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Lexus GS Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    I'll confirm bartalk3's comments about RL pricing and availability.

    I went with the GS300 AWD (see previous post). But I'd been looking at the Acura RL. It's nice, but a bit boring. I was EASILY able to get multiple dealers to talk $3000 - $4000 below MSRP, and multiple dealers had plenty of RLs in stock. Despite the RL being a technological marvel, my impression is that it is not selling. I think as the model year winds down, Acura will be giving these cars away.
  • kazoostkazoost Posts: 2
    I test drove a GS300 AWD yesterday in western Michigan. Great car, I think it lacks a little bit in handling compared to other cars I'm testing, but then again, Lexus is more about luxery first. Overall very impressed.

    I asked the dealer what I would be looking at for a realistic walk out the door price for the AWD with nav and most other options except for the ML premium stereo (MSRP right around $50k). He told me they are strictly selling at MSRP. I told him that I was reading that other people across the country were getting $2-4k off sticker. He said their policy was to not break below sticker price unless someone brought in a lower, valid quote from a competing dealer. Then they would consider coming off of MSRP to compete for your business (although I got the impression that getting $3k off sticker would be a challenge). He tried to impress me with the fact that they had an agreement with Lexus to not sell above sticker, which some other dealers are purportedly doing (his words, not mine).

    Unfortunately, there's only one Lexus dealer in western Michigan, so there really isn't any competition. I like the GS, but not enough to pay MSRP. I presume things would be different if I was shopping in New York, LA or the like where there are multiple dealers within close proximity to one another. Oh well.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Sorry to hear your story. One fellow on the Lexus board bought from a dealer in Florida and had it shipped to his home somewhere in the midwest, I believe, and still saved a bundle. Would you be willing to do that?
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    Got a 2006 GS 430.
    MSRP $53804
    Paid $ 49580
    36 month lease
    36,000 miles
    nothing down
    When you're :)
    the whole world :) with you.....
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    hpowders: Where did you get this great deal?
  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,301
    Wilde Lexus of Sarasota in Florida.
    If you are interested, click on my profile, e-mail me and I will give you the salesman's name.
    After I took a test drive with this fellow, I was very impressed with his knowledge and relaxing, no- pressure demeanor.
    I took a chance 2 days ago and e-mailed 8 Lexus Dealers in Florida. I told them I want to pay $700 a month max., nothing down for 36 months. The total deals I got back varied from high(Tampa Bay Lexus)to low(Wilde Lexus of Sarasota) by get this, a whopping $7265 over the terms of the leases!
    Wilde Lexus of Sarasota honored my request right on the button!
    Let's here it one more time:
    When you're :)'in
    the whole world :)'s with you....
  • amoviefan1amoviefan1 Posts: 24
    I put a deposit down today on a GS300 RWD with Mark Levinson and the Navigation System plus cargo net, etc. The Sticker was $50,409. I got it for $46,000 plus tax, title, license and documentation fee. (No trade-in.) That's $4409 off sticker. I'm pretty happy. I pick it up in 2 weeks.

    The key to getting a good price in the Bay Area (after my hours of phone calls) is to hope that your color combo is available or at least coming in soon and also being able to talk to 5 to 7 dealers for the best price. If you want a GS300 WITHOUT navigation or Mark Levinson, you should easily be able to get a great deal. If you have a hard to find color combo, you'll probably pay at least $47,000 to $48,500 (if you negotiate strongly).
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    moviefan: Which Bay area dealer gave you that great deal? Serramonte?
  • amoviefan1amoviefan1 Posts: 24
    Yes, bartalk. You guessed it! Have you had any experience with them? Anything I should carfeul of?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    I haven't had any personal experience with Serramonte myself, but awhile back on the GS300 thread someone else mentioned that he had gotten a great deal there. So I took a wild guess. You might look for his note, probably a month or two or more back. He seemed completely satisfied.

    Please let me know what your experience is. I'm in the midwest where dealers are apparently selling for sticker or close, and if I can't get a better deal here, I may actually arrange something with Serramonte or some other California dealer and have it shipped to me or just pick it up on one of my frequent trips to the coast.
  • otguyotguy Posts: 37

    Congratulations! Your deal and negotiating experience sounds similar to mine. I put $1,000 down at Oakland Collesieum Lexus for a....
    Model = GS 300 RWD with NAV&ML
    MSPR = $50,409
    Purchase Price = $46k plus fees.

    I thought $46k was a super deal till I learned that you got the same. Still, I think it's a good price and I'm cool with it.

