Honda Ridgeline Prices Paid and Buying Experience

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  • tyresmokertyresmoker Member Posts: 266
    I am seeing something interesting local dealers (southern Ct.) have the same two units that they had when they arrived last week. According to one dealer "lot's of interest, no sales...yet".
    I am beginning to think, at full list, it is just priced out of its element (sorry!)??. Anyway, I am torn between the Ridgeline and a new F150 King Ranch edition. The Ford lists for just over $43k. Ford is throwing soooo much money at the truck that the transaction price is closer to $34.5k. I realize the typical arguements (different vehicles, the Ford has been in the marketplace for 2 plus years, anticipated relaibility etc....) BUT I am also the "typical" F150 buyer Honda has targeted with the Ridgeline...
    Now if you look at a Lariat F150 with an msrp of $40k, it is actually LESS expensive then the Ridge at full list...Hmmm..
    My latest calculation...the Ridge with leather and a roof at a transaction price of $31.5k is the "right" number in this ultracompetitive market...
  • tapnellajtapnellaj Member Posts: 5
    The ridgeline is the best truck out on the market..bottom line. Dealerships in Virginia beach area are all out of stock with waiting lists. Ford makes a great truck but is for a different use. Ridgeline is designed to be a truck with family capabilities and a great ride. Not to mention the ton of storage space and capability. No comparison, Honda wins in a landslide.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Member Posts: 114

    Have you checked out Consumer Reports' new car issue- While the re-styled F150 is a great looking vehicle, it's first year was not good from a reliability viewpoint. In fact, they no longer recommend this vehicle. This is based on actual owners' reports so it must have some validity. Maybe there's a reason Ford is throwing so much money towards prospective F150 buyers.
    I keep hearing everybody with their doom and gloom predictions on first year Ridgeline reliability. These fears are completely unfounded based on Honda's record of reliability. Again, using Consumer Reports as a guide, check the first year reliability records for anything Honda/Acura has introduced in the last 5 years. Lots of Red (good) and not a Black (bad) to be seen anywhere. That's good enough for me.
    One more thing: there is something compelling about driving something that will be unique, at least for it's first year. Ford will sell something like 18 times more F150's this year (900K) compared to the Ridgeline (50K).
    Good luck with your purchase. By the way, I pick up my new Ridgeline RTL this Saturday- can't wait!
  • chuck999chuck999 Member Posts: 38
    "The Ridgeline is the BEST truck out on the market ... bottom line" "No comparison, Honda winds in a landslide" .....

    The BEST? ...

    Ride - Yes Ridgeline has best ride. BUT not by a landslide, new Taco is closer than you'd think

    Safety - Yes Ridgeline has standard VSA and SAB. Probably is the safest truck out there.

    Power - Tacoma AND Frontier are both more powerful. SO are Tundra and Titan.

    Family Capabilities - with 5 passengers Ridgeline can tow a mere 2000 pounds. Interior is roomy, but again - don't see a "landslide" win here.

    Setup - lots of Tacos and Frontiers come from factory with tow hitch - cost over $400 to add to Ridgeline (plus labor).

    Price - At MSRP Ridgeline is overpriced. RT-S (with NO accessories) is 31k. Add hitch and fog lights - another 1k easy. For around 29k (or 3k less) can get a loaded Taco with tow package, fog lights, SAB, VSA and 120 volt powerpoint. AND - with discounts can get a DC V8 tundra with SAB sunroof and hitch for 30k in my area. A V8 Tundra is lot of truck for at least 2k less than a Ridgeline ...

    Despite big buildup, Honda dealerships here have not actually SOLD any either. And unlike Odyssey - no premiums are being added. If Ridgeline was in such demand you can bet you'd be seeing premiums. Maybe things are different in the south? ...

    Bottom line: at MSRP I doubt that Honda will sell 50k / year. BUT, once price drops just a little bit - maybe 2-4k - then could be a LOT more competitive ....
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,140
    Please stick to pricing & purchasing experience in this topic. You can visit the regular Ridgeline topic to debate the merits of this truck.

