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Honda Accord Modifications

dandanmandandanman Posts: 1
I just recently bought a 1992 Honda Accord Sedan EX.
I would like to upgrade this car a bit, however i am new at this and dont even know where to start.

I want to upgrade horsepower and engine performance.

Please post some good upgrades with full names and maybe some web sites so i can see the products.

Your help will be greatly appriciated, Thank you.



  • midnightcowboymidnightcowboy Posts: 1,978
    You have a generation 4 Honda accord ( 90-93) doe searches on 1992 or generation 4 Honda Accord on the internet look for performance, upgrades, modifications.

    The best upgrades:

    (1) Cold air intake 10-15 hp
    (2) Headers 5-10 hp
    (3) cat-back exhaust 5-8 hp

    You can also repalce pistons, camshaft, etc. but then you are looking at lots of $$$

    You might want to look at sawy bars, suspension , shocks.

    Good Luck,

  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Those are good starters. Also keep in mind that his suggestion for suspension upgrades is worthwhile, because sometimes you can go faster without adding any HP at all! Some track racers say that superior brakes and supsension is worth at least 50HP on the track.
  • msobwmsobw Posts: 2
    I just bought a 2005 Accord EX Sedan. One of my few gripes are the tiny wheels (and the LED display on the radio during the day, but that's another topic). I'd like to upgrade to a wider/larger tire. What is optimum size/width so the tires look good in proportion to the body? Do I have to buy brand new rims, too? I'd like to be able to use the stock rims (new ones are nice but expensive!!!) and only pay for the new tires. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    You might post your question here to the rep from the Tire Rack who runs a forum here at Edmunds:

    Ask Conner at the Tire Rack.

    However, once you get an answer, I'd work with a tire shop you trust locally to actually agree to fit your new tires and then check them carefully for clearance before you buy them.

    A wide tire might LOOK like it fits but when you corner hard, the body roll could cause contact with the fender wells.

    So if I were you I wouldn't push the size thing too far---a theoretical fit may not be an actual fit. Give yourself some slack.
  • I agree with you that the factory tire and rim combo looks disproportionately small on the gen 7 Accord since Honda "thickened" the body (the gen 6 Accord looks slimmer in comparison but is only 0.7 inch shorter and 0.2 inch lower). Blame it on the current "design language" of sedans.

    To your point, some food for thought: 1) Keeping the 16" rim and upsizing the tire will have minimal visual effect because it's mostly the rim that draws the eye, 2) Upsizing - or increasing the diameter of - only the tire will have some effect on drivability and odometer reading (tire size is tied to transmission gear ratios/odometer/etc).

    My recommendation is to go "plus 1" with a 17" rim and 215/50/17 or 235/45/17 tires. Rolling diameter of those sizes is very near stock, and if it matters - the tires have as long a treadlife as the 16 inchers (treadlife plunges starting with 18 inchers). Price-wise, they start at $80 each online. On the rims, stay within +48 to +55 mm of offset to avoid fender rubbing. Lastly, so much the better if the rim is under 19 lbs - heavier rims accelerate drivetrain and suspension wear & tear.
  • 36willys36willys Posts: 2
    I have a 2001 Accord 4 cylinder 5 speed and would like to know if it is possible to install OEM automatic traction control in the car. I really enjoy the car but it is pathetic in the snow during the winter months (with the tires that I am running). I am sure that there is a way to programme the ECM to brake the spinning wheel when traction is lost at low speeds. The car has ABS so I feel that ATC should be possible. Any info on the subject would be appreciated.
  • Wouldn't it be a lot cheaper and easier to get some decent snow tires?
  • cash2cash2 Posts: 4
    How much are

    1. Headers
    2. All Cold Air Intake
    3. Cat-back Exhaust

    for a 1992 Honda Accord

    and does anyone have pictures of these things?
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    This site will give you an idea and photos of similar products, but I don't know these people and I'm not recommending you buy from them.

