Toyota TACOMA vs Ford RANGER - IV

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    Fact is that the 4x4 Tacoma or TRD version has a higher clearance than the Ranger overall. Notice how the rear shocks are placed on the Ranger. Toyota places the rear shock above the rear axle. There is a reason why the rear shocks of the Toyota are place higher . . . off roading is enhance a great deal.
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    The lowest point is the lowest point. How about lower shock mounts allow a longer shock for more potential wheel travel.
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    I just took my NEW 1999 Tacoma TRD (ok 6 months Old) OFFRoad for the third time. And Guess who ended up Walking home. Thats right me. 4 hour walk out until a guy in a Silverado was nice enough to give me and my Girlfriend a lift back to a phone. After a $600 tow I finaly got home.

    I don't know exactly what happened yet but i was climbing in low when the engine reved up and i started to roll back.. i put it back in high and nothing happed either other than the engine reving. So then i carefully let it roll down the hill and as out of the way as i could, then started walking..

    this was probably just a fluke but i need to vent a little bit. Just realizing now that even toyotas break now and then. i Would probably buy another one but next time i would go in with the knowledge that toyotas are falable.
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    anyone else ever hear of this happening??
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    Sounds like maybe a control throttle switch is out of whack. Also, it could be you have a bad clutch. But also remember that 4 low in Toyotas will make your idle at about 3ooo RPM average.

    Hey, it never happened to me....but it happens.
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    I know all the Tacoma hardcores (hind, wsn, spoog, TRD) are going to be quite about Jim207's bad luck. They want that post to disappear quick!
    Ok Toyota fans. Had a down and dirty hard hitting race today with a Tacoma V6. Both of us at a stoplight, we knew what was going to happen. For the first 20 feet or so I had the bugger, I figured it was a gearing/torque thing here, after that the 3.4 caught its breath and started to pull away. It was about 1/4 mile and the Tacoma was ahead of me by about a foot maybe a foot and a half at most!! It stayed steady from that point on, noone pulled away, neither did I catch up.
    With all this hoopla of the 3.4 and how fast it was I thought I was supposed to be "blown away" as some Tacoma fans say it. This was a down right race here. Granted I was beat, but not by much. Couldn't get my friend with his TRD to race me. Like I said over and over again, I don't believe trucks are for racing, but I just had to see. :-))
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    Im a little skeptical of that Tacoma "revving" post. I just don't like how the poster went out of his way to say that a CHEVY picked him up. I mean is another vehicles brand identity REALLY relevant to the story? I don't think so.

    Im leaning 50/50 on it.

    Even if it WASN't true, all vehicles have bugs in them, some just more than others.
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    For as much as you chastise spoog for racing, you should at least have the intelligence to not tell us all that you race your truck, too. Hello pot, this is kettle...
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    CONTROL THROTTLE SWITCH?? 4-low in Toyotas will make you idle at 3000rpm average?????

    What exactly are you talking about? Granted, I'm no Toyota mechanic, but putting a truck in 4-low will not make the idle instanly jump to 3000 rpm.


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    I've never heard of 4 Low idle at 3K either. Due to the low gearing I can see it staying above 3K more during travel, the lower gear making the engine rev higher to achieve the same speed. The engine doesn't know what gear it is in, all it sees is a load. I don't think the engine computer gets this type of feedback. The idle rpm, as I understand it, is just a product of how much electricity is needed for the rest of the vehicle, the engine sees negligible drivetrain load at idle, because nothing rotates in the drivetrain past the transmission. The engine doesn't even see the transfer case gearing because drivetrain rotation stops in the transmission while the vehicle is idling. I believe medium/heavy duty trucks have an idle control switch to control the idle rpm, a higher setting helps warm up the truck faster in the winter but thats about it. The rpm doesn't change in my F-150 at all between 4 Hi and Low.