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  • tyresmokertyresmoker Member Posts: 266
    ...lets stick to pricing and buying experience. Face it, I know there are a few on the board already that have bought at full list. At this point, with inventories sitting (and they are) there is not going to be a sudden sales surge. Honda is SLOWLY ramping up production- built just over 650 last week-
    With leather and a roof, it is a $31k vehicle- no more.
  • dickydicky Member Posts: 3
    I live in New Orleans, and I agree. Every dealer here still has 3-4 Ridgeline's on the lot. They are still asking MSRP. I want one, but I can't justify paying MSRP for a truck with hyped demand. If they were hard to get, it would be a different story.
  • nwlily36nwlily36 Member Posts: 6
    Well here in Washington state the dealers are asking 2500-5000 over MSRP... Its crazy!! I went to the dealer who sold me my 2004 Odyssey EXL last yr. and wanted to lease a Ridgeline RTS 4000.00 down and 400.00 a month max.. they wouldnt do it!! I called a whole bunch of dealers and found one in Kirkland who would do it.. (Price = 1000.00 over MSRP) Well on the way.. now mind you this is the following day after Northwest Honda said NO.... I headed down to Kirkland and on the way I called Sims Honda ..on a whim.. Mind you they are owned by the same person..and to make a long story short we got all the way to south of Everett and I got the call. saying they would do it... So we turned around and headed to Burlinton.. WE love it!! it is the coolest truck Ive ever seen!! and a blast to drive!! We got the Black one!! We bought the first Ridgeline North of Everett!! woo hoo!I realize that its insane to pay over MSRP.. but Geez. thats what there going for!! I felt I got a fair deal.. only 1000.00 over..
  • manarakimanaraki Member Posts: 40

    Lynnwood Honda offered me the RT for MSRP. Maybe it is because I have purchased three cars from them in the past, but I still won't pay MSRP. The dealer told me they had two on the lot, and as of yesterday they are still there from a week ago.

    Congrats! I will be most likely purchasing a Tacoma.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408
    ...and they will keep selling them 1,000 over because there's people like you that will pay it. If people would just adapt the attitude of "I wont pay mark up, there wouldn't be Markup"

    I don't want to be harsh, but it's people like you that make it harder for everybody else.

    You didn't get a fair deal by a long shot. You paid a 1,000 more than you should of.
  • 5553543255535432 Member Posts: 150
    Well said,

    I bought my 03 Honda Pilot for $1000.00 over invoice. Thought I had a good deal til I accompanied a co-worker who got a more improved 05 Pilot $800 under invoice. Stuff he got which I don't have for $1800 less money was moonroof, more HP, 240 vs 255, moving middle seats, smother transmission, and less noisy ride.Guess good things come to those who wait.

    Put on hold my Ridgeline purchase coz of towing issues.Hope 07 Ridgelines can tow more. Ridgeline tows 5000 lbs with two people riding it. How about 5 people with a whole lot of stuff.Maybe Honda will transport my family for me coz the other 3 can't ride with me and my wife coz a 4000 lbs boat plus five people and stuff is beyond the Ridgeline.Anyone can suggest a better V6 only alternative to the Ridgeline in terms of my needs. Five passengers plus tons of stuff and a 4000 lbs boat.
  • tyresmokertyresmoker Member Posts: 266
    ...but anyone wonder what Honda got in return for supplying GM with 50,000 3.5L V6's for the Saturn Vue??...Nothing..
    Ya see, when the deal was struck, GM was going to supply V8 engines to Honda for the developing truck program. A light went off (very dim I am sure) in someones head at GM and decided that they did not want to compete with themselves with a GM powered Honda truck...
    Btw, the Honda powered Vue is not a horrific vehicle...
    I wouldnt consider the Ridge if you are looking for a "work" truck..meaning something you want to load up with gear and a trailer. There is a little toooo much marketing and not enough "meat" to really put it to work.
  • heywood1heywood1 Member Posts: 851
    IMO, if you need to tow much of anything, this is not your vehicle.

    In terms of demand, I concur with a letter to the Editor I read in 'Autoweek,' which predicted (and I'm paraphrasing) that--like the Element--sales of the Ridgeline will meet expectations the first year, and drop every year thereafter.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Administrator Posts: 11,140
    Guys, let's knock it off. This discussion is for those who have decided (or just about) to buy the Ridgeline. As requested previously, please take all other conversation about this vehicle to our regular Honda Ridgeline SUT discussion.

