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Lexus GS Prices Paid and Buying Experiences



  • howardg1howardg1 Posts: 14
    Kennynmd: if you take a look at posting #52 in this forum you will see what I did in purchasing a GS-300 AWD (no Nav./ML) in MD in April. Annapolis Lexis was giving Internet quotes offering about $2,000 off, and I used this in negotiations with Lexus of Rockville, eventually getting $3,400 off sticker on the color combination I wanted (silver/black) that they happened to have in stock. At that time DAR Cars (Silver Spring) wasnt coming down much, but Len Stoler Lexus was willing to negotiate. They just didnt have what I wanted.
    Based on a recent look at their web site, DAR Cars Lexus (Silver Spring), has a seems to have a number of 300's currently in stock, and may be more willing to deal than in the past. I think the key is finding one you want on the lot, and having a "quote" from another dealer to use as leverage. Try e-mailing Lexus of Annapolis, they were very easy to work with over the Net.
  • Hi all,

    I'm about a week or so away from buying a RWD GS300. I'm in the bay area and am happy that a lot of you got some pretty good discounts off msrp.

    I'm new to buying cars and am not sure what approach to take when going to the dealerships. Should I just straight out say that I know people are getting $3k discounts and that I would want one too? I assume I have to be prepared to walk.

    Any hints or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

  • hpowdershpowders Posts: 4,326
    I was recently offered a 3 year lease on a GS430:
    $53804 MSRP
    $49580 capitalized cost
    $716 + tax per month
    $1519 due at signing(no cap. cost reduction)
  • godaddygodaddy Posts: 1

    what's your status? I've been looking for blue/tan and nav, but no one seems to have one at? Pleasanton auto said they got one last month, but they didn't want to sell it for $46,400, which is what oak was offering for what they had in stock.
  • I just bought a GS 300 with nav, no awd, for $3,000 off MSRP at Lexus of Glendale. I probably could've done a little better, but I got lazy at the end.

    I was able to get them to give me a killer deal on my trade-in, a '00 GS 300 -- which I also bought at Lexus of Glendale.

    The new car is great. It has much more of a sporty feel than my old Lexus.
  • delmar1delmar1 Posts: 744
    Geez...nobody has replied to your question...let me try.

    Contact the internet / fleet manager and get pricing. That should be much lower than if you walked into the door. Make sure to get your price quotes from multi dealers...and be willing to drive even 150 geographic differences happen.

    Even though the price may be lower...feel free to negotiate via email.

    Don't set your price and tell them you want $3k off. Let them make the initial moves. You should be able to strike a deal before you even walk into the door.

    Most importantly...become as informed as you can about pricing and options. Be educated...negotiate well.
  • wangja637wangja637 Posts: 1
    Just got a '06 GS 300 (RWD) (silver ext./black int.) w/ Navigation, Mark Levinson, 18" G-spider, XM, and some other options from Lexus of Pleasanton. MSRP on total package including $650 delivery cost is $53,559. Got them down to $47,800 plus tax,license, etc. Car did have a few miles on it but nothing to write home about.
  • kmg68kmg68 Posts: 108
    Congratulations on your purchase!! Can you share exact options and invoicce price? Thanks!
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Will those people who bought a GS300 or 430 from a distant dealer and had it trucked to them, please post your experiences, plus and minus, plus any advice.

  • wigalowigalo Posts: 4

    I posted about a month ago. I purchased my blk/blk gs430 from Sarasota fl and they were awesome. They were able to get the color combo that i wanted and also gave me 4500 off of msrp. dealers here wouldn't budge as I indicated in my last post.

    Shipping cost 1000, so I saved 3500 and got the exact car that I wanted. This was the easiest and best car deal that I've ever been a part of. In fact, when my wife's lease on her gx 470 is up next year, i will buy from the same salesman at Wilde lexus; he was absolutely awesome and because of the way he handled his business I didn't worry at all.

    For obvious reasons, he could not coordinate the transport, but he checked off on it when it was picked up and had the driver sign the form so that there would be no questions as who was responsible if there was damage when it arrived.

