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    Hey gals and guys, check this out, its from a dealer who placed an add for Ridgelines at $1000 under msrp a week ago, its now $1500 in just a weeks time.Per computation of MD gas prices of $ 2.10, discount of $ 1,500 can get me 12,142 free miles.Free gas for one whole year aint bad.So Virginia folks check it out, as for me I would stick with my plan of waiting a few more months, who knows patience may save me not just $1500 but $3000.

    Landmark Honda

    Alexandria, Virginia



    This Week-End, Take a Test Drive
    and Receive a Free Tank of Gas!!

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    Monday Are Eligible**

    See Why We Kick Down The Competition!!

    (6) Ridgeline's In Stock At........... $1,500.00 Off MSRP!*

    Savings Everywhere, So Take Some Time and Visit Us.
    APR as Low as 1.9%.

    Landmark Honda
    Alexandria, Virginia
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    that is good news. But, they may have loaded it up with roof rails, running boards, etc. etc and have tacked on $2500 in dealer add ons.

    I get a bit cynical about advertisements, the dealers generally have a LOT of fine print costs to make the deal profitable for them. I don't have a problem with people making money. Let's hear from someone that actually bought one for $1500 under MSRP.

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    Ride On,
    I got my red rt/l with sunroof on 3/23. I still want to yell at stupid drivers!
    Wow~ Lots of comps, lookers, and Toyota drivers who want to race. This vehicle is so nice
    I am going to take forever to get to the 4WD part.
    >>>>>>but I will!!!
    32640 plus tax, reg., and 1800 for the warr.
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    where did you see this ad? At what dealership? I would like to notify the Ridgeline owners Club.

    I bought mine 2 weeks ago at MSRP and thought it was a good deal.
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    I used the internet department at Jim White Honda in Maumee, OH and got $1200 off MSRP with no trouble. They had a limited supply but he told me that the price was good on any of them instock and on order. I thought he would try to jack me on the mud guards that were added to all of them but he just threw them in. I tried the same dealer a couple of weeks ago but I didn't use the Internet department first and got the run around from the saleman and no discount. I bought on Tuesday, red RTL.
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    Congrats on your new truck,

    A lil patience that pay off $1200, not bad at all.Any reactions from those who bought at MSRP?

    Ridgeline deals are getting better everyday.My outrageous but very possible prediction; $2000 under msrp before March ends. I could be wrong, $2500 maybe?


    A co-worker got his blue metallic RTS from the Virginia delear $1500 under msrp.They do try to jack up the price of the options such that he only added wheelocks/mudguards and will get the options elsewhere.Patience is indeed not only a virtue but saves you a whole lot of dough.
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    "Any reactions from those who bought at MSRP?"

    When your spending 33,000 saving 1 to 2000 dollars is hardly significant, at least to me. I paid cash. I saved thousands on interest. They're moving them off the lot as fast as they get them in. There is no discount now in my area. I got the the color and package I wanted, and I'm driving it NOW.
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    " Any reactions from those who bought at MSRP? "

    It's difficult to compare prices paid when in one location, there's competition and Honda dealers are discounting, and in another location cross country those same vehicles sell like hot cakes so dealers aren't discounting them. Just because someone in Orlando for example paid MSRP and someone in Detriot paid $1500, less doesn't mean either one wasn't a good deal.

    Also, the entire terms of the purchase isn't being posted. They may have taken a killing on their trade or paid some extra dealer fees.
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    Wow, you must be loaded.

    I wonder how many people who bought their Ridgelines paid cash too and saved on interest. One in ten or is it one in a hundred.Any other forum members here who think $1000-$2000 is loose change? Whoever you are I envy you coz it takes me around 31.5 hours of hard hardwork to get paid $1000 bucks (gross).To future Ridgeline owners, pls ask yourself how many hours of hardwork does it take you to get you to at least $1000? How about $2000, maybe $3000? If its only a days work, then aint worth waiting for the prices to come down.
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    When I got my 2003 Honda Pilot, I drove 150 (Ocean City MD) miles x 2 = 300 miles to get a deal $ 600 cheaper than the nearest competetion in MD. For a $3000 price difference I would drive from Orlando to Detroit, or fly then drive back home. I guess my expenses on hotel, gas and time wouldn't breached the $1000 mark.I know not everyone would agree that this cost cutting measure is worth it, but for folks who know the value of money this is a practical move.Or if I hate long drives which I don't I'll just wait for prices to drop as gas prices soar.
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    "Any other forum members here who think $1000-$2000 is loose change?"