    Jim207 - You didn't hear anything did you, and is your truck manual or automatic? I heard once of someone with a manual pickup who banged the underside of his truck once on a rock while offroading and it somehow bent one of the connecting bodies between clutch pedal and clutch plate. The next time he stepped on the pedal, the bent connector got stuck and even though the pedal returned to the normal position the plate did not re-engage, leaving him with a "my truck is still in neutral" feeling.
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    spoog, it doesn't really matter what vehicle picked him up, it was just extra info for the story. Don't discard his story as false just because he mentioned that someone who happened to be driving a Silverado picked him up. Would you have been skeptical if someone in a Tundra picked him up? Just imagine that he said "4 hour walk out until a guy named Fred was nice enough to give me..." instead of "4 hour walk out until a guy in a Silverado was nice enough to give me..." Just because he included the identity of the truck doen't mean the story is a lie.

    And Jim, sorry to hear about your probs, hopefully they will be resolved quickly and you'll be out offroading again soon. BTW, how did you get your girlfriend to go with you? Mine is so scared of my on-road driving she would never go off-road with me...
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    Nope I haven't had the problem with my truck yet.

    Anyone here is free to post, but not to bully and harass. Watch what you say or imply about me at any of the topics. I have contacted Edmunds about your rantings.
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    You DID file a NHTSA safety or Technical Service Bulletin did you not? (just kidding). There is one on an older Tacoma Transfer case locking up, but none for the problem you identify.

    Your right, sometimes things happen and it could be on any vehicle.

    Well, maybe he was teasing you. . .or it was too close to call.

    I like the shock mounting on the Tacoma, but perhaps the shock length may increase travel?!? Couple of good points.

    As I read the specs/options on the Ranger there are three (3) choices in shocks. Regular, Heavy Duty and Buldge Body. So there are options regarding the suspension on the Ranger. Not, in my opinion, as good as a Billistine or a Rancho, but there are options.

    20.2 MPG on the last tank, hauling me, water, my 280 lb. brother and being in 4X low because of mud on the property. Is that considered a gas guzzler as referenced in the article?

    By the way there was a positive article in a magazine regarding the Mazda B4000 4X4, twin of the Ranger. I will get some quotes later and post. That magazine was:

    Four Wheeler (Aug. or Sep. 99 i think issue).

    Is that not the same magazine that ripped, in your opinion, the Ranger (Was it a 3.0, 4.0, offroad equipped, automatic transmissioned truck? So many errors I do not recall EXACTLY what they tested). Anyway, they were very positive on the Mazda, identified it is a Ranger clone and they loved the vehicle. By the way the difference between the Ranger and Mazda is nameplates, grill, bed and differential, the Mazda having a 3.55 differential vs. the Ranges 3.73 and 4.10.
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    My old Toyota went to around 2k RPM when 4 wheel drive low was selected , with a real sensitive gas pedal making the rpms jump like crazy. I believe it had something to do with the fact it was a 4 cylinder and the gearing. It has something to do with the climbing ability and keeping everything in the mose effective range for that vehicle. The thing was MEAN in that range. IT just would NOT let you bog out.
    My Tacoma does not do it at that extreme but I still notice a slight increase inRPM in that 4wd range.

    As for the the Throttle control arm, it can come loose or break causing the rpms to go extremely high, with no intervention from the clutch or anything. You basically just have to shut the truck down to prevent damage. That sounds like Jimy's problem.
  • spoogspoog Member Posts: 1,224
    I like the shock mounting on the Tacoma, but
    perhaps the shock length may increase travel?!?
    Couple of good points"