    Funny thing is, is that my family and I were scheduled to go on vacation shortly before the car arrived. Went to Scotland (attended British Open on championship day) and also London. This is the one negative part of the car, we had be looking forward to this vacation for almost a year and it was ruined because all I could think of was my car waiting for me back home. My buddy took delivery of it right at his house.

    Awesome experience, and I will buy every Lexus that I purchase in the future from this dealership and this salesman. Best experience ever and this was my 3rd lexus purchase.

    Hope that helps.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Thanks for sharing your experience with buying a Lexus long distance. Very reassuring. I'm negotiating with a California dealer who seems very reliable also and I hope as trouble-free as yours. Thanks again and continuing good luck with the car.
  • gard_mcgard_mc Posts: 2
    I am looking at a 1999 GS400 with 53,000 miles on it. It has 17" Chrome wheels, rear spoiler and moon roof. I think it has about every option for a 99 but the high end stereo.

    Any way, the dealer wants $21K for it, this seems like a lot for a 6 year old car, BUT, I do really like it. Anyone have any thoughts, or maybe has bought a similar car recently and wouldn't mind telling me how much they paid?

    Thanks for any help, its sitting there waiting on me!
  • shainemoshainemo Posts: 14
    FYI, Here are the lease numbers I got:

    2006 AWD (no Nav) GS300

    3 years/36K miles
    MSRP $47,829
    Sale Price: $44,427.26
    Res: 65% (!)
    MF: .00240

    Total sales tax: $807.80
    Bank fee up front: $795
    Doc free up front: $217
    Reg fee up front: $253

    Monthly payment: $624.99

    What do you all think? This was in NJ (englewood)
  • kssod1kssod1 Posts: 50
    has anyone gotten a GS300 AWD with the ML audio? In the midwest cleveland region the dealers have chosen not to ofer this package
  • More than 4 months ago I put in an order for the above car and am still waiting. The color combo I want still isn’t available. Current dilemma ....I negotiated ~1200 off retail, but should I re-negotiate as I expect they are going for greater discounts at present. Any quotes I can bring to my re-negotiation? Thanks in advance for any help you can offer.
  • For some reason, the car info didn't come in on the subject line. It is a GS 300 AWD with Nav and ML.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Where are you located? What color combo?
  • blue with black in Mass
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 29
    bartalk3- I'm in the market for a GS300 too. I read that you are in chicago too, and the dealer here will not budge. Can you please share more info about getting the car from CA?? did you try the dealer from wilde lexus in FL?? I'm going to test drive one sometime next week. Thanks.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    I haven't done it yet, but others who have have apparently had no problems. There's always a chance of problems, however, because it's more complicated buying "mail order". I'm more comfortable buying in Calif than Florida because I spend a lot of time there.

    Have you tried the Chicago dealers? I would try them because it's obviously more convenient to buy it locally. This is a Lexus sales month (until 9/5), and one dealer called me and said he had 5-10 of them in stock. So maybe they're willing to deal now (compared with a couple of months ago when I last checked).

    Most 300s in the midwest are going to be AWD, which is fine if that's what you want ($2,000 more than RWD). One dealer in Madison said that Lexus has stopped shipping RWD altogether to the midwest, so they might be scarce. California inventory is almost completely RWD, plus they have other options (check, building your GS. You have to put in your zip code. Compare options available in your zip code with a Calif. zip code (e.g., 90210!)

    Good luck and let me know what you do.

    The California dealers where people have gotten a good price include Longo Lexus (biggest in the country), Lexus of Serramonte, Lexus of Stevens Creek, Lexus of Westminster, Coliseum Lexus, Glendale Lexus.
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 29
    thanks for the info. I just started researching and have only gotten 1 internet quote from chicago dealer. They said demand is greater than supply, so they are selling near MSRP, but willing to take a few hundred off. I'm looking for AWD. We need that in Chicago!!! :)
    I'll get a few more internet quotes from chicago dealer and let you know how that goes. thanks again.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    That doesn't sound good (Chicago dealer). California dealers are discounting $3-4,000.
  • birdbirdbirdbird Posts: 63
    I am thinking about leasing an RL 2005 Acura or a GS300. All the best things included like navigation, all wheel drive, etc. I understand the sticker price and probably the capitalized cost of the lexus is going to be a few thousand dollars more than the RL. Also, isn't the Lexus more popular? Another problem is there is only one Lexus dealer in town (too bad!)