    I don't think 1,000 is loose change, but when spending 33,000, it just didn't seem that significant. I'm actually very tight fisted with my money. I was driving a 91 2wd Toyota truck for 14 years before I bought the Ridgeline. My son needed a vehicle so I gave it up reluctantly to him. I still love that truck. I never thought I would spend this much cash on a vehicle, but Honda managed to loosen my grip on my money, and that's saying something. I feel it was worth it every time I sit in that nice leather seat and look at the stars through the moonroof listening to classical music on the XM radio.
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    You are a unique case sir for the ff reasons:

    1. You needed another vehicle ASAP coz you gave away your means of transportation to your son thus you can't wait for the price of the Ridgeline to go down.

    2. You are tight fisted with your money, thus you have a whole stash available when you needed it.

    Buying this truck at msrp is a good thing for someone in your situation, however, for the majority of Ridgeline converts we don't fit the bill. Some don't need those trucks asap, thus can wait till the prices are near invoice and majority can't pay cash in order to offset finance charges.

    Enjoy your truck, it's the best, its my next truck after my lease on the Frontier ends.Hope I do see a hybrid version near invoice 2 years from now
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    Hybrids are cool, but I would never own one beyond the warranty period. A repair of the transaxel can run 15,000 on a Prius, and when things go wrong, they really go wrong.
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    Not that unique. I would guess about a third of my customers pay cash for their cars.
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    I hate Toyotas because they don't make safety standard, just an expensive option.However, I was willing to make an exemption on the Prius because of the tax breaks and coz ot its gas thriftiness.Nevertheless,transaxel issues and the fact that hybrids don't have a proven track record, I passed and got the opposite a fun gas guzzling mazda RX8 instead.I do hope that when hybrids become more mainstream,the gremlins inherent in its make would be remedied.With gas prices projected to increase a dollar a year, Hybrids would morph from an infant today to a reliable workhorse in the next few years.The transaxel issues may have to go the way of the dinosaurs.
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    I, too, paid MSRP for my RTS. I feel I don't have to make excuses for what I paid, but I will give you a reason. I had sold my other truck and was in the process of looking at others, when I happened upon articles on the net about the Ridgeline. I fell in love with it and made a deal with a local dealer about a month ago. I knew that within a month, the prices would start coming down, but I needed a truck and wasn't willing to wait. Fortunately, I'm at the point in my life that $1,000-1,500 doesn't mean as much as it did 30 years ago or 5 years from now (when I'm retired). That doesn't mean I'm frivilous with money, just that I wanted it when I wanted it and was willing to pay MSRP. This is the first time I went with my heart instead of my wallet since I bought my first Harley in 1967. I do love this vehicle and already have 2200 miles on it. I gave an evaluation of it yesterday and it soon will be posted elswhere in the Forum. Hope everybody who buys gets great deals and enjoy their truck like I enjoy mine.
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    I hate Toyotas because they don't make safety standard, just an expensive option.However, I was willing to make an exemption on the Prius because of the tax breaks and coz ot its gas thriftiness.Nevertheless,transaxel issues and the fact that hybrids don't have a proven track record, I passed and got the opposite a fun gas guzzling mazda RX8 instead.I do hope that when hybrids become more mainstream,the gremlins inherent in its make would be remedied.With gas prices projected to increase a dollar a year, Hybrids would morph from an infant today to a reliable workhorse in the next few years.The transaxel issues may have to go the way of the dinosaurs.

    Sorry to hear about your terrible buying experience with the Ridgeline.
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    I don't get it????? or maybe I get it but choose to respond in a mature manner.

