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Lexus GS Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • Has anyone had experience on pricing for a 430 with nav/ml? I'm curious if the 430 is harder to deal on since there are fewer or if gas prices have the V8's taking a hit.

    Also are certain colors harder to come by than others?
  • I live in the midwest & the 3 Lexus dealerships I went to all had difficulty finding any GS300 AWD with ML. I know one dealership was lying cause they just wanted me to take one off the lot (& without taking hardly anything off MRSP!). They say that the ML package is few & far between on the GS300 AWD anyway. I just went ahead & ordered one from the factory exactly the way I wanted. The wait time is killing me though (~ 6 months)!
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    You may want to expand your search area - six months to get one with ML seems quite excessive to me.
  • Hello, this is my first post here and need some advice on buying the GS300 RWD.
    The car is equipped with the Navigation system/mark levinson audio system package with the additional options. One-touch open/close moon-roof, rain-sensing variable intermittent windshield wipers with mist control, headlamp washers, power door locks, adaptive front lighting system, Intuitive parking assist, ventilated front seats, rear spoiler power rear window sunshade, cargo net, trunk mat, wheel looks.

    The list goes on and on, it is basically the everything package (lol).

    The MSRP for the car is $50,979 the dealer gave me a price of $46,000 + Tax and DMV fees. Could someone tell me if I can lower that price any? I think it’s a good price, I just don’t want to pay more then I should.

    Thank you

  • That's an excellent price. May I ask the location and dealer who gave you that price? Here in Chicago one dealer generously offered me $500 off the sticker price. My guess is you're in California or Florida, where there's genuine price competition.
  • Thank you for your reply. I live in North Carolina and the dealer is Johnson Lexus of Raleigh. I am also looking at BMW 530xi but they won’t move on price at all.
  • Just bought a '06 GS300 RWD in Los Angeles. Sticker was $48,379, plus dealer add-on of 750 for satellite radio, making the dealer price $49,129. I paid $43,783 plus tax and license. Car has Nav w/std audio (this audio package is great...hard to justify Levinson unless you are looking to replace your home audio system by parking the car in the living room) w/sirius satalitte radio (sirius has it right, have XM in my GM Trucks and wish now it was sirius all around). Seems the 2006's in LA range in discount between 3,200 and 5,000 depending on dealer.

    Make sure you shop around. The dealership I bought from is fantastic. Mobile service trucks to service my lexus in my driveway is just one perk offered by the guys who sold me mine, plus loaners at service if you drive in.

    I have owned a Jaguar, Mercedes Benz and 2 BMW's and the Lexus guys offer dealer service on par with cars that cost twice what I paid for the GS.

    I'm replacing a BMW 740il which finally died after 198,000 miles. While I was reluctant to switch from BMW, I wanted a smalller luxo car and this one pricewise beat the pants off a 5 series replacement. While the handling of BMW is hard to beat the electonics on the GS are second to none.

    Also if you are going back and forth between the V6 and V8 I settled on the V6 after I drove both the V6 and V8 from LA to Vegas on separate trips. The V6 performed well, 90 miles an hour in the desert was effortless, and pulling up hills was a snap, so I opted for less gas comsumption and went with the 245 horses that pulled well as a team.

    This is a great mid price sedan, I just tinted the windows, added 19 in wheels and low profile tires, an invisible 3M bra to the front end and I'm getting positive comments at every turn... even from my status conscience Hollywood pals that feel if its under $90,000 its just not a car.
  • Can you tell me the L.A. dealer who gave you that great price? Thanks.
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 142,329
    Messages have been deleted.... Please do not request, or offer to provide salesperson names....

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    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Well I guess I can answer Bartalk by saying the dealer was Longo Lexus in El Monte..Rick31
  • kyfdxkyfdx Posts: 142,329
    Yes.. that's fine... Thank you.. ;)

    Did you get a good deal? Be sure to come back and share!

    Edmunds Moderator

  • Thanks again. Enjoy your GS300. Sounds great. I'll contact Longo on Internet. I would need the car shipped to me, but probably worth the cost if the deals are that good.
  • rkjrkj Posts: 4
    How much should I expect to pay for GS300 AWD in Baltimore?? How much to take off the MSRP??
  • Hi bartalk,

    You may want to try Lexus of Steven Creek as well. Both Longo and Stevens Creek are owned by the same group. I got my GS300 RWD from Lexus of Stevens Creek about three weeks ago. MSRP was $50,209 and I paid $44,981. They also had a Sirius promotion that time. I got it installed and 9 months subscription with no additional charge.

    I did not go through the internet department. They were not very responsive and would not negotiate.