    Autosportz Website

  • 36willys36willys Posts: 2
    Usually ATC is strictly a function of programming in the ECM. I am not well versed in the programming capability of a Honda car. I am just looking to make an improvement in the handling of my car. This is what is know as "hot rodding" Cheap and easy didn't enter my mind.
  • turbo might be what you looking for..
  • 97 honda accord 2.2 vtec:
    done a few minor upgrades intake, throttle body spacer, and high flow fuel injectors wondering if anybody has heard anything about JET performance modules. And looking to dump some money into it this summer and wondering if anyone knows about a descent, low budget turbo kit?
  • turbodude84turbodude84 Posts: 26
    My personal feeling is turbo. There a few good kits out there. There is T-25 kit out there that ok in price and they make ok power about 60-80 horse on avg.
    The T3/T4 kits are a better choice to me. they can make from 80-200 horse over stock, but you will pay much more for them.. Be careful on your selection. E-bay is not a good way to go. Granted its the cheap way to go. I get calls all the time can I fix there turbo that bought on ebay or the most one I get "will I warranty my turbo" Ah NO you didn't get from me.. Just be careful on where and who you buy from..
    Later Derek
  • thanks for the suggestions. I've been researching turbo upgrades for a while and the t25 is in my price range. I was also wonderin what you know about performance chips. I've heard good things. If you have any suggestions let me know
  • turbodude84turbodude84 Posts: 26
    The problem with the chips are ever time you change something on the motor you will have to change your chip setting and if you get a chip that you cant adjust, then you would have to buy a new chip... I love the Apex-i V-tec air fuel controller. this piggie back computer can adjust your air/fuel ratio and adjust your v-tech. Which means that you can move your v-tec to different rpm, like if v-tec comes in a 7000 rpm, you could move it to 6000 rpm so you would get a little kick early.. Plus if you buy a the V-AFCII you will not have to buy much more for the fuel system if you get boosted.. E-mail me if you need any help one on one help..

    Later Derek

    PS If you need help on a turbo kit or need info on a company PLEASE let me know.
  • turbodude-
    thanks man. I appreciate your advice. I'm still not sure what im gonna do to my accord but if you have any other ideas it would be great. I have a descent knowledge of mechanics because I've been doing work on cars for quite a while, but im not real knowledgable about turbos and ECU's. I was looking at different T-25 turbo packages and I found a more affordable package at but it didnt have an intercooler included in the kit. I thougth that was strange considering its common knowledge that cold dense air is more efficient. In your opinion what hp gain would that have in comparison to the same T-25 kit w/ an intercooler? Sorry to ask so many questions but if you have any opinions on cam, throttlebody, or exhaust upgrades let me know. I havent been able to put as much $ in my car as I want so I was planning to put on headers and exhaust but I really want to invest in something that will give me a large hp gain. College is expensive so $ is the limiting factor as always. Not many people slap a turbo on their car before they free up their exhaust but bare w/ me I'm poor haha.
  • turbodude84turbodude84 Posts: 26
    No problem dude.. I wont waste my time with a header yet if you might turbo your car. that would be waste of your money. Yea that sucks that some company do that, put a kit together with out an intercooler. Well that how they suck you in. I know I am not able to plug my company but I have a complete kit in T25 trim and T3/T4 hybrid Kits that include intercooler and fuel controllers. Hopefully this wont get booted.. Later Derek
  • you've been a lot of help. I dont know the rules about advertising your company on this forum, but if you have a website or catalog let me know because if and when i decide to blow my savings on my car I would be happy to give you business.
    thanks a lot man
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    Let's try not to skate too close to our no-solicitation rule (which is in place to avoid having the forum fill with ads that may or may not be related to the topic at hand, among other reasons). Check the Rules of the Road link above for more.

    If a member doesn't mind being contacted, they can mark their email public in their profile and you can click on the member name to get to the profile and get the contact info.