    Oakland estimated that it would be 2 two 6 weeks to get the color we want - mercury metallic with grey/ash interior. No dealer financing and no trade-in.

    Once we figured out exactly which model and color we wanted, I started calling all the Bay Area dealers and asked to speak to the the sales manager. A relative in the new car business told me you always pay more if you walk into a dealership because the dealer has to give a cut to a salesperson. Sometimes I got to speak with the sales manager, but often I was punted to the internet sales manager. Oakland was not competitive at first, but they came through in the end with a good price. Serramonte and Concord started off the most competitive. I thought I was going with Concord till Oakland surprised me. If for some reason Oakland does not come through as promised, I'll head back to Concord or Serramonte. What color are you getting?

  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,025
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  • amoviefan1amoviefan1 Posts: 24
    I'm getting Black with Black Leather and Walnut Trim.
    Way to negotiate OT!
  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    Picked up my new GS430 today. Silver/Black Non Navi (I HATE Navi as I live in a rural area and know every road within 300 miles and it's a bother to turn it off every time I start the car). Sticker was $53,804 and I paid about $3800 under MSRP.

    Very nice ride.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Jones: Where did you buy? Many areas of the country are not budging off sticker for the 430.
  • jonesok1jonesok1 Posts: 97
    I promised the sales manager that I wouldn't disclose the dealer because he did discount it for me. I posted the price here to let everyone know that not all GS430's go for list if you have a decent dealer and can work the deal a bit. I've bought cars from them before so we had a pre-existing relationship that I'm sure helped bring the price down from MSRP. The salesman told me I was the only one they've sold a 430 below MSRP so far.
  • cartalk1cartalk1 Posts: 13
    Anyone willing to share their buying experience on a GS300 AWD WITHOUT NAV/ML? MSRP is $47,419. I'm in NJ and wondering if I should be able to get anything off list and if so, how much.
  • howardg1howardg1 Posts: 14
    Cartalk, I purchased the exact same vehicle in April, GS 300 AWD no Nav/ML, sticker was $47,419, and negotiated $3,419 off. Purchase price $44,000, no trade-in and no financing. I shopped several dealers for about 3 months, and finally was able to work this deal at the dealer in Rockville, MD. I did have an internet quote from Lexus of Annapolis offering $44,800, which helped a lot, and negotiated from there. It was a car they had in stock, and apparently anyone on their "waiting list" that wanted Silver/black, wanted the Nav. Good luck, try e-mailing all local dealers and see what offers you get. Then go from there.
    What color(s) interior/exterior are you interested in?
  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    Note my earlier post. I negotiated $3000 off a GS300 AWD without NAV/ML. Mine had ventilated seats, spoiler, wheel locks, and a few other things. The sticker was just over $48,000. Dealer was Lindsay Lexus, Alexandria VA.
  • msu79gt82msu79gt82 Posts: 541
    Note my earlier post. I negotiated $3000 off a GS300 AWD without NAV/ML. Mine had ventilated seats, spoiler, wheel locks, and a few other things. The sticker was just over $48,000.

    How successful can negotiating with Lexus from Invoice up (as opposed to MSRP down) be? :confuse: I am shopping the GS300 vs. the M35 (also looking at the RL) and was astonished to see an ~$8000 markup on the GS300 vs. a $4000 markup on the M35 :surprise: Therefore $3000 off MSRP on the GS is still more than the M35 MSRP :confuse:

    I am well aware of Lexus' reputation for customer service; but I suppose for double the markup over Infiniti the customer service SHOULD be better - your paying for it. :blush:
  • lexi300lexi300 Posts: 36
    Point taken.

    But, after quite a bit of internet browsing and in-person discussions at multiple dealers, that was the best price anyone could give me. Some dealers were talking just a $500 discount.

    It's what the market will bear for an all-new first-Lexus-AWD-sedan car, I guess.

    I'm sure the car will cool off with time, and negotiations will be easier.

    From what I can tell of sales numbers, the GS is flying off lots. The Infinity is selling, but not as well.
  • cartalk1cartalk1 Posts: 13
    Visited my Lexus dealer yesterday and they were only willing to take $1,800 off an MSRP of $47,419 on a GS300 AWD w/o ML. I balked quite a bit and finally walked out, but they wouldn't budge. They claimed they only had two on the lot for sale although in walking around I saw a lot more than two, but they could have been spoken for. The 36 month/12K lease was $699/mo. which seemed extremely high to me. I'll keep looking.
  • lbllbl Posts: 11
    I visited a dealer in Northern NJ and he quoted the following numbers on GS300 AWD: MF - 0.00235, and residual - 59%. This is 36-month lease, 15K/year. Setting all other numbers aside for now, do the above numbers look right?
  • ajamoajamo Posts: 18
    Cartalk1, are you in South Jersey?
  • wigalowigalo Posts: 4
    I posted a couple of weeks ago but the moderator deleted the post because I offered to share the salesman's name; I won't make that mistake again. ;)