    Lexus of Sarramonte and Lexus of Pleasanton in Bay area also offer good price. I got an email from Lexus of Pleasanton said they would beat any dealer quote by $200.

    Good luck.
  • I bought a GS300 AWD in Virginia (at Lindsay Lexus in Alexandria) in June for $3000 below MSRP (no ML or nav). I found Silver Spring (closest to me in Columbia) wouldn't deal hardly at all.

    I suspect things have become looser now. You should be able to get around $4000 off MSRP. This will depend on the option levels. If you get ML and nav, you should be able to do even better.

    Don't be afraid to walk out if they don't offer this. You have Towson, Owings Mills, Annapolis, Rockville, SIlver Spring -- and Lindsay if you don't mind the drive -- to investigate.

    Good luck.
  • Hi, bigpai,

    Thanks for the tips. The price I got from Longo was excellent, nearly $4,000 off sticker for the GS300. My problem is that I would have to have it shipped to the midwest which would cost about $2,000 and thus neutralize the discount. It's tempting to fly out there and drive it back. Locally, the best I can do is $2,000 off sticker. Yes, I did hear about Serramonte and the others as well, but shipping again would be the problem. California is much more price-competitive than Illinois, probably because there are more dealers and a huge market.
  • If you fl-out you will have a great drive back in a super car..can't say enough about my new GS300 :)
  • rick: I agree with you. But I would like to get your reaction to post #18 under "Infiniti M35 vs. Lexus GS 300."
  • Can somebody give me residual and money factor on 2006 GS 300 w/nav, or without.
  • Hello everyone, just wanted to share my buying experience.

    Just got a 2006 GS 300 AWD. I got the Navigation, ML system, ventilated seats, rear sun shade and moon roof. During about 2 months of negotiations I got the best quote from Oakland California. But then during the last minute, they backed out because I live in another state. I was very upset and challenged this and they simply ignored me. I actually didn't believe them and thought that it was very strange so I contacted another Lexus dealer in California. They told me that they sell to out of state buyers all of the time. The other dealer wouldn't match my quote, so I found that in Florida, I got a very good quote, 4,700 off of MSRP. I bought it and shipped it to the Midwest.

    I'm very dissapointed with Midwest Lexus dealerships. Nobody wanted to deal with me at all, especially since I wanted the ML audio system. They don't make the GS 300 with the ML in the midwest and you would have to order it. They didn't want to order a vehicle and would not go past 500 off of MSRP for existing GS 300's in the lot without the ML. I'm very puzzled as to why I would have to go to another state to buy a car that I want.

    Good luck to you all. I've owned many cars in my life and drove a $97k MB last year. This car beats them all hands down. Just an amazing piece of artwork.

    Midwest Ron :)
  • Ron,

    What did it cost you to ship it to the midwest? And who was the shipper? I negotiated a good price with a California dealer, but shipping to the midwest was $2,000, which pretty much neutralized the price advantage.
  • brat20,

    The residual used on the GS300 AWD is 55% and the MF is .00235 for a 36 month lease with 15,000 miles. I doubt that the absence of the Nav would effect it. I questioned the RV since it is substantially lower than that on the Infiniti M35 (60%) and Lexus is supposedly known for holding value and having more reliable cars. Infinti's MF was also lower at .00195. Apparently Infiniti is looking to move a lot of cars, because these rates lead to car payments of about $85 less a month on comparably priced vehicles. Extra miles, bought up front, are also more expensive on the Lexus ($.15 versus $.10).

    Despite the obvious price differences, and the fact that I have driven Nissan/Infiniti for the the past 14 years, I am leaning towards to Lexus. The build quality just seems much better and the interior is pristine. And to the earlier post that spoke about not getting the ML sound system, very few cars in my area (Boston) come without it.
  • Worked with internet sales and on a loaded GS430 ~58K, they would come off $5200 off of sticker. I saw alot of postings on GS300 but is this a good deal for GS430?
  • fabulous deal. Where did you get it?
  • Midwest Ron:

    I live in the Midwest as well (suburb of Chicago) and found that dealers are unwilling to move much off sticker (they state the cars are selling themselves - who needs salesmen then?). However, if you belong to Costco, they have a buying program that sets you up with a specific dealer to offer a set price without the need to negotiate - I believe the GS 300 discount is around $2,500 off sticker - I do not know if it only works with current inventory.

    I have found Lexus Corporate and its dealers very difficult to deal with - I really like the GS but I am waiting for more info (pricing etc) on the new IS 250 AWD and can not believe with a car coming out in approximately 3 weeks that pricing has not been released. Most of the Dealers I have talked to seem very arrogant and I feel like I am doing them a favor by buying a car from them. :confuse:

  • Hey Bartalk,

    I used Dependable auto shippers before for another car that I purchased earlier in the year and had them ship from California to Chicago it ended up being 1100. When I called them for a quote from Florida, they gave me a quote of 1800 and that is just terrible. So I went with Southern Auto Transport, based out of FL for $670 to my door.

