the freeway, where it was buzzy and weak, but I don't often go past 75 so I think I'm still good.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    I like them fine... and I might be buying another one soon depending on what happens with crash tests and rebates on the Accent.
  • I helped a friend of mine buy an Elantra GT 5-door back in 4/03 and she now has around 65k miles on it. No mechanical problems at all. She adores it.

    I like it too, except I'm not a fan of leather interior and the manual transmission doesn't shift like a Honda or Mazda. But overall, it's a steal. She payed $13,300 for hers. Where else could you get power everything, leather and ABS for that price?
  • delta4delta4 Posts: 138
    In the latest C&D the re-designed '06 Hyundai Accent received a very positive ride and drive review. These are some of the comments from C&D that describe the car "There are no complaints about space from this elongated editor; or about the interior, which is an attractive two-tone design with legible instrumentation and a simple control layout."

    There are also comments about its quiet ride comparing it to the Azera. Very impressive indeed.

    Copy and paste the link below to read the rest of the article.
  • snakeysnakey Posts: 12
    That article mentioning how the Accent remains quiet on the road has just pushed me over the edge into "must have" territory. I have driven nothing but loud econoboxes since I was in High School and crave quiet when I drive.

    Sounds like I should start looking at financing.
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 319
    What the hells going on? Clicked on HyundiaCanada and all the 2006 Hyundia Accent information and pricing is listed including...Build Your Own! What are we here Chopped Liver living below the 49th
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Not only are we chopped liver in the pricing department, but those Canucks get bun warmers! Hey, it's cold in Minnesota too! :mad:

    Note that Canada also gets a much broader range of trim lines for the Accent. We get one, with a couple of options (A/C, or the PS package).
  • Hi. I'm a student and I'm considering a lot of choices, as many "economy cars" are coming out this spring... I was looking for some used Civics then I had a chance to look at 2006 Accent on the web and realized this could be better than a used Civic! (I am trying to keep it close to $10K-- maybe little more than that.) Fuel economy, reliability, and interior quality would be the main factors
    I look for.
    Everything looks great on pictures and can't wait to see it coming out on market. I love the interior quality and everything... but I am little concerned about depreciation.
    I see many Hyundai owners here. Tell me how you guys think.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    First, the only '06 Accent you can get anywhere close to $10k is the old-style 3-door hatchback. And the fuel economy is not great compared to a Civic. The interior quality is pretty good for a car its price, but not up to the level of a Civic. Reliability of the Accent should be pretty good, but its depreciation will be steep, especially in the first 2-3 years.

    So you might want to look around for a used Civic for $10-11k. You should be able to find a very nice previous-generation Civic for that money, especially if you don't mind a 2-door and don't mind driving a stick. The big plus for the Accent compared to a used Civic is of course the long warranty.

    I think the all-new '06 Accent 4-door will be more comparable to the Civic, except still trailing in fuel economy, but you won't see the price anywhere near $10k for some time--it's unlikely Hyundai will put large discounts and rebates on it right from the start, and the base sticker of the Accent GLS is $13k including destination--but w/o A/C.

    Another car to think about is a slightly used Elantra. Its fuel economy is not much worse than that of the Accent, it's a very comfortable car, and I've seen '04s (no different than the '06 models) going in my area with low miles for a little over $7k. And you'll still have the balance of five years and 60k miles of bumper-to-bumper warranty to use up. Or you could get a used Accent for even less--if you don't mind the fact it's basic transportation and no more.
  • Thanks for the info. It was very helpful.
    I used to consider the ECHO over a Civic because
    it had a better fuel economy than a Civic (Am I right??) :confuse:
    But I heard it was not popular because of its design, etc.

    Any idea how ECHO compares with Civic?
    (of course, I know all the basic info on these two.)
    This is a Hyundai Accent forum, and I don't know how I got here... :P
    Sorry for the off-topic.

    Well, I guess I will be able to consider Hyundai for my
    2nd car then... It looks great and I'm glad to see it
    improving... especially Accent SR concept looks fantastic, except they are not coming out for real.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    The ECHO does get a little better mpg than the Civic but is a cruder car. It is cruder than the Elantra also, about on a par with the Accent. If you can get a used Civic for about the same money or a little more than an ECHO, I'd go for the Civic. If you want to maximize your fuel economy, a stick ECHO would be a good bet.