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  • tomc7tomc7 Member Posts: 1
    I have been a Honda owner for years. My wife has a Odyssey and is very pleased. I have been thinking about purchasing a New Chevrolet , then I heard the Ridgeline was coming out. I sent out e-mail requests to be contacted about the Ridgeline. I only had two dealers in Oklahoma contact me. I guess it was to long a wait. One dealer was over MSRP and the other was at sticker. I went to the Norman Ok dealer Fowler and was treated good and now have a New Rigdeline. It was about time for Honda to come out with a truck. I hope it has good resale like other Hondas.
  • jerseybubbajerseybubba Member Posts: 8 has Ridge's on sale for MSRP (When using my zip). I've used them as a good bench mark for other deals. Never seen anyone do +-200 better than they have listed. Plus I'll use this as a start point for my dealer.
  • wyowillywyowilly Member Posts: 3
    Try an '05 Nissan Frontier with the 4.0 litre, 265 hp, 284 ft lb engine - it's more a "truck" than a Ridgeline even intends to be. It's rated towing capacity is 6,500 lbs in the 2 wheel drive King Cab - and not much less in the Crew Cab. And it feels good too!
  • wyowillywyowilly Member Posts: 3
    I'm 63 years old - going on 30. Having owned my '91 Ranger since '91, I figured that it's time I updated my vehicle - particularly consider at vacation time, my wife and I "pack heavy". With 2 dogs plus a cat in a carrier, we want room. We want comfort and performance. Knowing that means a crew cab with a V-6 and 4x4 - the gas prices are preventing me from a V-8 standard sized crew cab. I've driven them all - Colorado, Dakota, Tacoma, Frontier, and finally last Saturday, the Ridgeline. Being a "car freak" all my life, I know what I'm looking for and at. I don't need a jacked up or heavy duty overload suspension. I want and need something that acts as a super truck about 1% of it's life. I need good, reliable transportation 100% of the time. To make a long story short, the Ridgeline is the best of the new mid-sizers - at least for me. I'm very possibly looking at my last vehicle purchase - and glad that Honda came out with the Ridgeline.
  • nwlily36nwlily36 Member Posts: 6
    Out of curiosity.. Did they have and RT in stock? I dont think they did..I believe I talked to lynnwood honda and if I was gonna go for a RT I would hve to place an order..... the dealers only have the RTS and RTL with accessories.. on their lots as of last week.. .. so far..please correct me if Im wrong.. I went for the RTS. had a few more options that we wanted.. and we could drive it home the same day ..which we did. ITs a great vehicle and fun to drive. Hope to see you on the road!! We got a Black one
  • chuck999chuck999 Member Posts: 38
    Does the mighty forum moderator have any information as to when Edmunds might be posting the Ridgeline invoice prices ???

    (Not that I expect that any dealers will sell at invoice for a while ...... but would be nice to have some kind of benchmark ....)
  • stevedebistevedebi Member Posts: 4,098
    "...but anyone wonder what Honda got in return for supplying GM with 50,000 3.5L V6's for the Saturn Vue??...Nothing.. "

    Honda made this deal to get a diesel engine from GM for use in the European market, and I am pretty sure they got their diesel engine out of the deal...
  • ridgeline_2006ridgeline_2006 Member Posts: 19
    Check out
    this web site shows the invoice of the Ridgeline.
    I am in MD. A honda dealer in MD is willing to sell me a Ridgeline RT-L with bed extender, moonroof and running boards out the door for $34,000. Not sure if this is a good price? Let me know if this is a good deal.
  • ddwmewddwmew Member Posts: 42
    I visited the local dealer in Woodbridge, VA to see the Ridgeline. The dealer had already marked the vehicles for $1500 over MSRP. I don't know if they sold but it was enougnh for to me to hit the front door
  • gd113gd113 Member Posts: 114
    I am picking up a black RTS on friday. Dealer had all models except RT. Truck rides nice and comes will everything. Asked dealer about premiums and he laughed, sticker is the highest amount they would charge. I was going to get a Tacoma but the full time 4 wheel drive, VSC, and in bed trunk did me in. Truck looks much better in person than in photos.
  • reuel3reuel3 Member Posts: 114
    Well here is what the "mighty forum moderator" has to say:

