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Honda Accord Modifications



  • fadidadi,

    A cold air intake on the 7th generation Honda( 2003 and newer) won't do anything. The air pick-up is already off the ground on the drivers side just behinnd the left wheel cowl. It already picks up cold air away from the engine. I did put on a Borla exhaust, very nice sound, maybe minimal horsepower gain.
  • todd7todd7 Posts: 16
    ">Hopefully this info will help anyone looking at upgrading 03-05 accords. I have an 05 EX Manual 4 door. Exterior upgrades are limited to rims Zinik Z17s 42 offset with Cooper Zeon 215/45/18. I chose the tires because of cost (120 per), look, and over 350 wear rating.

    Anzo halo projector headlights with black housing. My only problem so far with these are the fact I don't know how to aim them yet. Beware of ebay. I still don't trust some of those deals. I paid 250 including next day air and I have an actual speed shop which I can contact for help

    Eibach springs and Koni adjustables. No problems ( I've been using this setup for years and love it)

    Stereo done.

    For people who have road noise issues etc, please check out dynamat, its good stuff. I have 3 bulk kits in my car and it makes a substantial difference. I do still have tire noise, but its because I have 18's on it. Each bulk kit should cost no more than $125. It took me abous 9 hours to install. That equates to roughly 300-400 if you hire a shop to do it.

    If anyone can help me with engine and tranny upgrades, it would be extremely appreciated. I'm looking for a direct bolt on turbo (preferred) or supercharger. I also have a line on a new 6 speed manual out of an 05 coup. I want to upgrade the tranny to a 6 speed but am unsure how extensive that job is. If anyone knows, please share

  • I am planning to install the Omnifi DMP1 hard-drive based player into my '05 Accord LX.

    Anyone have experience with this? If so, is there an AUX connector in the radio to which I can connect the DMP1? Where did you put the the console and hard-drive?

    Appreciate any advice.
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    There is no AUX connector on the current (seventh) generation Accord audio systems.
  • That's not what I've heard. Tech support at logjamelectronics, PIE and discountcarstereo have all confirmed that the HON03/PC-SON made by PIE connects RCA to the AUX in the stock radio in the '05 Accord. There has got to be one, else how do they connect XM radio or a CD changer?

    blane, may I ask how you know? Have you looked at the back of a stock radio in a new Accord? My understanding is that it is the new 14-pin connector that goes right into the radio.

    Here is the converter (look for compatibility list under Important Application Notes):

    It is discussed in this forum:

    Here is someone who mentioned it in another forum:

    I must say, though, that I have not come across a single person who has said that he or she has successfully installed the Omnifi DMP1 on their 2004+ Accord. Someone had done it on his 2002 Accord.
  • I too am thinking about a projector headlight / altezza taillight conversion for my 05 accord ex coupe. Im just wondering what people think of these lights (the ones u find on ebay) and how easy/hard it is to install them. If anyone could fill me in that'd be great. thx
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    You wrote blane, may I ask how you know? Have you looked at the back of a stock radio in a new Accord? My understanding is that it is the new 14-pin connector that goes right into the radio.

    I cant swear that there isn't a connector at the back of the '05 radio. There wasn't one in the '04.

    I was referring to an easily accessible AUX port at the front, such as in the newly designed '06 Civic EX's. That will probably be a feature when the newly designed Accords arrive in '08.
  • I see what you were saying. AUX in front is more the exception than the rule currently and I wasn't talking about that at all as it'd be obvious and not worth asking about.

    There is a 14-pin data connector AUX in the back of the 2004 Accord stock radio for at least LX & EX (not sure about DX) for which you can get an RCA-AUX adapter that I mentioned earlier. I'm going by what I've been told by car stereo techs from multiple places. I have not personally looked at the back of a 2004 Accord LX & up radio.
  • hongschongsc Posts: 1
    I had a question about the altezza taillght. I bought one for my 2002 Accord sedan. I installed it a couple of years ago and the red plastic circle had fallen off inside my altezza taillight. Is there an easy way to fix this? What's the best way to open it so I can superglue it? Thanks!
  • I can confirm that
    1) there is a 14-pin data connector AUX at the back of a 2005 Honda Accord LX AT stock radio. Stands to reason that it should be there for the other trim lines. The AUX connector is intended for adding a cd-changer and it works great to connect an after-market audio input.
    2) an adapter is needed to convert RCA to the AUX mentioned above. I can confirm that PIE's HON03/PC-SON works very well. The sound from my MP3 player has to be heard to be believed.

    I will be putting together an install guide with pictures for putting the Omnifi DMP1 in a 2005 Accord, but suffice it to say that it is pretty easy to do as long as you are prepared and have the right tools.
  • I tried to find an intake system for the 05 honda accord and failed. I bought short ram from AEM that was for 04 accord and obviously... the MAF sensor for the 05 accord was totally different. Is there anyway that I can put the 04 intake into 05 intake? Is there like sensor adaptor? hm... .. thanks..
    Also, I called up INJEN and they told me they were working on the intake for 05.. but not even sure when's gonna come out..
  • fgf001fgf001 Posts: 98
    Google Fujita air intakes, they have one but there is no mention of it being C.A.R.B. approved.
  • Basically the 2005 has air intake from the lower left behind the left front wheel cowl. You are not going to gain much by installing a cold air intake because it is already gather cool air away from the engine bay. You might get a little more free airflow but that is about all.