    Steve, Host
  • i understand. I didn't know the rules.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,462
    No problem, just an effort to keep the noise level down. It's pretty easy to figure out the good guys to try to send business to around here, especially when the one hit shill posts get weeded out. Carry on!

    Although we may be redundant and maybe we should merge this with Honda Accord Owners: Accessories & Modifications. But y'all may not consider yanking seat belt chimes your kind of mod. ;)

    Steve, Host
  • I just bought a 2005 Accord EXL Coupe and I am planning on getting new tires and wheels. I went to look in person today to discuss the negative variables in uprgrading sizes. I want 20's, and while there are special wheels/tires made to fit 20's on an Accord he said if I do alot of driving then it is not a good idea. He said that the actual tire part is so thin in part with how it fits with the car, that it is like a rubberband. He said the bigger the tires, the more problems there will be and the ride will be bumpier. He suggested that the highest size I go is 18".
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    Putting larger (or smaller) diameter replacement tires/wheels on any car will cause you to see incorrect odometer (total miles) and speedometer (miles per hour) readings. The vehicle manufacturer calibrates meter readings based upon the outside diameter of the tires that they specify. Of course the outside diameter X pi (3.14159265) = the circumference of the tire. The number of times that a specific circumference tire rotates per mile of driving relates directly to the speed and distance travelled as displayed on the odometer and speedometer.

    If Honda specified 205R16 tires for your vehicle, if you go to an 18" or 20" wheel, and the outside dimeter of the tire is larger than as originally equipped, that's not good. Your tires will roll fewer revolutions per driven mile. Your speedometer will display a lower than accurate speed, and you could be risking getting speeding tickets if you don't mentally compensate for the variance.
  • Mr_ShiftrightMr_Shiftright Sonoma, CaliforniaPosts: 64,490
    Larger wheels and tires will increase your braking distance considerably, so be prepared to adjust for that as well. You will lose about 10 feet of stopping distance (not sure if it's from 60 or 80 mph) for every 1" diameter of tire or wheel increase. This is good to know in case there is a truck 60 feet away and you were planning to stop in 59 feet like in the old days
  • cash2cash2 Posts: 4
    How does this sound instead of getting a kit I am thinking about getting a 1.5-3 inch extention pipe and then putting a K&N cone filter on it and it would work almost exactally the same? and Does the K&N oil filter work better than others? Has anyone heard of or used any Lucas products?
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017

    I owned two MGB's a long time ago. The English cars of the day came with many made-in-England Lucas electrical components.

    You may be aware that the English are fond of warm beer. It's not that they actually like it that way, it's just the Lucas refrigerators.

    Actually, I really enjoyed those MGBs.
  • cash2cash2 Posts: 4
    The lucas products I am talking about is Oil and fuel additive not beer.
  • arctic_catarctic_cat Posts: 3
    Hi, guys.

    I am considering a Honda Accord (manual), and the only thing I feel uneasy about is its breaking (as compared with my current & past cars--Audis). I bought two Honda Accords----one after the other----in the early '90s, and loved everything about them ~except~ the brakes. I'm not saying they're ~awful~ (like those in some cars I testdrove), but when I compared them with BMW and Audi, the difference was stunning.

    I know that the case would be rare when we might need stop-on-the-dime breaks, but it is just that single rare case (in which maybe a life would be saved or not) that I'd rather pay a hefty sum more for my car to stop a few feet (or several feet!) shorter.

    So, has anyone done anything mechanically to improve the breaking on their Accord?
  • arctic_catarctic_cat Posts: 3
    I meant ~~braking~~ (not 'breaking`). LOL...must have been thinking of the Audi's number of _breakdowns_ compared to the Accord's rare ones. ;-)
  • blaneblane Posts: 2,017
    arctic cat:

    I can't imagine a vehicle that brakes any better than my 2004 Accord Coupe. I think that you will find that any modern vehicle, with four-wheel disk anti-lock brakes will brake perfectly for anybody who is not on a racetrack.

    The most variable factors in stopping distances will probably be the type and condition of your tires.
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