    No. In fact, the Tacomas increased rate suspension provides excellent travel. This is one of the things that makes it excell offroad. The length and setup on the Ranger is negative for trucks in all facets, including offroading. That type of setup is more commonly used on cars.
    Like I said C, the entire design philosophy of the Tacoma is for it to be an offroader, and a serious work truck. Things like map lights and make-up mirrors are afterthoughts in Toyota truck design. Just take a gander at how everything is nice and tucked away under a 4x4 Tacoma. Its very nice.
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    Either way you look at it they both have shocks. A while back you were talking about those cross frame members and I did take a peep at the underside of my truck. I could only see five, but don't take my word for it. I have a bad leg and it is hard for me to kneel.
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    what do you drive ?
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,123
    Hind, your contactin Edmunds doesn't bother me, because you also have posted some pretty dicey comments, so we'll both get kicked out!
    Y2KTRD, I drive a 1998 Ford Ranger XLT SC 4.0 5spd with 3.73 limited slip rearend, offroad pkg, tow pkg, P265x75R16 8ply all terrains. I have a K/N air charger kit along with a chip on the 4.0. It is light blue, has nerf bars, rock guard, linex bedliner, and is optioned to the hilt!
    Like I said MMC, I don't think trucks are race cars. But you Toyota boys like to harp on the HP thing and 0-60 times so much.
    CP, don't think this guy was playing with me. I could hear his 3.4 revving up pretty good. Like I said, I was beat, but not by the miles and miles Toyota owners like to dream about.
    See you in the snowy hills!
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    Shop hasnt got a chance to look at it yet, nut the say they will on tuesday.. they listed a couple possible problems but wern't positive on any of them. I can't remeber what exactly it could have been because i was a little pissed that hadnt looked at it yet..

    I mentioned the Silverado only becuase i forgot the guys name. It was a nice truck anyways. I would cosider one if i wanted a fullsize, but i don't need one so i wont ever look for one.

    I can only talk her into going if we go for a little hike along the way. Which i like anyways so its never a problem. BUT she didnt plan on that long of hike.
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    You harp on Spoog constantly about racing his truck and then you go and do it. Maybe you'd like a supercharger on your truck so you can win those races, huh?
  • spoogspoog Member Posts: 1,224
    Right on!!!!


    Vince says " trucks arent meant for racing" yet, he goes and races someone!!!! lol!!!!!

    This is the double standard stuff that has been going on here with Vince..and to a certain extent
    Cspounser. Neither of them will accept the NHSTA recall, safety and Defect numbers, but they will accept the NHSTA crash test results. Neither of them will accept the perfomrance figures, or the offroad prowess of the Tacoma. These things have been proven again and again and again and again.
    I have provided links that even show PHOTOS of the parts of the vehicles. lol! Anyone can see the design philosophy involved.

    I do happen to have the supercharger installed. Vince, if you tried to race me in your 160(?? ow) HP truck , you would be a blink in my rearview mirror. Sorry pal, I just have WAY too much muscle under the hood. I have never had a pickup beat me in a street race, ever.

    It is kind of fun pulling up to a 2wd v6 Ranger( with a "No FEAR " sticker on the back window) in
    my high rolling Tacoma 4x4, and watching the occupant inside rev his engine and look my way at the light. I will then give my engine a little gas( causing it to ROAR), and the occupant of the Ranger will get a funny look on his face. We then race, and he is left literally in the dust as my Tacoma rips down the avenue. Of course after I win I slow back down just to see the look on the faces of the people I leave in the dust.
    This Ranger owner had a look of anger and frustration on his face. I have even had people ask me to pull over so they can look under the hood.

    Needless to say, this is one heck of a MACHINE.

    Whats even nicer is it is all factory. All warrantied, ect ect. Everything is nice and factory looking and not "junked up".
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,123
    Yeah, a 26K+ compact race truck! LOL! Tell you what, lets see what happens against a Ford Lighting, or Dodge R/T? or even the new Ford Adrenalin soon to appear this summer? Spoog, you have yet to post a picture. Most of us that have been here a while have posted pics of our trucks to PROOVE we own them. Why havn't you? I know you don't own it!
    I knew I would catch flack for racing my truck, but I couldn't believe the miniscule difference. All the Toyota fans scream and howl about how powerful the 3.4 is compared to the 4.0.
  • mmcbride1mmcbride1 Member Posts: 861
    A $30k race truck.
  • modvptnlmodvptnl Member Posts: 1,352
    "I will then give my engine a little gas (causing it to ROAR)" Why didn't you just put it in 4 wheel low? According to you that ups your RPM too. ROAR!!!! LOL!!!!!
  • spoogspoog Member Posts: 1,224
    Vince writes:

    "Yeah, a 26K+ compact race truck! LOL! Tell you
    what, lets see what happens against a Ford
    Lighting, or Dodge R/T? or even the new Ford
    Adrenalin soon to appear this summer? "

    The Ford Lightening is is the Dodge RT which I would most likely beat. The Adrenaline? Is this even for sale? Let me know when you come up with a vehicle thats available.