    We get our information directly from the manufacturer, so pricing will be available as soon as they release it to us. Our pricing team may have an idea about when it will arrive, and you can contact them using the "help" link near the top of this page. Once you get there, select the "contact us" tab. Sending your question using this link will get your question directly to the desk of someone who can provide an answer.
  • carbuyer11carbuyer11 Member Posts: 114
    A silver Ridgeline RTL with moonroof joins my family this Saturday, March 19th. I am purchasing from Mechanicsville Honda in Central Virginia. This is a dealer that is not playing above-MSRP pricing games. Of course, no discount on this brand new vehicle but I was ready to spend $40K on an aging '05 Acura MDX. Instead, I saved $5K by going with the Ridge. I am adding the following accessories to my truck:

    Front Air Deflector, Day/Night Mirror, Rear Splash Guards, Running Boards, Carpeted Mats and Foglights.

    The dealer worked with me a little on the accessories. Total cost of the accessories will be $1860 (including installation), making the total purchase price a little of $35K. I could have saved a little by ordering on the web but elected to go with the convenience of dealer-stocked accessories.

    I think I'm the typical Ridge buyer, having never owned a truck before. I love the convenience of the truck amenities without feeling like I'm losing the creature comforts of an SUV. Another Ridge purchaser at the dealership had the perfect description for this vehicle: "it's an SUV with a hole in the back". I think Honda did a great job designing this truck. It's obviously not for everybody (Honda never intended it to be) but it does offer a lot in the way of comfort, convenience/safety features and versatility. I'm sure it will serve me well on the weekend trips to Lowe's and the garden shops. Since I don't intend on ever owning a boat, I couldn't care less about all of the silly controversy that is already brewing about the Ridge's towing capacity. All prospective light duty truck purchasers should certainly give the Ridgeline some serious thought before deciding on a more "traditional" pickup. I've seen the future and it is spelled R-I-D-G-E-L-I-N-E.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408
    Well, I finally got it. I didn't think I'd like the steel Blue color, but in person I love it. Pictures don't do it justice. I paid MSRP. I didn't even bother trying to get them lower. They just got it today, and sold the other 3 they got in previously in the first few days they had them. I don't think they'll sustain that sales rate, but right now they're pretty proud of them and justifiably so. I wrote them a check so I figured I saved a bunch anyway just with interest.

    Previously, I test drove a white RT-L and it had that intermittent whistling sound around the wind shield. The Steel blue I bought doesn't have this. It's very quiet. I mean you can hear wind, but it's not what I would call anything other than normal low wind noise I hear in every car at highway speeds.

    I've put a 180 miles on it so far. This has been described as a Gentlemen's truck, and that sums it up best to me. I feel like I'm surrounded by class when I'm sitting in it. The leather I feel is first rate. I've sat in H2s and I feel the Ridgeline's interior surpasses the H2 as well as the 05 Tacoma. The controversial door handles also seem appropriate in this design. My wife says the seat warmer warmed her seat nicely. We also love the dual climate control. The wife also loves the moon roof. This truck, if I can use that crass term, elegantly fuses the the ride and refinement of a nice sedan with the ruggedness of a truck. My biggest problem is that I feel this truck is to nice for me. This is a problem I think I can over come.

