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Lexus GS Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • lookn4leaselookn4lease Posts: 11
    I'm going to try to lease the same GS300, anticipating that the new ES350 and GS450h will drive the price down. Any suggestions for dealers in the L.A. area?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Try Bredemann Lexus in Glenview and do me a favor and let me know what price they give you. Thanks.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Is anybody cheaper than Longo Lexus in El Monte? I doubt it.

    I don't think the GS450h is going to drive down the price of the GS300; it's in another price category altogether. And the ES350 is another car completely; buyers of one would not be interested in the other. The ES is not a sporty car. What will bring the price of the GS300 down is that it's getting late in the model year and the GS350 will debut in the fall.
  • art234art234 Posts: 99
    I am currently researching leases on GS300AWD vs. M35X vs. RL. The GS has the lowest residual value, 36 mo 15K only 51% if i recall correctly. The lowered residuals are normal late in a model year with a new model right behind it. Normal logic dictates that the GS-350AWD might cost less to lease, but then again the discount may be less.

    Pricing ranges from the low 600's for the Infiniti to mid $600's for the RL to $675 for the GS. Infiniti is offering $500 over, Acura is offering $600 over, Lexus $1000 over invoice.

    As far as I am concerned the M35X is the winner, but I can't justify the crappy fuel economy--the car is geared for speed only, and I just got rid of a G35X because it wouldn't get better than 17 mpg in normal driving.

    Between Rallye and Lexus of Smithtown, I found Rallye to be much more flexible. Any thoughts?
  • sljeepsljeep Posts: 2
    I have also heard good things about Highland Park Lexus also...keep us posted on your experience,Thks.
  • Did you get your deal by dealing directly with a salesperson or via the internet contact? In general, do you get a better deal through either of these avenues or through perhaps a car buying service? A credit union buying service? Host, if you can help, please respond. Also, is it really a benefit to e-mailing several dealers in the Atlanta area to get the best deal, or will they all offer about the same price for a new GS?
  • bayman48bayman48 Posts: 26
    I recently purchased a GS430 for 51750 (not including t/t) Is this a good price? Came with navi, levinson, park assist, spoiler, pref package, rear sunshade and moonroof.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    What was the sticker price and where did you get it?
  • bayman48bayman48 Posts: 26
    sticker was 58,629...northern california
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    great price. Must have been at or near invoice.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    What dealer did you buy from in Northern California?
  • bayman48bayman48 Posts: 26
    Got it from Pleasanton Lexus
  • morrismmorrism Posts: 9
    directly with the salesperson.You could compare the two.Sometimes you get a great deal from internet.It all depends on your anilities to negotiate.Goodluck.Did you think i got a good deal?
  • laderakingladeraking Posts: 69
    Did you lease or buy? What were/are your payments?
  • Yes!! I think you got a great deal. I hope to get something close to it. My plan is to buy late summer just before the model change. Thanks for your help.
  • bayman48bayman48 Posts: 26
    I purchased, no payments, paid all at once.
  • ccannonjcccannonjc Posts: 2
    Does anyone know the 2007 release date for the GS300?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Lexus is keeping mum on the release date for the GS350. Obviously, they want to sell as many GS300s as possible this year, so they're not eager to let the public in on the secret that it's going to be replaced. One Lexus salesman told me, e.g., trying to convince me to buy the '06, that the '07 will be "exactly the same, no changes" which of course is bs. Lexus will probably keep the GS350 under wraps as long as possible, but info will leak out. Lexus releases are usually in Sept. or Oct., so you can expect it about then (that's a guess).
  • gsmilegsmile Posts: 2
    I was just quoted with $47882. The MSRP is 52250 and the invoice is 45642. Is that a fair prrice? Anyone just purchased one recently?

    I was also told by the dealership that the invoice on is incorrect. And, the invoice on consumer report is also incorrect. I started to get a little uncomfortable with this dealership.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    At $52,250, the car must be loaded to the gills, with every option. Pretty good price for a Lexus, $4,300 off sticker. You might be able to do better somewhere, but how much more time are you willing to spend fighting and arguing with salesmen?

