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Ford Mustang (2005) vs. 2005 Pontiac GTO



  • sputterguysputterguy Posts: 383
    With all the talk about the Charger I thought I would check it out. Not in person but in Edmunds. Saw a couple of your posts. Anyway, didn't care much for the looks. That thing has more angles that an F-117. Talk about stealth. I bet radar bounces right off it. The seats look angular also. For that price and that weight I would want plush seats. Something comphy. Don't like the 4 doors and I would definitely want a 6-speed. So I guess I won't be upgrading to a Charger.
  • gottabgtogottabgto Posts: 95
    Ahem, I think you mean you won't be downgrading to a Charger.
    Nor will I.
    That is one Ug-Lee vehicle.
  • minerkminerk Posts: 5
    At last! Something we can all agree on!
  • My wife test drove a charger and loved the h.p. but rear wheel drive is not practical for year round driving in OH. I bought her an 05 Grand Prix GXP for $5000 Less.
  • stang22stang22 Posts: 36
    Nothing,I mean nothing is as ugly as the new gto,and this forum is about mustang vs. gto and it is now offical that mustang is the new champion without even gto making the list: According to a consumer survey released by in May, the Mustang won a landslide victory as the Most Significant Vehicle of the Year for 2005, and the Chrysler 300 sedan took second place. The two cars beat out all foreign competitors.

    When it comes to hot product offerings from domestic automakers, Toprak said, "it's really the 300 and the Mustang."

    The Mustang, though, seems to be getting a few more buyers than the 300 did after its launch. Last month, consumers bought 19,559 Mustangs. The biggest month the 300 ever scored was in December, with 13,525 sales. The Mustang is averaging about 15,455 sales a month this year, vs. 12,272 for the 300. GTO didn't even make the list.

    Mustang rules baby!!!! Down goes gto,down goes gto!!!! :P
  • gottabgtogottabgto Posts: 95
    May be 'official' with you but you certainly don't speak for everyone.
    I prefer my horses under the hood instead of a little emblem on the grill - but by all means - enjoy your little pony car.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,137
    Off topic......... I used to be a big Chryco fan. I've always thought the company was innovative with interesting designs. They still are. While the 300 is an interesting design, particularly with the Hemi, the Charger just doesn't "grab" me....inside or outside.

    I just sold my '03 Vibe to my nephew. He just graduated and considered the selling price of $10,000 a "gift". Looking at getting something a bit bigger, I checked out the GC and Dodge Durango. Saw a Charger at the Dodge dealership. It's probably unfair of me to judge the Charger just by sitting in it and not driving it, but I'd take the GTO over the Charger in a heartbeat.

    I'm now thinking pick-up truck......maybe something along the lines of a Tacoma. Anyone have any comments, both good and bad about these trucks?
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  • sputterguysputterguy Posts: 383
    I was trying to be diplomatic. But yes, the Charger is ugly.
  • sputterguysputterguy Posts: 383
    A friend of mine has a Tacoma which he is happy with. But you should check out the Dodge Ram. A guy here at work has one with the 5.7 Hemi and that is one sweet ride.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,137
    Sputter....I drove a RAM yesterday. Way more truck than I need. Still offtopic, but I also drove a Honda Ridgeline yesterday. I don't get that vehicle.

    I keep coming back to the Tacoma. We'll see if I can swing a deal on one today.
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  • sputterguysputterguy Posts: 383
    Oh you're going foreign huh. Why? Just because it's well built, priced right, the dealer treats you with respect, they back up their warranty. What kind of reasons are those? Seriously, my friend is totally satisfied with his. You can't go wrong.
  • stang22stang22 Posts: 36
    Sorry gto is way uglier than the charger,have you seen the charger srt-8--very cool looking!! As is the 300c srt-8!!! The best will be late next year with the Shelby mustang GT-500!!! All sales and performance and looks of these above, kick gto's behind bigtime!! Sales numbers will prove all!!! Watch~ :P
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,137
    sputter.....LOL! After some of the horror stories I've heard about Honda and Toyota dealers, I'm actually pleasantly surprised at how well they've treated me. No pressure. Knowledgeable about their products (at least my sales people have been good). I'll pull the trigger on something today. I kind of like the Pilot, too.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,137
    stang....I'm going to have to disagree with you about the Charger. It's really not my cup of tea. If it came down to the Charger vs the GTO, I'd be in the GTO camp all the way.
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  • magnumforcmagnumforc Posts: 16
    Amazing thet the only thing the pony boys seem to see are the pipes sticking out the back of my GTO. For some strange reason, the 400 ponies under the hood whip the 300 ponies under the pony boys hood every day.

    You want a car that everyone else has from the granny down the street to the kid at McDonalds, get the Mustang. You want a real muscle car...oh, forget it, you're a pony boy. Sorry I even mentioned it.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,137
    Oh.....are you ever setting yourself up for the deluge.......LOL!

