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Jeep Commander



  • orchardorchard Posts: 2
    my 2001 Jeep is the "Cherokee Sport" (not the Liberty which came out in 2002 and replaced the Cherokee Sport). Are the specs above for the Liberty or the 2001 Cherokee Sport?? Thanks again
  • johndodgejohndodge Posts: 25
    We do not have a list of the suppliers for the interior components for the Jeep Commander, so I will be unable to provide a detailed list. This might be available in the near future, perhaps a couple of months prior to hitting the showrooms. Again Sorry!

    Going forth, Jeep has not announced any plans to offer the JCI Railport™ system in the Jeep Commander, but I have noted your suggestion and hopefully this might be considered in the near future…

    rangner, I can’t say for certain whether or not a diesel engine, similar to what is offered on the Jeep Liberty CRD, will be offered in the Jeep Commander in the future. Popularity of this type of engine is still growing!!

    714cut, the Commander is a legitimate seven passenger vehicle along with the Durango; however; the Commander offers a different look and style. Question for you 714cut: What are your likes and dislikes on the Commander?

    Yes orchard, I apologize those specs are for the 2001 Jeep Cherokee Sport. Thanks for catching that!

    Thanks for the great feedback. I hope this information helped out in some way…

    John B.
  • crookstercrookster Posts: 40
    Commander 2WD

    $ 27,985 Base model including destination charge

    Commander 4WD

    $ 29,985 Base model including destination charge

    Commander Limited 2WD

    $ 36,280 Base model Limited including destination charge

    Commander Limited 4WD

    $ 38,900 Base model Limited including destination charge

    Key Options

    $ 1,340.00 V8, 4.7 Liter (standard on Limited)
    $ 1,495.00 5.7L Hemi engine (4WD Limited models only)
    $ 595.00 Off-Road Group I (n/a with 2WD or Limited. Includes 3.55 Axle Ratio, Off-Road Group II & Quadra-Trac II Transfer Case)
    $ 225.00 Off-Road Group II (n/a with 2WD. Includes Fuel Tank & Transfer Case Skid Plate Shields, Front Suspension Skid Plate & Tow Hooks)
    $ 400.00 Popular Equipment Group (standard on Limited. Includes Power Adjustable Pedals, Adjustable Roof Rail Crossbars & Heated Front Seats)
    $ 1,200.00 Infotainment System Group
    $ 255.00 Trailer Tow Group IV (n/a with 3.7L engine)
    $ 180.00 Trailer Tow Group (n/a Limited. Includes Class II Receiver Hitch & Trailer Tow Wiring Harness, 3500-lb Max Towing Capacity)
    $ 610.00 Air Conditioning, Rear (standard on Limited)
    $ 650.00 Quadra-Drive 4WD System (Includes F&R Limited Slip Differential Axles. Standard w/Hemi on Limited)
    $ 275.00 Communication System, UConnect
    $ 40.00 Heater, Engine Block
    $ 195.00 Radio Equipment, Sirius (standard on Limited)
    $ 300.00 Radio, AM/FM Stereo w/6-Disc CD Changer & MP3 (standard on Limited)
    $ 1,200.00 Radio, Navigation, AM/FM Stereo w/6-Disc CD Changer
    $ 150.00 Saddle Brown seats (Limited models only)
    $ 820.00 Wheels, Chrome Aluminum (Limited models only)
    $ 190.00 P245/65R17 OWL tires (P245/65R17 BSW standard)
    $ 75.00 Roof Rail Crossbars (standard on Limited)

    Exterior color upcharges (no extra charge for colors not listed):

    $ 150.00 Deep Beryl Pearlcoat
    $ 150.00 Dark Khaki
    $ 225.00 Inferno Crystal Pearlcoat
  • reholmesreholmes Posts: 8

    Not all Jeep " improvements" have been improvements. When you improved the interior in the GCL in ~' 98 and removed the "full grip" armrests, you changed a valuable feature for those of us who drive off-highway. The brake lever was not a very good substitute for passenger stability, but now even that has been moved to the driver's side. The old torquey 318 on my '96 would take the steepest grades without shifting out of o'drive, now ... The ride has gotten progressively harsher through the 96, 98, 99, 2002 models that I have owned, and while the 2005 is 'sposed to have a better ride, the seats are rock hard.

    Have there been improvements; oh my yes. The drive system is probably the best in the world, and the new engine, while not the torquer of the half century matured 318, is hot--on highway and off. But, the little things count big.