    Where did you get that price, by the way?
  • gsmilegsmile Posts: 2
    Yes, the car is loaded with options.
    Rahal Lexus in PA
  • Last week I bought a 06 GS 300 AWD with navigation and 6 disc in-dash for $47,250 Mcgrath Lexus in Westmont ( Chicago area).
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    What was the sticker on that car?
  • newgsnewgs Posts: 29
    Need advise in SOCAL...what is reasonable offer over invoice for the GS300RWD considering the upcoming release of 07 GS350? Looking at base GS300 with NAV and moonroof or anything close to this...
    Invoice $ 38,666 (with Dest Chrg)
    Nav 1,895
    Moonroof 800
    Total 41,361
    What are the current MF and residual rates for 3/36K or 3/45K? Thanks.
  • sljeepsljeep Posts: 2
    Great Deal !! Can you give some more specifics. I had a quote from another chicagoland dealer and it was about the same price but no Nav and now i think i want it!! Is Nav worth it?
  • Same question on a lease basis - Has anyone seen the price on the 2006 model move down yet?
    In February I was quoted $705/36 mos., and the money factor was 30% higher then.
  • lalchandlalchand Posts: 3
    I'm looking into purchasing a GS430 fully equipped. The only thing I left out were the chrome wheels and run-flat tires. According to edmunds the price for the vehicle is $61,695 for msrp; $53,361 for invoice; and $58,912 as the fair value. What do you guys think - any comments as to what is the maximum price I could/should pay for this vehicle? I'm hoping to pay no more than $2,000 over invoice. Is that a fair deal or am I too aggressive in my pricing?
  • lalchandlalchand Posts: 3
    I was visiting Longo Lexus to check out the GS430. I recall the salesman telling me that the new GS350 will be out by September 2006.
  • sammyrocssammyrocs Posts: 1
    i have no idea if i got a good deal or not. i know the price was good, but i don't think the money factor was that great..3000 down, 699x36 lease(tax included). 15k a year, vehicle price was 42600 with an msrp of 48424. money factor was .00255. the sales manager told me that was the buy rate for the gs. it seemed kind of high considering my credit socre..said it was sign and drive for tier 1, at teh buy rate...any feedback would be welcome..thanks!
  • Good evening,

    I visited a Lexus dealership in the Boston, Massachusetts area.

    This dealership has a 2006 GS430 in their lot. The MSRP is $59064.00 and I was able to knock off $4,100. How much more do I need to knock off more? $2,000 more? $3,000 more?

    Thank you.
  • lalchandlalchand Posts: 3
    I'd like to get feedback from anyone who has recently bought the GS430 - as to what they really think about the car. What they like about the car and what they don't like (what they would change or rather wish Lexus would change). I'm considering buying one and am just looking for some honest feedback.

    P.S. I know the car comes with bluetooth; however, does it come with a built in IPOD connection?

    Thank you very much.
  • Actually I miss-typed. Actually paid $46,250 not $47,250 as
    originally posted, sorry.

    Sticker: $50,469
    base price: 45,100
    navigation: 2250
    rear spoiler: 200
    rain wipers: 525
    moonroof: 1000
    sunshade: 210
    Ventilated seats: 200
    all weather mats: 95
    Preferred accessory package: 194
    Delivery, processing: 695

    Grand Total: 50,469
    Paid: 46,250

    McGrath Lexus in Westmont :)
  • bayman48bayman48 Posts: 26
    Look at my previous post, not sure on the east coast, but here on the west coast, i was able to knock off almost 7k of the list.
  • bayman48bayman48 Posts: 26
    Recently bought one last month...nothing negative about the does not come with a built in IPOD connection. I wish they would allow navi control when the car is moving.
  • cc2010cc2010 Posts: 16
    Still trying to decide between a 07 ES 350 and 06 GS...looking in the Seattle area. Anyone that can share their OTD price recently? Lexus is having a sales event, discounting RXs, but I don't know what the discount is on a GS.
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Anyone get a good deal on a GS300 AWD w/ NAV in the MD/DC/VA area? Still deciding on the ES350 and the GS300. Would like to have the GS350, but think it will be out of price range.
  • rj15rj15 Posts: 5
    I just received a quote on the new GS350AWD (New Jersey)...$3,000 off the MSRP. Should be in by the end of August or early Sept.