    I'm sure someone will be along shortly with a rebuttal as we've been going at this for months. I'll try to stay on the sidelines just this once.
    2018 Acura TLX SH AWD ASpec
  • stang22stang22 Posts: 36
    That's a nasty choice brother,but to each his own!!! Shelby mustang will still be the best looking and performance and best bang for the buck!! I'm sorry,but that gto body has got to go,that's why they keep redesigning it,hoping it would generate bigger sales.
  • gottabgtogottabgto Posts: 95
    The suspense is killing me -
    what'd you get?
  • jontyreesjontyrees Posts: 160 top speed. Although you may never use it, it tells you a lot about the capabilities of the car, and how understressed it is in everyday driving, both from an engine and dynamics standpoint. The 04 GTO is electronically limited to 158mph (tire limited), and would probably top out close to 170mph. The 05 has been tested to 180mph by a British car magazine. The Mustang GT runs out of steam shortly after 140mph - no need for a limiter. I like Mustangs, but I'd say that's a pretty clear win for the GTO.
  • benderofbowsbenderofbows Posts: 544
    All the GTO guys have been talking about is Horsepower, Quarter-Miles, and Top Speed. And that's fine, that's what they like.

    Imagine this: a sliding scale for sports cars with "Handling" on one end and "Power" on the other. On the "Handling" end of the scale we find the Mazda RX-8. It accelerates slower than both the GTO and the Mustang. Does that make it an inferior sports car? NO! It can out-handle them both.

    The GTO is all the way on the other end of that sliding scale. Lots of horsepower, relatively relaxed handling. This has been shown both in comments by testers, most notably the recent test, and in hard test numbers. Even the GTO guys admit it is more of a Grand Touring car. It does not handle as well as an RX-8 or a Mustang. Does that make it inferior? Again, no. It has better acceleration.

    The Mustang is in the middle of the scale. It can not take a curve as well as an RX-8 or blast past 150mph like a GTO. But it is a good mix of both handling and horsepower. And that's why I like it.

    It just depends on what you like.

    Do you "live life a quarter mile at a time" and dream about vacant freeways? The GTO is your steed.

    Do you love ripping around curves? Finding the apex? Heel-and-toe shifting? Slide into an RX-8.

    Buy a Mustang if you just can't make up your mind, or you love both! It's not the best at either, but does everything well.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,137
    Couldn't agree more.

    The Mustang is ferociously fast, handles very well, is comfortable and it's built well.

    That's a pretty strong combination.

    GTO has high top speed. RX8 is the best handling car I've ever driven.

    But the combination of all the traits the Mustang offers is very appealing.
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  • sensaisensai Posts: 129
    Hate to break it to you guys, but the GTO beat the Mustang on a road course in that televised speed channel test (sanctioned by the SCCA, so don't start with bias claims). The Mustang barely outslalomed the GTO, which is believeable since it is the lighter car. However, most driving does not involve swerving back and forth around cones spaced at a set distance. In real world driving, the GTO now has proven it can outhandle the Mustang. So greater acceleration + greater speed + greater overall handling + greater build quality/interior = GTO is the better car.
  • jontyreesjontyrees Posts: 160
    I guess we're just down to the "gotta-have-it-factor";^)
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    Uh-huh. Are you talking about the Pontiac Testdrive on SPEED Channel Sunday? I'm sure that wasn't biased. I've got it recorded on the DVR and will watch it tonight.
  • magnumforcmagnumforc Posts: 16
    I'[m just playing Devils Advocate here. The best car is what YOU choose and that fits your individuality and desires. I've had just about every muscle car ever made and some foreign cars too, and none of them was perfect at everything. Some were super fast on the drag strip, some were pretty good road racers, some were great rally cars, and some weren't worth a darn for much but sucking gas. Some had great seats and some had seats that felt like metal grates!

    The Mustang is a good car. I sold an '03 Mach 1 in February and drove a number of '05 GT's before making a buying decision. The GT is certainly decent handling and I rather like the retro exterior styling. The interior is another thing though, and I just couldn't bring myself to look at it for a year until the next toy urge hit. Plus, the overhead cam engine just does not have the "seat of the pants" wallop the pushrod engine has when the hammer goes down. Not when compared to the GTO. We're talking out of the box vehicles here, no aftermarket add-ons.

    The GTO has a bigger pushrod engine and the suspension seems more solid and refined. No wheel hop all over the road on bumps or under heavy acceleration on choppy pavement. The interior is very comfortable and has just about every amenity standard. No sunroof available, though.

