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  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    Point taken.

    But, after quite a bit of internet browsing and in-person discussions at multiple dealers, that was the best price anyone could give me. Some dealers were talking just a $500 discount.

    It's what the market will bear for an all-new first-Lexus-AWD-sedan car, I guess.

    I'm sure the car will cool off with time, and negotiations will be easier.

    From what I can tell of sales numbers, the GS is flying off lots. The Infinity is selling, but not as well.
  • cartalk1cartalk1 Posts: 13
    Visited my Lexus dealer yesterday and they were only willing to take $1,800 off an MSRP of $47,419 on a GS300 AWD w/o ML. I balked quite a bit and finally walked out, but they wouldn't budge. They claimed they only had two on the lot for sale although in walking around I saw a lot more than two, but they could have been spoken for. The 36 month/12K lease was $699/mo. which seemed extremely high to me. I'll keep looking.
  • lbllbl Posts: 11
    I visited a dealer in Northern NJ and he quoted the following numbers on GS300 AWD: MF - 0.00235, and residual - 59%. This is 36-month lease, 15K/year. Setting all other numbers aside for now, do the above numbers look right?
  • ajamoajamo Posts: 18
    Cartalk1, are you in South Jersey?
  • wigalowigalo Posts: 4
    I posted a couple of weeks ago but the moderator deleted the post because I offered to share the salesman's name; I won't make that mistake again. ;)

    I live in the Seattle area and the dealerships here must think that Lexi on their lots have gold bricks in the trunk. They won't budge off sticker. One even gave me the line that I should buy from him because he made an agreement with Lexus not to sell at 2nd sticker. (I haven't seen one yet who has done this anyway)

    To compound the problem, none here could get a blk/blk 430 fully loaded. After reading H. Powders' post, I called a FL dealership. I told the salesman about H. Powders' deal, told him that I was ready to buy today if he had a blk/blk 430 fully loaded. While he didn't have one in stock, there was one coming on 6/26 (I didn't have to factory order to get what I wanted nor wait 12-16 weeks like my local low volume guys said. with their 1GS430 allocation per month, i can see why blk/blk is an impossibility)

    The best part...without haggling at all, I got close to 4500 off of sticker. This pays the $1000 shipping from FL to Washington State, the DVD screens in the headrests for my daughter and I'll still be saving $$$.

    The key...find a high volume dealership. One who moves 14 GS's per month; not 2. Black Magic will be arriving at the Port of Jacksonville this Sunday and I should be pushing the Start Button by mid July...Good luck gang.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Wigalo. Please let me (us) know how your deal worked out, shipping across country, etc. I think I'm going to do the same next month. I live in the Chicago area, and Lexus dealers here won't deal on a GS, but high-volume California dealers are discounting substantially, more than enough to offset the shipping cost. The downside, of course, is that you're flying blind, can't examine the car before they ship it, assume that it's in good shape with low or no mileage, with all the equipment and colors you wanted, etc. Plus the possible imponderables about shipping, possible damage, etc. Let us know whether it worked out and whether you'd recommend that others do the same.
  • otguyotguy Posts: 37
    Before starting negotiations, I secured financing from my credit union. I reached a purchase price agreement with my dealer in CA and put down a $1k deposit. Now my dealer says I have to complete a Lexus loan application. He says it's their policy that every buyer complete the loan application even if paying cash! He even said it was state law. It's not a huge problem, but I would rather not provide Lexus with all my personal financial information required for a loan application and credit check. I think the salesperson just wants to score a commision for a car loan.

    Has anyone else been hit up for a car loan application by a Lexus dealer?

  • tinypoemtinypoem Posts: 26
    Im in CA and bought 2 new cars from Lexus over the past 3 months. Neither dealership ever mentioned a loan app. I also financed one thru my credit union. The other I paid in cash. Sounds fishy to me. If I were you Id ask him to show me the policy.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Ask him to state the exact law required by California, and let him know that you will be following up with the state.

    This is pure BS. It is not state law, and it IS a huge problem because the dealer is lying to you and trying to get you to devulge your personal information under false pretenses.

    I've heard about dealers pulling this stuff before, but I didn't think it still went on. Amazing.