    Question is:

    What is the best lease prices you all have been paying for the Lexus GS300 with all the goodies included? What is the invoice price and are there any incentives for the 2006 model?

    The averge info I've seen on the Acura RL 2005 is about 43,000.00 invoice and there is apparently 2,500.00 dealer cash available and a holdback maybe. Monthly payment of about 610.00 which includes tax and everything rolled into the monthly payment and includes 15,000 miles per year (15¢ for additional)-- nothing down. I'm trying to find out the bottom line monthly price of getting a Lexus GS300. I mean including sales tax and everything with 15,000 miles. And anybody know what the extra mile cost is on average for Lexus GS300?

    I would be grateful for any help you can provide.

    Thank you.
  • birdbirdbirdbird Posts: 63
    Did that include Mark Levinson and Navigation? I would love to know what others have been able to lease the 2006 GS 300 for including everything, sales tax, mileage, etc.? I find it most useful to roll everything into the monthly payment of a lease as all the experts say it's a very bad idea to pay any down payment on a lease if you can avoid it. What is the most popular color out there in the GS 300?
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 29
    there is a taste of lexus event coming up. The one in chicago is oct 8/9 or 15/16. Other location/cities available too.
    link title">link title
  • torreytorrey Posts: 2
    Try Woodfield Lexus. I got a quote of 3000 below MSRP for a GS300 AWD
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    torrey: Did you get that quote via internet, the phone, or did you have to go in in person?
  • torreytorrey Posts: 2
    In person
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 29
    thanks Torrey. I just requested a i-quote. bartalk, I'll let you know when I get a reply. :)
  • bondguy1bondguy1 Posts: 231
    Lease a new 2006 GS 300.
    $1,500 total due at start including 1st month, tax tag and everything
    39 month lease
    12K miles/year
    $579 month plus tax
    All equipment except NAV package
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    Valerie: Thanks. I did the same. I'll let you know. If Woodfield is in fact offering $3,000 off list, you can probably leverage that anywhere.
  • valerievvaleriev Posts: 29
    got a reply, but they want me to call. Geez.....why they even ask you to request a "quote". I'll call on Monday and see what they have to offer. Are you going to the taste of lexus?? :P
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692
    I live far from a Lexus dealer, so I guess I'll eat at home. Was it McGrath Lexus you e-mailed for a quote? They usually ask you to call.
  • anijhawanijhaw Posts: 24
    Does anyone know the residual value (%) for a 60 month 15k mi per year lease?

  • Well, I thought it was a good deal. Just bought RWD No NAV GS300 for $41,157. The MSRP was $45,879. I really wanted the ML package, but it was just barely out of my range (plus the wife said no!). They gave a good price for the ML too...MSRP was a little over $50k and they quoted me $44,985.

    It took only an hour to get the car. No hassles whatsoever. I simply told the sales person (he was the internet sales manager) that I already got some quotes over the internet from other dealers and asked what he could do for me. His quote was between $1k and $2k less than the other dealers.

    The car is amazing!!!! I'm so glad I finally made the purchase.
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    A fantastic deal. Can you tell us the dealer you bought from? From your name, I assume it was somewhere in L.A., no?
  • bartalk3bartalk3 Posts: 692

    For that price, was it a demonstrator or brand new?
  • vitalikvitalik Posts: 2
    Which bank offers such a Residual? Thanks
  • pds1pds1 Posts: 24
    Ready to trade my 98 GS300 for a 2006 model. Looking for any recent transactions in NJ - buy or lease. Want to prep for my upcoming session with the dealer. I usually use Warnock, but I'd travel a bit for a more accomodative dealer.