    See Vince the crazy thing about my Taco is this. Not only does it SCREAM on the pavement, but it's one heck of a 4wheelr as well with the locking differential, clutch start cancel switch, beefy clearance, "Toyota tuck-away" undercarriage, offroad suspension, stabilizer bar ect. You just named 2wd trucks, not 4wd trucks.
    My Taco is one heck of a machine.

    I bet you wish you had a little more "oomph" under the hood at 7 to 8k feet up in the Cascades don't you? You know horsepower and torque drops CONSIDERABLY at those elevations. I bet your Ranger is chuggin down to 120-30 HP at 8,000 feet.
    Who even knows what your torque drops to.......

    I bet you would like those few extra horses up at those altitudes. Sure is nice.............
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    The posts that I have posted here at Edmunds are meant to convey and to express my opinion, and not to offend others. I am always willing to listen to other opinions that I may or may not like. Just because you may not agree with them those not make them "dicey." In general you have ranted numerous times about my posts as bashing the Ranger or called me a liar. All of this said you are right that the Ranger out sells the Tacoma truck in any form. In the same stroke I will express my opinion that the TRD Tacoma is better than the off road package from Ford, but does not necessary mean that the off-road package is of no value. This is dialogue that is open ended and not bashing. Okay?
  • keith24keith24 Member Posts: 93
    I can see with being in low range, the rpms running higher while the truck is in motion. (lower gears, higher rpm, makes sense). HOWEVER,

    just by putting the truck in low range, the idle goes to around 2000 rpm? maybe your idea of idle and my idea of idle are different.

    Stranger things have happened, I guess.......

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    Jim - Oh, I see, you bribe her with a hike! I wonder if mine would let me drive next her with the windows down while SHE hikes. (But hon, I wanna listen to the radio!) I don't think it'll work.

    Spoog - Again, I am curious why your truck idles so high. Theoretically, it shouldn't happen. In idle, the clutch is not engaged, and the engine has no way of knowing what gear the transmission or transfer case is in. The connection from the engine to the transmission to the transfer case to the differential to the wheel to the pavement should be thought of as a solid link with no slip ONLY when the clutch is engaged. Those of you with manual trannys just try to idle at a stop with the clutch engaged, the engine dies. You just can't do it, a vehicle won't idle with the transmission in gear. Therefore the engine is not connected to the transfer case and DOES NOT KNOW that when the clutch is engaged there will be another gear active in the drive train. Unless the computer gets feedback from the transfer case, which I seriously doubt, there is no reason for increased rpm during idle. At idle, the engine sees no difference between 4HI and 4LOW. Unless there is more electricity needed to run the truck in 4LOW, there should be no rpm difference at idle between 2HI, 4HI or 4LOW.
  • barlitzbarlitz Member Posts: 752
    Check out they have a list of the 10 best engines Ford has 2 in the top 10 the 5.4 triton V8 which I have, and the 3.9 has the 4L V8 in the lexus, while chevy has the 3.6 V6 in the aurora.
  • cthompson21cthompson21 Member Posts: 1,102
    I was at my Ford dealer and asked how much he'd charge me for a Lightning. He told me 26,500 (no bickering at this point, just asking). You can always get Fords for quite a bit below sticker. My ranger stickered at 22,500. I paid 18,500 for it. My svt contour stickered at 24,000. I paid 21,500 for it.