    Anyways, I am not buying the Ridgeline till I could see that gas prices levels at a tolerable point or Ridgeline prices come close to invoice. I'm also curious what an 07 0r 08 Ridgeline offers (perhaps a hybrid that gets 25mpg). Having owned a Pilot 03, can't help being jelous with the predicted 06 model getting curtains and VCM.I'm currently driving a leased 05 Frontier, on certain days the RX8 when my wife doesn't take it out of the garage first and leave the Pilot behind.All 3 are gas guzzlers and my only consolation is that I got all of them near invoice (Pilot)/below invoice prices (Frontier and RX8)by waiting just a lil bit.
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    Here in NJ I got mine Sat. for $1000 off MSRP plus trade in. Trade in was a 160K mile Tbird with bad paint. So I'm pretty happy with the deal.

    Checked several dealers and found one RTS in silver. No dealer add ons.

    Pick it up tommorow.
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    Got RTL NAV for $1200 off MSRP with no trade or North NJ. It took some work, but I got it. If you wait, I'm sure the price will go down more.
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    I am in North jersey as well...can you clue me into which dealership you dealt with? I'm about to embark on my own tour of North NJ dealers (Bergen County maybe?) to get the type of deal you seem to have been able to get... THANKS
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    Hello there, my reply is similar to the other posting I replied to...which dealership did you deal with in NJ? I have a much better trade in and I'm also seeking an RTS in Amazon Green (not too many out there for some reason). I think I've found one...but if you can help me out that would be great..THANKS.
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    Hi to everyone,

    To all getting their Ridgelines below invoice congratulations for your patience. Enjoy this awesome truck.

    I would like to solicit some info from our forum members who are good in getting bargains. Those who get their Hondas and Toyotas way below invoice.

    An hour ago I was at a Toyota Camry forum. One guy from Florida was sharing his well executed buying experience. His source was fax attack he found from goggle, which unfortunately I can't find after an hours research. These are the figures he played (nos. involve b4 the price increase). Toyota Camry LE msrp of $22,223, which he got out of the door $17,970.46.The price had a built in profit off 2-3% for the delear.He added only taxes of 6.5% $1,1745 and tags for $100.The out of the door price was $19765.

    Since I wasn't able to find the article outlining how to get prices below invoice yet giving the car delear a profit of 2-3%, I tried playing with the above figures $17,970.46 divided by $22223 = 0.8086423. Doing the reverse. I multiplied the msrp $22,223 x 0.8086423 = $ 17,970.46.Is it safeto say that multiplying any Toyota or Honda msrp by 0.8086243 + $100 for tags + taxes = fair price for buyer and a delear profit of 2-3%.If this formula works then gone are the days of haggling at invoice prices, no more delivery fees,etc, etc.

    Toyotas are enjoying brisk sales, while Honda is on a slump.Both have boring cars yet Toyota is willing to bargain rather than let a car rot on the lot, I hope Honda will follow suit.

    Anyone out their who encountered the same aricle from fax attack which teaches one how to figure a fair price below invoice yet allow a 2-3% profit.I understand though that the possibility of this bargain has to include end of the month purchase and purchase made on slow sellers.
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    " I understand though that the possibility of this bargain has to include end of the month purchase and purchase made on slow sellers. "

    That says it all.......It's all about supply and demand.
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    For those in the Northeast - check out Autofair has no-haggle pricing on all their cars. I've been watching them closely since the Ridgeline debut. They initially had 2 or 3 in stock, with no discount off MSRP. Now they have 7 in stock, with $800 discount off MSRP.
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    Got mine at Madison Honda.
  • 5553543255535432 Member Posts: 150
    Supply and demand is only 1/4 of the story. He did a careful research, faxed several delears (autobytel even qouted him $20,+++), drove 120 miles, and psyche himself in preparation for some switch and bait tactics/delear add ons.etc.etc.

    No matter how plentiful the supply / low demand is, anyone depending on the invoice only can be taken for a ride.