    Has anyone bought or leased in NJ here at the end of August? What's my 98 with 77K worth?


  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    A couple of weeks ago I took delivery of a 2006 GS300 AWD, black/black, with Nav, ML, and XM. I'm in NH, and bought at Lexus of Manchester.

    MSRP was $52, 595, and I got it for $49, 834 ($2,761 off list).

    It took about a month to come in once I ordered it, and the whole process was smooth. There were two small marks on the back seat, but they took care of it.

    I did the whole "fax a bunch of dealers and bring the lowest price to the dealer you want to buy from" thing. Meh. Out of 12 dealers, five responded and three gave me prices. The only one that came close was Beliz Lexus - they were lower by $12. So, in the end I got the same price that I would have gotten if I just walked in off the street. So much for Fighting Chance when buying a Lexus. :)

    So far I love the car, and haven't had any problems except for programming the HomeLink garage door button. I haven't spent a whole lot of time on it, so I'll keep trying. I also just got a Motorola E815, but I haven't tried the Bluetooth stuff yet. Yes, I know about the phone book issue.

    FYI: in case anyone was curious if you can link a Macintosh laptop and transfer contacts that way - you can pair the laptop to the car, but it won't transfer any files.
  • MSRP - $50,409 ... will drop to $49,499 (wow !! big savings - not)

    36m/12k - $929 a month (56% residual)
    48m/12k - $850 a month (47% residual)
    60m/12k - $771 a month (38% residual)

    These numbers are terrible in my opinion. How is the residual so low!! Does anyone else have residual #'s they have received.

    I am looking for: 06 GS 300 (RWD) (silver ext./black int.) w/ Navigation, Mark Levinson, 18" G-spider, XM and plan on paying $48k based upon others experience getting them from $53,559

    Just interested in lease payments and what folks are paying.

  • You said you ordered your car and it came in in a month. You ordered from the factory and it came in that fast? Dealers here say 100-120 days for a factory order.
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    They had to check the allocations - once they did, they could see that one was scheduled to come in anyways so it wasn't really a "special order". I guess what I meant was I didn't take one off the lot. Sorry I wasn't more clear.

    I imagine that if I did have a true special order, it would have taken longer.
  • Thanks for clearing that up. It did seem a pretty fast delivery.
  • Those numbers are an absolute joke. What is the money factor?? Looks ot me like it translates into something like 10% APR. Residual is terrible too. Given that BMW 545s are leasing for $700 per month, you would need your head examined to pay over $900 per month for a V6 GS. Whatever dealer you are working with is a rip off artist. Tell them you will consider leasing the car for $1K above invoice and for the real base money factor and residual and make them show you proof of those numbers. I bet that the numbers plunge at that point.

    You need to show around to a bunch of dealerships. Don't hesitate to look outside of the local area. There are great GS deals to be had in South Florida, as prior posts show.
  • Getting ML on a GS 300 AWD is pretty much impossible unless you order it from the factory like I did. Pretty much only the GS430's come with ML. But there is a huge difference between ML & w/out ML. I wouldn't have it any other way. Gotta have the ML. Dealer told me there is only 1 currently available in US.
  • Did the dealer tell you it takes about 6 months to order. Did you have it built that way??
  • bdkinnhbdkinnh Posts: 292
    Mine is a GS300 AWD, and getting it with ML was no problem. Did you mean with ML but without Nav?

    One in the US with ML? That can't be right - my dealer showed me the allocation for the Northeast, and there were 60 due just for August, most with ML.
  • Yeah, they are a bunch of tools. I spoke with about 50 dealerships over the last week and Wilde Lexus of Sarasota has been the best to work with and the absolute best price. Well worth the travel there!! Anyways, got down to the credit check and TransUnion has a mortgage listed as open on a house we sold about 6 months ago - so we show way to much mortgage debt.

    Opening a dispute tomorrow with them. Wonder how long this will take.

  • What dealership in NC? I want to stay away.
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