    We live in a Hilly region of SW Utah, and the RL handled these grades with ease. Many times I looked at the speedo and noticed I was going 95 mph without realizing it. I'm really going to have to watch the speedo in this truck. I'll be stunned if this doesn't take Motor Trend's truck of the year in 06. I'll be taking it off road in sandy conditions shortly. I'll post more then.
  • ronaldpronaldp Member Posts: 6
    Visited the same Woodbridge VA dealer. They quickly knocked off the $1,500 markup with little effort. However, all their Ridgelines had dealer add-ons like mud flaps, pinstriping, wheel locks, etc. that added $1,200 to the price and they weren't willing to budge on that, so that's where they make their markup.
  • bull77ockbull77ock Member Posts: 4
    I went to two local Honda guys and finally got one to go $1000 below msrp and give me free paint protection, rust proofing and fabric guard. Should I take it or wait a few months? I am also still considering the Nissan Frontier LE. Better value but I like the Ridgeline a little better. But I won't pay $4,000 more just to buy a Honda.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408
    At 1,000 below MSRP I'd grab it. This is the lowest price I've heard anyone get on a Ridgeline. I paid MSRP, but didn't really have any leverage to bargain with since they sold the last 3 they got in just a couple of days. I paid a few thousand more than the Taco I was looking at, but still the Ridgeline seems Like so much more truck, and build and quality seems impeccable. I looove it. I was ambushed in the Wal-Mart parking lot today by a caravan of serious 4x4 enthusiasts loaded up with their heavily modified rigs on their way to do some serious rock crawling. They loved the Ridgeline. Everytime I showed them a feature, a chorus of WOWs !!!! broke out. I really didn't expect that kind of reaction from this serious truck crowd, considering all the trash talk I've heard on serious truck forums about the Ridgeline as a girly truck.
  • centralcalcentralcal Member Posts: 215
    What did you like about the Ridgeline over the Frontier or visa versa. I have an LE CC 4X4 and love it, but Ridgeline looks appealing (well, I don't like the looks, but the rest of it) with some features that sound very nice.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Member Posts: 2,882
    $1K below MSRP is the best I've heard so far, so it is a really good price. But only you can answer the question, is it woth $4K more than the Nissan.

    IMHO, the Ridgeline is over priced when compared to the competition. I priced out a Tundra 8 cyl, 2WD, crew cab, leather, auto, sports package at $2-$3K less than a Ridgline.
  • bull77ockbull77ock Member Posts: 4
    In regards to the Ridgeline I thought advantages it had for me were. Ride with the independent rear suspension. The tailgate and bed trunk. Interior quality and room in the front.

    The Nissan had in my opinion the better engine(I have a 98 Pathfinder and my wife has a 2001 Maxima and both V6 engines have been great), ultitrack, more towing power. But what really gives it an advantage is price and what you get for it.

    I compared the LE versus the RTS, but even in that trim I get body side mouldings, roof rack, towing package and other things for 3-4K less. If price didn't matter, the Ridgeline would be first. I am going to test drive them one more time and then decide.

    Tough choice, of course my wife is getting tired of hearing about it so she won't mind it if I pay more for the ridgeline :-)
  • centralcalcentralcal Member Posts: 215
    You may check insurance costs. Mine is much higher than I expected. Also, don't know what people are reporting for real life mpg, but i am at 16.5 with 70% Freeway (at about 75 mph) and 30% town. 87 octane. All of this may make the cost advantage disappear the longer you keep the truck.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408
    "compared the LE versus the RTS, but even in that trim I get body side mouldings, roof rack, towing package and other things for 3-4K less. If price didn't matter, the Ridgeline would be first."

    I went through the same thing (price vs what I really wanted) it's a tough call, but I felt even sicker spending 26,500 on a taco, and knowinig it wasn't really what I wanted compared to the Ridgeline. My wife is definitly glad we waited for the ridgeline. She's in love with it.
  • ridgeline_2006ridgeline_2006 Member Posts: 19
    Which car dealer and state?
    I am in MD. A honda dealer in MD is willing to sell me a Ridgeline RT-L with bed extender, moonroof and running boards out the door for $34,000. Not sure if this is a good price? thanks....
  • bobber123bobber123 Member Posts: 1
    The dealers here are sticking at invoice but will drop the destination fee. I guess it is actually 500 under invoice.
    The residual value on a RTL with moonroof and Nav through Honda financing for 36 months seems to be around 21,700.
    Honda gives low finance % (1.9, 2.9)on all their vehicles except for this one now. Dealers are quoting me 5.9, I am hoping that changes to increase sales before I make the purchase in a few weeks.

    Calculating a 36 month lease I come up with
    4000 down, 445 a month.
    I have an installed options price list from a dealer and here is the cost of the options I want to add.

    Roofrack 386 (although I am not sure if the moonroof deflector will help to eliminate wind noise over the rack, I need the rack and love the moonroof.

    moonroof visor 128

    Running boards 508

    Bed extender 302

    Basically, to lease the above vehicle, it should be around 475 for 36 months with resid again at 21,700

    I am going to purchase mine this way.
    If I am to buy and get a 1 % lower rate, I will have to go five years. The total cost with finance charges will be around 40,000 with payments in the $600 range (estimate.) The lease will run me $39,000 (that is purchasing really) but if you calculate refinancing the residual, then the total will be about 41,000 over 5 years.