    Supply and demand is too overated, it does not guarantee the best deals anymore. :P
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    I am a long time honda owner (accord, crv, pilot) and could not wait until the ridgeline was in production. I recently ordered my ridgeline rtl w/nav (loaded) at $2K under invoice. I recently found a website the showed the dealer invoice as $31,159, before the destination charge, so I guess i still had room to negotiate. However, I'm happy with the price I paid and look forward to getting behind the wheel. It probably helped that this is the same dealership where i purchased my pilot.
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    Make that $2K under MSRP, not invoice.
  • tapnellajtapnellaj Member Posts: 5

    I am interested to know if you traded anything in. If you do not you would appear to be the only person in the world that would have accomplishe that price so far.
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    this might be old new by now.. but when I tried to purchase a RTS from a dealer he showed me the invoice...27,056 ( I used to work at the particular dealer) even bought an 04 odyssey from them.. no that wasnt were I purchased the vehicle. they wouldnt go down enough for me..
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    I was also considering a lease instead of purchase and when I asked a local dealer (Bergen County, NJ) about it the first week of March...they said it was too early, and that they did not know the terms's over a month now and the dealership has not called me back (after I had left a voicemail asking for the 2nd time...and they have about 11 Ridgelines in their inventory now)...has anyone else out there been able to lease a Ridgeline yet or am I just too early in the game to do this? I am a first-time would be truck buyer and think a lease might work for me in the event I don't like driving trucks... :confuse:

    All comments welcome. Thanks....
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    I leased mine 2 weeks ago in CT. There is no reason to be put on hold. Cash sale, loan, or lease its the same to the dealer. What would it be too early for? Try another salesmen or dealer and get this truck. Its a blast to drive. :shades:
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    If you don't want to drive a truck, but want truck capability, there is no other option other than the Ridgeline. It is one great ride.
  • 5553543255535432 Member Posts: 150

    Would you care to elaborate on the details of the Ridgeline that you leased.Name of delearship, DP and monthly payments, plus the money factor etc, etc.PLS.

    I would have fully paid off my 03 Pilot by June 2005. Gas prices are hitting the $2.50 mark and theirs no way I'll get caught fully owning this gas hog even if it's the venerable Honda but I do want to experience Honda truck ownership if the deals are great.I know it's kind of stupid since I've got a leased 05 Frontier, but if Honda price those leases like the Pilot, I'll be at the nearest delearship in a flash.

    I'ts good that you leased, youve got a way out of truck ownership if it aint for you and gas prices hit the roof. Even an Acura salesman whom Ive been regularly e-mailing re Acura RDX, have told me trucks are gonna be half the price once gas hits $4.00.Ridgelines and Tacomas will be on sale.Imagine the top of the line Ridgeline and Tacoma at $15,000. Anyways can't wait for gas to reach $4.00, thus I'm leasing one soon if terms are reasonable.

    Check this portion of msn reports and the link too. It says gas gonna hit $2.50 by memorial day.


    "Regular gasoline pump prices in the United States may average as high as $2.50 by Memorial Day, shattering the records as futures prices climb to new peaks, analysts said on Friday..." :sick:
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    Leased Black RTS at Honda of Westport. Leased based on MSRP of $30,590. I was the first one to get a Ridge there. DP of $1,228, 1st payment, sec dep, license, etc. Residual is $16,518, 54% after 4 years. Monthly payment of $422 includes sales tax. Would have been almost $600 a month to finance for 5 years. Lower payment worked for me and if I want it I can buy it at the end or go lease the new model. I will have used it for 4 years paid half the price and I'm done. You can probably get better on the lease deal now. I have no regrets so far with the Ridge. It is fun to drive and I can throw stuff in the back and not worry about the carpet, something leaking etc. The truck is awesome. Its almost embarrassing but so many people look at you. The sales guys at the Toyota dealer today were all pointing at me as I drove by. Go get it! :shades:
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    Well, if you can believe a quote of 31000 for an RTL S/R (msrp 32640) then they add 515 freight, 299 "processing" 499 "appearance" so now it's really 32313 vs. the 33155 sticker with freight. Should I believe it first of all, and how much lower can we go at the end of the month?

    Invoice is 29876 including shipping for a 3279 profit. Their unsigned offer (e-mail) is 2437 profit/1000 under msrp. I'd feel successful with 1500 under. Any price forcasts for May, June etc?