    What did you tell them? Where does it stand now? Most importantly: what is the name of the dealer?
  • Visited and/or spoke to every dealer in Chicagoland area. Everyone want to sell at MSRP (or very slightly below if pushed). Everyones comment, almost verbatum "You aren't going to find a dealer in the Midwest that will discount this car." It seems that Lexus is only shipping them in limited quantities. Hence all these dealers have seemed to have gotten together and decided to make this their profit center. This is also happening with the new Toyota Avalon Limited that was so highly advertised at the same time that the GS300 was. The Toyota dealers are only receiving a few at a time, and with very high demand, they too won't budge much from MSRP. The GM at one of the Toyota dealerships told me that there seems to be a purpose to this policy at Lexus/Toyota. By only dolling out a minimal number of these hotly demanded cars at a time, the laws of supply and demand come into play, keeping their selling price very high. By keeping the selling price high upfront...this thereby will keep these car's resale value high down the road.

    Every dealer I spoke with says that there is no way that dealers on the East and West Coasts are selling these cars at 3K to 4K off of MSRP. And, if they are that I should fly out there and get one. Their comments are "Why would a dealer want to loose 3K to 4K profit, when there are buyers willing to pay full price. And, even if the dealer is a high volume seller, there are only so many GS300 going out to the dealers, and those dealers will not get enough additional cars to make up for the lost profit for discounting. And, anybody can post anything on the internet, and no one is going to brag that they got a bad deal."

    I hate buying cars!!! :confuse:
  • indiana97indiana97 Posts: 58
    Try Lexus of Peoria. I bought a 2006 GS300 RWD. This was my second purchase from them. They were very helpful and easy to deal with. They did discount over $2000.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    California Lexus dealers are discounting big time, thousands. So your Chicago dealer doesn't know what he's talking about. I was just out there, and though I live in the Chicago area, I may buy one from a California dealer and have it shipped. Even with shipping charges of around $900, it will still save me thousands. I may check with the Peoria dealer, however, based on the previous post. If I could get $2,000 from them, it might be worth it to buy locally, and avoid the uncertainties of shipping, etc.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    Can you elaborate a little on your purchase from Lexus of Peoria. Since most GS300s shipped to the midwest are AWD, did it take them a long time to locate the RWD car you wanted? Did you get the color and options you wanted, or did you have to take what was sitting on their lot?
  • indiana97indiana97 Posts: 58
    Lexus of Peoria was able to get the car I wanted RWD (silver/black) in about a week. I got color and options I wanted. I did not want Nav or ML. We also have Jeep Wrangler and Toyota Tundra and have no real need for AWD. If the weather gets too bad, I would not take the GS out of the garage anyway. I could have also purchased the car from Lujack Lexus (Quad Cities) for about the same price and they could have had a RWD for me in about a week. I would think both of those Dealers would be able to get a GS to you in the Chicago area with no extra costs. Lexus of Peoria is about 125 miles from me and they delivered it and will pick up/deliver for all maintance, etc. You know, I would think most Lexus Dealers would be happy to service your Lexus in the Chicago area if you buy it elsewhere. I usually have my Lexus serviced at a dealer I did not purchase from and they give me a Lexus loaner, no questions asked and they treat me just like they did when I did buy from them. Get your best price from whatever dealer and service it where you feel the most comfortable. Anyway I have owned 4 Lexus and have never had a problem that was not taken care of at the time of a scheduled maintance visit.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    Thanks for the follow-up. Actually, I live only 35 miles from Peoria, so it's really more convenient for me than Chicago. Since Chicago dealers are bigger and turn over more cars, I thought they would be most likely to give the best deal. Apparently I'm wrong. That's fine, actually.

    I also want RWD. The AWD adds a couple thousand dollars to the price, 200 pounds, lower gas mileage and slower acceleration. Who needs that?

    My only requirement is that I don't want a car that's got a couple hundred miles on it, that might be a demonstrator or driven from one dealer far away to Peoria. I would prefer to pick up the car myself at whatever dealer they're trading and drive it home myself, or have it trucked.

    I assume yours came with the usual options they're sending to the midwest: run-flats, ventilated seats, sun-roof, sunshade, etc. Correct?

    Thanks again.
  • wigalowigalo Posts: 4

    I will let you know once my car arrives. So far the process has been more pain free than buying from a local dealer; no one making me feel less than for wanting a discount on a car that's been marked up by 10 grand, no one saying that it's law that they have to pull my credit again (lowering my score by the way by an unnecessarry inquiry) and no one trying to sell me the worthless scotchgard, wax or undercoating that's that's marked up by a factor of 100 and crossing their eyes at me when I tell them that I don't want it.

    In this information age, there's no way that anyone should have to pay sticker. The new GS is a sweet car, not sweet enough to justify that kind of markup though.