    When looking at tacomas and camrys, I could never get the salesman to budge too much from sticker, maybe a grand. Granted I wasn't in a heated bargaining session or anything. I think this just has to do with the relative scarcity of toyota dealers (compared to ford dealers). They just don't have inside competition. You can't say "I was just across town and Bob's Toyota told me they'd give me the car for $xx,xxx." There just isn't a dealer 10mins down the road.
  • y2ktrdy2ktrd Member Posts: 81
    oh i would love to race ya!i think the guy you raced didn't know how to drive that thing to good.also you have a chip and a k&n also and maybe his tacoma was a auto wich makes it slower too. have you ever raced your truck 1/4 mile??
    do you know what your truck is supposed to run in the 1/4? i have plenty of street battles under my belt and i have surprised alot of people with my truck!(i had a 97 before my current taco w/5spd,v6
    and went 16.5 at 81 mph at my local drag strip)
    oh ya i beat the kid next to me in a probe GT v6
    he went 17.1 :)
  • scape2scape2 Member Posts: 4,123
    Oh your the guy with the probe GT story, you once again fail to mention its an older Probe with the turbo 4cyl, remember? Now lets see you try a V6 5spd Probe, I believe 96 was the last year?
    I new I was going to catch a bunch of flack for mentioning that bought. I don't race my truck, I use it as a truck. If I wanted to race I would have bought a Mustang GT 4.9 5spd.
    Spoog, Lightings don't sell for 30K. They sell for 24K-26K if your good at negotiating. And you are once again way to over confident my friend. Check the 0-60 times of the Lighting again.
    You keep mentioning this loss of power at high elevations. I guess you forgot where I live and play. Cascade Mountain Range ring a bell? MT Hood? MT St Helens? MT Rainer? ring a bell? I have never had any problems with loss of power. Granted, I will admit I lose some but not enough to dog me down so and can't trail. And I guess this would mean the Toyota drops down to about 150HP at 8,000 ft spoog? And I notice you dodged the picture question. You don't own it spoog, just admit it.
    Everyone knows the Ranger is less expensive. My Ranger loaded in 1998 was 19.6K. No way I could touch a Tacoma like optioned for less than 23K. I know I priced them out at 3 different dealerships. Toyota dealers don't like to deal, they don't feel they have to. I visit other sites around the net and get this story all the time. Toyota better watch it, this may shoot them in the foot.
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    cpousnr here

    Well spoog, one thing for sure, and I do mean for sure. Regardless of any hp loss in altitude I will be there in the mountains, having as much fun as the next guy in my Ranger. It has been there and done that with pictures to prove it. I back out of my garage in the morning at a higher altitude than most people posting on this board.

    There was a post today on a Ford 4.0 engine board from a person that has a supercharged Explorer. Seems she feels it is not necessary for a 4X as the charger does not kick in over 3000 rpm's.

    Now I have read about Gloria in a few 4X4 magazines and unlike some people she is published and well respected and I know she is real.

    So what advantage is your supercharger while 4 wheeling? Does the TRD work differently because when I am 4 wheeling, rarely do I exceed 3000 rpm. Just curious spoog. Usually I am at 1000-3000 rpm where a supercharger would not be operating.

    Ordered my 600MHz Dell today so should be over having to use this type of posting in a week or so.
  • spoogspoog Member Posts: 1,224
    600 mhz dell? Nice choice. Excellent computer. I am jealous. The 600 mhz has features my computer just doesn't. It sure is nice.

    .........see how easy that is??????????

    Perhaps you have learned your lesson from the Ranger purchase. Remember DELL is a bit more expensive than other brands...but you get what you pay for, right Cspousner?

    Cspounser writes:

    "I back out of
    my garage in the morning at a higher altitude than
    most people posting on this board."

    No kidding. Your house and land are probably at a higher elevation than most people have ever been.
  • reddogsreddogs Member Posts: 353
    As soon as Ford makes a Ranger that doesn't break down before you get it off the lot, I'll buy it.

    True story- I had to clear my property out, so I went to rent a 4x4 Ranger at Budget, the first one wouldn't go into drive, the second one slipped as soon as I got to the light. The third one finally worked until I got to the property, I stopped and put it in park, switched it to low 4x4 and started doing the work. The next day it didn't want to go into 4x4 until about the 4th try and by the end of the day gave out altogether.