    Hope that helps.
  • Hey Lipster,

    I feel your pain. I have been dealing with them as well and feel the same. I even know a friend at a local dealership in the Western Suburbs. He told me that there is no way that he could come close to the quote that I got elsewhere. So what I would suggest to you is to use the local dealerships to find out what options that you want and then go somewhere else to buy it. That's what I did and I'm very happy with that decision. I almost got discouraged and went with another car all together, but I'm glad that I didn't. This is an amazing car. I got the Levinson and it is the best sounding car stereo that I ever heard. It's simply an amazing car overall.

    Good luck.
  • Hi bigpai,

    Just a word of warning. I wanted to do the same thing with another car that I bought earlier in the year. There is a new law in California that restricts out of state buyers from driving the car on their streets. The new law says that if you buy it from out of state and drive it on their roads at all, you have to pay their sales taxes as well as your local state sales tax. I fought it and didn't win. But there is a way to do it. You will have to register the car in your local state when you get all of the paperwork, then bring your temp plate / registration with you. If you put them on the car, then you can drive it back. By the time I figured this out, it was too late for me to do it. I didn't have a lot of time to plan this out as needed.

    Good luck.
  • Midwest Ron:

    Thanks for the tip on Southern Auto Transport. With gas prices climbing, I'm not suprised shipping costs have increased. Can you tell me which Florida Lexus dealer you bought from? Edmunds does permit mention of dealers, just not the names of individual salesmen. Thanks.
  • Bartalk,

    Wilde Lexus in Sarasotta Florida was the dealer.

    Good luck.
  • Ron,

    Thanks for the reference to Wilde Lexus. I assume everything worked fine and you had no trouble getting the car you wanted, at that price, and that shipping through the outfit you selected worked fine. Let me know if you had any problems.

    Thanks again.
  • bartalk,

    No problems at all. Smooth as silk, just like the way the car drives.

    They are very good there.
  • Great. I contacted Southern Auto Transport to get an estimate to the Chicago area. Apparently they service a lot of snowbirds in Florida, so I imagine they've shipped a lot of Cadillacs from Sarasota to New York and Chicago and back.

    Interesting what you said about the problems of buying a car in California and driving it back. Having to pay double sales tax would be quite a shock and would completely wipe out whatever good price you could get there.
  • Yeah, I was in some "heated" discussions at the time with the dealer that I bought another car from. I ended up proving them wrong but then I couldn't take time off work so I thought that I would warn you about it. Why not share info to save others time?

    Yes, Southern Auto were very good to deal with. Got me the car in 1 piece and everything was perfect. The dealership was very professional and got everything done in a timely manner.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    Isn't it true that on the GS300, you have to tell the dealer how you want various programs set (e.g., whether doors automatically lock at X mph, unlock when ignition turned off, etc., etc.). Did you have the Sarasota dealer do that for you in advance, or did you take it in to a local Lexus dealer and have them do it after you got the car?

    Did you get XM or Sirius radio installed--there or here?
  • flugelflugel Posts: 34
    What dealer in Florida and what city gave you such a good deal on your AWD GS 300?

    Do I try to negotiate on the phone? With anybody or the mgr of internet dept?

    does it complicate getting a good deal because I need to "peddle" my 9 month old 2005 ES330 that I bought new, loaded with every option?


    flugel :
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Why are you getting rid of your new ES330? Transmission problems?
  • I didn't have them set those things up. I wanted to spend some time with the car to come up with a list of what I'd like done during my first free service visit.

    I didn't get either XM or Sirius. I really don't like the installation of it on the GS. I'm a bit dissapointed with how they put an ugly box on the trunk and it's not even centered. Until they find a better way, I'll stick without them.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    I guess your local Lexus dealer will do the program settings when you bring it in. I think only the dealer can do it, and I think they give you one freebie. If you change your mind later, you gotta pay, I believe.

    It's odd that on the GS the satellite radio antenna isn't a shark fin attached to the roof at the factory but some black box attached to the trunk by the dealer. Why is that?... I heard some rumor a few months back that Sirius antennas can now be attached to the rearview mirror on the GS, much less conspicuous, but no dealer has confirmed that that I've talked to.
  • kmg68kmg68 Posts: 108
    "Sticker was $48,379, plus dealer add-on of 750 for satellite radio, making the dealer price $49,129. I paid $43,783 plus tax and license."