    Any thoughts on whether this is a good deal?
  • gvr4wdgvr4wd Posts: 23
    GS350? I didn't think it was available, yet? Are the pricing information already out?
  • rj15rj15 Posts: 5
    The dealer only had net pricing...not MSRP. Every few days they seem to get additional information.
  • vluuvluu Posts: 100
    Been looking at some used GS300's AWD w/ NAV. Brand new MSRP is around $52K. I'm seeing them go for $40K with less than 15,000 miles on them. Is this b/c of the GS350 due to come out in a month of so? Based on the forums.... anywhere from 47-48K is a good price for a new GS300 AWD w/ NAV. It's hard to ignore buying a used one with 12-15K in miles and save about $8,000 dollars.
  • tizertizer Posts: 23
    Tri County Lexus in Little Falls NJ quoted me MSRP $52,444. Sell Price $47,822. $2,500 Down Cap Cost. $615 per month x 36. Residual/purchase option $27,795. They said the money factor was .00126. I calculated it to be .00175. .00126 would give a monthly payment of $578. Residual is 53% of MSRP. Think their math is a little "fuzzy" and there are probably better deals to be had on left over 06 models. What do you think?
  • rj15rj15 Posts: 5
    I'm not as familiar with leasing numbers, as I'm purchasing a 2007 w/Nav. What I can tell you is that the 2007 models, comparably equipped, have only increased a few hundred dollars. I received a quote (Princeton area) of approximately $48,747, or $3,900 off MSRP. That’s only a $1,000 more then your quote on a 2006. The 2007 has a larger engine, more HP, and an improved Nav system. The first shipment of 2007's arrive at the port on August 27. It might be worth checking out how the 07's lease. I hope this helps.
  • tizertizer Posts: 23
    Thank you rj15. You have a much better deal. About a grand more for an 07. Plus an 06 will take an immediate bigger depreciation hit as well. My dealer told me that 07's would not be available until late September. I will wait for the 07's. Better engine, 2nd MY-bugs worked out(if there ever were any!). Do you know if 07 GS350 specs are posted anywhere?
  • chungjychungjy Posts: 3
    The car had Navigation, Mark Levinson, back-up camera, rear spoiler, rain wipers, moonroof, power sunshade, ventilated seats, and tinted windows. Flint Mica. Dealer website asked for $42,000 but they wanted to sell it for $39,900. I offered $38,000 knowing price of GS might drop in a month. They decided to think about it and I left the dealership.
    Two days later, someone came and bought the car for $42,000. Don't people know that used car is supposed to drop 15% after 1 year??
  • longtxlongtx Posts: 11
    Non-Lexus dealership was selling a similar car for $38,400 in Houston. Probably the best price I've seen around.
    I don't think the new GS350 will impact GS300 much. It's probably the GS430 that will take a big hit (3~3.5K drop?)
  • cefxcefx Posts: 1
    Just got a quote on GS300 2006 AWD MSRP 48414 selling px of 44,400 resid of 51% cap reduct of 2500 RCF of .00067 lease comes to 529 a month . Looks like a great deal . That said i notice that on Edmunds they show a lower cost for the selling price on a similarly configured model. Anyone have any thoughts ? This did not include doc fees taxes and acquisition fees ?
  • neelpneelp Posts: 2
    In Houston, I paid 53,800+ttl....$2250 100000miles/7yr
    bought car in July. Car had navigation package
  • rob316rob316 Posts: 1
    Went down to local Lexus dealers thinking I might purchase last of 06 GS300 but they were out of ML/NAV. They had 07 GS350 with ML/NAV arriving less than 1 week in the color I wanted. Msrp slightly over 51K, sold it for 47.7K process took ~15 minutes. Northern CA, Freeman Lexus.
  • I just got a 2006 GS300RWD at a great bargain. MSRP was $50,704. Final negotiated price pretax, tag, and fees was $44,209, which was invoice. I got it at Lexus of Nashville. I emailed them with a request for $500 over invoice, but by the time everything was said and done, the price went down to invoice. It was a pleasure to deal with them and not Lexus of Memphis, which is only 12 miles from my home. They have earned my business for life.
  • Has anyone noticed that 2006 GS300 RWD is priced around $28,000 to $30,000 for trade-ins at kelley blue book? Am I missing something? That's around $13,000 drop for 1 year of ownership. :mad:
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