    My friends with 4x4 Rangers tell me they've been taking theirs's to the dealers for the same type of problems and finally they've just had to give up and get something else....These are brand new Rangers, so as I said, as soon as they come up with something that doesn't break down.....
  • wsnoblewsnoble Member Posts: 241
    Good point about the "Race". Passing judgement on two trucks after a street race is not wise, especially with all those variables (Auto or Man, Charger kits and chips vs. stock).

    Sorry Jim, I haven't had any offroad problems yet, but i will add this. About a month ago i did have a problem where after "Goosing" the throttle my truck seemed to die. It was running, but when hitting the throttle not much happend. Toyota looked at it and found no problems. They recommended switching gas sations for awhile (Bad Gas) and having done that i have had no problems. Yours is probably something different, but you may consider where your getting your gas. Please let me know what Toyota says...

    Thanks in Advance
  • cpousnrcpousnr Member Posts: 1,611
    Touche! But it is gonna match the color of the Ranger real nice. Now given the 7 cross members guess I can mount it on the hump with no problems. . . Better than the 75MHz for sure.

    By the way, Gloria has a Tacoma articulation beat by JUST a tad(as well as my Ranger). . .

    Was this not the same type of Explorer that you think is not good with AWD?
  • y2ktrdy2ktrd Member Posts: 81
    ahh do you need glasses or did you not read my post,yes it was a newer model with the v-6,and
    also i'm sure glad it wasn't a turbo model cause
    those things fly!...a buddy of mine used to own one back in the day and he went 15.3 with it stock!
  • cthompson21cthompson21 Member Posts: 1,102
    I think that Gloria was running a Paxton, Vortech, or other centrigual (sp?) supercharger. If you're running a Eaton-Roots type of supercharger, it provides constant boost even at low rpm due to its design. Its power gains are not as high in the upper rpm, but it provides constant boost (around 6psi) in normal driving rpm ranges. As far as I know, BBK makes the only Roots-type blower for the Ranger/Explorer. I'm not sure if the TRD supercharger is a centrigual or roots-type blower. If anyone is interested, here's a good link on supercharging the ranger/explorer 4.0:
  • cthompson21cthompson21 Member Posts: 1,102
    I don't think that I ever rented a vehicle from a rental car company that didn't have something wrong with it. They just don't bother to maintain it, and 4x4s do require additional care.

    Anyways, I've never had 4x4 engagement probs on my '98 ranger. I have heard of people having problems engaging 4wd on 6+ year old trucks. I'd bet that 90% of these probs are due to neglect. You'll hear "It was working fine last year, but it won't engage this winter." Hmmm... You don't use/maintain it for a year (on an older truck) and just expect it to work flawlessly???
  • spoogspoog Member Posts: 1,224
    Yes that is VERY nice..but lets not forget that is all aftermarket stuff that is not warrantied with the rest of the vehicle. In fact Im pretty sure she voided here Warranty with that lift and suspension adjustment.
    Of course, if thats your thing, by all means go for it.

    Lets not also forget that although you can add and add aftermarket parts to a vehicle, you are still going to have the same vehicle desing underneath all the goodies........
  • spoogspoog Member Posts: 1,224
    Granted, my 3000 RPM statement was a little cheesy, but it was basically what I meant to say. IN that 4d mode, I tend ta hang around 2,500 to 3000 RMP just by SLIGHTLY pressing the gas. I am a bit of a leadfoot. Plus just tapping the pedal will shoot you up to that range. So even at a crawl Im around 3k rpm.

    Im sorry but you ar sadly mistaken if you lump me in with Vince. Vince has added nothing but Heresay and myth-spreading, with the occasional "buddy story" thrown in.

    I have provided solid link after link, number after number SUFFICIENTLY backing up my claims.

    I DID answer your comments concerning the clutch/cancel switch and the aftermarket locker add-on's.