    By the way, I contacted a few California Dealers and they did deal some (1500), but no where near the 4500 in Florida.

    I am taking some risk with the shipping, but the outfit is fully insured. As far as trusting the mileage, option and color combo; this is a Lexus Dealership, selling a brand new car. And just to be sure, my purchase order has every option that my car is equipped with. Before it goes on the Truck, you better believe that my Salesman is going to check it as well as the driver, because I sure will when it gets here. The salesman is going to have has sheet signed by the driver stating the condition that it left; they will both ensure they do a good job of checking, because neither is going to want to be responsible for damage if it gets here in anything but perfect shape.

    Well my countdown starts tomorrow. Blackmagic arrives at the port of jacksonville and should be at my dealership ready for pickup by midweek.
  • wigalowigalo Posts: 4

    the only time that this would ever make sense, is if they let you driver "their" car off the lot before your credit union sent $$. There are some situations where your c.u. won't send $ until they see that all of the p/w has been perfected.

    If however you went to the dealership with check in hand, don't give this goof your directly with the salesmanager.

    by the way never let them pull your credit unneccessarily (your case, just shopping etc) it lowers your score and 2; always negotiate your deal before you tell them how you'll be paying. Cash deals to dealerships potentially mean less profit for them and less profit for them means less of a bargain for you.
  • indiana97indiana97 Posts: 58
    I could have picked up my GS from Peoria but I chose to have them deliver. Had I took delivery at the Dealer, GS would have had 3 miles on it. Also I think anytime this dealer would trade they would transport the car on a trailer, not have someone drive it from the other dealer. I would think that most Lexus dealers would dealer trade that way. I took delivery from the salesperson. He explained all the new features, the car was delivered in perfect condition. I agree with you I did not see the need for the AWD. Love the car!!!!
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    Ok, thanks for the tips. If Peoria gives me a reasonable deal--after all, there's a tremendous markup on the car--I'll go with them. I'd prefer a local deal, all other things equal (or nearly so). It's just more convenient. Otherwise, I'll see what California can do and wait to see what experience wigalo has with having his shipped cross country.

    Is it true that when you take delivery the Lexus service department will set a number of program options for you--door locking, unlocking, etc? One-time free, after that they charge?
  • indiana97indiana97 Posts: 58
    I think you can have the personal settings performed once at no charge. I did not have this done at delivery but plan on having Dealer perform this at the 5000 mile service. I have a settings checklist that I can fill out and give to the service department when they do settings. It was with the car when I took delivery. I also think you can get the checklist on the Lexus website when you register your VIN and become an online Lexus owner participant. I would recommend not having this done at delivery. I believe it will take a while to decide how you want the settings. This will only happen after you have spent some time with the car.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Good idea--to wait until you have spent some time with the car before deciding on settings. On the other hand, if I buy from a California dealer, will I have to pay for the settings when I take it to Peoria or Chicago? Unless they can tell that no settings have been done.
  • bernsterbernster Posts: 27
    Anybody getting any good deals on leases?
  • otguyotguy Posts: 37
    I told the salesperson that I knew how the CUDL (Credit Union Direct Lending) system works because I have a relative in the car business and that I knew he (the salesperson) wanted me to use the CUDL system so he could get a commission on the loan. My relative told me the dealer gets a 1% commission on a CUDL loan.

    This salesperson works at Oakland Colliseum and we are still waiting for our car to come in. We're getting the GS300 RWD w/ NAV&ML (MSRP $50,409) for $46k. I saw the salesperson this weekend when I stopped by the dealership with my wife. He didn't mention the loan application again. I think he tried once and knows not to push the loan again.

    If he had been honest with me, I might have been willing to let him compete for my loan and get a commission. Since he lied to me, there is no way I'll do my loan through him. If he tries it again, I'll call Lexus corporate and file a complaint against him and the dealership.

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,077
    A reporter wishes to speak with people who have recently purchased a Lexus GS. She would like to discuss your ownership experience and what other cars you considered. If you would like to speak with her please send your name and daytime phone number to Pam Krebs, PR, at [email protected] by 12 noon Tuesday, June 28. Thank you.