  • thank you fgf001 and midnightcowboy, so intake won't be a recommendation for 05 honda accord..? just had one more question, I wanted to install intake for the reason that it gains few HP .. maybe lol, and also for the sound reason. I don't mind a little grwall ~ sound.. but opposed to those ricey Baaa~~ . Is there any exhaust system out for it? or are those exhaust won't do any good in 05 accord also? thanks~
  • I put a Borla exhaust on and it is nice, not to loud buts adds some good sound. I am please with the power, mileage and sound.

    cruis'n in 6th :shades: ,

  • Has anyone done an HID conversion on an 05 accord LX? If so, did you switch the housings to projectors, or keep the stock ones?

    I also noticed that several people had some bad experience with ebay projectors, but has anyone had any good experience, or have any recommendations (my accord is silver, so i don't think black housings will look good)?
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Do you anticipate that Honda will honor the vehicle warranty when your headlamp lenses melt due to the excess heat from HIDs?
  • well, that's why i asked if anyone's done it, or had any suggestions. That's also why I ask if anyone has switched there headlight housings to projectors instead of the stock ones.

    I'm aware that HID's give off a lot more heat the standard gas bulbs, but I have seen conversions done without melting stock lenses, just havn't seen it done on the 03-05 accords yet.
  • With so many aftermarket products in the market, it's always a good idea to check before buying. For one, I purchased off eBay one of those interior kits whose quality and functionality were so off-base I eventually just gave it away.

    On HID, projector, and simple bulb upgrades, which I've also looked into, some hard realities:

    1) True HIDs include a voltage-boosting and stabilizing "ballast." The bulb technology is totally different, being gas-and-metal filled (zenon being in the mix) and whose gas is ignited by the ballast's electric arc. It's daylight-bright but extremely expensive.

    2) Projector light conversions are, in the US aftermarket, mostly for appearance and whose light technology is conventional halogen. Their most noticeable effect is a different, not brighter, light pattern.

    3) Bulb upgrades like those from Sylvania are just slightly brighter; any brighter, and temps would melt the wires. Those with a blue appearance are just tinted blue for effect.

    HIDs appear blue or purplish because of the extreme brightness; the blue hue is the result, not the cause.

    So there you go; functional super-bright, bluish headlights on an Accord are the expensive ($800) HID conversion. If they're just bluish and not any brighter, it's the $70 tinted bulb upgrade. Add different, and not brighter, white pattern, it's projector ($340 with bulbs).
  • what are those features that you mentioned in upgrades? I don't know car parts that well. Can you explain for the non-mechanic people.
  • Is it possible to add more sound proofing foam to new accord 2006? I have sensitive hearing.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    "HIDs appear blue or purplish because of the extreme brightness; the blue hue is the result, not the cause."

    There's a little more to it. The single element headlamp projector lenses commonly used have no correction for chromatic aberation (which would require, at a minimum, at least two individual lens elements making up the projector lens to achive an "achromatic" design), and that's the real cause for the purplish tinge until the oncoming driver is fairly close. The bluish quality is, as you stated, a direct result of the xenon high-intensity discharge principle that emits well into the blue region (6,500 degrees Kelvin or greater). Though HID lighting is currently de rigour, that bluish tint is not the ultimate answer - these lights achieve their range by shear brute force. A lower Kelvin temperature (in the 5,000 degree range) but with at least equal intensity to current HID technology would actually give farther penetration - particularly in foggy conditions. (That was the reason foglight lenses were at one time tinted amber.) Whether this is even achievable is probably immaterial - the current "standard" has been adopted as the end-all by drivers worldwide by now. The proof of that statement are the blue-tinted conventional halogen-filament bulbs that actually reduce light output from that which could be achieved from the same wattage bulb without the blue tint on the fused-quartz envelope.
  • haefrhaefr Posts: 600
    "Is it possible to add more sound proofing foam to new accord 2006? I have sensitive hearing."

    For starters, replace the Michelin tires with Bridgestone tourers. Michelin MXV4+ tourers, good as they are performance-wise, are quite noisy. Additionally look to "Dynamat": for additional sound control material.

    The stuff's self-adhesive, trimable, moldable over irregular surfaces, (and pricey - but it does work wonders). To do it really right, remove the seats and headliner and then apply to the entire floor, inner roof, and what interior firewall sheet metal you can reach. (One BMW owner even applied it all the inner surfaces of his car's trunk and trunklid.) Repeat for each door's sheetmetal after removing the inner pannel and window-related hardware. Given the tire replacement and a "full-monty" Dynamat treatment, your Accord will be as close to a tomb-like experience as you can achieve in an automobile.
  • ken972ken972 Posts: 162
    Which bridgestone tourers do you recommend. The Turanza's?
  • " conventional halogen-filament bulbs...actually reduce light output..."

    That's my personal experience, and I found that illumination quality is better with the stock bulbs, whose yellowish tone seems to provide better contrast against darkish asphalt surfaces.

    I've gone from the short-life blue bulbs to the less-yellow Sylvania XtraVision with good results (Silver Stars are supposed to be even better than XtraVision).
  • Should I take the car to audio shop to install sound proofing foam or car dealer??? I am afraid the audio shop might damage the floor carpeting of accord.
  • Polished aluminum :) Look like chrome and shifts like butter on S2000
  • Hello everybody,

    I bought a new 2005 honda accord few months ago. Yesterday i received my projector halo angle light from I didnt receive any installation info can anybody help me how to install that thing or atleast how to remove the headlight. I would really appricate it. If anybody wants to have a look you can go to this link

  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    You paid these guys $269.95 plus shipping, and they can't send you installation instructions???

    Were you guaranteed that these parts are compatible with your vehicle? Do they require you to modify the wiring harness to install Asian headlights in an Ohio-built vehicle?
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