    My point was that while the aftermarket add-ons are beneficial, theres nothing like having a nice looking stock LOCKER SWITCH on your dash that blends right in.

    The Jeep and TOY offerings are extremely considerable compared to other makes, including the Ranger. And yes, TRD IS an aftermarket provider.

    Maybe it's time you start contributing to this forum instead of criticizing the people who do.
  • wsnoblewsnoble Member Posts: 241
    Edmunds had problems engaging 4wd with their long term test, and it was less than "Six" years old (less than one year i think). I'm not bashing the Ranger, i have just heard many horror stories about the elec/vacumn hubs. My 94 Ranger use to also have this problem, and so does my friends 94 Explorer Sport. It eventually goes into 4wd, but not always one the first try...

    My .02
  • reddogsreddogs Member Posts: 353 just have to use bright lights and a few days on hard crust bread and sulfur water to make them admit it......
  • smcpherrsmcpherr Member Posts: 114
    Spoog, I understand now what you are saying. If I remember correctly the 4LOW gear is about 2.7, right? So 2700 rpm in 4LOW will result in the same ground speed as 1000 rpm in 2HI or 4HI. Also, because crankshaft rotation results in less tire rotation, there is less resistance to the crankshaft rotation. This is why your engine revs higher, faster in 4LO. This is a consequence of the physics affecting the engine, not some marvelous thing designed by Toyota. Everyones engine behaves like this.
  • mrwhippy2mrwhippy2 Member Posts: 7
  • smcpherrsmcpherr Member Posts: 114
    Only if the Ranger was lowered about ten inches. Or maybe that was a Camry TRD with 31" tires and skid plates. Standard heights according to Edmunds: 2wd XL Ranger 64.9", Camry 55.4". I 'spose that all four tires of the Ranger could be in potholes and the Camry could have been parked on the sidewalk. A "LITTLE BATH TUB"? Hey, you know, that'd be kinda cool! Tires, so that I can move it around (I could take a bath in the living room while watching football!), Cup holders to hold my "beverages," a heater to keep the water warm and a V6 to power the bubblers! I wonder if Ford has thought of this! We could have Tim the Toolman work on the designs! Maybe I would want Toyota to build it though... That locker could come in handy while trying to get up the stairs while I spill water all over the place.

    And see that little green light on the Caps Lock Key? That doesn't mean your keyboard is ready to go.
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    is NOT an aftermarket supplier, it is a factory arm of Toyota Motor Co. I'm not sure why it is even an issue except that you (spoog) keep harping on it. What's funny is this is the reason Toy warrants the add ons from TRD. Spoog, you never answered how the clutch cancel switch would have saved a truck slipping backwards down a hill. I swear I'm not being a smart aleck, I just don't understand the benefits of this feature except to bump the starter while the truck is in gear.
    My only contribution to this site is that I've said a few times (not thousands) that both trucks are very capable and both trucks can be taylored(sp?) to ones specific needs. The Ranger is a very well supported truck in the aftermarket and takes a lot of the mini classes in desert races here in NV. When Meredith went on his rampage and I got scratched I had listed the Ranger wins in the Terrible Town 250 2 months(?) ago. There is a race in Laughlin this weekend. I'll let you know the results. Your statement about from the factory performance is true but even the Toys off road performance pales to a truck with a few correct aftermarket parts. Look up they make Ranger suspension(TOY too) that will destroy any stock truck. Your warranty issue is silly, add on parts only affect the part that's replaced. Because you put a race suspension on your truck it's not going to void your warranty on the rest of your truck, SEMA has fought and won this battle years ago. Yes, the Toy is better off road stock. The Ranger is arguably better on road stock but if I want to make it a killer off roader don't say it's not supported.
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    Very noble of you explaining gear ratios but spoog had mistakenly stated that his truck went to a higher rpm after engaging 4lo. He has since retracted the auto engaging rpm feature of the Toyotas.
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    Ahh, what can I say... I have time on my hands and I happened to know that one. Keeps me from getting too bored at work. I guess I didn't see that he had retracted his statement.
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