    Finally, the Southern CA Ford dealers are adding 3 to 4K to the pricing of the GT's and have since they became available. A 5 speed GT with leather interior fetches about 28K in the local market right now. Only now are they starting to loosen up a bit, and alas. many of them are finding their way back to the lots with striping and wheels that increase the price even further. And, many are now Roush laden with hundreds of pounds of extra urethane parts and stripes and seats that brings the price to over 40K, with no added power, just looks.

    I opted for the GTO because it brought back memories of the 91 Z28 with the G92 competition package that I had race prepped. Same feeling when the pedal goes down. No, it's not the prettiest car on the streets, but when it will do 160 with the limiter on (and who says it's on?) and can sit at a light without the local cops giving it the evil works for me.

    Be safe out there.
  • graphicguygraphicguy SW OhioPosts: 10,137
    It does make you wonder....Pontiac sponsored race, plastered all over the trade rags as advertisements.

    GM sponsored a racing event and says it's sanctioned by some 3rd party? Naw.....couldn't be biased now, could it?
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  • rorrrorr Posts: 3,630
    Even if the event was totally on the up and up, I'm don't see how it 'proves' the GTO was a better handler.

    Consider: the GTO enjoys a power/weight advantage (I know, it is constantly pointed out by the goat fans). Why should a faster lap time be considered 'proof' of better handling? Couldn't the faster lap time simply be due to the hp advantage? If the two cars had IDENTICAL power/weight ratios and IDENTICAL braking performance, then I would agree that a faster lap time would be due to better handling. But that isn't the case.

    All that said, I haven't seen the event in question. Could someone indicate just what the lap times were? Was the GTO like 1-2 seconds a lap quicker or simply a few tenths a lap quicker? Is the track a fast track with high speed corners/long straights or was it a tight track which emphasizes handling over power?
  • tayl0rdtayl0rd Posts: 1,926
    I watched it last night. If I recall, the GTO was less than a second quicker around the track. The track was pretty balanced with a slight nudge toward power over handling/braking. Also, the performance of all the cars was flat bad. They hustled the GTO to 60 in 6 seconds flat, the GT in 6.18 seconds. The GTO did the cones less than 1MPH faster than the GT. What was more astonishing is that the SEDANS did the slalom faster than the coupes! The G35 sedan and BMW 330i tied at 62.22MPH.

    For the quarter mile, the GTO clocked 13.9 and the GT 14.3#. They didn't list the trap speeds. The GT actually pulled on the GTO at the start and had a slight lead until half track where they were basically fender-to-fender up to 2/3 the way down the track then the GTO started to slowly pull away. There was about a 1.5 car length difference at the end. Clearly not the slaughter the GTO camp tries to make it out to be.

    Nobody can contest that all the times were awful for both cars. I mean, come on. They had the Grand Prix GTP(X?) hitting 60 sooner than the GT and GTO, if I recall. I'll have to watch it again tonight. Basically it has been a whole lot of hype by GM for very little substance in the program. Typical GM; promise the world, but deliver a couple of bricks.
  • benderofbowsbenderofbows Posts: 544
    Well, last night I actually had the opportunity to take a couple of hot laps around a race track in each car, and I confirmed what was said above: that the Mustang GT is the better handling car, but due to the power advantages of the GTO it can go a couple of seconds quicker around a race track. The cars were both stock (totally un-modified) and warmed up, and I had driven the track before in other cars.

    The track was a 2.47 mile hilly course with various types of turns from sharps through esses and chicanes and even a near-U. The weather was perfect. I took my first lap around in the GTO and pulled a 1:55.9 (I was still trying to remember the nuances of the track).Then I took the GT out and posted a 1:54.2. I could tell the Mustang handled better through every turn, but couldn't come out of a turn as quickly no matter how it took it.

    Most mid and low-speed turns were taken in my typical driving style; follow the line, brake before the turn and let the rear swing wide to kind of drift through the apex, then lay the power down as soon as you can while bringing the rear back in line. Both cars were equally suited to this tactic but the Mustang was easier to control and noticeably sharper through the higher-speed turns.

    I was getting the hang of it but I only had time for one more lap in each car. I smoked through one in the GTO at 1:50.8, but the best I could do with the GT was 1:52.3. The GTO was also hitting higher speeds between the turns. Though it was clear that horsepower was the winner on this track, I was impressed by how close of a race it was. I know if I just had more time...

    Oh, and before I forget to mention, all of this occurred in the driving simulator Gran Turismo 4 ;) .
  • benderofbowsbenderofbows Posts: 544
    I'd bet both the GTO and the GT are faster than a Mazda RX-8 around a given road course, but that doesn't make them better handlers or "better" cars overall. It doesn't change the "sliding scale" example I mentioned earlier; or, the fact that the Mustang is a good mix of both, wheras the Pontiac and the Mazda show an emphasis towards one or the other.

    Given that the GTO has at least one second over the Mustang in the quarter mile, I'd say the fact that the Mustang only loses one second around a road course shows that it is the better handling car.
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