    So, how is the new GCL or Commander going to be on my 68 year old butt as I drive the canyons and creek beds of Arizona? Will my wife have something to grab beside my arm? OBTW; where do we throw the ashes, out the window into the dry brush? I like the Cayenne ad I saw in San Francisco; " Go climb an on ramp" Well, we expect more from Jeep; off-road means more than a driveway. As it is now, I am looking for a black 1998, with a butter tan interior, and low miles; the 2002 may be my last new Jeep.
  • johndodgejohndodge Posts: 25
    I’m sorry to hear that your 2002 Jeep Grand Cherokee may be your last new Jeep, but I do thank you for your loyalty and enthusiasm towards the Jeep brand! I could go on and on about how capable the 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee is off-road. From the sounds of it though, you know what you want and anything I say may not make you feel any better about the improvements made to the 05 Grand Cherokee. The only thing I could recommend is to go out and try one. Being in Arizona though, you’re pretty far from the Camp Jeep On The Road events going on this summer. There’s one in Houston, Texas on August 27th and 28th. There’s also a slightly closer one in Denver, Colorado on September 24th and 25th. Pretty far from where you’re at, but it’s an environment where you can test the on-road and off-road prowess of the Jeep line up. I’ve driven a 2005 Grand Cherokee Limited with the 5.7L HEMI; I found the seats to be quite comfortable on my 22 year old rear end. I didn’t have an opportunity to drive it ‘off-road’ but I’d say that the Detroit area streets that I did drive it on to be comparable. You are absolutely right about the ashtrays being unavailable in the Grand Cherokees, as much as I wish it different; the 2005 Grand Cherokee is the same.

    Well I hope you can find the time to attend Camp Jeep On The Road as it is a very worthwhile event.

    Thanks again!

    John B.
  • John,

    I think that you can improve on the jeep commander by first raising ground clearance to about 9-10 inches of ground clearance. Second, you can improve third row seat space by moving the it backward about 1/2 a inch and make the roof in the 3rd row higher than than the 3rd and second row(don`t raise past two inches).I hope this helps!(and uh tell me if jeep plans to do this)
  • marsha7marsha7 Posts: 3,703
    for 10 years, and their pothole problem is huge...if a JGC can navigate the potholes, I would assume it will handle any torture track you can dream's the politics, you know... ;) ;)
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    I am all for a Diesel in the Commander. In fact I would take one over the 5.7. In Europe the Grand Cherokee has a new 3.0 CDi V6 that makes 218 hp and 376 Lbs/ft at just 1600 rpms. Zero to 60 times are under 9 seconds so that puts it about as fast as the 4.7 V8
  • dwrestledwrestle Posts: 72
    I am a huge fan of Jeep vehicles, my favorites are the wagons. I love this new Commander, it looks a lot like my 1987 Cherokee Pioneer. I wish the Commander was more off road oriented like my go anywhere Cherokee. Maybe a little more ground clearance is all it needs. I love the idea of a powerful diesel engine under the hood, 9 seconds is pretty good for a diesel, just imagine if Banks starts making stuff for that!! I have one major complaint about Jeeps, in fact it's my only complaint with the vehicles, and it seems to me that all Jeep vehicles are affected with the problem. There is too little interior space in all Jeeps, I am 350lbs and I like big interiors, and it's not because they are to small to put bigger space inside, because much smaller suv's have much bigger interiors. I think Jeep should work on this.

    I am not going to complain about the IFS or stability control or any other new fangled technology that girls up the Jeep image. I personally like that kind of stuff. I will however complain about Jeep not being the first and foremost vehicle to pop into people's minds whenever someone thinks 4x4. I think it's a travesty, they say Hummer or Land Rover, and even a FULL SIZE TRUCK instead of Jeep. This makes me very angry. I think Jeep needs to focus on advertising it's off road capability, and let the magazines tell how comfortable the Jeeps are. Jeep needs to focus on what got it where it is and thats bad [non-permissible content removed] 4x4 capability.

    Advertise bad [non-permissible content removed] 4x4 capability, not some Jeep driving in the sand or snow or on the pavement, show it rock crawling or going through a big deep mud hole, not going from a desert to a highway. Put bigger more aggressive tires on all Jeep models and make them all light truck tires not passenger tires. I know that any Jeep will out do any other 4x4 vehicle any day of the week, but the mass population doesn't, and I blame Jeep marketing execs for that. Well I am done ranting, Commander
  • I am just itching to know if the land rover lr3 has a roomier 3rd seat since i don`t want to eat my knees for lunch just to get to the airport
  • why is the dodge durango bigger then the jeep commander even though it is the same platform?
  • rangnerrangner Posts: 336
    Not only that, but I bet it would get better economy than either the 4.7L V8 or the multi displacement hemi. Out of all the engine choices, a modern common rail turbo diesel with a variable vane turbocharger like in the liberty CRD but more powerful, would be first on my list.