    Here is how I look at it. Every vehicle I leased, I could buy at the end of the term lower then the residual. They would rather sell you the car a little cheaper then play the auction game.

    I am betting that my total purchase using the lease/purchase method will be substantially cheaper at the end. I also will have protection if it turns out to be junk or didn't suit my needs anymore. I could then end the lease, and turn it in.
    The most likely thing will be that the new ridglines for 08 or 09 will be out and will be substantially upgraded. This will drop the market for the 06 and I may actually get the residual purchase in the upper teens.

    Anyway you slice it, it is darn expensive but there comes a time in everyones life when they just have to bite the bullet!
  • greatsloargreatsloar Member Posts: 1
    I paid the RT MSRP in SE Wisconsin for an RTS, so $27,700 plus shipping for the RTS. That's almost 2400 off MSRP for the RTS. Of course, we had an email from the dealer saying they had the RT in stock, so come on in. Then we hear, "there are none available, but how about the RTS." Things got a bit ugly, and the dealer decided to sell us the RTS for the RT sticker price (what I was prepared to do anyway). I left pretty happy despite the ugliness. It occurred to me after the sale that it could have qualified as a bait and switch? So that may have helped with the negotiations.
    At any rate, the truck is excellent. We chose it primarily for the safety features and versatility. I have a 7 month old, and like the added security that all the AWD, suspension, and traction control features offer. No other truck offers anything similar. I've owned a pickup for the past 15 years, but now need something that is more family friendly, not an SUV, and still allows me to keep my testosterone levels up.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408
    Wow, I think you paid pretty close to invoice. They must have been afraid of something.
  • bull77ockbull77ock Member Posts: 4
    I went to test ride the Nissan LE and the Ridgeline one last time. The Honda salesman got to $1500 under MSRP. I think that is a fair price for what you get.

    After driving the Nissan this afternoon, I liked it, but I loved the Ridgeline. I think I am going to buy the RTS. I need to sell my wife's Maxima but I should not have a problem with that.

    The Honda just rides nicer. It is roomier on the inside, better quality interior materials.

    And for me, the in bed trunk is very useful. So I am going to put a deposit down on a Blue RTS. The salesman said they trade with other dealers and may be able to locate one. If not, they have one coming in mid April. Hopefully we can time it with selling the Maxima.

    I prefer to not say the dealers name, I think the two local guys don't like each other and I don't want to cause the guy who gave me a good deal any problems. But I can say it is in the Northeast.
  • 5553543255535432 Member Posts: 150
    Bobber 123,

    Here is how I look at it. Every vehicle I leased, I could buy at the end of the term lower then the residual. They would rather sell you the car a little cheaper then play the auction game.


    Glad to hear that some people see the wisdom of leasing too.I do agree though that leasing has its inherent disadvantages. Bobber123, I'm gonna bet you that the Honda delear will sell you that leased vehicle lower than the residual rather than gamble on getting more money by playing the auction game which they may loose if the car sits on the lot long and the new IMPROVED, perhaps hybrid RIDGELINES come out.

    For some people who dismiss the gas issue. Try imagining just 5 years ( not 10)of truck ownership and a dollar increase per year on gas.$ 2.00 for year 05, 3 for year 06 and $7.00 by the year 2010.Lets say 12,000 miles / year divided by 18 mpg = 666.6 gallons x $7.00/gallon = $ 4,666 / year, your out of your pocket cost to let your V6 trucks run. If you think $4,666 is overblown try, a modest estimate by dividing it in 2 thats still $2,333 year.

    How about if you drive 15,000 miles/year thats gonna cost you $5,833 (high end estimate, $2916 low ball figuer. Fat chance you can sell your trucks at predicted residuals with gas at $7.00 gallon even if it's a Ridgeline or Tacoma.Truck ownership is still affordable now but for how long. Hope you have taken to heart the cost of ownership of trucks 5 years down the road.Hope you have contingency plans if you didn't lease on how to make the most in resale of a $30,000 truck if gas prices would indeed hit the roof, and most people are buying gas thrifty cars.