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  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    I would call and complain anyway. The fact that he tried it on you mostly likely means that he's tried it many times. If you don't call Lexus, at least tell the manager. Hopefully he'll do something.
  • indiana97, I called Lexus of Peoria. They told me that they will not sell a 2006 GS300 for less than MSRP, because there is such a high demand, and the cars are in such short supply. I then mentioned your deal, and asked why they discounted $2000 off MSRP for you. The manager I spoke with said he had no knowledge of their discounting any 2006 GS300's, and asked where I had heard such a thing. I told him I read about it on His response was... that seemed highly unlikely, and that their policy was only at MSRP and no discounting. I thanked him for his time and asked him to keep my name and numbers should they change their minds. You must be a great negotiator to have gotten such a good deal here in the Midweat.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Well...cruisedoctor, I was about to do the same and ask Peoria Lexus for the same deal.
  • eyekutreyekutr Posts: 3
    I just bought my gs300 yesterday, it was an amazing experience, I got a killer deal. It seems the So cal GS 300s all come with base stuff and in addition, moonroof, vented seats, spoiler, ATF package, anyways they are all about 45879 MSRP. Some dealers discount 3-4 grand here and that is what I got. I am happy to provide a contact at the dealer, there is a hassle of shipping the thing and I have no idea what that costs but the dealer can maybe do that, I can be IMd using AOL IM. If you can wait a few months probably the midwest prices will come down below MSRP. I think the car is great but paying $50 may be a bit too much. By the way, the car is very refined.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Eyekutr: Can you mention the So. Cal. dealer you bought from?
  • eyekutreyekutr Posts: 3
    Longo Lexus, it is a great dealer, it may be worth flying out, buying one and driving it back :) Transport can cost about $1000 and this may be a way to save, if the dealer wont ship it, there must be other companies that will buy a car for you and ship it for you, charging you a fee, heck I could do that....but let me tell you, I bought mine for 46 out the door, we have 7.75 % tax rate plus dmv fees and such....they had many in stock, they are a large volume dealer. My local (5 miles away) dealer did not have my black w/ cashmere and would not get one for 3 weeks, Longo had it, i got it the very next day when I could go and pick it up. I dont check the forum much and can be emailed if more info is needed...I am pretty sure I am not supposed to give the name of fleet guy.... rhedayi at yahoo
  • extrakextrak Posts: 2
    Eyekutr, I also live in S. Cal, and am planning to buy GS 300 very soon. I understand that your purchase, out-the-dorr price which includes tax and license, destination fee, etc. is $ 46K. Can you elaborate all the options included in the deal? Thanks.
  • eyekutreyekutr Posts: 3
    You will see that when you go to buy a gs300 in so cal, base msrp is 45, is that exact cant get it optioned as a lower msrp....includes moonroof, vented seats, atf and a few other things
  • luvboxrsluvboxrs Posts: 47
    Has anyone done a deal like this? I'm in a 03 Toyota LC. My lease in up in 5 months. Toyota financial says if I lease a new Toy/Lexus they'll let me out of my last 5 months lease payments. Problem is...I am way over my allowed mileage. About 15000 miles over. BUT, the LC is worth $7,000 OVER what my total payoff is at this point.

    I'm looking to get into a lease on a GS430 with Nav, ML, with zero down and take the LC from me with no penalties, etc. and continue paying lease payments around what I pay now ($729). In other words I want to give someone the LC, drive away with the GS430 and just keep paying monthly payments with no additional money out of my pocket.

    Has anyone had success with a deal like this?
  • vroommdtvroommdt Posts: 11
    Does anyone have any experience with the time it takes to get a GS430 on special order? I ordered red with black interior in mid March (5K "non refundable " deposit) and was told it would be 120 days. That would put it in Mid July. Now I am told it is scheduled for "production" in July and it will be "allocated" in August. I am trying to find out what "allocated" means and when I will actually take delivery! I feel like I am being jerked around and am losing faith in the vaunted Lexus Service. Comments, experiences, please.
    By the way- car ordered in No. Calif., I got MSRP less1K for a fully loaded car- everything except the Pre Collision System. That was the best offered in the area at the time. I had bought previous cars from this dealer/salesman, liked them both, and wanted to give them the business. GS production is 80/20 :300/430 and there is such a demand for 430s ,there is not much bargaining room. :mad:
  • luvboxrsluvboxrs Posts: 47
    I went back and read the message I posted last night, I see it doesn't even make sense!

