2017 Mercedes-Benz E Class to buy or to lease

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I have always bought cars and never leased. I usually kept the car for nine or ten years and drove about 15 to 20 thousand miles per year. I liked the 2017 E class and was interested in finding out more about the Luxury Model so I stopped by a dealership to look. The price of the car was $66G but the dealer said for a 30 month lease the costs would be $31G. He was trying to explain to me the lease would be the better way to go due to residual value and keeping up with the technology on the Mercedes and then get in to a new lease. I just think that is a lot for a car that I would use for 30 months. Any recommendations for what would be best. Also I have not bought a Mercedes before so what is the best time to get discounts or incentives. Thank you.

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