    Anyways congratulations to truck owners who got their Ridgelines below MSRP.Can't believe that price changes are already taking place and it's been only the 20th day since the Ridgeline debuted. Come the last days of spring and more gas price hikes these babies prices will come down even more.So folks wait a month or two, imagine what you can do with $2,000-$3000 in your pocket.
  • boxskyboxsky Member Posts: 7
    In my area almost all Honda's are selling near MSRP. Odyessy, Pilots, Ridgelines. You can get deals on the CRV about 1000 and the Accords, Civis are up for grabs.
    So MSRP here is not bad for a vechicle in demand. You want a top rated manufactor and model you'll have to pay. Look at the van it's been out for years and here they are hard to find and haven't seen anyone get a deal.
    I bought the Ridgeline @ MSRP and it's been 2 weeks and 1100 miles and have been very happy. I would never pay over MSRP and on ebay people are. I would wait first or go out of state.
  • boxskyboxsky Member Posts: 7
    I'd like to see the paperwork. Frankly I think you are lying. What dealer would discount a new model 20 days out when out there people are paying MSRP over. Even in Detroit I don't see it. I know that employees of Honda are not able to get a Ridgeline unless they pay MSRP. So I doubt you could.
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408
    Yes, 1,500 under MSRP on this new vehicle seems a little doubtful. How long was it on the lot? My dealer here sold 5 in the first week. I didn't even try to dicker and paid MSRP.

    Of course I paid Invoice years ago on a hot Toyota simply because one dealer hated the ohter dealer and wanted to take the sale from him. sales is all psychology. Sometimes It's more satisfying to screw somebody than make money.
  • bamacarbamacar Member Posts: 749
    Wow, where are you? In Atlanta, you can get Pilots at 700 under INVOICE, Odysseys 1000-1500 under MSRP, and CRVs 300 under INVOICE. I think the Ridgeline will be at 1000 over invoice by Fall and at invoice by next year at this time.

    Frontiers can be had at invoice and Tacomas 500-1000 over invoice and they just came out also.
  • 5553543255535432 Member Posts: 150
    Hi Bamacar,

    First of all my apologies to our Host, sorry I forgot that their should be no contact info. in the post.

    To people who doubted that the prices of Ridgelines are shooting down let me show you this edited add.

    Landmark Honda
    Alexandria, Virginia

    $2,000 Off All In Stock 2005 Odyssey's

    2005 Pilot's Starting at: $27,550.00 NOW $23,999.00

    2006 Ridgeline's Starting at: $27,700.00 NOW $26,700.00

    Within 21 days, the Ridgelines price plummet to $ 1000 less.Maybe a bait and switch tactic but a sure sign of good times to come for truck enthusiast.With the alledge gas price increase of 30-50 cents this spring those prices are gonna go down some more, so wait just a little bit, $3000 in savings aint pocket change, kind of free gas for a year and a half. For folks with lots of dough go to your truck delears asap and debulk your fat wallets.

    Have a good day patient folks, $3000 in savings is $3000 divided $2.5/gallon (now)=1200 gallons x 18 mpg= Gasoline free 21,000 miles.
  • boxskyboxsky Member Posts: 7
    I'm in Eastern PA. At 2 dealers they had no Pilots in stock and the ones coming in were not my choice of color or package. The Ridgelines were there 3 in stock and one was being used my the GM. 3 sold but all were on order because of color or package. They had the one I wanted anyway so I bought it.
    It's very hard to get a Honda at invoice in this area. Ford, Chevy, GM they give away and Nissan has fallen lately so they are up for grabs. Toyota will deal. Hondas for some reason here don't make the deals.
    People lie when it comes to how mcuh something cost. If we were talking about their wife's wedding ring they'd be sing the song it cost 20k but the Ridgeline only cost them 15K. :)
  • kyfdxkyfdx Moderator Posts: 232,905
    All people that say they paid less than you are liars?

    Thanks for your input....

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  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    all in stock - says the add in my local San Jose paper.

    IMO this niche vehicle will not be a big seller for Honda. Knocking off $1,000 off MSRP this early in the ball game is a sign of what's to come -
  • SylviaSylvia Member Posts: 1,636
    Were moved to the main Honda Ridgeline discussion so we can keep this one strictly about Prices Paid & Buying Experiences.

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