    Opinions welcome, Thanks.
  • 5553543255535432 Member Posts: 150
    APR AS LOW AS 1.9%


    (23) Odyssey's in Stock Starting At............$22,176.00*
    (8) Ridgeline's in Stock Starting At............$24,922.00*
    (183) Accord's in Stock..........$1,200.00 Under Invoice*
    (193) Civic's in Stock...........$1,100.00 Under Invoice*
    (86) CR-V's in Stock..............$250.00 Under Invoice*
    (71) Pilot's in Stock.............$250.00 Under Invoice*
    (15) Element's in Stock.............$250.00 Under Invoice*

    Another e-mail I got today. Are their really RT's available now, or this is just a sales tactic to get one to the delearship. :confuse: Anyone getting the Ridge at invoice yet?
  • gearhead1gearhead1 Member Posts: 408
    Ridgeline at 24,922.00. Grab that RT if you can. That's invoice or close to it. With these prices, I'm thinking that they have about a 700.00 doc fee as opposed to other dealers with a 200.00 doc fee. That's how they get you. You never really ever pay invoice, because they'll make it up some where else. It's like squeezing putty in one hand. You can never really make it smaller. It just comes out some where else.
  • hersheytx1hersheytx1 Member Posts: 13
    I was listening to my favorite Car show this morning when I heard a commercial for the Ridgeline. It was a Lease special. It went to fast to get all of it, but I think it was 399 per month with 2650 down. Now I know the dealship. It is considered a very fine dealership. One that does not play games. Plan to give them a call Monday. I have a salesperson I have been working with on my Ridge Since March.
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Member Posts: 2,882
    Any other information below the ad about the "*" ? I'd bet it's a typical sales tactic to get you in the show room...... :mad:
  • moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    Here is another dealer close to invoice.... and no games.

    RTLS/R invoice is $29,876. Grand Honda is selling them for $30,361 which is only $485 over invoice. Doc fee is $55.39 (max amount allowed by state of IL).

    Sales tactic, you bet, they are selling vehicles. There are in stock Ridges w/o added accessories and some with accessories. This is no gimmick!
  • mikefm58mikefm58 Member Posts: 2,882
    Kewl....Sounds like a good deal. I too felt the Ridge was over priced compared to the competition.
  • aspesisteveaspesisteve Member Posts: 833
    Capitol Honda, San Jose, CA
    this is the place that two weeks ago was advertising $1,000 off and two months ago was no doubt getting MSRP.

    Not sure if this is due to the Ridgeline itself or just a sign off the times. The only thing people are lined up to buy these days are the hybrids (Prius & Accord), everything else drops towards invoice pretty fast.
  • merrobmerrob Member Posts: 10
    very tempting considering I'm in MI and willing to take a long drive for a good deal. A quick google search however showed up a lot of complaints regarding the dealership including bait and switch tactics, finance office issues. If only such an offer was from a reliable dealership...
  • muddyriverduckmuddyriverduck Member Posts: 18
    These seem to be cheaper in the Midwest when compared to other areas. Jim White Honda's internet quote was $1,500 below MSRP, and other dealerships were about $1,000 below. I'd also be curious to know what the "*" is for at Landmark Honda. Got to be adding D&H, large doc fee and/or processing fee. :mad:
  • moparbadmoparbad Member Posts: 3,870
    For those of you who may be wondering if high doc fees or processing fees are added to prices of vehicles sold in IL, they are not. IL law regulates doc fees and processing fees. Maximum of $56.00 dollars.
  • bcp1bcp1 Member Posts: 21
    Hello from Lafayette, Just wanted to let you know in SW La. same situation.
    I have visited LC, Lafayette, New Iberia,and BR and all have 3-4 RTL's on the lot. Just got the bad news, the labor for the 5 accessories to be installed is a whopping
    1640.00 I donot see anyone coming down from MSRP. By the time I had the RTL with moonroof, the LifeStyle Package and fog light, and couple of minor accessories. Tax, Lin, delivered was just over $40,000. I love the Truck, but no way I will pay 40,000. There are several SUV's that I can get for a lot less.
    I consider the Ridgeline the new SUT
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