    Anyway, I just negotiated a deal for a 06 GS430 fully loaded (the only way they're coming apparently) for $4,000 off MSRP. CA dealers are dealing! I called the fleet/internet sales manager and did it over the phone. It was quick and easy. They have what I want in stock and we're picking it up tonight. I can't wait to bring this baby home!
  • vroommdtvroommdt Posts: 11
    Where did you get this deal?
  • luvboxrsluvboxrs Posts: 47
    I don't know if I'm allowed to say on the forum where I got the deal?? Northern CA...not bay area.

    Anyway, I picked up the car last night and let me tell you about my buying experience:

    Not very good. So much for the quick and easy deal I though I had!! This is the 6th new car I've bought in 5 years, and the 2nd this month! So I am not naive and I don't like to get jacked around.

    The fleet guy who I made the deal with on the phone was off, so I had arranged to meet with another manager. He starts showing me numbers that don't match the deal I made on the phone. He's priced the car at $3,300 under MSRP. Still a good deal, but we agreed to $4,000 off MSRP on the phone. When I was on the phone with the guy I made it very clear that I wanted to make a deal on the phone and walk in and have this go smooth and easy. I live 2 hrs away from the nearest dealership.

    I told the guy I was annoyed that already I was not getting the deal that was agreed to and that upset me greatly. He said he'd call the other manager who made the deal with me and in the meantime he wanted me to test drive the GS while they looked at my trade (03 Landcruiser). I refused. I told him there was no point in driving the GS until we agreed on what they would give me for the LC. I knew exactly my payoff, trade value, what I could get on the street if I sold it myself as well as what the dealership would put it on the lot for. All I wanted was what was fair, which was trade value and which was still $4,000 under what I could have sold it privately for. But that's ok! Selling yourself is a hassle and I'm in the middle of trying to find a buyer for another vehicle right now anyway. I just wanted fair trade.

    So, some other head sales dude comes out and says that I misunderstood the deal I made on the phone. The deal was for $4,000 over invoice, not $4,000 off MSRP. Well, I knew that was an untruth. I knew what the deal was for. I'm not an idiot. Come to find out later, that I should have taken them up on the $4,000 over invoice deal since that in fact would have been the better deal! I didn't even have invoice prices with me, otherwise I would have called them on their 2nd lie of the day. So they told a lie to get themselves out of the first lie. He's like "it's only $700!" I said, I made a deal and that's what I came down for and that's what I'm paying. The END. They eventually agreed (as if they were doing me some huge favor) to sell me the GS for $4k off MSRP.

    So I'm pretty hot now, because this was supposed to be a quick easy deal. I've done hard deals before and I don't like them. I don't begrudge anyone making money, and the deal I wanted had them making loads on the GS and loads on my trade. So when they come back with $29k trade value on my LC, I asked for my keys back and told them I'd head down to the BMW dealer--see if they honor the agreement they made with me (I had no agreement and didn't want a BMW, but tough times call for it!) The LC's worth $39k privately, and I wanted $35,800 which is fair KBB trade value. I said, this is done, I'm finished with you people. Stood up and asked for the keys again. My husband had been in the bathroom and when he got back I was standing and he asked "what's going on?" I told him and he said "let's go". So now the sales manager runs off to get the other sales manager and they say, hold on, hold on we'll look at your trade again and blah blah blah.

    Now my husband and I are sitting there fuming. I told him, listen, we'll get the GS, if we have to sell the LC ourselves, then make a separate deal for the GS. But not at this dealership! I'm already mad and now they're trying to steal my trade from me.

    I don't like being lied to, I don't like being jacked around.

    Anyway, they finished up looking at the LC again, and came back immediately agreeing to give me my $35,800 for the trade.

    So I DID end up getting the deal I wanted and the car BTW is totally HOT. Woweee! But, I have a terrible taste in my mouth about the whole experience and I probably wouldn't buy from this dealership again.

    But what a hot car.....

    Oh hehehe, then we go to drive the car and there are scratches on it! Like, 6 of them! It's got 86 miles on it, the inside is all beat up with scuff marks everywhere. I said, I'm not taking it! They pulled out an identical twin with 26 miles in perfect condition and that is the car I drove home.
  • flexgs300flexgs300 Posts: 2
    I've been reading posts, and I see that people are getting around 42K for GS 300 with no Nav. RWD. I wanted to see if anyone got around the same deal as me...$41,900 (California). This was at Lexus of Westminster.... It took me a few days and some bargaining to get this price...what do you think?
  • extrakextrak Posts: 2
    Can you give me the details on the price? Does it include any other options? Does the price include destination charge or tax and license fee? Thanks.
  • flexgs300flexgs300 Posts: 2
    Hmm...OK so the total price was $41,900 excluding tax and out the door was a little over $45,000 forgot the exact figure. I guess when it comes to GS 300's (RWD) you can only get them in 2 packages.... Nav and no Nav...I got the latter. But the car is pretty much fully loaded, with spoiler, keyless entry, ignition, ventilated seats and all the floor mats, oh yeah..the AFS (headlight adjusting). Everything else is standard, so I figure, why pay an additional 5K for Navi? I have Navi. in my LS 430, and I dont really use it....its pretty much for looks.
  • If you are going to lease through Lexus Financial, and you have some disposable income sitting in a savings account, I would highly recommend putting down multiple REFUNDABLE security deposits on your lease. Your dealer will NOT likely mention it's availability, so you need to ask, and don't let them dissuade you.