    The Accent SR concept is coming in a little more pedestrian form as the Accent GS and GSi, due out next spring.
  • phill1phill1 Posts: 319
    You guys are busting me up laughing. The 06 Accent GLS 4 DR was (supposed) to be released FALL 05`CHECK YOU CALEDARS! WINTER 05` is gonna be here in 48 hours on Wed. Dec. 21. So much for Hyundia`a release dates an their Web Site information. Hope the delay was to tweak out last minute clitches in the new model rollout. With their present time table their Accent Hybrid version should be expected sometime after Bush leaves office!
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    The Accent GS and GSi was never supposed to be released in 2005. The announced timeframe is spring 2006. As for the 4-door sedan, it seems they messed up on that one by a few weeks. There were some labor problems in Korea that might have affected the ship dates. But they still have a couple of days to get the car to at least some dealers. Glad you are getting some chuckles out of the situation.
  • Hey folks,
    The '06 Accent GLS has been released in the US -- it just hasn't made it to all regions yet. I went to a local dealer yesterday and saw an '06 Accent -- this unit was silver with an automatic transmission and air conditioning. It arrived sometime last week. (They were closed of course, being that it was a Sunday, so I could only look through the windows.) I was very impressed with the apparent amount of headroom and what was visible of the interior fit and finish. The seat upholstery at least looked durable, comfortable. Truly, apart from having manual window cranks, it seemed like a nicer, more expensive car than its $14,750 MSRP might suggest.


  • danf1danf1 Posts: 935
    The cars are released. I've got a few on their way to me. I blame the truck drivers. They must have something against Hyundai. Forget the speed limits, I've only got 48 hours to fulfill a prophecy. ;)
  • If keeping the price as low as possible is your greatest goal, maybe you should try to find either an '05 Accent or '05 Elantra GLS. Amazingly, with rebates, they both cost about the same even though the Elantra has power everything, cruise, etc. According to, you can get an '05 Elantra for $11,600. A great deal by anyone's standard.

    You also get the 100k warranty, which will help keep the price down on mechanical repairs over the life of the car. Something no used car can offer!
  • delta4delta4 Posts: 138
    The 2006 Accent site is now live.

    Check it out here:
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    I tried it and I think there is a little glitch in it--the MSRP for a loaded Accent with automatic and the PS package came to $27,260 USD! :surprise:

    Also it did not add any charge for freight (which I expect will be around $500), and there was no way to ask for floor mats (which probably cost about $80).
  • :surprise: I purchased a 2006 Accent this October, I love it except that I don't know how well its going to fare this winter. So far, with only a little bit of snow I have been sliding around, which is quite scary. With a huge snow dump last week,I have found that the wheel wells fill up way too quickly (with packed snow)which leads to the steering wheel shaking at even low speeds. The wipers are garbage for winter also. What I am wondering is has anyone made it thru a winter season with their original tires, or are winter tires a must??
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907
    Welcome to winter! Do you have the Accent hatchback (old design) or the new '06 Accent 4-door sedan? They are much different cars. For one thing, the '06 4-door has standard ABS, which should help in the winter.

    The wheel shaking is not due to snow in the wheel wells but inside the wheels, causing the wheels to be off-balance. I've noticed that before a number of times on many different cars over the years. It's easy to correct--wash off the wheels or scrape off the snow.

    Most OEM wipers are worthless for winter. Do yourself a favor and pick up a pair of heavy-duty wipers at your local auto parts store. They can help you find the size for your Accent.

    If you get a lot of snow, then winter tires might be a good investment. I've done ok with small cars and regular all-season tires, but I live in a city where snow plowing is an art form, so I rarely have to deal with more than 3-4" of snow on the roads.
  • jprybajpryba Posts: 201
    Maybe $27,260 is the Canadian price :)
  • At that price, I'll take a Sonata with a side of Accent!!!
  • Actually, it looks like what it's doing is adding the base price PLUS the price of it as you configure it. Look to the left when you build it and you'll see the figures.

    Mine was base of $12,455 and with options $13,955 for a grand total of $26,410.
  • backybacky Twin CitiesPosts: 18,907 has the invoice pricing up now for the '06 Accent 4-door. A fully loaded car is $15,330, and invoice is about $1000 under that. The PS package is only $1420, not $1500 as reported, and mats are $65.

    Compared to a loaded Elantra GLS, the difference is a little under $1000 sticker-wise but only about $700 invoice-wise. And the Elantra has a $1000 general rebate on it that the Accent does not. So guess what? The larger, roomier Elantra with moonroof, cruise, and traction control actually costs less than the Accent right now. However, the Accent has six airbags vs. four for the Elantra, and the Accent also has alloys and a more powerful audio system. It will be interesting to watch the initial sales reaction to the Accent with the prices a little higher than its bigger brother.
  • jordisjordis Posts: 10
    You could not have bought the Accent 2006, it is not even out yet. It is the 2005 which is nothing to compareimage
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