    What was the invoice price wihth the options that you purchased? How much over invoice did you pay?
  • One stop shopping at Longo Lexus in El Monte, CA was all it took for me to buy
    a '06 GS 430 w/ ML,NAV,spoiler,rain sens wiper,moonroof,rear sunshade,vent seats,park assist,matts,wheel lock,cargo net and Sirius radio w 9 mo subscriptiion.

    MSRP $58584 + $495 Sirius = $59079
    -------------------------------------------------------- savings = $4490
    PRICE PAID = $54589

    I was too tired to push for more. :confuse:
  • I just negotiated a GS300 fully loaded (ML, NAV, spoiler, rain sensing wipers, moon roof, rear sunshade, vent seats, park assist, mats, wheel locks, cargo net, the works) for $47,100. Sticker was $50,659.

    Savings of about $3500.00. Countyline Lexus in Fort Lauderdale. They were fairly easy to work with, but didn't have much inventory :( Should take delivery Tuesday.

    I would have faught for a bit more, but I just got done spending the whole morning negotiating at the Infiniti dealer :)
  • Hi all:

    I am from Southern California. Here's the deal that I got:
    06 GS300 RWD
    with NAV (no Mark Levinson)
    Satellite Radio (incl. 1 yr subscription)

    MSRP is $49129
    Deal is $43,779 = Tax and license

    To lease it:
    36 months @ 15,000 mi/yr
    Cap Cost $43779
    Taxable AMO #299
    Bank Fee $600
    Total Cap $44678
    Cap Reduction $ 3193.95
    Residual $26124.66 = 54%
    Total Drive Off $5000 (incl tax and lic)
    Money Factor .00255
    Monthly Payment $642.48

    36 Months at $12,000 mi/yr

    Cap Cost $43779
    Taxable AMO #299
    Bank Fee $600
    Total Cap $44678
    Cap Reduction $3219.11
    Residual $27092.24 = 56%
    Total Drive Off $5000 (incl tax and lic)
    Money Factor .00255
    Monthly Payment at $615.49 (incl tax)

    If I were to purchase, the best rate they offered is 5.75%

    Is this a good deal??? I thik it is.......their also offering $1300 more on my trade - $1300 from the Blue book value.....Any more room to negotiate? :confuse:


  • I basically, just bought the same car. GS300, Nav, but no Mark Lev. I did not get the satellite radio, but upgraded the wheels to the 18" Tourmaline which is $2,450 extra on the sticker. I paid $46K even. Believe we have similar deals and from the shopping I did in the San Francisco Bay Area, think this is a good price.
  • All right, here goes. I'm looking for a used 2002-ish GS300, maybe something with 50K miles or lower. However it appears to be hard to discern between an ES and a GS. The GS appears to have the AWD option with a sportier look. Is that all?

    I want to pay 20K-21.5K. I think it's a bit low, but I have very white teeth and a full head of hair...just playing. I know I can find that price and mileage on an ES, but will any dealer be able to reach that without it being a POS or something?

    To be honest, I like the IS300 for the fun, but I don't know if I'll feel "lexusy" in it. I've test-driven it, and it's great, but it looks a bit like a souped-up Corolla. No offense.

    I am happy with a ES or GS, but, can't decide between the three and manage a lower price. I believe the dealer is offering about 2-3K above what they paid normally.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks for your time,
  • bartalk,
    I was offered $500 off too. Maybe its the same dealer... BTW. Getting a quote via internet is just impossible. They will not give a quote. When u try to push for a few K off MSRP, they stop responding.
    I'm getting so tired, I think I might just scrap the thought of buying a lexus.
    Just why dealer in other states are so generous with their discount, just not chicago. awwwwww.
  • kmg68kmg68 Posts: 108
    I have finally made the decision to buy the GS however I am not sure whether I should buy now, or wait until the "December to Remember" event. Can anyone tell me what Lexus typically offers during this event? Do you think they will offer lower interest rates than currently offered? I have read that interest rates are expected to rise 1/4% on November 1st and on 12/13, so am trying to decied what would be more advantageous as far as financing goes. Any feedback would be appreciated!
  • sam_ksam_k Posts: 118
    newmoney, the 2002 GS300 was only offered in RWD, not AWD. Only the new 2006 GS300 is available in AWD.
  • flugelflugel Posts: 34
    What dealer did you buy from in which City? I assume you bought a GS300 with All wheel Drive? You didn't have Nav on yours, did you?

    Thnks, Reddog
  • Completed a deal on a loaded GS300 RWD w/nav ... $1000 over invoice. Lexus of Stevens Creek CA. Outstanding dealership!
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