    I just leased my 3rd Lexus using this option, and it has saved me a lot of money over the years. Here is how it works. For each security deposit you put down (over and above the first mandatory one) Lexus Financial REDUCES the MONEY FACTOR used for your lease. The smaller the Money Factor...the lower the Rent Charge...resulting in lower monthly lease payments.

    Since these multiple security deposits are FULLY REFUNDABLE at the completion of the lease, the only cost to you, is the loss of earning power you would have had, if those funds would have remained in your control. With interest rates being in the toilet for so long now, unless you have some form of investment that pays very high rates of return, the monthly lease savings are really worth it.

    For example, I just leased a 2006 GS300 AWD with NO money down (i.e., NON-refundable money down), but with $4,900 worth of FULLY REFUNDABLE security deposits. The Money Factor using the multiple security deposits was .00165 as opposed to .00255 without them. Being able to use the lower Money Factor reduced my monthly lease payments by $69.34/month or a total of $2,500 over life of the 36 month lease. If my calculations are correct, it would have been necessary to have had that $4,900 invested in something that would be returning at least a 15% APY, before this wouldn't have been a good deal. And, really it would have had to be more than 15%, because any investment income would be taxable, so you would need to take that into consideration too.

    For me, this was a no brainer, great way to save money on the lease. In talking with the Finance Manager at the dealership, I asked why more buyers don't take advantage of this opportunity. His reply was that most buyers don't have the extra disposable income to tie up for the term of their lease.

    Hope this helps!
  • ysbakysbak Posts: 3
    I'm in the market for the 06 GS 300.

    Is anyone in negotiations or recently purchased the car?

    What prices are you guys finding?

  • otguyotguy Posts: 37
    That sucks! I really hope you call the Lexus 800 255-3987 corporate number and file a complaint against the dealership and the salespersons involved. No customers should be treated so poorly. I had a similar experience with a Honda dealer years ago.

  • otguyotguy Posts: 37
    Picked up our silver GS 300 w/NAV and ML ($50,409 MSRP) last week from Oakland Collesium Lexus for $46,000 plus tax and license, no trade-in. That's $4,409 off sticker for the math impaired. Has anyone out their paid lower? Got 100% financing from my credit union - 3 year loan for 3.99%. Buying experience was okay except for the fact that the dealer required a loan application that I would rather not have done. The car had only 10 miles on it. It's a great ride - super cool car!

  • johnmayrjohnmayr Posts: 2
    would you mind sharing which credit union is giving those rates; that is much better then mine and I would like to pursue - thanks
  • scfanscfan Posts: 3
    Am looking at the gs 300 without nav in SoCal. (MSRP $45,879) I got an internet quote of $42,262. The residual is 51% and MF is .002350 with Drive off of $1,026.22. Payment is $561.21 + tax = $607.51. Anyone know if this is a good deal? Anyone do better? Thanks.
  • otguyotguy Posts: 37
    Sure, I used Lockheed Federal Credit Union (1 800 328-LFCU). The rate included automatic payment deduction from my checking account.

  • johnmayrjohnmayr Posts: 2
    thanks - I am still working the dealers to get has told me they would do the 46K already so I will keep you posted on where I wind up...anybody see the 5 star wheels on the gs430 ever be put on a gs300? Also anyone upgraded the rims on the 300 to the 18" ones and have any input on them?
  • kennynmdkennynmd Posts: 424
    Anyone recently been quoted on a GS 300 in the MD area? Just wondering how much is being discounted in this area? Thanks
  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    My experience with a GS300 AWD no ML no nav:

    Silver Spring wouldn't really discount much -- few hundred?

    Lindsay Lexus of Alexandria VA would discount around 3K.
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