barely used 2016 or new 2017 Subaru Forester?

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We are looking at the 2.5i premium Subaru Forester and found one in our area that is 2016, with only 4,700 miles on it. It is certified pre-owned and was used as a loaner car by the service department of the dealership. The car has the All-Weather package, but otherwise no bells or whistles (no navigation or fancy speakers - those are the two things we think we might miss). The dealer is asking $25,500. Since we could buy a new 2017 for just a little more than that price (about $1K more according to my TMV research), could we likely use that as leverage in negotiating for a deep discount on the used one? How much is reasonable to expect or hope to get discounted?

And, if we do buy the used one, can navigation be added to the vehicle if it has the screen, or could we simply use the google maps app since the screen does have app access? Is that just as good as stock navigation?

And finally, can nicer speakers be put in in place of the stock speakers?

Thank you!!!

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