    I live in the Seattle area and the dealerships here must think that Lexi on their lots have gold bricks in the trunk. They won't budge off sticker. One even gave me the line that I should buy from him because he made an agreement with Lexus not to sell at 2nd sticker. (I haven't seen one yet who has done this anyway)

    To compound the problem, none here could get a blk/blk 430 fully loaded. After reading H. Powders' post, I called a FL dealership. I told the salesman about H. Powders' deal, told him that I was ready to buy today if he had a blk/blk 430 fully loaded. While he didn't have one in stock, there was one coming on 6/26 (I didn't have to factory order to get what I wanted nor wait 12-16 weeks like my local low volume guys said. with their 1GS430 allocation per month, i can see why blk/blk is an impossibility)

    The best part...without haggling at all, I got close to 4500 off of sticker. This pays the $1000 shipping from FL to Washington State, the DVD screens in the headrests for my daughter and I'll still be saving $$$.

    The key...find a high volume dealership. One who moves 14 GS's per month; not 2. Black Magic will be arriving at the Port of Jacksonville this Sunday and I should be pushing the Start Button by mid July...Good luck gang.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Wigalo. Please let me (us) know how your deal worked out, shipping across country, etc. I think I'm going to do the same next month. I live in the Chicago area, and Lexus dealers here won't deal on a GS, but high-volume California dealers are discounting substantially, more than enough to offset the shipping cost. The downside, of course, is that you're flying blind, can't examine the car before they ship it, assume that it's in good shape with low or no mileage, with all the equipment and colors you wanted, etc. Plus the possible imponderables about shipping, possible damage, etc. Let us know whether it worked out and whether you'd recommend that others do the same.
  • otguyotguy Posts: 37
    Before starting negotiations, I secured financing from my credit union. I reached a purchase price agreement with my dealer in CA and put down a $1k deposit. Now my dealer says I have to complete a Lexus loan application. He says it's their policy that every buyer complete the loan application even if paying cash! He even said it was state law. It's not a huge problem, but I would rather not provide Lexus with all my personal financial information required for a loan application and credit check. I think the salesperson just wants to score a commision for a car loan.

    Has anyone else been hit up for a car loan application by a Lexus dealer?

  • tinypoemtinypoem Posts: 26
    Im in CA and bought 2 new cars from Lexus over the past 3 months. Neither dealership ever mentioned a loan app. I also financed one thru my credit union. The other I paid in cash. Sounds fishy to me. If I were you Id ask him to show me the policy.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Ask him to state the exact law required by California, and let him know that you will be following up with the state.

    This is pure BS. It is not state law, and it IS a huge problem because the dealer is lying to you and trying to get you to devulge your personal information under false pretenses.

    I've heard about dealers pulling this stuff before, but I didn't think it still went on. Amazing.

    What did you tell them? Where does it stand now? Most importantly: what is the name of the dealer?
  • Visited and/or spoke to every dealer in Chicagoland area. Everyone want to sell at MSRP (or very slightly below if pushed). Everyones comment, almost verbatum "You aren't going to find a dealer in the Midwest that will discount this car." It seems that Lexus is only shipping them in limited quantities. Hence all these dealers have seemed to have gotten together and decided to make this their profit center. This is also happening with the new Toyota Avalon Limited that was so highly advertised at the same time that the GS300 was. The Toyota dealers are only receiving a few at a time, and with very high demand, they too won't budge much from MSRP. The GM at one of the Toyota dealerships told me that there seems to be a purpose to this policy at Lexus/Toyota. By only dolling out a minimal number of these hotly demanded cars at a time, the laws of supply and demand come into play, keeping their selling price very high. By keeping the selling price high upfront...this thereby will keep these car's resale value high down the road.

    Every dealer I spoke with says that there is no way that dealers on the East and West Coasts are selling these cars at 3K to 4K off of MSRP. And, if they are that I should fly out there and get one. Their comments are "Why would a dealer want to loose 3K to 4K profit, when there are buyers willing to pay full price. And, even if the dealer is a high volume seller, there are only so many GS300 going out to the dealers, and those dealers will not get enough additional cars to make up for the lost profit for discounting. And, anybody can post anything on the internet, and no one is going to brag that they got a bad deal."

    I hate buying cars!!! :confuse:
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