  • johndodgejohndodge Posts: 25
    Hello Homestarman,

    I have noted your suggestions; Jeep does value feedback from consumers. I can’t say for certain whether or not these changes will occur though. The Jeep Commander doesn’t share a platform with a Dodge Durango. It actually sits on the same platform as the Jeep Grand Cherokee. Thanks for all of the great feedback everybody!

    John B.
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    I can't tell you why Chrysler made the Grand Cherokee interior tight but as for the original down sized cherokee it seems that when AMC designed it they shoved the drive train as far up in the vehicle as possible to gain ground clearance with out raising the ride height very much. I'm one of those guys that cringe when they tell me they are going to put IFS on a Jeep.
  • rctrexrctrex Posts: 1
    Is the 18 mpg highway gas mileage on the commander with the MDS system on correct? I've heard that the govt doesnt use systems like mds when determining gas mileage. Is this true?
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    The last thing I read on the subject the government put the car on a set of rollers and simulated a set driving route. So the car isn't actually driven around a city or highway to test the MPG. That may have changed but that is how it use to be done.
  • rangnerrangner Posts: 336
    I believe it is. Autoweek recently did a test of the Grand cherokee with the MDS Hemi and I think it got like 15 mpg.

  • johndodgejohndodge Posts: 25
    Hello rctrex,

    You are correct; the preliminary figures for the 2006 Jeep Commander are 13 city and 18 hwy. The EPA’s testing for fuel economy wouldn’t be accurate if they didn’t take into account the MDS system. These are just preliminary figures at this point as well, so they are subject to change.

    John B.
  • johndodgejohndodge Posts: 25
    Hello again Eric,

    The 2005 Jeep Grand Cherokee gets 14 city and 21 hwy. These figures do depend on driving conditions though. I hope this helps. If anyone wants to know anything please feel free to ask!

    John B.
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    Ouch, I was hoping it would at least break 20 mpg. Diesel looks better than ever.
  • rshollandrsholland Posts: 19,788
    Many SUVs are now offering 3rd-row seating, and most are poor to miserable in terms of comfort. I sat in the Commander's 3rd-row seat at the NY auto show, and have to say it was probably the worst 3rd-row seat I've ever sat in.

    It's a real shame, as I like the rest of the Commander a lot.

  • John,(sorry for so many things)

    I just have a concern about the seats:It looked like the 3rd row can`t seat adults. If this is true the land rover will get my $$$$$
  • chrisducatichrisducati Posts: 394
    While the third row may be a selling point to some it is the styling that sells me on the Commander. I would pick it over the GC even if it did not have jump seats in the back. I can see the problem for people that want to carry adults. There is basically no foot room in the third row. The bottom of the seat cushion is just a few inches off the floor.
  • sum41sum41 Posts: 1
    The problem is many SUVs offer 3rd row seats, but few of them are truly comfortable.

    Comfortable 3rd row seats are only in full size rigs like the Armada/QX56, Expedition/Navigator, Yukon/Tahoe/Escalade, Suburban and Yukon XL.

    All the Explorers, 4 Runners, Tribecas, Envoys and Trailblazers that have 3rd row seats are only suitable for young children.

    I don't think the Commander should be penalized for lack of a comfortable 3rd row seat. It still has many strong selling points. It's competition dont have very nice 3rd rows either. In midsize SUVs third row seats are only good for young children, and in full size SUVs adults and young adults will probably be comfortable.
  • prod1prod1 Posts: 1
    My wife and I are holding back on an suv, because of the release of the commander... We may get another car if the commander is too expensive...
    Is this information legite and if so where did you get it... No on will cave in and tell me how much they are going to sell for????
  • crookstercrookster Posts: 40
    All info is legit. Go to
  • o even a ford ecoline is adaquate in the back for adults(4th row)
  • johndodgejohndodge Posts: 25

    No need to apologize, that’s what I’m here for :) ! I really wish I could comment from personal experience, but I have yet to actually climb inside the new Jeep Commander and get a feel for the 3rd row and the space available there. The only thing I can really recommend is waiting for the Commander to hit dealerships and see if it fits your needs in person. The Commander is expected to be in dealerships in fall. Sorry I couldn’t really offer you more insight.


    John B.
  • reholmesreholmes Posts: 8
    An over-sized tire option could solve some of the clearance problems. It would also help the approach, break-over, and departure angles. The H3 has superior statistics in that regard, but really needs more power. However, the H3 is probably going to be Jeep's off-highway competition because of good clearance characteristics.

    The Wrangler has had wheel options for years, and for those who really want to use it like it was intended, its nice to know your warranties are still valid and the speedometer is correct.
  • John,

    I am concerned that this car doesn`t have enough space for an adult in the 3rd row and it is a little short and needs 1 inch of added height :confuse:
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